Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

No Compromise

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Miami/Florida, on Sunday, April 9, 1978

"There are no
deals to be made
with the Almighty
Creator. You
cannot make
deals with Him.
And as a matter
of fact, the life
that you call your
own is in fact by
no means your
own life.

So premies, I guess there's not much to say after that. (Hansi and Premlata on the PA system) It's really been a beautiful festival just to be able to come and share satsang. And I think we have all learned a lot from this festival. And it's just like one of those things that we always need in our lives. It's just those steps. We need every step, if we want to go higher. And if there are no steps in our lives, then we can't climb. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace it's such a beautiful moment for all of us to be able to come together.

There's so many people flying to Miami. And some fly because of business. Some fly because they want to have a vacation. Some fly for. I guess, countless reasons. But we all came here for just one specific reason. There was nothing else in our minds that we could think about. Maybe some of you did have things on your mind, but at least, when I was coming here, that's the only thing that I was coming here for: for satsang. And it's just that when we all come together it gives us such a concentrated dose of that satsang, service, and meditation that we really need in our lives. Without that, it's extremely barren.

I was giving satsang yesterday, and we were just talking about what this life is all about, and what does Guru Maharaj Ji really give us, and where we have to put that precedence. And we have to really understand. Not just sort of understand this festival, and then as soon as this festival ends, just take off, leave, and then that's it, you leave the experience behind with you right here. But, no. To understand something: that never-ending process of satsang, service, and meditation, and most of all, Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's the experience that you have to always have within you. Not just only when we come together, but 24 hours a day.

Because to me, in my life, Guru Maharaj Ji always had that precedence. Because from the start there was no Knowledge, there was only Guru Maharaj Ji. And there was nothing else

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to concentrate about except a real sort of feeling that I had, "Well, there is something that's beautiful in this life. There's something that I should know!" And yet, the one who revealed it to me was Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's where the most important thing comes. And this is what we have to really, really understand and accept.

What is happening in our lives? Such a beautiful, incredible thing takes place, just when that first change starts to happen, when that first satsang that we hear, when that first penetration starts to happen within out heart; when we see the first signs of that fog lifting up. It's such an incredible experience; it's such a beautiful experience. Everything in this world leading to confusion, everything leading to confusion, and then when you just give up hope, when you just sort of say. "Well, what now? Does peace really exist? Is there anything really like peace? Is there anything like the purpose of this life? Or is it just like a freak wave: it's there and it's not there?"

I mean, is it like what some people really think it is like, to just come into this world and do whatever you want to do, and this is why God, the Creator has put you here, this is why the Creator has given you everything? Or do we go a little bit beyond, and find that satisfaction and find that happiness"?

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji It's like people are so involved in themselves that they forget. And it's not like they forget because they're involved within themselves. It just seems like they get persuaded by this thing called "mind" to forget the reason why they are in this world; to forget the reason why they are here! - Marolyn was giving satsang and she was just giving the example of being under the raft. And I was just watching this thing, this sports section. And these guys tried to glide, hang-glide, that big kite from Mt. McKinley. And there's supposed to be really a lot of freak air currents and a lot of freaky things that happen. It's a 20,000 foot mountain, and as soon as they would get airborne, they would drop 10,000 feet. And then they would start catching the wind. and they could have the control of the kite. And then right after they would get past that kind of a situation, they would hit these freak air patterns, where the gush of wind was hitting the mountain and recoiling and the other wind coming, which created lot of turbulence and a lot of air pockets.

And it was really something to watch this first guy get off. It was a huge kite, and he ran, and they had to get going 23 miles-an hour before they could actually leap off. And they're going real fast, real fast, real fast. and then all of a sudden, they walk right off the end of the mountain and 20,000 feet down.

And this one guy attempted it and his hang-glider got caught in the ice and snow. And he just tumbled and tumbled and tumbled, hitting all these rocks, 20,000 feet down. And it was really something to watch this, because there he was, just tumbling and tumbling, and hitting one of these rocks after another. And the guys who were watching him from the top said that definitely they knew that the guy was dead.

Well, something happened. He sort of landed in a big pile of snow and everything was okay. And right after this thing happened where he almost died, he comes out saying, "Oh yeah, you know, it was really strange. Something happened and my wing got caught in the snow and I just tumbled and tumbled, and I didn't know. I just knew I was falling real hard. And then all of a sudden I just stopped!"

And that was it. It's an incredible thing that he did stop, and stopped in one piece, not in 50,000 different pieces, which would have been the usual case.

But there is so much that happened which goes beyond luck, goes beyond anything. I mean, you can see there's a force. There is this incredible energy that we all want inside of us, working constantly in this whole universe. And you don't even have to take this freaky example, this gory example. to try to explain that. Because this guy didn't understand what the purpose of his life was. To him, life was just another toy, like his kite. It hit that one side of the mountain, snapped a few lines, and before he knew he was tumbling, and there was no way he could gain control of his kite.

But by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace we've been - and I mean, I'm not saying that you shouldn't ride automobiles or you shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that. But there is this life that has been given to us. You can have hundreds and thousands of reasons about what you should do in this world. And I guess mind is just so strong that it's not even worth debating those reasons, even though they are ridiculous.

But there is no point in debating it. Because it's not through the perspective of mind that you have to look at the reality. It's through the perspective of reality that you have to look at the reality. Otherwise it's always going to come out fake. When you are completely filled with all the goop, when you are filled with frustration, when you are filled with unclarity, and you're doing something, and all of a sudden some-thing really wrong happens, immediately you say, "Oh, God! Why did You have to do this?" It's as if that Creator is just sitting there on the edge of heaven to strike a deadening bolt on this guy.

And then they say, "Oh, my God!" A very, very common expression. "Why did this have to happen?" But they do something clean and they do something neat, and before you know it, it's just them. They don't even want to talk about God. They don't even want to talk about anybody else, but it's just them. They did it. And it's incredible.

