Let It All Happen!

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Montreal on Friday, April 29, 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Lord of the Universe On Stage Montreal April 29, 1977 Dear premies, it's nice to see you all.

I've just come back from this European tour. Something is happening that, of course, is hard to explain especially when you try to reason it, when you say. "Well, what is it? I mean, it's gotta be something, right? What is it?" But, you search for it, or you can try to look for it. All you can do is feel it; not talk about it, not try to steal it, but just feel it.

And in this whole European tour it was so incredible. Because first of all we went to Rome. And there was a big program there: all the premies came. And you could see it had been a long time. And all the premies were sitting in the hall, just wondering, thinking. And all of a sudden, whatever this thing is, starts to happen. Satsang starts, people have their own reservations, people have their own doubts. They have their own feelings. They have their own questions. Some people were over-stuffed with it, some people under-stuffed with it. But everybody had it. And then, all of a sudden the whole atmosphere, the whole feeling, just started to break loose, started to become much more simple, started to become much more in tune with something; started to become something that you could understand, that you could feel, started to become one with that one thing that we could feel inside. Most definitely it just felt like everybody could feel it outside too, just became one in tune. And then, of course, it just went on: second day, darshan, and then satsang again.

And then you go on to Germany, same thing. And then, England: very beautiful. And then, here we are in Montreal!

And one thing that brings us here, all together, and one thing we talk about is not a conversation, is not a lecture, it's not a philosophy. Because already there are too many philosophies in this world. There are already too many theories in this world. And of course the disadvantage is that you have three people and you'll have three thoughts, three ideas. And everybody has taken philosophies for such a long time, molded them. pounded on them, changed them, converted them into their own ways, whatever they felt like.

But premies, what is happening in this hall today, or what we have been sharing, what all the premies have been sharing in Europe, in the previous programs that were held in the United States, and in this program, it's not that somebody told us to feel it. Somebody just didn't come along and say, "Yeah, when you go, and you sit down, you should feel it."

No! It just comes along very naturally. Because what we talk about is our own inner experience which is generated by Knowledge, not generated by philosophies, not generated by different things, though in the scriptures, those saints who did realize this Knowledge have described this Knowledge in a very clear, in a very simple manner. And this is why we are all here.

That Love that we share is not materialistic love. It is not the same love that you have for your wife. Of course, there's an incredible rate of divorce. Where does that love go? It all goes down to court, and it gets separated there. It's not that kind of love.

It's not that kind of love, as in the example I used to give, a person has with his Rolls Royce. Well, maybe he gets his Rolls Royce one day and he becomes very happy. So, what does he do" Throw a party. 'Well, what about the next day? Is he throwing the party again? No! Because he, obviously, just doesn't seem to think that there is a necessity to throw another party. Well, maybe he's not as happy as he was the first day when he got it, and so on and so forth. This love affair of his comes down to a point where he says, "This is a bunch of junk. Sell it."

And so, premies, this is not the kind of love we're talking about. We're talking about the kind of love that is far more .superior, far more incredible, and far more unjustified. And that's the word: unjustified. justified. Because, es, in this world When a person loves something he says, "I like it because it's beautiful." "I love it because it's nice." But this is a little unjustified. because the love here, the reason for that love is within inside, not outside. You just cannot come out and say, "I like it because it's got the right color." No. It's that Knowledge. It's that bond. It's that wire. It's that thread that holds us all together in that love, in that one foundation and in that one tune that we all experience and that we want to experience.

You take newspapers, you take magazines, you read articles, you do different things, you talk to other people. you look around you. And the world maybe is going to the moon. Maybe, very Soon, we'll all be able to take a flight to the moon. and maybe that won't be possible because of the economic situation. But all around you it just feels like: yes, you have a dream, and ail around you see land, land. land. And you're sitting in this little piece of land, and it all looks like land everywhere. so you want to build more. And when you start to build more you find out that it's more like marsh than solid land. and there's a lot more to be done if you want to build on it. And this is where this whole situation comes and sort of just collapses.

Because here is man. He is in this century. So many advanced things have been done. So many advanced theories,

4    Divine Times, July 1977

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Lord of the Universe On Stage Montreal April 29, 1977 so many things. But where is his satisfaction? Where is that Truth for him? Where is that love that he seeks in physical materials; the love that he tries to squeeze out of different things? Where is that love that he is really looking for?

