Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 Guru Puja
Guru Maharaj Ji
London 6/22/1979

So dear premies, we all had a wonderful experience with the darshan. Every time there is a three day festival, there is always darshan. Has been till now. And then we all come from our different places, and in different levels, physically and spiritually. I have seen some premies today that I hadn't seen for a very, very long' time. And they come because they hear Guru Maharaj Ji is going to be there. They've got their ideas. Maybe they recently started to go back to satsang or something like that. And something in their heart wants to really know. Something in their, heart really yearns to understand more, to know more, to realize more, to find out more, to feel more. And then we come from our physical little places. Maybe somebody is really poor. Really, really poor. I know that in India, at our Hans Jayanti festival, there were premies from Bihar who used to walk a thousand or so miles. They didn't have enough money to get on a train or a bus or car or even hitchhike. I mean they were so poor that probably nobody would even pick them up. They had their equipment. They had to carry their little plates, little pots and cook food as they went along wherever they could find anything to eat and so on and so forth.

And yet we all come here. And I know there are some premies probably, who are very well off. And they come, too. And we all come to this festival. Regardless of anything, regardless of any "disconveniences." However we can make it somehow if we try to make it.

I know that in Malaga I was pulling away after the program had been finished. It was all done and over with and premies were just pulling in with their cars. They had been probably driving and driving and just stopped or the car broke. Anyway they just wanted to make it. And some premies have doubts. What is this festival going to be like? Some of the premies don't care what this festival is like. It's more like, "Look. You are a premie. You have received Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. You have joined the club. And this is one of the things that you do as a club member. Every year. So you have to go. It doesn't matter." And the premies come from every different aspect, every different idea and every different theory that they have. Some come to just see Guru Maharaj Ji. Nothing else. They don't want to see anybody else. They don't want to see the initiators. They don't want to see how pretty the place looks. They have nothing to do with America or England or France or Switzerland or any place. All they want is to come and hear some satsang, come for this one experience of darshan. And today in darshan here was this premie and she did pranam and all of a sudden she just stood there and she said "Do you love me? Do you love me?" She was holding - the line had been moving quite consistently - and a pile up started to happen. But she kept saying, "Do you love me? Do love me? Do you love me?" And I didn't say anything.

And then I started thinking about it. Then what does she think am doing here? Why does she think I am sitting on this chair for five hours? Doesn't she know that it's not the easiest thing to do?

A pipe from this chair got misplaced. (Anybody who misplaced it, please return it. If you can.) But the thing is, this chair is very uncomfortable if it doesn't all work properly. It s a very specific design and it's made to contour to the body and every one of these chambers you see is an air bag. And there's a whole bunch of switches here that can inflate or deflate the air bags And can actually make the chair the way you'd like to sit.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 And here I was sitting and this chair wasn't working. It's very uncomfortable when it doesn't work because it's stuck in one position. And then I started thinking, "Man. We come to all these festivals. We live in this world that nobody even wants to know. In this world where everybody has got these sarcastic eyes. In this world that people don't even want or even care to know. In this place where all people want to do is criticize, criticize, criticize.

It's so much like a story about a bull and Lord Shiva, who was walking with his wife. Well, I heard another version of it.

And in the other version, there was a donkey and there was farmer and then there was this kid. And they were taking the donkey to town to be sold. So they were walking and the donkey was just tagging along and some people saw and said, 'Where are you going today?"

"Well, we're going to the market so we can sell this donkey."

"Well, if you're going to sell this donkey, you guys are pretty stupid. Why not just ride it there? Give it the works."

So they both hopped on it, the farmer and his boy. They went a little way along and there was a bunch of other people standing there. "Look at this cruelty to this poor animal. If one rides it, I can understand, but both of them putting this poor cute little animal through its paces."

The farmer said, "Listen. I'll get off and let the boy get on. They go a few more steps and there are a few more people standing there and they're saying, "Boy, when we were young we didn't mind walking. Why is this old person having to walk and this young guy who has all this energy, who can walk for miles and miles, sitting on the donkey? Aren't they stupid." They just started laughing at them.

The farmer said, "I'll get on and you walk." And the boy started walking and all of a sudden they saw some more people who said, "Where are you going?"

