Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe 1974

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang: A SIMPLE SOLUTION

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in San Francisco, California February 9, 1974

Dear premies, I decided to do this tour to actually inspire premies. Because it's like, you dig a well in the desert. And you take out all the sand. And you take out all the mud. And finally there is water. But then, if you leave it, if you abandon it, there is so much sand blowing. It's not the well's fault. But there is so much sand blowing that it ends up the way it was before. Means, it's just completely covered with sand, and you can't see it.

And the same situation is here. A person is given Knowledge. He understands it, and he is really fulfilled. And if he is just completely left alone from satsang and meditation and service, he ends up to be as he was before. Exactly the same way. Because there is so much craziness going on in this world.

Because see, what everybody really has to understand is what this Knowledge is and what is the actual use, what is the actual purpose, of this Knowledge.

Because many people hear about this Knowledge and say, "Well, might be somethin' funny. Maybe it's not for us," you know.

Or, "Maybe it doesn't join our society," or, "maybe it's just not for us." Or maybe some people are just too lazy to take it.

But the fact is that until we have thoroughly investigated - I do not mean that you really understand what it is. I mean thoroughly investigate it. Really understand the way it'll provide you with that peace, the way it'll provide you with that satisfaction that you have been looking for. And then once you have investigated, to that point, I do not mean further than that. Because further than that: it's realization itself.

You know, it's like this: there is this airplane you want to build. And you just cannot take all the parts and put it in your room and start building it, because by the time you will finish it inside your room, you won't be able to take it out!

And same thing is with this Knowledge, that once you receive it, it's really hard to abandon it. Because the way it just really fits into you - because this Knowledge is a thing that is within inside of us. Actually, people like to investigate, so that's why I said that maybe people should investigate about this Knowledge. But the thing is, there is really nothing to investigate. It's like, one and one, two; two and two, four; four and four, eight. And it's like, it's completely so fixed to us. Because this Knowledge is

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really within inside of us. Nobody comes with a box or with a full pocket of Knowledge and says, "Hey! Here you go! There is Knowledge," and you have the Knowledge. It's nothing like that. Knowledge is actually within inside of us.

And this is that realization of that perfect vibration that is within inside of us and sustaining the whole world. Because eventually, we say that this bulb is glowing because the platinum is glowing, and platinum is glowing because the electricity has passed through it. But eventually if we just keep on going back, back, back, back, back, - where does electricity come from? What is that energy that is making everything go?

p15 (49K) And as a matter of fact, there is a very practical example. It's a really practical example that we can know by; that people really do not understand the meaning of energy. Because if they would have actually understood and realized the meaning of energy and realized energy, they could have never said that there is an energy crisis.

Because there can never be energy crisis. Because the scientists have themselves said, "Energy is never created and never destroyed." How could there be crisis in such a thing that is completely infinite? It's like saying, "Infinity is equal to infinite point five." You can't do that. Infinity is something that is undividable. There is no crisis in it, and it's perfect. That is what is infinite.

Nobody knows what infinity is. From where does it start? And where does it end? Nobody really knows. But it is that perfect thing. It is that mathematical figure for that perfect thing. Instead of saying perfect, we say it's infinite. And he made that term. Because really there was no term for perfect.

Because what is perfectness? It's something to be realized; not to be spoken. Today everybody is calling, "God is perfect," "God is perfect," "God is perfect."

But we have to understand that it is not enough for us to just say, "God is perfect," and then turn around and say, "Ummm!" and forget about the whole business and start doing whatever we want to do. You know, it is just not that way. It's not just saying, "God you are perfect." No.

Maybe God doesn't even listen to us. Because, we are this teeny weeny planet somewhere in this whole universe, and we develop English, and it's like, today we have an imagination that God speaks English! And if He comes in His full form and everything like that, with all His energy and light before us, that light is going to speak English. Well, forget it! I don't think it will.

Because this is something that is completely finite, that has come from within us human beings, that was created for us to symbolize things, but not for God. Because God doesn't have to symbolize anything. God Himself is a symbol of Himself. Because it is perfect. And since we are not perfect, we have to have something to - have some figure, have some speech, to symbolize ourselves, to express ourselves.

But something that is perfect will never have to express itself, because it's perfect by itself. To whom - to whom will it express? To whom will it go and say, "Well, here I am, perfectness. Realize me; I am the perfectness."

