Divine Times - September/October 1978 Volume 7, Number 6

More And More Love - Alan Cunningham

Suddenly you are with us again. Still in the Krishna outfit, but- what is it?- somehow gloriously different this time. There are gasps, shouts. Bholie Shris resound. People jump up. Some even fall off their chairs. In the balcony, premies strain to see what it is that is different about you. Garlands of flowers. No jacket. A golden shirt, perhaps, beneath the flowered garlands? At last, when we yank our unbelieving eyes away from you long enough to glance at the big TV monitor, we understand. That is no shirt. That is your golden skin.
Now he is here and we are shouting our Bhole Shris. It is a night for joy, a night for tears. Maharaj Ji speaks to our hearts, shows us he knows every step we've taken since we saw him last. He speaks of every game we've played, every trap we've fallen into in those few short weeks.

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No Limit - Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang on the first night of the Philadelphia program


The Real Shrine - Satsang of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj at Company Bagh, Delhi, India, May 9 1954

" 'I bow to the feet of Guru, who is the ocean of mercy, and God in human form. His words remove the great ignorance as the sun removes great darkness.' "

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My Real Father - Quotes from Guru Maharaj Ji on Shri Maharaj Ji

That's why I took admission in my school. That's why my father gave me that admission. Well, because I would be a very learned man, and I would do service - not for work, but for preaching. To speak English, so that I could go even in western countries. And maybe he was at a rather small age when he went to search for this Knowledge. At a small age, he went to search for this Knowledge. He couldn't get it. He went to many places, but he couldn't get it. Ultimately, he reached to one Guru, Swami Sarupanand Ji, and he gave him this Truth. After him, he told him to carry on. So my father carried on, and after him I am carrying on.

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A Very Simple Thing - Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang on the last night of the Philadelphia program

What happens when we are not talking about the back yard, when we really let our horses loose, when we really let that mind flow? What happens when we really let go to that mind and just - ba-ba-ba-ba - one concept to the other concept to the other concept to the other concept to the Knowledge. We have a concept of Knowledge. We have a concept of Guru Maharaj Ji. So many concepts. And you know what a concept is like? Much worse than quicksand. Because sometimes you get so embedded in a concept that when you try to shake yourself loose, you go deeper into it. And after all, what is a basis of a concept? Pick any concept you have - any concept - and root it down and say, "Well, what is the basis of this concept? Why do I really believe in this concept?" And we find that there is no basis to it. That concept does not have a root!

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… And More Love - Sheldon Jaffe

Maharaj Ji had worn the mala when younger, in India. But no one in the West ever thought, ever hoped, ever wished, to see him manifest so beautifully so openly, so lovingly to his premies. And yet he wore the mala on the last night of the Philadelphia festival. Behind the stage he paused, just briefly before presenting himself to the stunned audience. "Oh my God," shouted one premie into the international phone hook-up. "Oh my God! He doesn't have a shirt on!" (In Denver two premies listening to this passed out and disconnected the line. "Oh my God …") On the floor of the convention center the premies screamed, and screamed, and screamed with ecstasy - "Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! BHOLE SHRI SATGURUDEV MAHARAJ KI JAI!" - as the Perfect Master sat there, his hands out in front of him, glancing occasionally over his shoulder as if trying to see what all the excitement was about.

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Hansi's Second Party

As the ring master continued to sing, the premies screamed, cheered and applauded as Maharaj Ji sat in his chair smiling broadly. And when the ring master added that, "If you wish on that lucky star, you're sure to find someone to love!" all of the premies broke into a loud "Bhole Shri!" as Maharaj Ji leaned back in his chair wearing the largest smile of the day. For the circus troupe, who had not been informed of Maharaj Ji's "identity," the end provided an opportunity to ask the question: "Who was that?" For the premies it was a time to sit, meditate and know the answer. The most loving Dad of all had taken a group of his children to a physical circus and even sat and watched and laughed at it with them. But for all the devotees the Divine Circus of Dr. Lord can constantly go on

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