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So premies, here we are. I know some of you have to leave pretty soon. All these things are probably happening. "What about my airplane ticket?" "What about this? What about that?"

But here we are and maybe we have different things that are happening. Maybe different ideas: "Oh, how to get back? This is going to happen. How am I going to get back?"

I know that they're constantly making these announcements, "If you have lost your passport, lost your ticket, do this, do that." And, "How is it going to happen for me?"

And I know that this festival supposedly ended yesterday, but here we are anyway having satsang. Tomorrow there'll be less people and less people and less people, till there are only a few hundred that are supposed to be left here to take down these tents. And very soon it's all going to look very barren, very empty. Very soon, this is going to again become a pastureland. Very soon, we'll be probably wherever we came from. We call it our house, our home, or this or that. And is it in fact really our home? And is this our home?

What is happening here, it makes us feel so at home. But in fact this property is not our home. And the home that we call our home is not our home. Because what is ours? What belongs to us?

First of all we have to understand that we belong to Somebody. And Whoever we belong to, this all belongs to that Person, too. Because we belong to Him.

And I know that because of this illusion, because of this maya, you don't even put a little effort in to understand, to Whom do we belong? it's not even a consideration. It doesn't even occur as thought: to Whom do we belong? Who is our real Owner? Who is the Person Who really has us? Who is the Person that has sent us forth into this world to accomplish a purpose?

I know we all forget that. When somebody cracks a joke, who thinks about God? Everybody is laughing, holding their tummies. "Ha-ha-ha." Can't hardly contain it. Roll over from a chair. Or, "Oh, that was a good one!" And commenting about this and commenting about that. Who at that point remembers God? Who in that time remembers that Creator? Who at that time remembers Guru Maharaj Ji? Nobody.

A lot of initiators have gotten up and given satsang. And a lot of people who were not initiators, so-called "initiator candidates," have gotten up and given satsang. And I was watching, and this one candidate got up and started giving satsang. And the way she started, she looked up at the sky and said, "I can't see a single cloud from here. The skies are blue. And to me that means love of Guru Maharaj Ji. It's all clear blue skies."

And I turned around to the premies and I said, "Well, when it's raining does that mean Guru Maharaj Ji is crying? What does that mean? Or when it's thundering, what does that mean? Or when it's just cloudy, what does that mean?" We have so many ideas that - blue sky: "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, I love you!" Thunder: "Man! What's happening?"

Yesterday there were all these firecrackers going off. At first, it was all beautiful. These things would shoot up and have all these colors. It's all incredible. Everybody was enjoying them. At least, whoever could see them. And everybody was into it: "Great! Whoa! Did you hear that? Wasn't that a pretty one? Wasn't that great?"

And here we were, just a few feet away from where they were shooting the firecrackers off. We were all watching in our jeep. And Wadi was playing and Hansi was playing and everything was happening. And all of a sudden, as a grand finale, all these rockets started going off. And they didn't go too high. And there they would be. And all of a sudden they'd blow up and it would be like they were coming toward us!

I'd been watching some of them, and they would be still red-hot when they would hit the ground. And all of a sudden it started to become intense. Because this guy went over and lit every one of them! And it started to become more and more intense. And eventually there was this one that looked like it was only a few feet away from us. And automatically my hand went to the keys to start the car. Get out of there! It was really intense.

And then all of a sudden these bombs started going off! And there was one after another. You could feel this whole bass in the car and everywhere, just a loud explosion. And it got heavy. I mean, nothing happened. It was all beautiful. We watched and the firecrackers went off and it was nice. It was incredible.

And when we came back to the residence, the premies who were around in that area said, "Man, that sounded like a war was going on! A combat." And probably even in a combat it doesn't sound that loud. Because if you explode enough bombs to make it that loud in one area, it would be all gone.

At that point I started thinking, "Man, isn't that the way mind is? Isn't that the way we are in this


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker world, in this life?" "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, today's blue skies. I love you so much!" "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, here I am having a dandy ride. I love you so much!" When everything that is happening is the way we think it should be …

I like clear blue skies. I do. Sometimes after a night when it's cloudy, I go over to the window the next morning and peek out to find out whether or not it's clear. And to me, it's really beautiful. Because there is this glorious sun that warms us all up. But when the clouds are there, it hides its magnificent glory, its light.

Why does it have to be always like that? "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, where are you?" When a time of trouble comes, when the time comes that you know something is really starting to go wrong, instead of saying, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I love you! I really do love you," it's "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, where are you? Come on, man! Here I am in trouble. I'm stuck. Pull me out. That's what you said in the satsang ."