So premies, in this dwindling duality, the thing that I'm trying to say is that for four days we have been having satsang. And throughout the whole course, it's just like everybody, all the initiators get up and they talk about Guru :Maharaj Ji, and they talk about Knowledge, and they talk about that Love, and they talk about the experience. (And I don't know if all the initiators have given satsang yet, but if they have, then that means you've had 56 satsangs - and that's from the initiators alone.) And then I've given satsang for three days: that's 59. And Marolyn gave satsang: that's 60. Raja Ji gave satsang: 61. Claudia gave satsang: that's 62. This is what we know of. Now, maybe, there's other people who have given satsang, too.

But in all these 62 satsangs, only one thing has come out. And everything that has been said by the initiators, by me, by Marolyn, by Raja Ji, by Claudia, or if anybody else did get up and give satsang - when you look at it from the perspective of mind, you can see that everything that they say is completely questionable. Everything that happens on

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji this stage is completely wrong. When you look through the freaky binoculars of mind, this is the scene that you see.

Because who in the world can imagine 10,000 people coming and getting blissed out by two kids who are not making very much sense over this elaborate PA system? When that was happening, if somebody were to walk in here, they would go, "What's going on?" Like the satsang I was giving the first day. And it would be just like that to them. And you just see that nobody understands. Nobody sees, nobody sees that understanding.

And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace - because it is an incredible experience. It is an incredible river. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the right binoculars. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the right perspective, because he has given us Knowledge. He has given us the key through which we can open those doors, where we really want to be. And yet, again, still it's our choice. If we want to, we can. If we don't want to, we don't have to. But Guru Maharaj Ji has given us this option.

And so what remains in our lives? What remains in this whole, entire world to do? And like I was saying, where does Mr. Mind take you and put you every time? Where does that mind place you? It places you every time at a place that has nothing to do with outrageous, has nothing to do with beautiful, has nothing to do with incredible, has nothing to do with anybody except darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness, darkness. And this is where your mind puts you.

And yet, 24 hours a day we stay slaves of this mind, follow this mind. And I guess it's just habit that we form. As soon as we can comprehend things, this mind starts to get looser and looser and looser and looser. And the more concepts that can be created, the more concepts that can be put in front, the more of a web this mind can weave, and give us the better changes of getting tangled up in that web.

Because I've seen just the way the mind works. And I've seen it in a lot of people. They're there and everything is working okay for them. Everything is working just fine for them. And then all of a sudden the mind comes in and just says, "Do you understand what's going on? Because if you don't, you should try harder."

"Do you really, do you really feel Guru Maharaj Ji in your life? Because anything that you feel is not sufficient enough. You have to feel him more. Do you feel meditation in your life? Any amount of meditation you do is not enough."

And it just takes you through all this cobwebbing, all this weaving. And it just says, "No, this is not good enough and this is not good enough." It's based on what the satsang is, because that's the way the satsang is given: that we can never do enough meditation, we can never do enough service, we can never do enough satsang, we can never have enough satsang.

And it just picks up those points and says, "But you know, you really need to have that experience of meditation. You really need to have an experience of that service. You really need to have an experience of Guru Maharaj Ji.

"Why don't you try something a little bit different this time?" And you don't even have to reply yes or no. You know a much more sophisticated communication between yourself and your mind. You don't have to reply anything whatsoever and you sort of just fall for it.

And it's just the same thing again. As soon as it's taken the slightest bit of you, it'll start sewing you into a thread and that's it! It'll just take you away, completely take you away, completely take you with it. And just wander you from one thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing to the other thing. All of a sudden everything else in your life takes a precedence, everything else becomes much more important, everything else takes the first step, except satsang, service, and meditation.

We have to really realize one thing. Okay, there is one situation and I can understand this situation. And I know this kind of situation occurs with a lot of premies, just with all these satsangs going on, and they're ending up not showing up at work. Or they want to go to the satsang or something perks up and they don't show up for the work. Their bosses get very, very mad. And that's understandable, I guess, because they don't have Knowledge and they don't see what you're going with. If they just knew that you were going to get blissed in the true sense of the word "blissed out,", if they were to see that the reason why you

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were coming here was to accomplish the aim of your life, then, I'm pretty sure they would join you. Then you wouldn't have to bother about it. But they don't see that, and that's the main problem.

So here you are, you have this kind of a situation. And then, on the other hand, you have the same kind of a situation, but, of course, there is nobody with a finger on you. There is nobody that's really squeezing your head and going, "Down, kid. Down, down, down." And that's you, yourself, Knowledge. I mean, there is nobody like Uncle Sam, going, "I want you," or something like that. (I heard a lot of cameras clicking there.) But, anyway, you know, it's not like that. It's just when you come to satsang, it's an experience.

But on the same hand, you need those two dollars, those five dollars, the six dollars, the seven dollars, to be able to feed yourself so that you can live. And that stops right there. Usually it would just go on. It would just go on like this: you need to work so that you can live, so that you can meditate.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji But no, that's not the way it is. It just is, "You need to have that work, you need to have that job, to be able to live. Period!"

You can't take your life, you cannot take Knowledge, and the reason why you are here in this world, and try to match it up or try to have a compromise with anything else in this world: it's your job or it's your nose or it's your hairs or it's eyes or it's your clothes - whatever it is in this world. You cannot compare two things. They're both individual. And when it's uniqueness, when it's a unique situation … because that's not the way the Creator provided this human race. And that is a unique situation. It's a very, very artificial situation.

Because when the Creator created this whole world, He gave us lands without fences. And ample and ample fruits and vegetables. And no restriction, no restriction. And He just made it in such a cycle that it could just go on and on and on. And it's just that man's mind, man's own collective ideas, man's own ego, meanness, completely took over.

They just realized, you know, "Why not have everything easy?" Because you can imagine how this whole thing started. And you can sure prove one theory: that mind existed a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago. A very, very long time ago.

And it's just like, there were these men. They were there. They looked very much like apes, but they were there. And they lived in trees to be away from the animals at nighttime. But you see, it was too difficult to climb up the trees. It was too difficult to go sleeping in those trees every night. So they figured, "Why not go get somebody's cave? Like that bear's cave. Right across those trees, there's this cave." So they went in, scared the bear, bear split, they over the cave. They moved in. And there's this whole procedure that started with the cavemen and everything from that point.