And, you know, over here it's like, you can't really go up to somebody and say, "Listen. kid, this is the kind of love you're looking for." But it's just within inside everybody has to feel, "What am I looking for? Where is my thirst" Where am I trying to go?" And man has taken his hobbies, man has taken his projects, and that's the way he's going. And he thinks that's the way he's supposed to go. And he's going on and on and on, and like. that's it! That's it for man.

If everything is dandy, if what man is doing is what he is supposed to be doing and everything is okay, why so many problems? Why all of a sudden is there such a big monkey wrench in everybody's life? Why all of a sudden this little ball sitting there on the tee gets hit by about twenty pounds per square inch of pressure and goes flying up in the sky like a golf ball? What happened?

Everybody's egos are getting shattered. Everybody's dreams are getting shattered. Everybody's imagination is just completely taking off: "Sun is the answer; let's get into solar energy… "Coal is the answer: that's gotta be it." "What about nuclear power?" "No. That's maybe too dangerous." Everybody is just chasing -"No, maybe, maybe something will happen, just like the way steam engine was discovered. Somebody was there boiling a kettle and said. 'Wow! This thing has got a lot of force!' Maybe that'll happen to me in the kitchen. Maybe I should go to sleep in m) kitchen." Or, "Maybe I'll find something. I should just go out and find it."

Listen. This whole humanity has to stop for a second and look at it properly.

The Romans were there, and what was it? Alright, luxurious homes, power, rule, chariots, do this, do that, have this, have that: different types of comforts. Of course, those kind of benches - of course. I wasn't there - but the way you see them portrayed in pictures and movies and so on and so forth, they were like this (indicates an arched seat) and the guy sat there and there was a bunch of grapes in front of him. That's what he was eating. And there was a little kid somewhere sitting with a huge fan suspended from the ceiling. and the kid going like this (fanning himself).

Of course that's changed. Now we've got canned grapes or grape juice. Now we've got more like air conditioning than to have a little kid there. Got a little gadget on the wall that serves the purpose of that little kid. It's called a thermostat. And it makes sure that you stay cool or warm, whichever the case may be.

And they were never satisfied. Their quest just went on, and continued. It wasn't like, "Let's just have a funky little chariot." No. "Have it carved. Let's get into it," you know? "Let's put a chair here, make it a little bit bigger. Make it a little more refined. Get two horses instead of one," you know) "Get four horses instead of one." "Let's put spikes in there." That constant quest was just on and on and on and on and on, okay?

And today there's man. And the whole humanity. this whole problem is just Sitting there. And mankind has just since that time never looked at its own pendulum. It has never looked at its own history and what is going on. But it'sjust - "Let it run wild. Let it go." From there on. so many new discoveries, so many new things have been made.

As a matter of fact, the place where the residence was arranged in Rome was in this Via Appia Antica, where supposedly people were crucified! And you look at these half-torn monuments here and there, here and there. It's the oldest road in Rome: small little road. We'd drive up and down. That's where the residence was. And it was like - Wow. You really felt like something there - like, can you imagine people just riding up and down in the chariots Killing, and people burning, and people getting crucified, and riots happening? And then Peter walking down the same way and all of a sudden God saying to him, "Where are you going? Go back! Do your mission." Incredible. But has man stopped? In fact. has everything changed" Is evervbody perfectly happy?

And the thing is - look, you can sit down and close your eyes and say. "I don't see nobody! I don't see anybody when I close my eyes. Therefore, nobody exists!"

You can make your own little hole and sit in it, and imagine your own little dreams, like people do: "Okay, this is the

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Lord of the Universe On Stage Montreal April 29, 1977 way it's going to be for me. I am happy. All I want is a nice wife. I want a nice home, nice kids, nice job, nice everything. Good friends, a good neighbor." You know?

And it's like, I look at it; and by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I have a nice house that has been provided to me. I have a very beautiful family, and I have all these things. But I can clearly see that without Knowledge, for me at least, it wouldn't be worth it! Though, yes, there might be a little bit of appreciation for a nice house. But without Knowledge I know even that wouldn't exist. And without Knowledge I know I wouldn't exist. And still, in this situation I feel most clearly in my heart that yes. there is a very beautiful relationship.

But the most important thing - you know, it's just like you make a ring. You can have gold all around it, white gold around it, silver around it: but when you put a diamond on it, it makes it sort of worthwhile. And that's the way it is. Yes, there can be gold, there can be silver. But Knowledge is there. And we know it, and we realize it, and we feel it. And that makes the difference in the whole world.