So, this is the reason that always why Perfect Master is born into this world. To actually make us - He doesn't come and say, "Well, I am the Perfect Master." He doesn't come and say, "I am this" or "I am that." Because when even Jesus Christ was asked - you know? - it's like, He said, "I am the humble servant." He is the humble servant. He was the one who was like "Son of God", and He came here, - and it's like, whenever Perfect Master comes, He comes for a certain purpose. And that certain purpose is what we have to accomplish. That is that certain purpose.

Now this is like saying, "Well, I saw him a minute ago, and I don't know where he has gone." You know, if somebody comes up to you, and says, "Where is Mahatma Rajeshwar?" And supposedly he was here or maybe you just don't want to get into a bigger mess, or you are listening to satsang, and he went somewhere, and somebody comes and hugs you and says, "Where is Mahatma Rajeshwar? Where is Mahatma Rajeshwar? Where is Mahatma Rajeshwar?" You turn around and say, "I don't know!"

And like, that's it. You don't have to say anything more after that, do you? If you don't know, he doesn't know. He just walks his own way out.

And this is what it is with the human beings today. There is that something that Perfect Master has come for. And this is like a simple excuse whenever our soul, whenever our selves, our true selves, has tried to find out that perfect and pure energy, we always give it excuses. "There is something." It could be anything in this whole universe. But what is it? We have to practically realize. That is why there is so much, so much, confusion in this world.

Now tell me one thing. It's a simple fact. People are saying that we are developing. I don't think so. I think you just ran outa gas. That is not development. If it's real development, that means you should have gas. And if you are really into developing, you should be able to produce gas just by machines. As a matter of fact, you should make cars that would have a little motor in it and produce their own gas.

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It's like, that development that you call development is so limited that you do not even know about it. And you call it development. It is development. It's kind of developin'. But into which way? Into which path is the development?

And the true development that a man needs now, he is not getting it. He is not getting it. Its like, you took a book. It's a biological book. And it says: for the plants to grow this way, it's necessary that it gets water, it gets manure, the sun, and air, and all these things. But all you read of it was, "It is very necessary for the growth of the plant to have sun."

Now, that's all you read. You did not go further than that and understand that it also requires air, it also requires manure, it also requires water, and all those things. But all you read was, "It's very necessary for the plant's growth to have sun." And then you closed the book and kept it. Man, who wants to go through the hassle and the big statement of how to go about it? So you just take the plant and put it in the sun and forget it. And then a few days later, you come back and you see that plant is dead. It's dead. And you say, "Come on." You just start talking to yourself and saying, "Look. All these people become publishers and start publishing books, and they do not even know that sun is not the necessary thing for a plant's growth. Because I put it out in the sun. It never grew!"

Now, that's for your own consideration. Whose fault is it? Whose fault is it? It's not the book man's fault. He wrote it down there - the whole statement. And it's not the plant's fault, because it didn't get what it was supposed to. It is not the sun's fault, because sun is also one of the necessary things it needs. And that sun, being its own having its own properties and shining its own way, cannot limit itself, doesn't have like a limiter to itself. Or a governor to itself that it can govern its heat or light. It cannot do that.

Whose fault is it after all? If we understand, that is that man's fault who did not read the book properly; who really did not understand the book properly. It's like some people come to satsang program. they say, "Well, you can get Knowledge from the Perfect Master," and then they quit in the hall and they leave it. Okay?

And so they heard that you need Perfect Master. And they did not hear the rest of it, that, how do you go to Perfect Master, and what is the identity of Perfect Master, and really who is a Perfect Master. And this is all you heard. And now you go out, and you are searching, you are desperately searching. And then who do you blame? Me.

"Hey, look he said you need a Perfect Master. I don't think there is any Perfect Master who exists on this earth. I searched for him. And I haven't got enough money to go to Paris and Germany and all those places and try to search a Perfect Master."

So, this is about it now. This is wrong! A Perfect Master is something that you have to actually understand. And really first of all what you have to understand about him is that he's the giver. He'll give you something. And that thing that he has to give you. it's like, it is not a donation. Because he does not really give you anything. It is within inside of you, and he reveals that Knowledge. He unfolds that Knowledge.

And when a man meditates on that Knowledge, when a man concentrates on that Knowledge that has been revealed to him by the Perfect Master, then this mind, which is running absolutely crazy, means going bananas, completely bananas, it's concentrated to one point. It's concentrated to one point.

