Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979 Guru Maharaj Ji

Holi, Miami 4-8-79 afternoon

So dear premies, exactly, what happens in this world is happening in this hall right now (scrambling to seats since many did not expect Maharaj Ji this early). It's a sight to see out there. And this is what happens to all of us.

As I was saying yesterday, the devotees come first to make that path, and then Guru Maharaj Ji comes. And then it all clicks in, it all manifests. But that Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals, the manifestation of Guru Maharaj Ji in this world, isn't for any individual per se, but it is for every human being in this world; every single soul that is alive in this world.

I know that everybody walked out of the hall to either have lunch, get a breath of fresh air, or what have you. When I first came to this hall it was quite empty. Really quite empty. And now premies are just coming in. They heard Guru Maharaj Ji's there, or somebody just saw the rush of people going inside the hall, and everybody starts rushing in. And it's the same thing, that we come in this world, in this beautiful hall, this creation, and it's incredible, it's really beautiful.

And what's happening in this world, if we just were to tune within inside of us through that Knowledge, can be such a beautiful manifestation, can be such an incredible thing. You know, to me, I never get sick and tired of listening to satsang. To me, satsang is an experience. Yes, the emcee gets up and he makes announcements. I don't concern myself with that at all. Because he has a piece of paper and he has to read these announcements. They are for your benefit.

But that's not an experience. That's just a very flat, very calculated thing. And so is everything in this world. There is a news commentary, commentators. And it's a very calculated thing. Everything in this world is so calculated, so determined. You know. you go to a car dealer and he's got his rap straight that he's going to tell you. It's all calculated.

But there is one thing in this world that is not calculated. And that's satsang. The experience of meditation. Because that experience is not calculated. And when somebody gets up and tunes himself to that focus, tunes himself to that harmony, then such beautiful experience manifests. Such an incredible, such a fantastic experience takes place. And that experience is real.

I know that sometimes initiators get up there. It takes them a little while to get the ball rolling. It's just like trying to start up an engine that hasn't been started up in long time. Slowly, as you watch them, the ball rolls, that experience flows. As they let go more


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979 That faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, that love for Guru Maharaj Ji, has to be real. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's love for you is real.

and more, it all starts to happen for them and their experience really starts to come out. And what a wonderful pleasure it is to sit down and listen to it.

Because it's true, it's real.

Maybe to us music is like, "Oh yeah, man, that's really beautiful, that's such a rhythm, that's so fantastic." And yet, you should see the musicians some-times at recording studio. They fry. They have jugs of coffee pumping down their throats and all night long they're going, and one guy makes a bad mistake and it's all over. Take again and take again and take again. And even with One Foundation, they work all night long to do just a couple of cuts.

And the only rhythm, the only harmony, that doesn't need retake after retake, is so perfect, so incredible, that it is in itself what it is. And what an experience that Knowledge really is. What an experience Guru Maharaj Ji really is. And what an experience that we are here in this world; that we are alive, that we are here, now.

It all has to manifest. It all has to click in our lives. Because, everything in this life is, to us, more important. It has a meaning, a value. You know, it's easy to get up and say, "Look, do this and do that, and do this and do that." Okay, and it's also very, very easy to hear that. "Give up this and give up that. And give up this whole life, and give up every-thing." But the point isn't that some-body should say it, and the point isn't that somebody should hear it. The point is that somebody has to manifest that in his life, that this Knowledge really has to become everything in this life. This life has to become a part of that Knowledge, not the Knowledge part of this life.

Sincerely talking about it, how many of us really do that? I know that there are quite a few premies here who have heard that: "Make this life a part of Knowledge." And if you haven't heard it you must have read it. Or some initiator must have told you. And yet, how many of us really have been able to implement that in our lives? How many? How many have really seen that this life is to live for one thing? How many have really seen that this is what we are here for: to do satsang, service and meditation, to make that satsang, service and meditation a reality in our lives, not just a two-hours-at-nighttime and two-hours-in-the-morning type of thing.

And how much is this Knowledge really dependent upon everything else? A lot. If we feel tired, then we want to go to sleep, not really sit there and meditate. If we feel tired, then it's just like, "Let me relax, and I'll do service after I feel little bit better." There is a new thing. By the time Arti starts, I guess people get pretty tired. And so they are like this, doing Arti. "Your Glory fills the world. Protector of the weary and the (cups hands over mouth) weak." They go like this and yawn, and then bring their hands back down. What are you saying? Do you under-stand what you are saying? "Jai Gurudev Maharaj Ji, Your Glory fills the world."