And so this whole quest. this whole chase of humanity is just going to go on. I mean, obviously, Jesus came, Ram came, Mohammed came, Buddha came. And today we follow their footsteps. Great. Fantastic. Do we also know what happened at that time? People rejected. People refused. Now, have we taken preventive measures" Have we been quarantined against this? Have we had our innoculations so that when Lord comes this time everybody is going to say, "Right on! I accept you." …

No!! Just simply. people haven't. Because at that time. and this is the example, it's very interesting. you know. John met Jesus. Before that he didn't do anything. He didn't just sit down and he didn't write anything. You know, he didn't say, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now something happens, and this is the funny part: What happens? Nobody knows. but something happens. And all of a sudden, John changes. John - something happens in his life. some experience manifests in his life, where he sits down and writes, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Now simply, you can throw, the whole situation away. Just say. "This doesn't mean anything." Or you can really realize that it - well, what was it? And of course. the soldiers met Jesus. There were so many other people who met Jesus, but simply that turn in their lives didn't happen. But it's the inner experience. Something that happened that made this whole thing turn around where there was an experience that then John could sit and write about.

So premies, looking at this world situation, and looking how - I mean it's like you just don't realize. Somebody says, "somebody climbed on top of a mountain." Okay. Somebody climbed on top of a mountain. Now, when you don't specify the size, the name of the mountain. it's quite hard to understand what was the adventure involved. You know? Just simply: "Somebody climbed on top of the mountain." The mountain might have a highway going right up to it. or an escalator. and you just ust sit there and it takes you right up, you know? Or, you have some kind of a crazy gadget. But when you say, "Somebody climbed the top of Mount Everest," then it completely turns around, because there is something behind it.

And today, premies, the reason why we have all assembled here into this Festival: Peace Flight - and you know, it was like. Michael came up to me and said, "Well, you know. of course we had the Holi Festival and we had the Love Festival. Are we going to name this festival anything? Would you like to name it anything?" And I said. "Well. to tell you the truth, it's just Love festival. What we experience is Love, what we talk about is Love, what we talk about is Knowledge."

And then the program happened in London, and it just struck in a very beautiful way that - Wow, you know, we're just like swans. and - well. I mean, not just like swans. don't look like swans - but it just struck that this is a flight. And I've watched swans fIy and what it involves. So much energy. So much effort. So much grace, that that swan

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Lord of the Universe On Stage Montreal April 29, 1977 puts out to take this flight. And once he gets airborne, it is so beautiful. His neck is straight out. Legs are under. And he's just very gracefully going with his wings. And just flying to his destination.

And it's just like - maybe, maybe everybody doesn't feel what I feel. And maybe everybody doesn't feel, maybe somebody who's sitting right next to you feels something else. But I just felt like this is what is happening to us. We are taking a flight towards our destination. And this flight isn't just a flight: "Flight 221 to New York." No. This is a flight through which we feel that we are flying. .And not in terms of flying flying; that you look out your window and you see you are up high. But that we are feeling something. That we have a motion, that we have - we are feeling more and more of something. And we are moving.

And of course I could have put it Festival: Locomotion, or Festival: Sports Car. But to express what I really felt, what was going on, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I think that's the name I could just find was Festival: Peace Flight. Because this is the flight for peace within ourselves that we searched so long, and this whole humanity is searching for so long.

I mean it's like, okay. Man goes to moon. Did he find it? That was it? Whammy! All of a sudden - this guy is ready to punch this one guy, and the Apollo lands on the moon, and he goes, "Hello brother, how are you?" Is that what happened?

Or this guy is ready to stab this one person. and all of a sudden the Apollo touches down and it's just like. "Wow, it's beautiful. Fantastic. Great." You know? Or this guy shoots this other guy, and the Apollo touches down and the bullet just drops.

No! None of that happened. So we definitely know that going to moon is not the answer. It didn't say so in Bible. it didn't say so in Gita. and it didn't say so in Koran. And well, we practically did it, and it didn't do it. So we know one thing for sure, that it's not the moon.

Like. I feel that in my life there was one thing that I had to do, and that was to surrender. And in my life I felt that there was everything, you know? I was going to a good school and we were doing, "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name" every morning, you know? And you'd come back home and there is a priest sitting in your study, you know, preparing this fire ceremony. And go from one part to the other part. You go from your suit, your ties, your clothing, all different kinds of clothing, to your pajamas and your kurtas. And you bounce between one to the other to the other.

