Divine Times - January/February 1978 Volume 7, Number 1

Keep That Faith Up Guru Maharaj Ji's Phone Call to the Atlanta Community, January 7, 1978

There was quite a bit that went on in this residence during the time of Christmas and the New Year's. But really it all comes down to one small point. Right after the New Year's I was working on the Initiator Development Program, and there was like so much going on. There was just so much happening. There were just so many people, and there were just so many things. And you could take one aspect of the whole thing and just try to broaden it into one crazy sight and say, "Okay, well, this has got to happen, and that's got to happen," and "this is crazy, and that's crazy."

Kansas City
New Year Celebration

Several hours later, premies line up silently, in meditation, bearing their small gifts for Maharaj Ji, trying to open their hearts, to feel his love. Satsang continues flowing out front, while the sacred queue makes its way through the corridors and down the stairways, many eyes closed, silent smiles being exchanged, Holy Name breathing us together like a garland. All chit-chat banished. And the light on top of the tallest sail flashing, flashing, flashing.

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Beat The System Guru Maharaj Ji in Kansas City, January 22, 1978

You know, a lot of premies really don't understand. … Because Guru Maharaj Ji is the revealer of Light. He is the revealer, is that person who can actually bridge that gap between our finite world into the most infinite thing. And yet we don't understand what's that infinite thing. And we don't understand what's finite. And therefore we just can't understand what's the bridge all about. Because we don't understand what is infinity. And we don't understand what's finite.

Guru Puja, Miami Beach

Cosmic Showdown Initiator John Hampton at Guru Puja, July 30, 1977

Because there has never been a Perfect Master that has said he is going to do the things that Maharaj Ji is saying he's going to do. Look at our numbers. As far as the world is concerned, they are small. Our numbers are just miniscule. But I'll tell you, the realization that is happening in our heart, I can just feel it. I know I can feel it when I open up to Guru Maharaj Ji, when I'm feeling that. I know that there is nothing that he can't do. And I know that there is nothing that he won't do for us. But we've got to trust him. We've got to love him. We've got to love him with all of our hearts and all of our souls.

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Dance With Him Durga Ji at Guru Puja, July 30, 1977

And so he makes no mistakes. We might think Guru Maharaj Ji might make a mistake. Guru Maharaj Ji might be giving satsang and say a word that we think, "Oh, it isn't pronounced like that". But to me that wasn't a mistake, because look what we do. Then our minds jump out and, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji made a mistake. So what was the reason for that?" Guru Maharaj Ji is that force, that power, that perfection. And Guru Maharaj Ji is also that power in a form, in person. And I have no idea, I will never, actually I will never be able to see his glory.

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Interview With Pranam Bai Learning To Serve

Then Maharaj Ji was talking about what it's like to be at the residence: that the two energies, the energy of the Knowledge and the energy of the mind, are so intense because the vibration is so pure. So the mind just becomes that much more intense. He said a person can become like a battlefield. Then he looked at me and said, "So, if your mind's troubling you, it's just because the energy of the Knowledge is so strong that the mind does everything it can." Some premies who come and go from time to time at the residence say that it can be a very crazy place. Not because of Maharaj Ji, but just because of what happens around here. The mind just kind of comes out to resist Guru Maharaj Ji's presence or something. I don't know what it is