That one point which it is concentrated to is the holiest point; it's the beautiful point. Our bodies are completely slaves of our mind. Mind says, "You have to get that ring," so you have to get that ring. And forget it. If you have to kill somebody for it, you have to get it. You know? It's like, man is like, these days, completely slave of mind. And mind is free, open, and so it's just going about and doing whatever it like to. Its like taking a little child and letting him into a toy store. Have you ever done that?

I have a relative who is here, who is in Los Angeles - he might be coming here tomorrow. And he wanted toys so I took him he is only two and a half - so I took him into the toy store. And first he walked in, he saw a car, "I want this." So I picked it up. He said, "No, no, no. I want this." And then he was just going round and round and round, and he came back to the same car, said, "I want this, I want this."

And then I said, "Look. You are getting me tired, and you are wasting my time. Get something for yourself, and if you can't let me make the choice for you." And then like, he completely neglected what I said. He was just again saying, "I want this, I want this, I want this, this."

"Do you want the boat?"

"No, I don't want the boat, but I want this."

And then he will move on, "I want this."

So I took up a car, I took his hand, took him to the counter, said, "He wants this car," and he was happy. He wasn't crying or anything. Why? Because all that thing was completely thrown away, and what became of it was that one choice which was better than he could ever make, down in that store. Because he was going to all the cars, and he couldn't make the choice for himself.

And he did not even know. Because he doesn't know how to read English. He never knew what is what. And like, one time he was picking up all these toys that are for like kids that are thirteen, fourteen - that you have to assemble yourself. And he could never have done that. So its like, he doesn't even know.

And so, same way, the mind is that little child which is going about in the - this whole universe is a little toy store. It is! And man is just going around and around. "I want this," "I want this," "I want this," "I want this," "I want this," - can't get anything - you know? - can't get anything. Comes back to the same point, but still, "I want this," "I want this," "I want this," "I want this," and gets to no point.

But if this mind can be diverted to that perfectness that exists within every human being, then everything will be perfect. Then the command of that mind - will be taken over by perfectness. And thus the ditches it's made for this body to live in this confusion will be also perfect. And this is a simple solution. You know, this is a simple solution.

It's like this: There is a king. He is a bad king. And all his kingdom is being ruled really had. So what do you do? You take the king and make him a lower officer, and put somebody bigger than him who can even control that king. And that's about it; that's all you got to do. There is a president of a company. He is not working very good. So degrade him. Make him the vice president, and make somebody else the president. Everything works fine.

And it is just by concentrating this mind upon that perfect - and it's not hard, because it is within inside of you. And it's very easy to concentrate. It's like, all Perfect Masters have written about this Knowledge.

This is really interesting, because see, Jesus came. He came in Middle East. Krishna came. He came in India. Ram came. He came in India. And all these Masters came. But still they say the same exact thing! They say about the Word. They say about the Light. They say about that far out Knowledge that is all within inside of us, that something to understand, that something that we call. That

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe 1974

little something. What is that little something?

And that something has to be realized. And that's the biggest answer. That is the biggest answer, you know? That is the biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest answer. You know? And this is what we have to do.

It's like, there is a statement, and the statement says, "Mahatma Ji," dash, "here." And instead of actually filling that blank up, like, "came here," you are trying to alter the words. And you are saying, "Mahatma Ji, there," and all these things. But you are not filling that little blank. And really, you cannot do it because that little verb is missing from it. And if you can just take that and plug it in, it'll fit so perfectly and so easy to understand. "Mahatma Ji came here."

Or, "Mahatma Ji, come here."

It's really beautiful! You can understand it. And there is that little blank you have got which you have to fill. The Perfect Masters come into this universe, into this world, on this planet earth, to give us - blank. And that is the blank. And you call that blank something. And what is that something? You call it Knowledge. So what is that Knowledge? And this is what that Knowledge is that we have to understand, we have to realize. Regardless of who we are.

Because there are two things. And two things are different. If I'm hungry, and I start reading a book, will that fulfill my hunger? Certainly not. Until I start eating the book. Which I don't intend to. I want to read the book. And if, supposedly, there is a little kid. He has been given poetry to learn, from his teacher. He has to learn this poetry, this poem. And he is feeling hungry. By trying to learn that poem, that poetry, he is not going to be satisfied. Or if he wants to learn that poem, and that little kid goes and starts eating, that is not going to make him learn that poetry. is it? Because they are two different things.