Forget about the world. If there's an initiator giving satsang or what have you, and everybody's doing their number, and all of a sudden the emcee barges out and takes the microphone, and everybody's tired, eating their apples or bananas and somebody's yawning - I mean, everybody's doing their number, sort of giving an ear to the initiator - and that even happens when I am giving satsang. People will just look around, and do this, or all of a sudden just yawn. And I mean all this is happening and this satsang is a reality. It's not a fake. Nobody stands up and says something that that person doesn't feel. And all of a sudden here comes the emcee and he grabs the microphone out of the initiator's hand, and says, "Premies, evacuate the hall right now! There's a bomb here." Has it ever happened to you that you are in the middle of a yawn and you stop half-way through? Has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden you're sitting there and something happens and your mouth feels warm and little shiver goes all over the place? The last thing you want to do is think about coffee, tea, your banana, milk, or anything in this world. I mean, has it ever happened to you? I'm pretty sure it has.

All that focus, all your attention just zooms in. What would happen, if the announcer came barging in: "Evacuate the hall right now?"

And here we are, maybe listening to satsang. Satsang is going on and everything is really calm and every-thing is really beautiful and all of a sudden somebody from the back of the audience makes a loud noise. What would happen? Everybody would turn their heads. "Who was that?"

Where are you? Forget about where he is. Where are you? What are you listening to? What is satsang? What is Arti? What is Guru Maharaj Ji? What is service and what is meditation?

That is a practical example that for most of us Knowledge is just a little thing that you slide into this life, and that's it. Something that you just slide in, and that's it. A club, membership. And this is our dance. And everybody comes, and it's just a party, "Hey, how are you? Jai Satchitanand! How've you been? Boy, isn't this incredible? Isn't this beautiful? Oh, wasn't it beautiful darshan? Oh, wasn't Holi incredible?"

And that's it. Everybody comes into


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

this auditorium, "Okay, man, it's beautiful. It's incredible." The first day of a program, whether it be Denver or it be here, everybody comes in and it's like a wheel one mile in diameter just starting to turn. Everybody's there and every-body's a little bit tired. You have just arrived or had a bad flight or some-thing like that. Or your baggage got spaced out and there you are in satsang, and a little bit of mind comes in, "Oh man, what's gonna happen?" The fear and the danger - and I mean, everything that is there. And then all of a sudden the next day there is darshan. And that focus slowly gets tilted away from this world, from this illusion, from this darkness, from this unreality and gets moved towards Guru Maharaj Ji, towards satsang, towards service, towards meditation.

And then the second night, usually, everybody is a lot happier. Everybody is a lot more cheerful. Everybody feels a lot better. But that fear that we accumulate, that trip that we get into, that "unfocusness" that we develop, has to be eliminated from our lives. We can-not afford to keep falling into a rut.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979 Where does Guru Maharaj Ji fit in? Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't fit in anywhere. Guru Maharaj Ji is Knowledge. It is Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. … Who are you going to do service to, for? Guru Maharaj Ji. What are you going to meditate on? The Holy Name, which is Guru Maharaj Ji.

How many premies are here right now who will for the next coming week - that is from Monday to Sunday - try a little harder to do meditation, try a little harder to do service, try little harder to have satsang? Probably quite a few. Blissed out, incredible, beautiful. How many of you will still continue at the same rate the week after next? Substantially down. And how many from then on, till we "normalize" again. "Three nights of satsang, and that's plenty good for me," and that's it, you know. Service: getting back to the example of the rag in your pocket, "Yeah, I am doing service, can't you see?"

We all think that we are all doing fine, that everything is beautiful, everything is okay. A lot of premies say that. "Wow, everything is beautiful." And you know, in fact everything is beautiful. From your standard. Yes, it's true. Where Guru Maharaj Ji has brought you right now, everything is beautiful. It was not beautiful; it was not incredible. It was this world, it was this dark-ness, it was this illusion, it was the craziness. And now Guru Maharaj Ji has shown you that Knowledge. And you practice that Knowledge, and you feel that love, and you come to the programs, and you see Guru Maharaj Ji, and you hear satsang, and it's just like your heart opens up so much. And you say, "Yeah man, that's really beautiful. That's really incredible."