Then you study. And then you hear satsang. And in the satsang it says, "Knowledge is the greatest knowledge. This is Raj Vidya. This is it!" And to me, I mean, I was little, it was like, there was a lot, you know? And I have explained this a lot of times but I'm just explaining you the circumstance: that - here it is, being said clearly that there is no knowledge in this world that is greater than this Knowledge which is within inside of us. And then you say, "Well, why do I gotta go to school for?" you know? "Why have I gotta do, sit and do my homework, take my homework down, and if I don't do it, somebody's going to come and beat me"" And why have the fear, the threat and so on and so forth?

A lot of times it was just like, "Okay. Well, I'm going to graduate this school. And this poem that I'm supposed to learn in this class: very important. If I don't do it," I mean, the whole paranoia of. "If I don't do it. I'm going to get beaten up. Somebody's going to take a stick and beat me up." And then, "Learn this poem. Learn this poem." And then. just a certain feeling, then just a clear-as-a-bell feeling that: "Listen. If this is the poem you are growing for, you know how to read it. Just keep the book and space out. And when it comes time for your diploma, degree or anything, just recite this poem. If this is what you are graduating for, I mean, what is the purpose in life? Where are you trying to go?" You know? And it was like, a lot of questions, a lot of different things. But one thing was great, and that was Knowledge.

And then, as I said, after I did get Knowledge, I had to realize one thing more; and that was a good way, a great way, a fine way, an easy, nice, fast, simple little way to proceed. Not complicated, just simple. And then it was easy.

Which way is it? What is it? Yeah, you've got Knowledge. And that's: Surrender. Surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Surrender to that Knowledge. Let the Knowledge manifest within you. Don't have that struggle in your life. Because there is something far greater than what man has done so far around him to achieve one goal that he thinks is the goal. But to go beyond that goal we have to do something so that we can reach there. And that goal does not consist of what man has built up.

The pyramid of man, man has generated and man has created. That goal doesn't - all those different paths that man sits and makes for himself don't lead to where he really wants to go. And it's very simple. And it's not like you just try to put on a story, you just try to put on a fake show. But it's very simple. Because that is what I have realized, and that is why it's easy for me to say.

And people have other realizations. And You have realized it. And by the Grace of this Knowledge. people who haven't realized it will be able to realize it. Because this is not a sophisticated procedure. This is not a complicated thing. It's very simple, it's always been

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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Lord of the Universe On Stage Montreal April 29, 1977 very simple, Who has made it very complicated is us!

You know there are two ways of going to Toronto. Actually there is maybe three ways of going to Toronto, or maybe even more. But let's put it this way: there are three ways of going. One is to fly, other is to drive, and the third is to crawl. And when you specifically have a ticket for an airplane. and you go out and you buy your bus ticket, and then you go out and you buy your knee pads, and end up crawling all the way to Toronto, that's your own trip. That's your own desire. That's what you want. And nobody can stop you. But there you are.

First you go to the airport, you pick up the ticket, the for-sure ticket. Then you go to the bus department, buy a couple of tickets, to make sure if one gets lost you got another one. And then you go over to the sporting goods store and you buy a couple of knee pads and a couple of elbow pads. And that's what you want to do is you want to crawl! And it's quite clearly stated. And I'm not trying to over-exaggerate the situation or under-exaggerate the situation; it's just obviously clear!

The man does not want to proceed in ways where maybe he will find any satisfaction whatsoever. And this is clearly stated in the history. Today what is man's effort towards his own satisfaction, his own personal satisfaction? Not bodily satisfaction.

I mean, it's just like when I was in England, they had a beautiful house for us. It had one problem, and the problem was - I've said this to everybody I have met so far after I came to Montreal, but just let me tell you about it, because this makes a good example. It's just that the house had one problem, and the problem was the bath. And the problem with the bath was that all of a sudden it went steaming hot, the shower in the bathtub, and all of a sudden it went freezing cold! And when you have shampoo on your hairs and soap on your face, there's only one thing to do: throw the shower away. Ands once you end up doing that, it's very hard to try to look for the shower, especially when it's getting your rug all wet, and it's throwing out hot and cold water at the same time! So all you can do is scream and say, "Will you please stop using the water?"

"Nobody is using the water. Not even in the kitchen!"

Alright, well that's all about you can do.