In the same way, whatever we are trying to do on this materialistic level, it is completely limited to us and to our external selves. But what about inside of us?

All that we are trying to do is that when we feel hungry, we open up a book and it says, "All these beautiful, beautiful dishes." And we are just trying to read it. That's never going to satisfy you. Because all it's doing is externally fulfilliy you.

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But that hunger, that thirst, is not external; it's internal. And this is that point that has to be fulfilled.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to understand one thing. That, there was a time that somebody understood this Knowledge perfectly when there was no English. Because this Knowledge existed before English did. And it does not matter how intellectual you are; that will not put you to Knowledge. Because there was certainly a time - because all this English, all French, Hindi, Sanskrit, all these languages came after this world was created. But this Knowledge, this energy, which was never created, existed even before that form, and somebody realized it, too.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe addressing coordinators' conference, November 1976, Lima, Peru He did not go to God and say, "God, a, b, c, d," and make God learn English - you know? - and when God knew English then say, "Look, God. I want that little piece of your energy inside me. I don't know it. How is it?"

But this is not it, you know. This is how it is, that all our intellect today is limited to our outer self. And what we want is for inner self to satisfy our inner self.

Because it is like this. You are trying to stop this pipe that you have got. You are trying to stop it. And you are tying all these things on top of it. On one end of it. It'll never stop. But all you have got to do is just go to the tap, turn off the tap, - it's all done! Because the problem is somewhere else. See, if my hand breaks, if my elbow breaks, and doctors come up to you and start giving you valiums and all kinds of pain killers, and do this to you, and do that to you - if this is what they do to you, your arm is never going to get better! You probably won't feel the pain. But that's not the reason. Doctor has to get to the point. And if he can get to the point, all you have got to do is just fix it. And once your hand is fixed back, then it's all set. It's all ready to go! You don't have anymore pains in it. And it's working fine.

And this is what happened one day, one time, in India. This elbow broke, and we were tying all these leaves to it outside. And it was all swollen up and everything, and we were tying all these leaves and all these ornaments and taking all these painkillers. And it never worked! All nighttime it was good - it never pained or anything - and early in the morning we saw the hand, it was pretty good. And everybody was happy, "Now his hand is good." And then I go like to supposedly put my clothes on, and see the hand is all swollen back again. Because the problem was not on the skin.

Problem was here, inside. And when it was cured, I didn't have to put anything on my arm. It was cured, the problem was taken care of, completely.

It's like, if this microphone goes wrong, and if you take it to that electrician, and he starts opening the stand from here, from this point, and putting his instruments inside, and opening the screw and everything, he will say, "But I think the problem is in the microphone; not in the stand. You know, when he gets to the problem, that is the answer to it.

So this is why just to inspire premies was the whole idea behind this tour. So that premies could really understand that now the point that is left for them is to really do meditation, really do service, and satsang. To tell other people about this Knowledge, to practice it themselves, and to do service. And you do it - satsang, service and meditation - you'll see how beautiful it is. You'll see how beautiful it is.

Because still there are three steps when you drive a car. And this is a car. Really is. If you want, you can really see, it's like, how the car runs and how a man is. If the road is bumpy, the car will be bumpy. If the road is smooth, the car will be smooth. If there is a confusion in the road ahead of us and we will go on top of it, we will be also confused, we will be also shaken.

Look, the three steps you take. First step: start it. Second step: press the brake, put it into the gear, and you press the brake to put it into the gear; and the third step is you press on the gas. And there you go! But that's the basic step. At least, by law you are required to put your indicator first if you are pulling out of a parking place, and look to your left, and back and see if everything is okay, and then pull out.

But that is not the step to start the car, or anything like that. This is the step. Or at least, if you just start the car, - there is one more way to explain it - take the key, - you know? - and put the key in, put the key in, first step. Turn it, second step. And when it is started, leave it, the third step. There are three steps, and the car is started! And this is really how we can relate it. Well, of course if it's a bad car, you have to call AAA and get it started. And he'll tow away your car of try to fix it right there.

But if there is a problem, if you can't go along, then you know, it's like, you want to seek the help of the Master of the time.

You know, it's like completely up to you. You have to really understand it. You have to really realize it. Otherwise, what I can do is tell you about

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something. What I can do is say something to you. But that is not enough. It's up to you. It's your realization that you have to realize. And you will get some benefit out of that - of that realization. So thank you very much, and please do meditation, and may God bless you.

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe 1974