And then they would have to go hunting animals and so on and so forth. So they said, "Why not make a club? It takes so much to kill this animal off with your fingernails. So just take this great big club and go bump." And that was it. If you can just picture that age, even as in cartoons or anything, you can see the progression till now. It has been a chain reaction of that mind. And still persisting and still continuing the same exact way. And it's just like, some people call it progress, some people call it something else, or some people call it something else. But that mind is always there.

And then you can just see. It was just too hard to be like that, and to just be in caves, and it just became too much to try to scare a guy out of his caves. And so they started building caves, and then they started to get into this whole thing. And you can just see this whole affair with caves started, which has then ultimately led into this whole affair of how the modern caves should be: air conditioned and heated and plumbing and so many bathrooms and so many bedrooms and so many little - I mean, just the whole idea, just going on and on and on.

But there is a very, very unique situation, because we weren't put here to have jobs. Because, if that were the reason in our life, to have jobs, then God would just send a tag along with us saying, "You were supposed to be a carpenter. And if your school teacher asks you what you're going to be when you grow up, just tell them you're going to be a carpenter." It's just not like that. It's not like that at all. You have to go through the whole shazam. And just sort of let that mind take you till you become something!

And it's just like the common expression of a lot of parents to their kids is, "Why don't you make something out of yourself?" As though they're incomplete; they need something. And that's just completely undermining this whole life, undermining this whole realization of what it is to be here in this world, who we really are, what is it all about. I don't really want to criticize any parents, and I don't want to really criticize anything. But things are completely undermined. And like I was saying yesterday, it's a completely abandoned question. We don't ask ourselves that question: "Why are we here for? I mean, what is the great, good reason that we are here in this world for?" And I mean, a lot of people might say, "Look, I'm just here for what I am here! Can't you see? God has done this and this and this, and this is why I have this job and this job and this job. And what more there is, I don't know and I don't want to know!"

But it's like, that's what the people were saying when Christ came. They were saying, "You're crazy! We don't want to know what You want to say." When Mohammed came and He sent His messengers to people, to the kings, what did they tell Him? "Who is Mohammed to tell us what we should do?" Not like, who is Mohammed to tell us we should accept the Lord, accept the Creator, as the Supreme Lord, and not have yourself, but - not like that, not that attitude of, "But who is Mohammed to tell us?" (Well, I guess at that time, to them, it was nobody.) But now, today, those people go through rituals after rituals after rituals, just like Christians go after rituals after rituals after rituals, Hindus go after rituals after rituals after rituals.

For what? Oh, just to say, "Oh, Krishna, You were great. You were incredible. You were beautiful. And we pray to You."

Krishna Himself in the Gita is standing up in the battlefield and telling Arjun one very simple thing: "Arjun, what you see with your eyes is really not me. And I want you to see me. And therefore I give you this third eye, through which you will be able to see me."

But what do we pursue? Nothing like what he is talking about. It's got nothing to do with it, you see. It's not what Krishna was saying is what people are pursuing in thisworld. See, that's the

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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 heavy part about it. It's what they want to pursue about Krishna is what they're pursuing themselves. It's whatever they want to do. They want to make a statue of Krishna, make a big temple of Lord Krishna, and put this statue of Krishna in that temple and pray. But it's beliefs. People have beliefs and people pursue beliefs. And that's the way they think that they're going to get salvation.

And what I am trying to say is that in this world it doesn't matter, you know. It just really doesn't matter if you go around worshipping an idol, or having completely a faith against it; that you are never going to worship a bible, or you are never going to worship a statue, or you're never going to accept …

Because there is a great difference between the Hindu religion and Mohammed religion, the Islam. And the Muslims say that they don't want to have to do anything with the Hindu religion. And Hindu religion says, "Look, we don't want to have anything to do with you!"

But to me, I'm not talking about those wars. I'm just talking about the reason why Mohammed came, why Krishna came, why Jesus came, and why we are here. In very, very simple words, try to put two and two together. Just like: what is the purpose? And in our minds, when we start pursuing, we end up in all these different places that we really don't want to be at. We end up in all these places that we really dislike and we really hate!

Today you go to somebody and say, "Look, what about God, and what about happiness in your life?" And they give you a very straight, simple answer. They say, "Listen, man, I don't want none of your happiness. I want a job! I want a good job!" And by the time they end up saying, "I want a good job," they're pretty much very, very angry, and you think twice about continuing the conversation with them. But if you do end up pursuing that conversation, you will come to the end, "Yeah, man, I want to be like that other guy. I want to have an El Dorado, and I want to have a big house. And I want to have servants. And I want to have this and I want to have that."

Okay! Is that what's going to make you happy? Do you really think those people who have all that are very, very happy? No! The question is. who is happy? And that's the most incredible question, I guess: What is happiness and who is happy? Because that's what we want to pursue in our life.

Okay, so we don't put it as happiness. Maybe we can put it as something else. Or maybe that's the way we put it: having a child is happiness. Or having a wife is happiness. Having an automobile is happiness. And to people, just whatever they want to feel happiness in, they pretend that that's happiness. They make believe their own little world of happiness. And really in none of those things is there the true happiness. Oh yes, of course, in everything that's new …

We are humans. And there happens to be a very advanced species of animal: gorilla. We don't go like this (scratching chest), but we go like this (stroking armpits) with a deodorant stick. And that's the difference. He's just trying to get some lice off his chest, and we are trying to get some smell off our armpits. So it's just like, we are the advanced species.

A cat or a dog goes sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff everywhere. And we go "Yuck! How can he do that?" We also go sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff everywhere, but when nobody is watching. That's the difference. And that really is the difference.

We use our advancement. We use the God given gift to be able to discriminate when it's good time and when it's a bad time. And it's completely ridiculous when you really start looking at something like that. It's a "man," and so advanced and so incredible and so this and that. It's outrageous!