"We are taking the donkey to be sold."

"Then how come you are riding it? By the time you get there, this donkey will look tired. Beat. Why don't you carry the donkey so that by the time you get to the marketplace this donkey will look fresh?"

And so they were carrying the donkey. They finally decided that's what they were going to do, take a pole, tie the donkey up to it and start carrying the donkey. They came to a bridge and everybody saw them at the bridge and just started laughing and laughing. And all the kids ran towards them and the donkey freaked out, let loose and jumped into the river. And from the river somehow it swam to the shore and took off. That was it. And the farmer was very frustrated and the son was very frustrated.

Isn't this how sometimes it is with this world though? Because the world doesn't want to understand. You see in this world a lot of people think that they are the neutral ones. We are the odd ones. They are neutral; they are normal, because they're not involved with anything. But we are abnormal because we are involved with something. And that's the same way with us - we think we are not involved with anything. Because what we are involved with is what we are supposed to be involved with. If we weren't involved with what we are involved with, we will all die. We're involved with what sustains us, what creates us, what's keeping everything alive. That's what we are involved with. That's what we want to know. That's what we want to understand.

And yet this world doesn't know that they're involved with something, too. Everybody is involved with something. You see, there is nothing in this world that you can actually call world. It's like there is not a single person in the government that you can go up to, point your finger at and say, "This is the government." With a car, you can't go and place your finger on a certain object on the car and say that that's the car. Because if you place your finger on the hood, that's the hood. And it'll still be a car as far as you are concerned, if you take the hood off.

The general purpose of the car, to go around in it, would still be there if you took the hood off. It wouldn't be there if you took the tires off. But there are four tires, and out of the four tires, which tire do you go to and say, "That's the car"? Because that's the tire. That's not the car.

In our attitude, there is this world. In our painting, in our pictures, in our concepts there is this thing called the world and we all better watch out for it. Because the world has its ways and we have to live in this world. And we have to follow the ways and the


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979paths of this world. This is the kind of education, the spiritual education, usually a very normal father gives his very normal son - or, slash - a very abnormal father gives his very abnormal - who knows?

And what are the ways of this world? Which one do you follow? Which one is right? Which one is wrong? It's so confusing. You can hardly understand this world. What is this world? What do we live in?

Right now our world is saying, "You might almost end in fuel." A person who goes and buys a house, that's his world. That's it. When I was in India, I'd never seen America and I'd never seen England. I'd never seen Canada or any other place. All I had seen was India. That was my world. India was my world. India was round. And there were zillions and zillions and zillions and zillions of people living in India. They probably do - second largest population in the world. And India was the place that everything was in. And then in all of that, Dehra Dun,India, was my world, was my home. And to go to Delhi was such a long way off that it was like a foreign land, a foreign country. Because everything was so different there.

The first day when I arrived in England, I was completely disoriented. I didn't know where I was, what was going on. Satsang happened. The times were all wrong. And I mean it was just like all this disorientation going on.

The world that we live in is such questionable thing. This world that we live in, what is it? Is it us? That's the world? Is it the plants in this world that are the world? Is it the petroleum that's the world? Is it the earth here that's the world? Is it the hemisphere that is the world? What is the world? Our concepts. As we conceive it. That's the world. What we think is our world. What we plan, what we imagine to be, is our world.

A person who lived in his house - that's everything to him. That's it. "What more can there be?" And he goes out to his work and comes back. Goes out to his work and comes back. That's that. There can be zillions of miles on this Earth but he's not concerned with one of them, except the mileage between his house to his office to his vacation land, wherever that is - his favorite spot where he goes every Sunday. Then back to home.

There are highways in America. But what good do they do to us here? Nothing. You don't even have to think about them. And you don't think about them. There is nothing to it. It's there and it has nothing to do with us. And this world is the same way. If we go to America, you might be living in England for all your life - eighty years old - go to America and one single highway in England is not going to do us any good there, in America. It's so divided.

It's in our imagination. It's in our concepts, in what we live in, in what we feel, in what we want to know, in what we want to realize, in the circumstances that we want to develop in front of us. And that's it. That's all we are concerned with.