And then I came out, that was the last day. And as we took off, just after I'd taken my shower and everything, we ran out of cold water. Obviously it's hard to believe, but that's what we ran out of: not hot water, cold water. And that was in nick of time; we left. And I just said, "Sheer luxury of a shower would be great-" And then I realized. well that's what you're looking for, bodily comfort. I hat's what you were trying to pursue in your bath, but that's not what you want. It's not the matter of your shower. or your bathtub. What is the aim? The aim is to get clean. You've taken the shower. your foot is burned, so finish the conversation there. And that's exactly what happens. The shower is there and all of a sudden the hot water started coming and it burnt my foot! You know?

So it's that simple. We have to know where our goal is. Where are we trying to go, where we have to go. And when you don't even know to count zero, you can forget about starting from one. When many doesn't even know what he wants in his life. in which way is he going to try to proceed?

And I know there's a lot of premies here. And that's the most beautiful thing about this whole thing is you have found that way. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, with the Grace of this Knowledge, we've found that way through which, not only can we proceed, but proceed to our destination, to our goal. And believe me it's not like proceeding to a dead object. Every day, your legs get weary, but your spirit rises high because you know you're going to reach there some day. it's not that dramatic. It's very simple. You live off that stuff, you know? That's always within you, in everything that is alive.

Yes, we know there's something that's sustaining this roof. And that may be beams and walls and stuff like that. But what's sustaining them? "Well, that's a good question, but let's not talk about it." That's what a lot of people would say. "Yes, I'm sitting on the chair. And the chair is being sustained by the legs." What's sustaining that? ' I "Well, let's not talk about it. Maybe it'll flee." No! But it's

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so beautiful. Because that is the way the world would look at it: "Knock wood. Don't talk about it. Maybe it'll leave. And then the chair will fall down." But that's not the way it is.

That thing that we are trying to pursue - if we have conceptualized it, then it's a dead object. And then it completely becomes different. What we are trying to pursue is not to pursue at all, and that is the problem. Because we always pursue, pursue, pursue, pursue, pursue in our lifetime. Always we are running. Somebody says, "Relax." And we say, "Okay." And we start jogging faster.

I mean, look at it. When many says relax, that quest goes even higher. "Let's get a sauna. Let's get a gymnastics room. Let's get a Turkish bath." You know, and it just - more and more and more.

And it's just like mind is this slimy ball that you try to grab, and it just runs away every time you try to grab it. Or it's like a piece of mercury. You put your finger on it and it disappears. And it's all around the finger. And you thump it again, thump it again, thump it again, thump it again, but just - is it there or is it not there? ' I Well, of course it's there. You can see it, you can feel it, you can't be all that dumb. How come you can't grab it? Because you have to go in a right way, in a right procedure to grab it. And it's not your fingers, either! Get a vial, get something in which it can contain itself. Go like this with your hand (cups his hands).

When I was in the second grade I remember they used to have all these contests for the kids. And the contest was they tied your hands behind you, and there was a little tray about that deep (a few inches) and they would put an apple or a lollipop or a candy or something in it, and then fill it with flour. And you had to run from one point. and search in it with your mouth. pick it up, and then run back. And whoever ended there fastest was the one who won. But it reminds me that a lot of people are like that one kid who tries all his best to run to that tray, but the tray is rigged. The tray doesn't have any apple it, no candy in it. All it's got is just bare flour. And the kid just goes around and around and around and around, doesn't find anything. gets frustrated. And of course, one other thing is you can't untie your hands. Your hands are tied.

So premies, this is the way it is. And this is the way it is. that we have it within inside of us. And we have a way to do it. And I am here to help you, you know? And that's the only reason. And this is the only reason. Because we both are here, and because I love you. I want you to experience what I have experienced: that experience. Because it's beautiful, and I want you to experience it. And I love you, you know?

And I don't love you because you look nice. I don't love you because you're great. I love you for a reason that neither you can explain, nor I can explain. But, we both love each other. And it's just very, very simple.

Because it's just like when you're in Los Angeles, and you take a train to New York, if you want to see the sunset, look behind you. But if you want to take a look at a sunrise, look in front of you. You're heading east. But when you start doing things the other way around, you lose something like twelve hours. Because you think this little red stuff that's left is a sunrise. And you never see the sun rise, you always see it set, set, set, if you look at the wrong direction.