How can man call himself incredible , How can man himself call himself outrageous? I mean, look, there is a chance that two dogs might fight and let it go. Okay? But with humans? That's a very, very narrow chance. When they start fighting, they definitely suck somebody's blood before they let go. There is a possibility, you know …

When I came to Miami I turned on the TV and there was this bullfight going on. I'll tell you about human advancement. This is incredible. I've never really ever watched a bullfight, because I never had the occasion to do it. The only bullfights that I have watched have been in, like "Laurel and Hardy," or "Abbot and Costello," where Abbot is running around and the bull is chasing him or something like that. Or in Charlie Chaplin or something like that. But never an authentic bullfight.

This was on one of these UHF channels, and it was the real thing. It was happening, I guess, somewhere in Mexico. And all these guys walked out, all the matadors walked out, and they

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were splendidly dressed. They had all these different kinds of dresses. And they walked out, and the music was playing - must have been at least 100,000 people in this bullring. It was packed. Everybody's cheering and everything is going on. They're playing that song.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978
"Why rely on this and why rely on that? We
have everything. I mean, if in this world,
if there is everything, the greatest thing is
satsang, service, and meditation, the experience
of that Knowledge. And we have it.

And they walk in front and they take their hats off, bow down, go like this, and everything. Then they all step back and this one guy comes out. There's five or six matadors and they're going to all fight, but they have this one matador who's going to start the fight. He's an old, experienced guy. He comes out; everybody starts cheering. He takes his hat off. He does 360 degree turn like this. And after that he gets his trip together. He does. He just sort of licks the hat or something, he spits in it and puts it on real tight and nice, and gets ready.

And here comes the bull. And I mean, the fight begins. And, you know, two times I saw this: The bulls just didn't want to fight! They just sat down! I mean, I'm really not kidding you. They didn't want to. They didn't have violence. They didn't want to fight. They didn't want to get killed. They knew what was going to happen to them. Because it's a different story between just running around here, and being cooped up in a little cage. Who wouldn't want to do it? Even if you come out of a prison cell block. which is a lot bigger than that little place where this bull is kept, and the bull is about twice as big as you are! So he comes out and he's a little mad, and he's got every right to be mad! He doesn't understand that all those people have come to watch him. As a matter of fact, he could care less about those people. And to him, it doesn't mean anything! He comes out running, and so forth.

And the guy puts out his little thing out here and he just sort of stands real leisurely and the bull goes right through it, and everybody goes, "Ole!" And it was completely incredible that they were doing this to this bull who didn't want to fight. And he sat down. He just sat down. And he had these things pricked in his back, but he didn't want to fight. He knew what was at home for him. And that's all he cared about. So he just sat down.

And then these guys come with these horses. And they're trying to coax this bull up to fight. And so he gets up, and they have all these red things that they're waving around at him. And he doesn't want to move for them, because all he wants to do is sit down. So he sits back down again. Then they come again and they've got these things and they coax him back up. And all this bull tries to do is sort of walk very, very slowly towards this red garment. And the guy is ready with his sword. And he does him in!

And I just couldn't understand. "What's going on here''" First of all these guys come counting because the bull has this prize on his back. He's the prize bull first of all, they conic in with this guy on this horse, and they pry - you know, this is pinned to his skin - they pry this thing off him. And then this guy comes in. He's standing, and he's got these two spears. And he looks like he's doing something so incredible. And he just does this whole acting and jumping around. He's one of the matadors, too! He does this whole jumping around act and everything. And then as soon as he gets close enough to the bull he puts these swords in him.

And all I could say to myself is why don't they also bend down on all fours and try to fight this bull? That would be much more on his level. And then we can have some fun. We could watch these guys just go a little bit and see what it feels like. Because they don't know.

And then I realized, "Well, what good would that be? People would get so mad at that bull they would chop him up in little pieces. They do that anyway with him, I guess.

But it's just so insane! After sending a man to moon, sending this completely robot one to Mars - this completely computerized machine that can analyze. And that's the way this machine was, it went out, had its own eyes, looked at the mass of rock, picked it up, brought it in, broke it open, analyzed the rock for bacteria, picked up soil, and sent to Earth all the information on exactly what bacteria content was, and what the mass was, and everything. And they've sent this thing.

So even if they have to really have a little thing with a bull, why kill that bull? Why not make a metal bull, and get some of the good remote control guys, who really know how to handle remote control, and send that bull in? And let that guy do what his trick is, and instead of poking him with a sword in his forehead, put a little circuit breaker right here. So if that guy gets him with his sword, the bull just, stands there, and that's it. Or otherwise, have fun. I mean, if that's the thing.

But there is our sanity. There is our humanity. There is our craziness.

And it's just like, I don't see where people are going to. Where is that reality? Okay, you can have one day's fun fighting bulls, and you kill three of them. Or you could have fun here or fun there. Or you could do this or you could do that. But we keep doing this over and over and over and over and over again. So where are we? What is this life all about? Fighting bulls? Watching the bulls getting killed? Is that the purpose of the life?

April / May 1978    35

For people who don't know what the purpose of life is, all you can do is tell them, all you can do is talk about it. Because the purpose of life is an experience, just like everything else is an experience. To know why you are here in this world is an experience, too. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, we have been given those right tools to be able to know, to be able to understand, to be able to experience. And it's just like " fortunate'' isn't even the word.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 We were just talking about how incredible this whole scene is getting, with programs and everything. Last year we had the Hans Jayanti in Rome, and that was the biggest Hans Jayanti by far. And before Hans Jayanti we had had Guru Puja, which was the biggest Guru Puja by far. And this year we've had this Holi, which has been the biggest Holi by far.

And then again, this year, it's going to be a bigger Guru Puja. And then again it's going to be a bigger Hans Jayanti than last year. Because it's just constantly growing and it's growing and it's growing, and it's just growing. People in this world somewhere are getting their relays corrected right. And it's just like, it's just clicking to them. And we are on the verge of clicking from one to the other balance of center. Thousands and thousands of people. And thousands of arrangements have to be made. I can just see how incredible it will be to have our own site, to have our own facility. And I was just again talking with Marolyn just before we came here. And I was just saying, "Man, it's just going to be so wonderful."