But by Guru Maharaj Ji's standards - and he is the leader, not you - have we even sat down and ever asked our-selves, "Well, what does Guru Maharaj Ji think of my effort to just go to the community center and listen to sat-sang? And then I come back home and do some meditation and go to sleep." Somewhere "half-in-between." What does Guru Maharaj J( think of all that? "Does Guru Maharaj Ji think that I am at a place where I should be at?"

And I know that a lot of premies even get into that. "Oh, I have reached the place where I want to be, where Guru Maharaj Ji wants me to be." A lot of premies get into that. "Now I know. I have realized Knowledge." And if that isn't mind, if that isn't the manifestation of mind - a direct and a pure manifestation of mind - I don't know what it is.

Listen. The story goes that you have to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, not Guru Maharaj Ji surrendering to you. You have to surrender to satsang, service and meditation; not satsang, service and meditation surrendering to you. And therefore, how can you ever possibly make the claim that it's all perfect, that you have realized Know-ledge, that you have realized perfection, that you have realized whatever you feel like realizing?

There is only one person in this world who can tell you that. And that's Guru Maharaj Ji. Not you. Not your mind. And of course, why do you even want to tell yourself that? So you can skip a meditation or so. "Look man, I have realized it." You don't show up for satsang for two weeks, a premie comes up to you and asks you, "Why haven't you been in satsang? Where have you been for two weeks?"

"Come on, man, take it easy, I've realized it. Don't you know?" Mind sticking out of the left ear and the right ear and out of the nostrils and out of the eyes and mouth. "I have realized it, don't you see?"

That happens. And all I can say is. "Oh yeah, I see." But I don't think you want to know what I see. I see that you have completely missed the golf ball and hit your ankle. And maybe you hit it so hard that you don't even feel the pain. But listen, you will. Wait a couple of minutes, and you will. Believe me, you will.

We want to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. We want to surrender to that Knowledge. Period. We want this life to become that and not have a divider line run right through the center - "This is right, this is wrong. This is good, this is bad" - but completely have that dedication to Guru Maharaj Ji.

Look, what I am saying to you right now is not out of any scripture, that's for sure. Maybe the scriptures talk about similar things, but this one isn't out of any scripture. I didn't read it. And


what I am saying right now isn't from a transcript, because the transcript hasn't even been made yet, because I haven't yet finished giving satsang. First I have to finish giving satsang. then somebody will take the tape, type it up and we'll have a transcript.

What I am saying to you right now is from my own experience. Because I tell you, it is a lot easier to believe that you have got it than to believe you haven't. You know, I mean that's it. It's a lot easier to surrender to mind than to Guru Maharaj Ji. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't know. Guru Maharaj Ji. I don't want to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. I love this Knowledge, but I don't want to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji." That's a lot easier to do. It's lot simpler to do.

But the destination that that road will take you to is not the place where you want to go. When you come into a big city, like Dallas or Los Angeles or New York, there is only one by-pass, and maybe four roads going into the down-town area. There's only one road that will take you clear across town, that won't put you into the "goopness" of that town.

What is this Knowledge without Guru Maharaj Ji? To a lot of people it's very, very hard to understand what the role is, what the function of Guru Maharaj Ji is, after somebody has been revealed Knowledge. Where does Guru Maharaj Ji fit in?

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't fit in anywhere. Guru Maharaj Ji is Knowledge. It is Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. You can put it a zillion ways. But Guru Maharaj Ji is Knowledge. Who are you going to do service to, for? Guru Maharaj Ji. What are you going to meditate on? The Holy Name, which is Guru Maharaj Ji.

I mean, that's what my experience is of Knowledge. And to me it's very, very clear that I can live without Know-ledge. But I cannot live without Guru Maharaj Ji. That is the difference. Because Guru Maharaj Ji comes and reveals his one aspect to all of us, which is his Knowledge. He imparts that Knowledge to us, he shows us, he reveals that Knowledge to us through which we can find satisfaction and peace.

And God, what people do with that Knowledge! Some people say, "And it reduces your blood pressure." Or some people say, "Yeah, it calms you down." It's like those people who've got their head stuck out of a porthole. Just sick and throwing up. They're going under the water and Guru Maharaj Ji's saying, "Get your head out of there. What are you doing?" What are you doing?

And premies, that mind constantly wants to antagonize you, and take you away and say, "Look, you have Know-ledge; you have everything. Now what do you need Guru Maharaj Ji for?"