And yet, in that hundred-mile circuit, two-hundred-mile circuit, three-hundred-mile circuit - I don't think anybody drives three hundred miles a day - but even that fifty-mile circuit, we will drive hundreds of miles on, back and forth and back and forth, is everything to us.

And there is a difference. We come in this world. We are born. We play. We get educated. We grow up, find a job, get a house, call it our own. A place to call our own. Get a job. That's your everything. That's where you get your resources to get the things that you want to call your own. Get your car, your assets.

And Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world and he says, "Listen. All these things that you see and all these things that you call your own, are they really your own? The piece of land where you might have your house, might have been one day occupied by dinosaurs. And after the dinosaurs, by some cave man.After the cave man, maybe, one of us. And today, you are living on that land.

What is the difference? And tomorrow when you die somebody else will come and live on that. And that's all it is. What you call your own, is it really your own?

Because you don't even know who you are. How can you know what belongs to you? You know those movies where the guy's supposed to lose his memory because he hits something really hard and loses his memory? They bring his car in front of him and he can't recognize his car. And here they bring his dog in front of him. He can't recognize his dog. And they bring his wife in front of him, he can't recognize his wife. I mean, all of a sudden something happens. The


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker With Children Onstage Guru Puja Festival 1979

guy is still alive and yet, they all disappear. They all go poof! He has no association with them anymore.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. This world is fine. By one of you getting up and saying, "I don't like this world," this world is not going to go away. This world is still going to be there.

And there is nothing wrong with this world. This world is beautiful. At least this Earth is beautiful. A sunset, sunrises, ocean, clouds, trees, plants, birds. I mean, look at all the beautiful things that this Earth offers. Sometimes we say it's offered to us. So maybe it's not offered to us. It's just there. And we live in it and everyday this goes on and on and on.

And then there is Mars and then there are all these places. They found these oases on Mars hundreds of miles wide where possibly there could be some life.

I mean, that's going to be a real mind-blower to people. Because everybody has their little suitcases filled, packed, locked. And the key is thrown away. And here is your suitcase, with everything. All neatly packed up.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. There is nothing important in this whole world. There are plants in this world, but it's not important. And there is the sun in this world but that's not important. And there is water in this world but that's not important. And there is air in this world but that's not important. All the things that you see, they are not as important as you are.

Because every one of these elements has made you. You cannot live without these elements. These elements are part of you. I mean, it's what man is made of. You come from them. One day you will dissipate right back into them. Air to air. Earth to earth. Water to water. Fire to fire. That's it.

But why have all those elements in this world, that you pick one by one by one and make them so important - why are those elements so important after all? What is the importance of those elements? Why have those elements come together to make you? If you think the air is important, then the air is within you. If you think water is important, water is within you. If you think fire is important, fire is within you. If you think earth is important, earth is within you.

All the elements that you go after are already within you. You are a part of them. And yet why have these incredible elements come together to make you? Why? What is the reason?

One saint says - I don't know if this is really true or not - but one saint said that a deer has this incredible smell in its navel and when this smell comes out, he wants this smell. And he goes wild. He looks everywhere for this smell. He wants it; he wants it.

And yet, that smell is right within him. That smell is right there. That's a part of him. There is nothing made on this Earth that we can possibly pursue that isn't made out of one of the elements that we are made out of. Just doesn't exist. We are made out of everything that you see. And yet we pursue those things.

And yet it's such a simple thing that Guru Maharaj Ji says. "You are made out of these elements. You will be made again out of these elements. These elements are there and will be always there. But the reason why these elements came together to create you might


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker With Children Onstage Guru Puja Festival 1979

not always come there." A deer, a pig, a cow - these are all made out of the same materials as you are. No different.

But know why you are here. Why do you have this body? Why did somebody really sit down and create you? Did He really sit down and create? Maybe He didn't sit down and create. Maybe He stood up and created you. Maybe He knelt down and created you. Maybe all it was was machine like those you sometimes see at marinas. They have dolphins there and orcas there and all these different things. And they have these little machines. And you put a coin in these machines. And there are two molds and these molds start moving up and they come together and then a liquid plastic is injected into it. Then they are cooled real fast. After a little while they let go and the molded dolphin just drops and you pick it up. Maybe that's how we were made. Maybe it was a very simple thing.