First we will just probably try to get hold of the land. And then we'll have an outdoor satsang, because we wouldn't be able to put a hall up there. It'll just be a tent city, and it'll be just an outdoor open satsang. And it would be so incredible, because all the premies will be able to come there. (Now you have all this time to space out, right? Go to the beach, go to the shop, do this, and do that. But none of this will go on!) Everybody -- all the kids, all the big guys, all the little guys everybody can come and pitch in their service. Because there will be a lot of service going on there. There'll be lots and lots of service just going on: the hall going up, .or this facility being built, or that facility being built. And I know that's just completely fun for kids and it's just fun for everybody.

And there you are! And there will be an opportunity. When the satsang is not going on, you're doing service. And when the service is not going on, you're listening to satsang. And when none of those are happening, you're doing meditation. And you're in a constant field of just satsang, service, and meditation. And it'll be just so incredible.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 It'll be something that'll take time. And I mean you can understand it taking time. Because we don't want to build it for only 10,000 people. We don't want to build it for 20,000. We want to build something that will accomodate up to 100,000 people at a time. and grow in that facility. Maybe one year, it'll be 20,000 people, second year maybe 30, and then maybe 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. And then we'll just grow out of that facility and just hold little programs there. And we'll get another facility to hold the big ones.

So that growth is happening, and it's an incredible thing. And we just all have to come together, just really get out of our - and as I put it rat holes. And just come out in the open. And just completely let yourself go in that beautiful, incredible experience of satsang, service, and meditation. Because that's really what's going on! That's what's going on everywhere.

When you are in your little mind, and when you are stuck in your little hole. you don't know what's going on. You peep out of your house once in a while and you go sniff, sniff. ''It's raining.'' What's raining? And it's just like it might be somebody singing. (Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji singing. "Downpour of the Holy Name," or something like that.) You say it's raining. and it just might be tears of joy falling from people's cheeks, crying in that beautiful. beautiful joy. And you'll just go, ''It's raining. They're unhappy. They don't know what's happening. They're screaming." And it's just like everything that mind can tell you and everything that mind can put you through, it'll put you through.

And why do you think Guru Maharaj Ji's here? To assist you. This is what I've said: "Stay on the boat. Don't leave the boat. Stay on the boat." And it's so important, premies I mean, you just can't overemphasize the importance of staying on the boat. I'm not talking about a boat boat. ( "Stay on the boat," so everybody goes and buys a little houseboat and starts living on it. That's not the point.) But on Guru Maharaj Ji's boat, the boat that sails the oceans of Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Stay on that boat.

Because Guru Maharaj Ji's the captain. And he has the finest crew that he chooses himself. He's taking this boat and he's just completely navigating. He overchecks the navigation engineer. And he's just taking this boat, and he's just steering this boat through all the waves, through all the chops, through all the problems, through all the difficulties.

And everything is okay, because you see the captain. You see how he's performing with the boat. You sec how everything is going and you say, "Wow! This is incredible; this is beautiful!" And you stay with the captain. You stay with the captain, you stay with the captain. you stay with the captain. And the time comes where you have to go. You have to go to sleep or you just want to take a little walk outside. and you step out.

And then all of a sudden these doubts start coming in your mind. "What's happening? Why is the boat going up and down, up and down?" But when you are with Guru Maharaj Ji, you can see that everything is okay. And maybe at that point there is no room for that mind to come in and start an argument. Maybe it's very, very hard because you can see all the gauges. You can see everything. And then it's no problem, because you can just see and you can say, "Okay, no red lights flashing. Nothing is happening. Everything is going beautiful. Guru Maharaj Ji's smiling."

36    Divine Times

You know, he keeps taking you through. And you see the waves come. Just watch him. They just wash the how and they just split the wave and everything is okay. And as a matter of fact you don't even feel that motion of up and down, up and down, up and down! But as soon as maybe you leave that for one second …

But it's the boat, and you can be anywhere on the boat. And that's the idea. But just be on the boat, and not have those confusions, and not have that mind just come in and lasso you in and say, "Okay. I got you!" I mean, it's just like that example I gave, "Oh, premie ji. Jai Satchitanand! How are you doing today? Can I be of any service?" And then you say, "Oh, yeah, that would be nice."

"Why don't you check on your burning clothes? Why don't you check on your car that's been on for hours'' Maybe you came from the satsang last night too fast, maybe you left your lights on in your car." Everything. And isn't it funny. because it happens. It really, really does happen.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 If we weren't doing knowledge, if we weren't doing satsang, service, and meditation if you had nothing to do with Guru Maharaj Ji, everything would be always just right. Maybe even if you leave your car on all night long, or maybe even if you leave your lights on all night long, everything is okay. You couldn't care less about it. Maybe even if you know that they're on. "Ah, it's okay." But then there you are. Maybe you didn't even leave your lights on. Maybe nothing even happened. But that doubt comes in your mind, just at that particular time when you're really, really trying to do satsang, when you're really. really trying to do meditation, when you're really, really trying to do service. And that's what we have to avoid, and that's what we have to keep out.

And we just have to understand the importance of the whole ordeal. We have to just understand the importance of ourselves. Why we are here, why Guru Maharaj Ji's here, and then to be able to just see, even for a moment, very clearly: "Look, there are no ands, ifs, and buts about this thing. This is very, very straight. I've got to dedicate; I've got to surrender."

And this is the example that I was giving you. There is no compromise between the two situations. And yet they both exist. So what are you really going to do?' In what kind of circumstance are you going to end up in? And I can just see that that can be a very, very confusing thing, and just the right kind of material for mind to blow up, just the right kind of ammunition to bombard you with, saying, "Well, you know. I've got to work, and I've got to do this and I've got to do that." And really get into it.

And then on the other hand say, "Well, you know, I've just got to make … You know, I've just got to live! I've just got to live and then just to have this Knowledge, to have this satsang, service, and meditation in my life."

No. There cannot be any compromise. You cannot have compromise. You can only have compromises in illusion. There is no compromise. And that's what you have to understand. You just can't get away with saying, "Okay, God, I understand You're there. Everything is humbug; everything is alright. I just promise you two hours of evening time. If nothing is on on 'Special Special World of ABC', they're Yours. Saturdays and Sundays, they're mine. All the week, they're Yours. And, um, Good Friday, that's mine, too. And everything else is Yours. Except Saturdays and Sundays, and the days on 'ABC's Wild, Wild World of Sports,' everything is Yours, oh Lord. Thank you very much." You just can't do that.