In Divine Times, one premie said, "Guru Maharaj Ji is the best part of Knowledge." To me, it's even a little bit more that I have realized. I had to zero in on my Guru Maharaj Ji. I had to zero in on my Guru Maharaj Ji, before he even revealed the Knowledge to me. And the relationship was a little bit more than a shopkeeper. You go up to the shopkeeper to buy whatever you want, then once you have purchased whatever you want, you split. It doesn't work like that.

Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that Grace constantly to be able to even practice that Holy Knowledge. Only Guru Maharaj Ji. Not Knowledge. What is Knowledge? And what is Guru Maharaj Ji?

And I'll give you this one example. I've given this before. And maybe this is putting it a little bit differently. There was one mahatma and he had Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. And this mahatma meditated and meditated and meditated, and I guess finally took control of whatever he took control of. And so he was able to lift water and bring it to his lips to drink it just by looking at it, and perform this and perform that. He used to live in Prem Nagar. (For whoever has been to Prem Nagar, at that time the big building wasn't there. There was only the little building, with the arches and the little kitchen-type set-up.) And Guru Maharaj Ji came and everybody got up and did pranam. Except for this one.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker And it was like, "Come on man, what are you guys doing? Look at me, I have realized it!" Just like that, mind comes, "Yeah, you've got it man. You've got it." I mean, yes, he had been revealed the Knowledge. He had brought his realization to such an incredible level to be able to control the elements of nature. He could have, at that point, just split. And actually he did. His mind segregated him from being a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Now remember. He still had Knowledge. He was still at the ashram. And yet when Guru Maharaj Ji came, he didn't do pranam. He didn't get up and do pranam. So Guru Maharaj Ji took one look at him and said, "What are you doing? What's up?" Guru Maharaj Ji I guess had heard the story and Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Listen, that's my Knowledge through which you think you have attained so much. And when you can't surrender to me, ciao. 'That's it, kiddo. Finished."

And Guru Maharaj Ji walked away.

And this guy sat there and tried to make that water come up to him and nothing happened! He tried to perform all his miracles and nothing manifested. And that's the difference, right there.

And what a beautiful thing! To some people maybe it's like, "God, this is really murder, what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying. Not only that we have to practice Knowledge, but also completely surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji." Maybe this is what the mind is trying to say to you right now. No. But the thing is, you see, when you try to take two skis, and go two different directions with the two skis, that's when you fall in the water. Two skis, four skis, six skis, ten skis, twenty skis - all have to go in the same direction. When they go in the same direction, then there can be harmony. Then it can really manifest.

And in the same way, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we accept Guru Maharaj Ji, when we try Guru Maharaj Ji, automatically Know-ledge starts pulling through for us. But when it's only Knowledge and no Guru Maharaj Ji, it just doesn't click.

And to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, to believe Guru Maharaj Ji, and to have that devotion towards Guru Maharaj Ji, is to me the most ultimate experience of this Knowledge. Devotion. Never, ever has a Perfect Master gone up to his devotee and said, "Listen devotee, because you have meditated enough, I grant you a wish." No. "You have been a devotee. You had devotion. You have surrendered. You have done service. I grant you a wish."

And what wish did Hanuman ask when Ram said, "Okay Hanuman, I give you a wish. You may have anything you want"? Did he say, "May I, every time I come in this world, have Knowledge?" No. He said, "Look, I don't want liberation." He said, "I want devotion."

And then when those three things click, the devotion is the tie between the devotee and the Lord. No Lord: devotee and devotion won't click. Lord and devotion but no devotee, and it won't click. But Lord, devotion, devotee … or to put it more in sequence: Lord and devotee and devotion - it'll all click. It'll all manifest. It will all happen. Because what Guru Maharaj Ji shows us, that Knowledge, that love, that incredible experience, what Guru Maharaj Ji makes real to us in this life, is too much maybe to comprehend.

What is more real in this world than that Knowledge, than that love, than that perfectness that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals to us? Is this chair more real?

No. Is this mike more real? No! Nothing in this world is real. Nothing! This body: tissues, skin, bone, blood. Is that real? What is reality? Do you think some-thing that is real will ever change? If it will change then how can it be real, how can it be constant, how can it be


true? And what in this world Is true?

