Come to the Center Point

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in London, England on Saturday, March 4, 1978

So, dear premies, we just had a six-hour-long darshan line, and of course, as usual, it was completely incredible. Because it's really something. For people who are passing through the line, it's just something of a matter of, oh, I'd say about five seconds, ten seconds at the most, from one end of the stage to the other end of the stage. And in that period, whatever happens, happens.

And yet I'm sitting there for six hours, and premies are passing by, premies are passing by, premies are passing by. And it's a real incredible experience. Because it's like looking at an X-ray of the whole experience of infinity, and just looking at an X-ray of the whole experience that mankind has, that man can have, that's available in this world, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

You see this one person walk by just completely confused, and you can just (snaps his fingers) just like that, right off the top - you don't have to say anything to anybody - just right off the top, he is confused. And you can just see right through him, that there are two wrong plugs. It's like having an American plug in Europe, and it just won't fit.

And then you see so many premies go by - it is such an incredible, incredible experience to just be there, to just see what a strong connection there is, what a strong joint that is, what a perfect adaption, what a perfect bridge-up it is, from that finite to infinity - to what so many people in their lives have tried to accomplish, written books about it, gone to Himalayas, climbed into caves, gave up everything. What they couldn't even accomplish: You see this premie walk by in front of you who has perfectly accomplished that thing. And this is by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

It's just so incredible. You just run out of words at this point. Because look where it has brought us. Look where it brings us. Look where it puts us. It's like, yes, I feel tired. Okay, what is there to sit for six hours? Six hours, you sit down. Yeah, but there are six hours of not sitting down, but it's floating around from that person to person to person to person. It's that six hours of that communication with every premie that goes by, to be able to see and to be able to experience his experience. What he experiences, to be able to share that. And that happens within something like less than five seconds from one end of the stage to the other end of the stage, of the darshan stage.

And it's so beautiful that you can just see how Knowledge and how Guru Maharaj Ji can make that joint so permanent, so beautiful, so strong. And how our minds can completely destroy it, devastate it, and completely just put it into a place where it's of no use.

And it's like, yeah, I'm tired. My body physically was sitting in this particular chair for six hours. And yet I don't feel that tiredness, because what I feel right now, that feeling is superseding what body is trying to feel, that tiredness. Because that's Love. And that's what we are trying to feel, that's what we are trying to experience: that Love.

That love, not of materialistic things, that love, not of physical things, but a beautiful, beautiful, incredible Love that exists in this hall between me and every premie that is sitting here. And yet, nobody sees any cords. Yet nobody sees any joints, any connections. And yet, I love you and you love me. And it's such a beautiful relationship. Every second that we step, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace - and it's not like even we step - but every second, every moment that even Guru Maharaj Ji lets us step into that Love more and more, the more stronger and more perfect and more incredible that feeling becomes.

Because, okay, satsang is theoretical because you can't exactly - there's a TV there, but it's not simultaneously, as I'm talking, making a digital analysis of everything, and drawing diagrams, and doing things to prove how what I'm saying is right. But what I'm trying to say is nothing else except what I feel within inside of me. And there's even no question of right or wrong. Maybe there's somebody in the audience sitting and going, "Well, that's a wrong statement," or "His accent is more American." Or, "This is wrong," or "That's right." It's not even a matter of wrong or right.

Those things just don't even matter! And it's just to be at such a nice place, to be at such a fresh place, to be able to open up to that experience of Guru Maharaj Ji. To be able to, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, step on his boat, and let him carry us, let him take us to that "Supreme Aboard" where we all want to be. To be with him all the time, 24 hours a day. Not just one second, not just two seconds, not just three seconds, but where there are no seasons, where there is no night, where there is no day, where there are no seasons, where there is no time. To surpass all barriers of anything: time, death, life, imagination; even, to some extent, any barrier that - if infinity has a barrier - to even cross that, and to go where that "Supreme Aboard" really is, and just to be there with Guru Maharaj Ji, is the most incredible experience.