You can do that. Of course you can do that. You can make a pledge, "I, da-da-dada-da, pledge myself to the Almighty Lord, and on such and such date take a vow that I dedicate myself completely to my Lord. Conditions are stated below: Two hours every day, except weekends and Good Fridays and the days that 'ABC's Wild, Wild World of Sports' comes on." And at the end of it, if you feel a little bad about it, you just write in, "Oh. Lord, You're Almighty, You're omniscient, You're omnipotent, You're omnipresent. You understand, don't You?"

And isn't that the circumstance that we all go through? "Yeah, yeah, I know I'm an idiot." And so you step out of the hall and somebody says, "Are you an idiot?" And you go, "What? What are you talking about? Who's an idiot? I'll break your face open, you call me an idiot!" And it's just like for a very, very selfish thing, we go ahead and agree to the fact that you are an idiot, that you know God is everything but to leave you alone. You're just a little creature, and "What do you want with me, Oh Lord, I'm just too humble. I'm no good. Find somebody else." And how can it ever work like that? It's impossible! How can it ever work like that? I mean, really, how can it work like that?

After you understand the purpose of your life, how can you just trade it on for some - say, "Okay, look. I've got to play cards. And you know it! You know what is in my heart. You're omniscient, and You know I got to - I really like cards and I got to play 'em, so let me play 'em. I know this is Your time, and I know this is Your hour that I pledged to You. But You know everything, so here it goes!" - and pull out a whole deck of solitaires. Not even that you're playing cards with somebody special or somebody at all! And start playing Solitaire.

But what I'm trying to say might sound very, very funny. But when it comes out on photoprint, try to put that in your life, and you might be very surprised. You might go (clears his throat), take a big swallow. Because this might be quite your picture. This might be something that you do. "Yes, two hours in the morning, and hour and a half in the evening. It's all Yours. Rest is all mine. And what I want is salvation," as though you were going to contract this hall.

"Yes, and I want all the chairs and all the bleachers and I want this hall for five days, and I'll give you two dollars for it.

"I'll give you three hours out of my days and You give me salvation. You give me Yourself. You give me Peace. You give me happiness. You make me all okay, huh? You take care of me." I mean, that's looking at this whole situation in a very, very strange way. You're looking at the situation as though you could just walk over to Pan American Bank and say, "Okay," and pull off some stunt that's completely, completely incredible.

So what it boils down to, premies, is that in our lives, when we understand what satsang is, what service is, what meditation is, and when we experience those experiences, you can't just take off and do your thing. I mean you can do your thing to a certain extent, and that certain extent is only where you have made and given complete priority to the

April / May 1978    37

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 Knowledge -- first … not second, not third, not A, not B - the first priority, when you have clearly seen that there are no ands, ifs, and buts about this whole thing, and that you're there for one purpose, and it's to serve your Guru Maharaj Ji, and it's just to meditate on that Holy Name, and it's just to understand what this life is all about.

I was just watching the return that they had this afternoon from last night, and it was really something because what I was talking about yesterday, I could have just gone on and on and on and on and on with it for hours! And yet, I didn't remember any of my satsang from yesterday. So when I watched it, it was a real surprise. "Oh, this is what you were talking about, huh?" And I just feel like we just have to get right on the line. There is no compromise. There is no compromise.

Okay. If you are going to live for eighty years, what's an hour or so in your life? Five minutes a day? What's that in your life? Nothing! If you're going to live for a hundred years, then what are five minutes, ten minutes? Would you like a watch like that, that loses five minutes a day, an hour a day. No. You would like a watch that doesn't lose any time a day. And you would rather compromise it for price and how many seconds a month it loses, and so on and so forth.

You have to understand one thing. Okay, here you are, bragging away, going, "And I'll do this if You don't do that. " And I mean, it's just like in your own concept you are imagining things and not looking at the reality. Who's on which end? You are not looking at the fact that there are no deals to be made with the Almighty Creator. You cannot make deals with Him. And that, as a matter of fact, the life that you call your own is in fact by no means your own life.

So you should understand a simple thing: you don't steal somebody's item and try to make deal with them, try to sell them back. You just don't do things like that. When you do things like that, you're called "con man." You belong in prison. You're doing it the wrong way. That's not the way to go around doing it. And that's just a simple thing you have to understand. Whose life is this?

I mean, is it really like your mother and father went out, and looked in the Yellow Pages under "C" - "Child." "Male or female available." "What did you want?" "Nine months minimum, da-da-da-da-da." Went down through the whole chapter, went to some store, and there was this Almighty Lord sitting on one end. "Can I help you?"

Oh yeah, I'm just looking around; we're just looking around. Hey, isn't that one cute over there?" And you say, "Yeah, can I see the papers on that little child?" And you come up to the register and there is the whole fate and destiny of the kid: if he's good, if he's going to become had, and how tall he's going to be.

And they go. "Oh yeah, this looks pretty good to me. This'll suit my purposes." and they walk up to the register. "Okay, it'll be cash. How much is this little guy? Twenty dollars?" And then, Okay. What's the delivery period?"

"Oh, your wife will know. We'll let her know." And then one day your mother goes through the whole thing and there you are.

As though that's the way it happened! And now that you are there and you are fifteen or sixteen years of age, your father has signed your papers, and now this life belongs to you. That's it. You can do anything you want to do with it: throw it away, keep it. argue with it, ruin it, destroy it - or, the greatest option save it. Save it from all that. Save it from all that destruction. Save it from all that confusion. And be on the right path.

Because, in this world everything that everybody is into … they're suffering.

38    Divine Times

They can put on as big a fake smile as they want. They know it, and at least I know it. They're suffering. They're really not happy.

To them it's like this: Once on "Candid Camera" they had this guy who was a breeder of dogs. And they went up to him and they gave him the whole rap that they want to advertise this dog food. And what they did was they took, I think it was Play-dough, and they took the Play-dough and made it look like dog food, and took dog food and made the tray out of it, and gave it to the dog. And the guy was going, "Yes, and I'd certainly recommend this dog food. It's the greatest for the dogs. I feed it to my dogs." And here is this dog, going at the tray. And he was eating the tray up, and he wasn't even touching the dog food.