We take this world as stick, a guide, the way to go, the way to travel, the way to be in this world, the way to be alive, a pattern, a fact. And when that stick breaks, which it does, then what is left? Absolutely nothing. What is the experience that this world gives us? What is the experience of this world? Not one single thing that's good.

Today, people really think about Rolls Royces. It's like, "Oh man. Rolls Royce! God, a Rolls Royce!" And really, what is a Rolls Royce? (I'm talking about ideologies of this world, of this life.) Once I was driving in a Rolls and I stopped it. It wasn't timed properly, and it just kept igniting and igniting. This "pre-ignition" kept happening. And for about three minutes it Just sat there and just kept making funny noises.

Really it's not just a matter of any-thing. It's the matter of the scope. It's the matter of what this world is all built from. What we think is really true, what we think is fantastic, what we think is nice …

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. There's only one thing that is true in this world, there's only one thing that is real in this world." This one saint says that wherever you can see, it's all maya, it's all illusion. That's it. It's all illusion. And what is really real in this world is that Holy Name, is Guru Maharaj Ji.

There is one song that goes "Without Guru Maharaj Ji, nobody is going to find the path." And it just becomes so obvious in our lives that, yes, we are made to be dependent on somebody, on that perfectness. We have to rely on that perfectness. We have to be a beggar. And we have to be the "most humblest" beggar. Not just beggar, but the "most humblest" beggar. Because everybody is beggar.

There is this one poem by Tulsidas. It goes, "In this world, you should do two things. Accept Holy Name and give peace." And that's what you have to do. You have to be beggar. And to understand that, and to beg from your heart. Because what else can you do? You can't go up to Guru Maharaj Ji and say, "By the power vested in me, 0 Guru Maharaj Ji, I order you to reveal me Knowledge, give me Grace and satisfaction in my life." I mean, that would be a little bit too outrageous. And Guru Maharaj Ji will go, "Get out of here. Take your power and go swimming with it. Go fly a kite."

But to beg for that Knowledge in the "most humblest" way. That's what Krishna says. You have to get rid of all your "cheats," your tiny nooks and crannies of this mind. Give it all up. With a humble heart approach the Perfect Master of the time and beg for this experience.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979

When it finally came down to it, Krishna said, "Listen Arjun, the reason why I am revealing this Knowledge to you today is because you are pure in heart. And that is the reason why I now reveal this Holy Knowledge to you. You have become pure in heart." And we have to also become pure in heart. And to give ourselves an approximate idea, we can ask ourselves a question of how pure really we are at this point, in our hearts.

How many of us really take the easy way out? I mean a lot. Just about every one of us wants to take an easy way out. And Guru Maharaj Ji is giving us the easy way. We just have to follow that easy way. Not our mind, not our concept, not what we think we should follow. Because this whole world will - I mean, it is hard for this world to imagine what this Knowledge is.

Yes, there is me, there is Knowledge, and there is a reality. And I want to be one with the reality. You can't say, "I want to be one with the reality so long as this world comes standard with it. I want the kind of reality that works for me for two hours in the morning and two hours at nighttime." I mean, you cannot specify your reality. You cannot say, "Look, I want the kind of reality that'll be super simple for me." Know-ledge is the simplest thing. There is nothing simpler than Knowledge. To have faith /s the simplest thing. To have devotion is the simplest thing.

We have to understand that. We are constantly trying to brake. It's just like that experience in Rome, when I was riding on this carnival ride. It was going around and around. I was just trying to hold on. And I just realized, "Man, this is exactly the way this world is. If I really want to enjoy this ride I should let go, not clinch on. Not grab on even more. But just let go." Because that's when I will be able to enjoy it. If I totally let myself be consumed by this mind, by this world, then in fact what kind of a real experience can I ever have?

And yet, in twenty-four hours, what do we do to prevent ourselves from being consumed by this world? What?

And so that is why that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, that love for Guru Maharaj Ji, has to be real. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's love for you is real. Give me any reason for anybody in this hall why Guru Maharaj Ji should love them. As far as Premlata is concerned, as far as Daya is concerned, as far as Hansi is concerned, they call me "Daddy" and that's what I am. I'm not their Guru Maharaj Ji yet. They're my children and maybe they are here and they love me and so on and so forth. But that's a worldly relation. That is about as good of a relationship that if I upset them, then it's like, "Okay Daddy, ciao. Good-bye."