And that's the experience that I have had. And that experience is so incredible, that when you let yourself go, you can feel that experience. You know it's there. You don't need any proof. It's like a light

March, 1978    3

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

that even a blind person can see. It's like a music that even a deaf person can hear. There doesn't need to be any proof; there doesn't need to be any explanation.

And yet it is there, and it is beautifully manifesting itself. It's glowing. And all you have to do is take off the clothes of mind and just dive into that river, and just let go.

Because just talking about my own experience, sometimes I would see Shri Maharaj Ji, and it would be like really incredible. It would be like really beautiful. It would usually be a little stage, a small stage, much smaller than this is - or much lower than this is - and Shri Maharaj Ji would be sitting there and I'd be sitting there, and it would be just an incredible experience.

I mean, there were all these other premies. And it was hot, real hot. And there'd be premies waving fans. And right across from us there would be people yapping on the other loud-speakers. And there'd be everything going on and people talking in the audience, and hot bright lights on, and people trying to fan. And you're just trying - because somebody's trying to do something or somebody's trying - I mean, 100,000 things are going on that the mind wants to look at, that the mind wants to get into. "Oh it's hot!" You know? "Whew" - something like that, where maybe the guy right next to you is even freezing to death. But just all these things of mind.

And then you just look, look at perfection. You look at the most incredible thing: that experience that Guru Maharaj Ji gives.

It's not like we just walk into that experience and say, "Ciao, experience. How are you doing today?" But Guru Maharaj Ji lets us walk into that experience, by his Grace; he opens that door so that we can walk into that experience. And when we walk into that experience, it's like it doesn't matter. If it's hot, if it's cold it just doesn't matter!

And that's where the logic goes berserk. Because you will say, "Well, it should matter. Otherwise you're going to catch a cold!" Well, you'll simply just not catch a cold. mean, it's like for five days - this is really incredible. Before Rome, I got a cold; really sick. And this was when nothing was really going on. I was just simply sitting back and relaxing. And the bug was going around. And you go out just a little bit, and you don't have proper clothes on, and you get the bug and you get a cold. And the bug was going around. And for five days I was in Rome (well, actually I was in Rome about a month but for those five days of that satsang program), we were about an hour away from the festival site, and it was about an hour driving. I would just walk out and really not have that many warm clothes on. And then it didn't even come close! Because the consciousness, because really that feeling that wanted to maybe feel cold, was somewhere else taking a nap, and completely dissipated and completely gone. And my feeling of what I wanted to feel, that Love that was there, that was being expressed …

I mean, it's like "vibe." People get into "vibe." And people say, "What is 'vibe? 'Vibe' doesn't exist. You've got to be crazy to experience vibes." And yet,

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somehow you could pick out the DC-9 that was flying over that had premies in it, and the one that didn't have premies in it. Nobody ever found out whether that was true or not. But you go out and: "Yeah, that must be full of premies." Or, "No, just going by."

And it's an incredible experience. But if you let yourself go by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, and only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace … A lot of us have our concepts. A lot of us have theories. We have heard a lot of stories; we have been accustomed to hearing a lot of stories. But premies, now is the time to jump into the practical river. And it's called, stop heating around the bush and come to the center point, and the main point, and the focus point, of where we should be really at.

I mean, you can start going around and taking examples and taking stories and taking everything. Or you can just say one straight thing: "Guru Maharaj Ji, take me!" And that's it! That's where the seed is. And you can say it on foil balloons, the ones you saw in Rome go up in the middle of the auditorium. You can say it in a foil balloon: "Guru Maharaj Ji, we love you." Or you can say it in a card. You can say it in a letter. And it's all really beautiful. Just say it in one place where it hits home. Say it in one real place where it really makes meaning, where it really makes sense, where it really needs to be said - not verbally, not on a card, not on a foil, not on a big billboard, not to somebody - but to yourself, in your own heart: that place where when you say it, it'll really, really hit home. And that's where you have to make that determination. That's where that verb has to come out and manifest all throughout your body, and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, take me." And just surrender. And just let go!