And it's just like it was very hilarious. You could see this guy just going at it. "And I feed it to my dogs all the time, and then I would definitely recommend this for everybody." He saw the dog once, and he hesitates, but he feels that he's on the air, and he's doing this commercial, and he has to keep on going with it. So he keeps on going with it. He looks at the dog again. He still keeps on going with it. And here is the dog, just about finished with the tray. Didn't even touch the food. But that's something like what we do: eat up the wrong part of our life.

And that's why Guru Maharaj Ji is here. That is why we are so fortunate. And this is why I'm saying we are so fortunate. Because by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace we have been given that Knowledge. We have been given -

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 World calls us hypocrites. And yet I don't know of any more people out there that can qualify as being more hypocritical than the people out in this world who don't know what's going on, and still put up a smile. Here, there's no matter of hypocrite. There is nobody being hypocrite here. Everybody goes by that experience and that's the first thing that's told to everybody: "Experience it."

And everybody has to first experience it. And when they experience it, they smile. When they don't experience it, they don't smile. And it's as simple as that.

And nobody is watching here. It's not like this whole place is full-of cameras, just shooting the audience and then all your pictures are processed through a big computer and the press knows or this guy knows or that guy knows: "Oh yeah, these guys are real and these guys are hypocrites and these guys are fakes!" Nothing like that! It's a true, true experience.

While out there, this guy is going (fake smile) kicking his. tire, kicking his car, completely mad about this car but still calling, "Oh, nice car, nice car." It's just like that guy with his dog food. "Nice food, good food. I'd definitely recommend it." And he sees what's happening' The dog is eating the tray; he's not even touched the food. They're just being very hypocritical about it. And that's what's happening out there in the world.

Because what has brought them happiness so far? Everybody says, "Peace. peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace." And nobody is happy. Nobody is happy, except for the people who have understood what this Knowledge is. Because to them, there is an experience. There is a real experience, and there is an experience that's beyond any words. And that is why we are happy. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's there, because Knowledge is there, because satsang, service, and meditation are there. That's what brings us happiness.

But for this world'' This world has always got to smile at itself. Why? Because it's one of those things where if you don't: "What's wrong with you? You don't make enough money? You don't do this. You don't do that." I mean, it's just like a big, big trip that this whole world puts on. For what? For no experience. I mean, if there was an experience behind it, it would be a different story. But there is no experience behind it. But in this Knowledge, there is that experience. In this Knowledge, there is that beauty.

And so, I don't know when I'm going to see you. And I hope it's very, very soon. Because it's just beautiful. Again, it's an experience. And I can tell you that there's definitely going to be Guru Puja, and there's definitely going to be a Hans Jayanti. You should start getting ready for those programs. But there's also, and hopefully also, going to be some programs in the middle of those programs, and you should also be prepared for those programs.

And I know that it extremely helps a lot if you guys know when the program is and where the program is going to be and as much ahead of time as possible. Well, we try to do that, let you know as soon as possible where the programs are going to be. And maybe we can try to put together a list so you can get your trip together a little bit better. You know, plan your leaves out and stuff - get all your absentee trip together. But anyway, it's just going to be again so much - beautiful.

It's going to take time before this whole program is going to start hitting: bang, bang, bang, bang. It's going to take time. And Elan Vital, and Divine Times and slow reading, not just pouring out of one ear and so on and so forth. But to just sit down, to just see, just to try to grasp this whole experience of this festival, is going to be incredible, because there is that experience that we need to have, there is that experience that we really need to grab.

And, I hope then when the next festival … that your experience has grown leaps and bounds. Just not a little bit, but a lot. So you understand what's going on even more and more and more and more. And there's just nothing more to say. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, everything is taken care of. Everything is there.

I mean, what else is left after you've had satsang, service, meditation, darshan, and been able to experience Guru Maharaj Ji? There's nothing else left behind. And if there is anything else left, you can do without it. And as simple as that. So it's just a very straightforward and a very beautiful experience, premies. And I'd just like to take this time now to say that I hope I see you very, very, soon. And just keep going. Just keep trucking in this experience of satsang, service, and meditation, because if at any time you stop …

Believe me, this is a lot of times this is another trip that mind lays down a lot of times the mind says, "I don't like Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't like Guru Maharaj Ji at all. Why don't you stop doing satsang, service, and meditation? I don't like Guru Maharaj Ji." And it's just like that. You can obviously see that !:cat's nothing else except mind. Because when you do stop satsang, service, and meditation, you're only hurting yourself; not Guru Maharaj Ji.

April / May 1978    39

Of course, Guru Maharaj Ji is a little not too happy about people jumping off the boat. But it's your option. Guru Maharaj Ji has never enclosed his boat. He's got big open decks on his boat, and he said, "That's for you to enjoy the view with." But if you do want to take the second advantage of it, to jump out, that's completely up to you.

Because Guru Maharaj Ji never forces. I never forced that on you. I don't say, "Well, you have to stay on the boat." I say, "Well, it would be good if you stay on the boat." Because there is everything out there in this water, and that's why we are crossing it. That's why we want to get away from it. That's why we are on this boat, crossing this ocean, so we can be where we really want to be. We can be where we really belong.

Maybe in one way it's even too bad that we have that option, to be able to jump out the boat. I certainly wish that nobody should have that option. It's just like, one of the important things you've got to do in your life is to breathe. Well, I wish Knowledge was that way. And it is, as a matter of fact. But I wish it was something really, really important that you had to recognize Guru Maharaj Ji, otherwise you would go, or something like that. Just be an important, important, important, important function, and something that you really, really had to do, and had no options about.

You know, now the situation is, maybe you don't realize Guru Maharaj Ji in your ignorance. - Maybe you don't realize Knowledge in your ignorance. But you have that option.