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979 This world isn't a reality and yet we think it is a reality and we think Knowledge is something just stuck way out there. We just sort of eat into this Knowledge every day. We think Know-ledge is the dessert. Knowledge is everything; Guru Maharaj Ji is every-thing. We simply try to brake and brake and Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Let it roll. Let it manifest. Let it happen."

And only when we really listen to Guru Maharaj Ji, only when we really understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is saying and implement that in our lives, are we going to get anywhere. Other-wise, "Okay, everything is hunky-dory. Everything is great. Everything is fantastic. Everything is beautiful."

And it's like that example I was giving. Here are people listening to satsang. Some are tired; some are not. Some are walking; some are sitting. Some are thinking about walking. And yet right now if somebody said, "Listen, in two minutes this whole roof is going to cave in," what would we do? This life is here, yes, and this life is to live, yes. But there's also a purpose to this life. Why should we live in this world? There is a purpose to live in this world. The world out there doesn't know about it. They think that the purpose of this world is what they're doing. They're "happy!"

You talk to some people and you tell them, "Listen, there is happiness, and that is greater than the happiness you know." And they say, "Look, I am happy."

And you say, "Well, that's the way I used to think, too, till I found this happiness which is greater than the happiness that you think is happiness." As I was saying yesterday, everybody gets together, has a big dinner so that they can be all happy or has a party to be happy and it all concludes in a stomach ache. Then you have an Alka Seltzer to make you "happy" again.

And is that it? Is this what this is all about? Truly and sincerely? If this world is the way this world is, and that's what we want to get involved in, if that's what we want to get completely merged in, do you think there is any necessity for a Perfect Master ever to come into this world?

Why does a Perfect Master come into this world? If everything is A-okay with this world then why do you think a Perfect Master comes in this world? Look, that is automatically an indication that everything is not okay in this world. As a matter of fact, everything is to the last limb of it. Everything, in fact, is a matter of shattering any day.

Look at the situation with that nuclear plant on Three-Mile Island. I mean, it's just incredible. There is this whole nuclear plant, and in the cooling system a bubble forms and it doesn't cool, it gets hot - steam, radiation and all this staff. And there are these people who say, "Look, we have to evacuate for twenty-two miles around this thing." And "Oh, it's not going to work," and this and that. All these ideas. And then, all of a sudden, they try somehow to get rid of the bubble, it starts cooling down, everything becomes normal and people walk right into the town. I guess somebody even was walking around with T-shirt saying, "I glow in the dark". Great. Incredible.

Somebody dies; it's normal. Some-body gets killed: "Oh, it's normal." "Oh look at that, somebody just got killed." Somebody gets blown up. Human life is human life. And if you think it is illegal to kill a human being in the United States of America, it is illegal to kill a


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Holi 1979

human being anywhere in the world, no matter what the reason is. And a whole rationale is made, "Oh yeah, it's okay. You can kill anybody for your country." What country?

I mean, this world makes it sound like God had a UNO meeting, dropped in on the UN meeting and read certificate: "I God, the Creator of this universe, of every galaxy in this world, hereby give you Earthlings the power to ruin yourselves, to destroy yourselves without any feeling of guilt or agony. You may annihilate each other." No. I don't think that ever happened. Ever. And yet, people think, "Oh, it's okay, man. Don't you see? This is what we are doing to defend you."

Who are you? Who is "me"? Who is the next person, who just got killed? You look at the craziness of this world. Yes. Everybody has to really have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. The more you look at this world, the more you see how deep this ocean really is. The more you see how dangerous and wavy and incredibly crazy this world is, the more it's, "Guru Maharaj Ji, help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Take me away. Take me away from this craziness. Take me away from this thing. And give me that shelter. Make my life beautiful. Make me a tool. Make me an instrument. Make it real."

Because really, if that's all reality is - killing each other - if that's all reality is - doing all these strange things in the world that man does every day - if that's all that reality is all about, then we have all had it. Then it is unquestionable that this whole human race is bound to doom.

And there has only been one person who ever could have saved it and that's the same person that's going to save it now. And that's Guru Maharaj Ji. But only by our effort. When we let go, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we listen to Guru Maharaj Ji; then he makes that manifest. Then that devotion really happens. Then that Love really takes over. The real Love. Not the love that we have for each other.