When we try to rationalize there's so many things that many has not rationalized. And he has just taken his good old book, stuck everything in there in the pages, slapped it shut, and that's it! And one of the examples like I gave in England was so clear. Man has taken everything, sectioned it out in little square pieces, and said. "Look. I have to go every day and work. Now this is the way I'm going to live, this is the lifestyle I'm going to lead. I have to get up every morning at about seven o'clock. Then I have to take my breakfast, look at a little news, take a little time, you know? And then I've got to go to work, and it takes me time to drive. Then I get to my work, I have to start working, and many. I work so hard I need a break. So I take a little lunch break. What's wrong with that?" There's nothing wrong with that. So you get back to work. You come home. You have got to drive home. Yes, you should pay attention to the road, there's nothing wrong with that. And then you drive home. you are tired. you should rest. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. "So I'm going to also rest."

Then man slowly, as he turns his pages, comes to the chapter of: What about your own self? What about your own realization? What about your own satisfaction of mind? What about your happiness? What about God? So he says. "Well. I'll square that away somehow. It's like - look, many. It's just fair and simple. I go to work every day. I need a break. So. I take Saturday and Sunday off, what's wrong with that? I work five days, I take two days off, there's nothing wrong with that.

"So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my little god, put him in my little safe. And: I love you, god. And I trust you god. Will you protect me? And I'll be right there whenever you want me, and I'm completely yours. I surrender to you Good night!"

Click off your lock, the safe lock: put him in, and it's all finished. That's it' You have taken the oath. "Yes, god, I love you. I know you're there. And I am always there ready for you any time you want. I am your son; you're my everything." That's it?

You're right! That's it! That's it.

And I mean, you look at it - what is man trying to pursue? That food that many works so hard for, who makes it? Who puts it up there? The Creator.

And many has monopolized, of course, and so on and so forth. But now to do something like that. to feed his little stomach, he has to do something like that. You know? He has to go on and do this and do that so that he can get his wheat, so he can get his flour, he can get this and that.

But that is why man searches in a far-off direction. It's not the matter of when you say relax, we start to jog. It's not the matter to pursue, pursue. It's the matter to look within inside. To stop. To wait for a second. Open up our little safes and say, "Well, let's come out." you know?

So it's like, it's a completely different story, because the answer is right there. The answer is A here we would never dream of. The answer is very simple. But we are so complicated. that it is hard for us to understand!

You see, this is the problem. For a little child he can understand. If you don't speak English to that little child. and just speak French, that's what he's going to come out speaking. Now, I've tried to read a few letters of French. or understand. or read a dictionary, or try to learn French. It's impossible! I saw how people do this, you know? How do you learn French" Or how do you learn Greek? Or how do you learn Italian? Or how do you learn Spanish? You pick up a few words and that's good. But how is that ever possible?

No! Because it's very simple. However uncomplicated I act myself and accept that, then the simpler it is going to become. But when I go trying to find a word for merci: "Now, what does that mean? Now. let me see, that means thank you, uh. in Hindi it means this … - and translate it back and forth and get it all so complicated that I can't do it, then my own resistance towards that breaks down. And then it becomes very complicated for me.

Divine Times. July 1977    9

So premies, that complicated story has to be made simple. And the only way to make it simple is to let go! And it's the example of that boat, you know, and I've been giving it everywhere, because that is the way the whole story is.

There is this huge yacht, there is this huge boat, and what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying is. "Look. Enjoy your ride." He's not saying, "Row, row, row your boat." He's saying, "Enjoy yourself." He's saying, "Take it easy. Relax. Surrender. Let me handle it. I'll take you there. Just don't go too close to those railings. And for no reason whatsoever, don't jump off!" And that's all Guru Maharaj Ji's saying, and that's all Guru Maharaj Ji has ever said is like. "Let me take you. I'll take you where you want to go." You know? And that is how simple this whole story is. (applause)

But you have to stay on the boat. You have to stay on the boat. If you jump off the boat. then believe me, this yacht is too big to stop. you know? And the only thing is, things get more complicated. You gotta drop off the dinghies so somebody can go in there and rescue you.

When the yacht moves out, it moves out, and you get left alone. And enough warning. enough caution, and even a railing has been provided. Can you imagine if there was no railing provided? Ail of a sudden you hit a swell and you go right off the deck. But no. Even a railing has been provided. And then a huge yacht has been provided. And all sorts of different entertainments have been provided.