Yesterday I was saying, "What is there to hang on to in this world, anyway?" This is something that I'm saying and it's very, very straight. And it's just like, why? Why did we even feel what we felt today? What was the purpose? What happened? Why didn't we feel the same thing that we felt in the darshan line today, the day before yesterday when we were still coming to London? The day before yesterday, when we were probably still coming to London, you would have all probably felt the miseries of London: You miss your bus here, or you come into the terminal and you don't know where to go, and what's happening and what's not happening, and so on and so forth.

It's just like I was saying in Rome, and this is really true, because a lot of premies went back to their places, wherever they are, and the boss got mad at them and they got fired and so on and so forth. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with that scene. It is really like that: the "botheration," this and that.

And yet when that person was going through the darshan line, he couldn't care less about anything. Why? And it's really something that we have to see, we have to realize; not analyze, not look at it, not play with it like a toy. But just to see what brings that. And why can't we be always in that experience? Why do we have to always have a tea party and invite Mr. Mind in? Why can't we just quit having parties and just tell mind to take a long vacation somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle where it can get lost - hopefully.

And premies, it's just so beautiful. So, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. And it's just incredible. I just want you to really do meditation. And I just really want you to experience, I really want you to do service, I really want you to listen to satsang, and not just come here, and not just …

You know, I understand when you clap. I understand that, well, it does mean you approve of it. And it doesn't really matter to me. I'm talking about my experience whether you approve of it or you don't approve of it. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people here who don't approve of that experience at all. And I couldn't care less about it. Because I'm just here and I'm going to say what I feel like!

You can start going around and taking examples and taking stories and taking everything. Or you can just say one straight thing: 'Guru Maharaj Ji, take me!' "

This is not a - you know - memorized lecture or something like that, that I'm giving, where some editor is sitting on top with the TV monitors and saying, "Cut. He said it wrong. Take two." This is just what I feel, what I'm saying.

And just let go of that mind. Forget about it. Just flow in the river of that satsang. Don't sit there and go, "Aw, Mr. So-and-so's satsang is a little better than Mr. So-and-so's satsang." Or, "Yeah, I don't know, maybe now that Mr. So-and-so is giving satsang it'll be a nice time to go outside and have some fresh air." That does happen, doesn't it? And a lot of times, with a lot of people.

And if you want fresh air, you're always going to get fresh air. As a matter of fact, those people who were buried in that graveyard, and got washed down the hill, had nothing but fresh air for a long, long time! Fresh airs you want: Become an Indian. Not Eastern Indian; American Indian. Then they'll bury you outside on a little ramp, and you'll get plenty of fresh air.

What you want is satsang. I think they have vents in this hall. So if you are thinking about getting suffocated, you won't. Just sit. Let go. And just merge into that satsang that's really going on. Merge into that flow, and realize it for yourselves.

You know why? Because it doesn't do any good to that initiator. That initiator gives satsang for his own - he gets his own experience. It's not like the more people that hear it, the better it'll become. No. That is his own experience. It's already there. He doesn't have to make it up. And that's the way it is. It's you who have to benefit from it. And here is an opportunity to just let go of everything …

Because you are already in London. And if your boss is going to get mad at you or not mad at you, you're going to find that out on Monday. So as long as you've got Saturday and Sunday, you might as well enjoy yourself and get into satsang, service and meditation. And you can find out on Monday if he's really mad at you or not. But you'll have plenty of time for that.

I see a couple of premies going like this (gesture) because their bosses are going to get mad at them for coming. It's all okay, so far the greatest Boss doesn't get mad at us, little bosses can always get mad at us!

So thank you very much and I hope I'll see you tomorrow. I love you all. Thank you.

March, 1978    5