And Guru Maharaj Ji - that's why every time satsang happens, I keep saying, "Well realize! Realize that importance of satsang, service, and meditation. Realize that you're all about, because it's incredible. I have -" And the reason I'm saying this is because I have had that experience, and I want you to have that experience. Because it really is an incredible experience. It really is a beautiful, beautiful experience. And I want you to have it. And I want you to have it because I love you. And I mean it's like, there is no reason why I love you, and there doesn't need to be ever a reason why I love you, and why you love me. But it's just like, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

And here is the present. And here you are. And you have to really see that. You have to really get that through your thick head, and keep it in there once and forever and ever and ever. Just to understand how important it really is.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978 Because that's the thing. It really is important. It is really essential. But you can be completely ignorant about it and not know. And get completely spaced out. It is not now the time to space out, and it will never be, in the future, the time to space out. You have to just keep on trucking. We have to just keep on going, and just spread this beautiful, beautiful word that Guru Maharaj Ji is here, that Knowledge is here, to this whole wide world, so that they might also snap out of their ignorance and come to this beautiful, beautiful experience that we have had. And that's where it lies. That's where it is.

Let these drums blow through everybody's heart in this world, and let them know that it really exists, that that beauty, that perfection that we all seek in this world really, really exists. And come home to Guru Maharaj Ji with an open heart. With a heart, as they put it, "heart of a child." And why do they say "hear of a child?" Because that child's heart is just open. It's just soft. It's just there to be perceptive. It is there to accumulate.

And it just becomes a beautiful, beautiful experience, to accumulate what Guru Maharaj Ji's saying, to accumulate that experience, and to keep that experience for once and for always in our hearts. And that's what we really want. That's what we really need.

So premies, it's just been really incredible seeing you, and it's just been really beautiful just experiencing that Love and just experiencing that experience. And I know that where that came from there's a lot more. And there's a lot, lot more. And we have to just keep digging away at it. And there is no end to it. There is really no end to it. And it's just so beautiful, it's just so beautiful. Because there is Guru Maharaj Ji's boat, and the wind is blowing right on the nose just where it wants to go. And the sails are full.

And there is the ocean. And it's these rough, big waves, and the boat is just cruising as smoothly as it can. And there is Guru Maharaj Ji, and there's all your brothers and sisters, and I mean, it's just incredible. It's just beautiful. It's a beautiful, beautiful boat.

And all Guru Maharaj Ji says is just don't get into your head about it. Don't start going, "Oooops! Oh, look at those swells, up and down." And then end up throwing up, and up just barfing all over the place. And that's what Guru Maharaj Ji says: "Don't do that. Don't jump out. Don't get sick on this boat." And that's what we have to understand. And not only understand, but we have to see how it really works in our lives. We have to really know that.

Because I mean, it will be so incredible four, five, or six years from now to hold a program and to just see hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters just come together in one Love, in that one harmony of Knowledge.

And I just can imagine it. And every time I imagine it - whew! Of course you start off with just imagining, "Oh, it would be really nice to have a festival site." But then you start getting into, "Well, what would be in this festival site? What would this festival site be all about?" And when you start thinking about that, it's completely incredible just to see all the premies.

And just instead of having a darshan line - I mean, because it would take days! It would literally take days! You just have darshan, as much as possible. And it's just a whole environment.

I mean, this is pretty nice but look at it. You've got to face it. You're in this hall. And as soon as the satsang ends, as soon as I leave this hall, you can only think about one thing. (Today you're going to think about two things, I think. And those two things to think about are: one is to get back to your hotel real fast and the other one is to pack your bags and split for the airport.)

But anyway, just to be at a festival site where you don't have to go to your hotel. No hotels. Just one big facility. That's where you live, that's where you eat, that's where you sleep. You just drive your car up, and you take the keys out of the car, and you take it to this counter and just hang the keys there. And that's it. You never have to go back to your car.

40    Divine Times

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1978You don't do anything, just stay there in that festival site. And just: satsang, satsang, satsang, satsang. And just: service, service, service, and service. And just lots and lots of experience.

Just see how incredible it could be. Not "could be" - is going to be. By our effort and by a lot of Grace, which we're going to need, we can build this castle. And no wave in this whole world can come and tear it down, because it's got Grace behind it. And it's just our own experience. So far it's there; so far it's there. And just let that Grace come through, and our sincere effort: Well, we can turn mountains. That's an easy thing to do.

So we really can do it, premies. And it's just completely incredible to just imagine how many premies there are in this world. And for all of them to be able to come together for one festival: hundreds and thousands of them. Everyone, from every walk of live, just to be able to come together for one reason: to see their Guru Maharaj Ji.

And just to be there, not have to bother about some hotel, not have to bother about some food, not have to bother … I mean, we're going to have food there. But nothing we have to bother about. Here it's a complete scene. You have food and somebody is catering it, and somebody puts it up. And you don't know if it's good or if it's bad. It's just sort of there.

But it would be just so incredible because all during the time that the satsang is not going on in that facility, you can just till it up and use it for farmland. And you can just have beautiful vegetables growing there, and you could have everything. And premies from all around the world could just pitch in and send the wheat and some rice and a lot of fresh vegetables, and we could just have a ball. Cook it up ourselves, and it would be incredible.

Why rely on this and why rely on that? We have everything. I mean, it's like, we have everything! There is nothing more to be desired. I mean, if in this world, if there is everything, the greatest thing is satsang, service, and meditation, the experience of that Knowledge. And we have it. So. You know, premies, it's just really incredible.

Before you know it, you'll be sitting in this place, and, "That's what we were talking about, remember 1978? Holi? And now we have it." It would be incredible. I mean, you can almost picture it.

So I hope I see you very, very soon. And I love you. Thank you very much.

And blessings to all the premies.

So premies, I guess this is just really incredible. It's really beautiful. And till we meet again - and I hope very soon - just keep on trucking. Just keep on doing that satsang, service and meditation. And I love you. And my blessings to all the premies.

See you later.

    So premies, I guess this is just really
incredible. It's really beautiful. And till we
meet again - and I hope very soon -
just keep on trucking. Just keep on doing
that satsang, service and meditation.
And I love you. And my blessings to all
the premies.

    See you later.

April / May 1978    41