There are all these ways that we can be made. But that's not the question. Why are we made? The question isn't how we are made. Why are we made? Because we are already made. Do you think if they discovered tomorrow how rabbits are born - just pretend they haven't discovered how rabbits are born. And if tomorrow they discovered how rabbits are born, do you think the entire race of rabbits would be annihilated, would die, would be finished? No. They would still go on just like they have been for the past thousands of years and it wouldn't make a single difference to them whether we knew how they were born or whether we didn't know how they were born.

Look at this animal kingdom. Look at this animal life. Every animal comes for a very specific purpose in this world. They do. Their purpose is absolutely clear. The mother seals will come to the beach and they will give birth to their young. And they will feed them. And then after they grow to certain point, they mate again and they leave their children there. And then the children play around and become big. And then they go back into the ocean. They learn everyday. And then they end up on the beach to give birth to their young, mate, leave again, and come back. And all the other time they just go about from place to place, feeding and keeping things done.

Look at wolves. A pack of wolves will travel and herd other herds and eat. Not anything that they can strike, but the ones that are sick. Or if there is an over population going on, the ones that are old. Incredible.

What is it with us? After all, why are we called the crown of creation? Maybe you don't believe in that. Maybe you don't believe that we are called the crown of creation. And, okay, fine, so we are not the crown of creation. That still doesn't budge the question, why are we here? And what are we doing here?

It just doesn't all seem worth it to come into this world, to do whatever we have to do. I mean all the things that man gets into everyday - that's simply outrageous. Everything that we get into; everything that we do.

There was a trend around 1957, around the time I was born, to get these hot, fast-going cars. Noisy and fast. That was around the time when I was born. And a very famous thing is a '57 Chevy. And it was fast.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979

Go, go, go. And people would do what-not to their Chevrolets to get them to go fast. Fuel was not a problem. And those guys who used to do it all were about 18, 19, 20, 21 years old.

And look at it today. Go to a gas station and it says 99 pence. And then it says, add 13 p to that. Add 13 pence to that sum. I mean, what's going on? Here this oil minister gets up …

I mean, all our dreams, all these things. There are people in this world who grow up and all they want in their lives is a Cadillac. A Cadillac Eldorado. With zebra skin inside, maroon outside, or purple, with two steer horns on the hood, musical horn on the side and the grill just full of light. Nothing else but light. And stereo system and pipe organ speakers on the back, super low to the ground, little wheels and a steering wheel made out of chain. They "hot rod" everywhere they can.

What has happened? All of a sudden, it's more economical to operate a golf cart. You can do that to a golf cart. You can paint it purple. You can put a zebra skin interior in it. It has a couple of exposed seats. You can put a couple of steer horns on it. You can put musical horns on it and you can pretend you are going really fast.

Today every expectation that we build, every one of these towers that we build - isn't it very much like those little sand castles that children build? And it takes them hours and hours and hours. One wave comes and that's it. Finished. They watch it. They will make the sand castle and wait for the wave to come and demolish it. And then they come the second day and make it again.

Isn't this what is happening with us? And yet the grown-up adult can go to the beach and say, "Look at this, these stupid kids. Everyday they come here and make a sand castle. And everyday it gets flushed out by the wave. What is the purpose? What is the point? Don't they have anything better to do?

Well, it goes for all of us in this world. It goes for the Chinese, for the Russians, for the Indians, for the Americans, for the English, for every person in the


European countries - any person at every degree of latitude living on this planet Earth, and not living on this planet Earth. What are we doing? Don't we have something better to do than to do what we do everyday, what we get into everyday? There is this airplane flying (plane overhead). Very soon this captain is going to start sweating. He is coming in for a landing. And he is. He is going to start sweating. His hands are going to get wet. Very soon they will be going through their checklist, dropping down the gear, turning on the lights, getting their clearances down. You know something? This guy goes through it every time he flies. Every single time he takes off, he sweats and every single time he lands, he sweats. And then every single time that something goes wrong, he sweats, too. That's his life. I used to be into flying airplanes. And I still would like to fly an airplane - maybe someday I'll get my proper ratings at it or something like that. Someday. But I sure don't get a pleasure out of shaking knees and sweaty hands just before you're ready to rotate. But this is what we all go through. Every single day of our life. Look at those rush hours. Do you think there's new cars trapped in those rush hours? It's the same, old cars. Probably the same exact cars, in the same exact location every day, driven by the same person. And yet this is what we live on. And absolutely no doubt. Just on. And absolutely no doubt. Just once, look at this world. Pick up any magazine in this world. Turn on any channel in this world wherever they have television. And you can know just by looking at this world just for a fraction of time. Guru Maharaj Ji is here. The Perfect Master is here. There's no doubt about it.