"Oh yeah, you're really nice looking. That's why I love you." Or, "You are my wife, that's why I love you." Or, "You are my friend, that's why I love you." And, "You are not my friend and I hate you." Love. Love, the true Love for everybody. The real Love for everybody. The Love that does not ask that you hug each other. The Love that does not ask that you smile. The Love that grows within you, emanates from you, because it is real and it is true. That smile that is never smiled, with all that is.

And it can be completed and be really real for every one of us. Only if we just surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. That's all you have to do. Just take that one little step. And that one little step means everything. That one little step will carry you all that distance. One little step will bring you to where you want to really be, not speculation.

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say, "Look. I want you to …" I mean, look at all the religions in this world. That's what they say. "Do this, do this, do this, do this and do this. And when you die …" I mean that's perfect. It's incredibly perfect. What a plan. When you die, you're guaranteed heaven. If you die and you go to hell, are you going to come back to complain? Do you really think that you're going to go to hell, and all of a sudden when the train arrives and you're looking out the windows, going, "Hey, am I in heaven?" this guy goes, "Sure. Get out of here. This is your destination." And you are on the platform. I mean, that's it. That's hell.

And what are you going to do, say, "Sir, just a second. I want to go back to Earth. Could you give me leave from hell for about four days? I want to go punch that guy on the face who told me that after I die I will have peace of life"? Isn't that a good one. This guy is going to say, "No way, kiddo. You get going in there." And that's it.

And Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say that. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say, "Oh yeah, just have faith in me, keep doing whatever. Do this and do that and I tell you what. I'll see you up there." No. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't say that. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I'll see you now! Now!" And that's it. You do satsang, service, and meditation and your experience will manifest now. Not after you die. After you die, what is left? After you die, then what is the point of even having this body?

And that is the difference in that Truth. Because that Truth is true. If Truth is true, then you can experience it anywhere, you don't have to die to experience it. If there is manifestation of the perfect creation, if there is something like that Love, that tranquility, if there is something like heaven, then why do you have to die to experience it? And definitely, by all logical means, if you have to die to experience heaven, then the Creator made a bad, goofy mistake.

This is heaven. Being here in this world is the greatest Grace. Being here as a premie is the greatest Grace for which even the gods are hunting. Being in this world with Guru Maharaj Ji being in this world. Knowledge being in this world, I don't think there is anything left in heaven. It's empty. What is there? Empty chairs, empty hall, and some spider webs. And that's it.

I mean, if that's the concept of reality … And that's what people say: Have this and have this and have this.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Have faith in me now, and I will give you peace now. Meditate on this Knowledge now, and you will experience that Knowledge now."

Really. Don't you feel that death - dying, leaving this body - is a pretty big price to pay for heaven? After all, what is in heaven? Perfect peace? That's exactly what Guru Maharaj Ji promises you on this Earth. Full of Light? That's exactly what Guru Maharaj Ji promises you in this world: no pain, no suffering. That's what Guru Maharaj Ji promises you in this world.

And in every religion, the theory of heaven is different. In some religions, it's the white pillars with the big guy with the beard. White marble. In others, it's the little angels everywhere with little wings and a halo. And this and that.

That heaven is here. That heaven is within us. And Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Look. Stay in heaven." Because that hell is also within us. That hell is also present. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Don't go into hell. Stay in heaven. Stay with me. Stay in that peace. Stay in that perfect motion."

And so premies, it's just going to be our effort. It just has to be our "try" and our surrender and our Love that is really going to make it real, that's really going to make it happen. And as far as I'm concerned, I have no doubt in my mind that you can do it. Yes, you can. Every one of you sitting in this hall can. Surrender. Have that love; have that devotion. Yes! Every one of you.

Even the aspirants who are sitting here can have that devotion, can have that experience, can have that Knowledge. But Guru Maharaj Ji has already made that effort for you, so many, so many, so many more steps. But now you have to also make your part of the effort. You have to also keep your part of the bargain.

So premies, what else can you do except pray, really. But if that's what it takes, pray. If effort is what it takes, make the effort. Whatever it takes, do it and do it now. Tell me. Who is here who doesn't want to be in heaven right now? Everyone wants to be there, in the heaven that's here, not up there. When you go like this (points upwards) in Australia you're pointing in completely the opposite direction from the people who are sitting up north pointing up, "God's there." And then, it's completely different for people who are on the Equator.

Wherever that Creator is, at least he's in our hearts, here, now.

So make that effort. And you can do it. Thank you very much.