And so premies, it's just completely so beautiful, because you come to this point "here there is hardly anything to say, though I have taken quite a while to say it. Because it's an endless thing. What I am feeling …

It was like, I live quite a ways from here at the residence, and it was like really beautiful. And I was trying to get the phone system to work so that we could have the feed when the satsang was happening here. And something was wrong with the phone. it just kept making roaring noises. And we just got into the motor home, we started driving out there. And it's just like, you could feel it, in terms of there was something that was happening somewhere. And it was getting stronger and stronger as you came by. Though there was traffic, though there was, you know, police all over the place. And you look here, you look there. you know. But it was really beautiful. And you come, and you finally arrive and just, you can feel it.

And so, that presence, that what is happening here, has been - because being in tune so much has not only made it so beautiful inside of us, but has materialized for us in a very beautiful way, in a very beautiful manner. So this is what we have to understand, premies, it's just, stay on the boat, and enjoy. Enjoy what is here. Enjoy these Programs.

And I know, like, there's never going to be an end to these programs. These are going to just go on, (applause) they're going to become bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And more premies, and more people receiving Knowledge every day.

And it's just, our realization has to come out. And mind has to go out one way. and the realization has to go the other way. So, this time it has to be a clean split. And the deal has to be made: "Mind. I'm giving you the vacation of your lifetime." (applause) And let's go in what we're experiencing.

And it is simple, you know, to give a vacation to this mind. A lot of people say, "Well, this is impossible, Maharaj Ji, I've been trying all my life." And then I say, "Man, that's half the fault, you know? When I say relax, you jog!!" And then you say, "I feel tired." (laughs) What are you going to feel. completely rejuvenated after you do two miles of a jog?

So premies, the whole story, you know, is the other way around. And it's not what we think it is. It is what we feel it is.

And of course tomorrow there's going to be darshan. And then there's going to be a program on Sunday night. And this is really beautiful, because this is really a festival. This is a three-day festival. We all have come here. We all have come from different places. There's a lot of premies that have come here from Europe, there's a lot of places that premies have come here from, and only for one purpose.

Well. let it go. Let it happen. Let it fly like a realIy beautiful kite. The wind is there. And let it go to the wind. Not to fight it. Let it just fly so beautifully. And let us all enjoy ourselves while we are here. And really be in tune. N - ot in tune with our mind. not in tune with what we are always in tune with, but be in tune with what we want to be in tune with. which is within inside us.

And it can happen, you know. It's not an impossible thing. It can happen, and it has already happened. There's a lot of times it has happened. And I want to see each one of you stay in that tune twenty-four hours a day. This is why so many, somany programs have to happen.

Because at these programs, what happens? Very simple. All the premies come and everybody prepares. This guy's going to drive and this guy's going to do this. and this guy's going to do this. Slowly and slowly and slowly it just comes together closer and closer and closer. And it comes to a point where it manifests just like that! It just manifests! And there we are. And then Guru Maharaj Ji comes and then other people give satsang, and then the satsang happens, and we have some kind of realization. Then darshan happens. We have some kind of a realization.

And then, again, in this program. there's going to be again a satsang program. And we'll all be able to just - well, what are we supposed to do? These are the pleasures of the yacht. You know? Enjoy yourselves. And it's completely up to you.

Because I know for sure one thing. That there are a few people here who are going to make sure that they don't enjoy themselves. And there are a few people here. they're going to say, "It all sounds like the land of milk and honey." Which means, it all sounds great, but it's quite impossible. And some people are going to say, "Well, that's what Maharaj Ji always says." What do you want me to do, speak in Hindi? You know? I've got to say what I have experienced. You know, 1 just can't change my vocabulary. I just have to do what I feel like. And of course that example comes in handy. If I weren't to be feeling anything inside, that's exactly what I'd do. I'd come up here and say, "Jai Satchitanand, premies, how are you today? Thank you very much." and leave, you know?

And that's just what it is. And this is what I feel, this is what I have been feeling. That what we need is satsang, service, meditation, tons of Grace, and a lot of darshan. Because that all brings it together. And then we can continue, we can proceed. we can move. And it's just so beautiful. Because what do you have to do to do all this? You know? Except just stay put and let it happen. Not sit there and let your dream boats go around, let your horses run wild - nothing! You don't have to do anything - just stay there and enjoy it, you know?

And so I hope you get the meaning of what I'm trying to say. Because though maybe I've explained it in a lot of different ways, it all comes down to the same thing. And it's very simple, it's very simple to do.

So thank you very much.

10    Divine Times, July 1977