Otherwise this world would have had it a long time ago. But that Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world to save it. Because there is definitely a desperate need in this world to be saved. Every person is crying to be saved. And yet even if they don't know, that's what they want. Everybody wants love. Everybody pursues love in their own different ways. And yet, the real love they want is the love that only Guru Maharaj Ji can give them. The true love that they are looking for is only what Guru Maharaj Ji can really bring to them.

All this happiness and pleasure pursuits and wishful thinking - every day we go through that. Only Guru Maharaj Ji can make it happen. Only Guru Maharaj Ji can make it possible.

I have a very good question. When Hanuman was there and Ram was there - if you don't know what the story is, there was Lord Ram in this world and there is a whole story that happened. Obviously he was born and he was growing up. You have to understand that he was also married and he lost his wife. His wife got kidnapped by the terrorist of that time, Ravan. And Ravan takes her away because he likes her. He has been intimidated.

And Ram is looking for his wife. And what they have to do is they have to build a bridge between India and Lanka, Colombo. To cross it. And so they just throw rocks in the water and the rocks float.

Now when we say that, that's kind of odd. Now how are you going to make rocks float? And if rocks were floating then, they should float now. But something that is very much true is that there is lot of coral reef between India and Colombo. And so it'd be very easy to just put rocks on it and they would "float" because they would be supported by the coral reef that's underneath.

Nevertheless that's sort of a scientific explanation. Forget about that scientific explanation. Let's just stick to one fact.

They were throwing these rocks in the ocean and they were floating. Now tell me something. When Hanuman saw this big, huge heavy rock thrown in the water and saw it float, what did he think? Did he think it was a miracle? Did he think it was a hoax? What did he think? What went through Hanuman's brain at that time? Hanuman was the devotee who was helping Ram build the bridge.

And it's a very good question. What did that poor Hanuman think? And he didn't - I don't think he thought it was a miracle. How could it be a miracle? What is a miracle? When you have recognized the Creator, nothing is a miracle. Everything is very common. You can see incredible things happen every day and you can never call it a miracle.

It's like a man trying to create a mold of a body. And if this man takes his knife and makes a moustache in that statue it's no miracle. Is it? He is making it. He can put ears on. Big ears; small ears. He can put on a moustache or he can erase the moustache. He can do whatever he wants to do. It's not a miracle anymore because there is something that he has got to do to go beyond that point. It's the true realization. It's that unity, that unification with yourself - getting rid of your ego, your barriers, your amazement. The impossibilities and just having that complete faith and complete surrender - then you can never call it a miracle.

Right now it's supposed to rain. According to BBC 1 and BBC 2 and ITV. Now it isn't raining. So what is it? It's not a miracle. It's not. It's just not. You know this one thing that they have? It's called a hanging mouth expression. Your lower jaw drops down and your eyes sort of pop up and a voice out of your stomach goes, "Huuh?" It's called a dumb expression. The guy is so stupid, he doesn't know what's going on.

Now miracle, in the actions of a Perfect Master, of a perfect being, creates the same expression. Lower jaw drops, eyes sort of wide open and a voice coming


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 out going, "Huuh?" Is that what our miracles are?

But if we know, if we have surrendered ourselves, if we have joined ourselves, then what miracle can there be? We have understood everything is a miracle and nothing is a miracle. Everything is a surprise; nothing is surprise. Because everything is then love. Everything then is peace. Everything then is tranquility. Everything is real.

There is not a reality being created out of an artificial means. There isn't an artificial means and a reality being created. No. All that goes away. All the confusion goes away. All the darkness goes away. And that's what we have to understand. Light bulbs. Thomas Alva Edison. Light bulb. Famous man. Huge company. Edison. General Electric. And there is the Edison Power Company. And the Edison Power Company sends you a bill every month or every week for your power and Edison made a light bulb. Why did he make a light bulb? To everybody that was a miracle. And it's so stupid. You can't get any more stupid. First of all, he got the idea from the sun. What he did was incredible. And that accomplishment in this world is incredible and I have to agree. Because if somebody gave me those ingredients I don't think I can put a bulb together. And you have to look at it. First of all he sees the sun giving light to everybody. So he figures how to make that light happen when the sun goes away. Does the sun go away? It's giving its light twenty four hours without an element, without any electricity, without a switch. Incredible, huh? Look at it.

And he made this one thing and today, everybody uses it. It's a common thing and everybody has to use it. If a house has no light bulbs, it's in the boonies. It's a haunted house. It has to have bulbs. It has to have electricity.

And it's so simple, premies. Is that it? That he creates little thing and attracts our attention and this Creator creates a huge gigantic sun and we don't even think about it. I mean, how stupid can you get?

And yet, sometimes that's the stupidity that brings that Lord to this Earth. And He sees how stupid His kids are. He sees how stupid His children are, that they have almost come to the saturation point of their stupidity and they are literally going to crystalize any day in their stupidity. And He comes to take that stupidity away. To open up our eyes, to open us up to that experience, to open us up to the reality - to something that is real, something that never goes away, something that always is, something that is so real, so constant that it makes everything else unconstant, something so indestructible that it makes the tree that can live for thousands of years, finite. Something so incredibly huge that this whole universe compared to it is even nothing, something so energetic and so affluent that it is generating this whole entire universe. And that's what Guru Maharaj Ji comes to show. And what does Guru Maharaj Ji ask? What does Guru Maharaj Ji say? It's so simple. Open up. He doesn't say, "Knock, knock." Because he knows what you will do if he goes, "Knock, knock." "Who is there?" You play this whole stupid game. But Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Open up. Just open yourself up. Just open your eyes. Realize. See. Understand. Look. Look what there is in front of you. Look why you have come here on this Earth." We are all attached to our little idiosyncrasies. There are some people who like cars. There are some people who like airplanes. There are some people who like shoes. Haven't you all experienced that there is always "shoe-stealer" around every community? And one of those days, regardless of how much attention you put into it, your shoes do get taken away. Your nice new shoes. And some people even have wishful thinking that the shoe-taking affair should be eliminated. Too many shoes get lost that way. I mean some people are really nuts about shoes. Used shoes. It's their thing.

Jeans. In Beverly Hills they sell jeans that are used, that have been worn by people, for more money than new ones. Because it's the finesse, you know. Used jeans are more comfortable. Some people's trips are their cameras. I'm pretty sure this premie, Ron, started out with one camera. But it never satisfied


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 him. He had to get another one and another one. Before he knew it, he had many, many cameras. He had these huge, gigantic cameras he used to carry around. And everybody has their little idiosyncrasies. Raja Ji still can't hit that yellow ball right. And there's a lot of people who still just go every day to tennis court and they just can't seem to hit that ball. They practice every day. Every day. But they still just make a boo-boo. Either it hits the net or goes way over the line. They just can't seem to get it where they want it. Everybody has their idiosyncrasies. Some people look at birds. Some people look at stars. Some people look at people. (That's their thing. They have to look at people.) In an airplane, there are sometimes these guys who get up after the plane is airborne and theyll take off their seat belts and they'll stand in front of the first seat and look at everybody, check everybody out. One by one by one. Some people have done it, you see. They have to be made known and they have to know everybody else. But Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. Your idiosyncrasies are going to stay with you. Doesn't matter how many shoes" - this is to the people who gather those shoes in the community - "doesn't matter how many shoes you collect from outside those community center halls. They are not going to go with you. They are going to be left behind. That's it. And if Guru Maharaj Ji were to really cater to every one of us, to get around our idiosyncrasies, do you think he would have very much success? Right now there would be only "half-premies" sitting here. That means being an aspirant for twenty years. Half a premie. That's all.

But what Guru Maharaj Ji has to offer us is beyond our idiosyncrasies. It's beyond all those things that we always want. It's beyond our imagination, beyond everything. That love that Guru Maharaj Ji showers upon us is beyond everything that we can ever imagine, that we can ever even think about. That gift that Guru Maharaj Ji has for us is such a surprise that we can never comprehend.

And every day Guru Maharaj Ji makes his gift bigger and bigger and bigger. Every day. Every day Guru Maharaj Ji gives us a new gift of his love, gives us a new gift of his Knowledge, gives us a new gift of that inspiration. Every day Guru Maharaj Ji gives us a new opportunity for satsang, for service, for meditation.

Every day Guru Maharaj Ji gives us a blessing. Every day Guru Maharaj Ji gives us inspiration. Every day Guru Maharaj Ji gives us his Grace. Every single day, every single hour, every single minute - every single second, as a matter of fact. Without Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, none of us would be here. And yet we all sit down in our own little ratholes thinking that Guru Maharaj Ji is not asking anything in return for what he is giving us. And he is asking something, you see. This is our problem. Guru Maharaj Ji is not saying, "Just go back to your communities and do your satsang, service and meditation under your blanket." Guru Maharaj Ji is saying something. Listen. That's what we have to do. For a change, we have to stop talking. Our mind has to stop talking and Guru Maharaj Ji has to be heard. Because you know something? This Knowledge isn't given to you and just thrown to you and you take it and it's yours. If you have that idea, you're wrong. Every single day that you get up and have an experience of this Knowledge it's only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, not because this Knowledge belongs to you. This experience only happens by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. The day Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is not going to be there, your experience is also going to disappear. It's simply not going to be there.

Who doesn't breathe in this world? Everybody is alive. I mean, there are thousands of people alive and yet they're all dead. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, he makes them alive again. Again, he gives them life. Again, he gives them the opportunity.

We are all born in this world. And as I was saying, is our life really all about a tombstone? That's it? A tombstone? A guy with a black costume with a white collar, standing with a book and saying, "He was a nice


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 guy. May God have mercy on his soul." Throw some mud. Ciao.

Is this why we live? I tell you, I wouldn't want to live for that. I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to live so that someday somebody is just going to take my body and put it over a piece of wood and light it. I wouldn't want to live knowing that someday somebody is just going to take this body, stick it in a piece of box and bury it six feet underground. I wouldn't want to live for that.

But aren't thousands of people in this world waiting for their end?

Look at Miami. It's pathetic. That's what they're waiting for. They're waiting to die. How can they die? They're already dead. How can anybody in this world die? Everybody is dead. It's only Guru Maharaj Ji that gives us a chance of life.

We are not human beings until we have that experience, until we have that realization. To us, we are really born that day. And then the life - the true meaning of life - is then enjoyed. Because then we never die.

Death and life go away. And what comes is a manifestation of that "immortalness," immortality - something that'll never go away. But that experience in our life only can happen when we have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, when we can surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we can have that love for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Coming here, showing your face on a Guru Puja occasion, is not commendable or for that matter, Hans Jayanti. It's when you come and have an experience. When you come and give Guru Maharaj Ji a chance to speak and shut up yourself for minute. Let that mind really go for a vacation. And then it's worth it for you to come. Then it's alright. Then it's beautiful. Then it's incredible.

So premies, just look at that. How fortunate we really are to have that Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, to be given chance to be really alive, to even enjoy life, to even have a meaning to life, to even have a purpose to life. Otherwise what is the difference between a person we call alive and a person who's dead? All engraved on a headstone. Nothing. It says nothing about the person except when he was born and when he died.

And now, it's just so beautiful that we have two more days of satsang. But we just have to open ourselves and really understand what Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to do, what Guru Maharaj Ji would like us to do. Instead of always what we want to do. Because what we want to do …

It's like this guy and actually it's a very practical thing. They have this driver training car if you don't know how to drive and you'd like to learn how to drive. And it has two steering wheels in this car. And you get hold of one and this other guy gets hold of the other. And you can drive but if he sees you making a boo-boo, like going over the cliff or killing somebody or wrecking yourself, he takes over. That's exactly what Guru Maharaj Ji does.

For such a long time we have dented our cars. And now it's finally heading over the cliff. And we have to let Guru Maharaj Ji take control. Let him drive. Because then he can turn around and take us where we really want to go.

So premies, I hope I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you very much. Good night.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979