Guru Maharaj Ji …

There are many definitions of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji has so many, so many, so many, so many definitions. One of the definitions I gave you was of a laundryman. And that's really true. Guru Maharaj Ji takes that dirt, takes that mind that settles into our clothes, into our body, into our soul, and cleans it up.

Guru Maharaj Ji is also a shopkeeper. And whoever comes to his shop and whoever gives him this real money - not in dollars or not in this or not in that - but gives him the real money of love, of kindness, of compassion; he gives them whatever they want, that Knowledge that they're really seeking for.

You know, some premie will yell out of the audience, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I love you!" And I say, "I love you." I really do mean that. I love premies. I have been on vacations where there are no premies. I don't like that! I am always waiting, "Oh yeah, man. We're going to go back and this festival's going to happen."

I know when I was in the Pacific I went to this island. It was the most incredible island I've ever been to. It was incredible. It really was. The sand was like powder. You could put it all over you and you could even rub it. It wouldn't even irritate. You could put all this sand over you and do as much as you wanted and dive into this ocean and it would clean you off, not a speck of sand.

And this beach on this tiny, tiny island even had a natural coral reef, which prevented big fish from coming in. And it was crystal clear water and the reef prevented the big waves … it was always like this natural little lake. And you could go in, open your eyes underneath, and maybe you would see a tiny little fish swimming. And it was all beach and no coral, nothing. No sea urchins or this or that. It was wonderful.

And even then, to me the most important thing was, "I want to go back! I want to be with the premies." And when I say, I love the premies - "I love you" - I really mean I love you. And when the Malibu house was on the verge of burning down, I didn't say, "I hate you, premies. Where are you? Help me!" I still said, "I love you."

And Guru Maharaj Ji's love is so constant. It doesn't vary. It doesn't go up and down like a hippity-hop airplane that's got its elevator broken, hopping here and hopping there. "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, where are you today? Why don't you help me? I've given my life to you,


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

"Why can't it just be you and Guru
Maharaj Ji? Just you, whoever you are,
and just Guru Maharaj Ji? … It can
be. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is
there to make it simple, to make it
incredible. It's just us that have to
give in a little bit, to surrender to
Guru Maharaj Ji a little bit."

haven't I? Where is your helping hand? Where is this? Where is that? Where did you go? Whatever happened to you?" And this mind comes in and just really cuts it.

But that love that we all want to talk about, we don't want to have that love because we really deserve it. That protection and that shelter that Guru Maharaj Ji bestows upon us is because of compassion, because of kindness, because we all need it, not because we have bought it with something.

I know people get up and they'll say, "My mind, my mind, my mind." And if they really know that that's what their mind is, then why don't they get rid of it? Why don't they put that little extra effort into cleaning up their mind?

And I'm frank about this. Sometimes it's easy to get up, have a microphone in front of you. Here you are standing up. You hear your name over the P.A. system: "So-and-so, please come and give sat-sang." And you climb up on the stage, pick up the microphone, and - like a car in cold weather: "Dinyi-nyi-nyi-nyi-nyi-bruummp!" Try again. After a little while the battery runs out, and it's: "Krr-krr-krrkrr." You just hear the solenoid go on and off, on and off, on and off.

Then they wait for a little while. And then it's "Di-nnnyyi nyyyinyyi … Come on! Somebody give me a push! What can I say? What can I say? What can … a story perhaps?" Some ridiculous experience that's got nothing to do with what they're talking about: "And here I was, walking one day on the street. And there was a peel of banana. I slipped on it. So premies, what I'm really trying to say …" And they go on!

But isn't it really true, premies, that when everything is hunky-dory, when everything is dandy: "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I really adore you. I love you. You're beautiful. You're fine." Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. You love me? You don't have to tell me you love me. You love me, you love me!" I love you. I don't have to tell you I love you. I love you, I love you!

When a rose smells like a rose, it doesn't say, "Here! I smell like a rose." A rose smells like a rose and whoever can smell a rose, it smells like a rose.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look. We all have problems in this life." It isn't like, okay, because I am Guru Maharaj Ji, I don't get cut. Although in the shower this miracle has been happening since I have been here. Every morning I go to take a shower and the shower has this very little lip on it. And you take the shampoo or the oil and you put it back again and it falls. So far it hasn't hit my foot. They fall very close, a millimeter away. It's a huge bottle - "klonk!" - but it hasn't hit me yet.

But really, I get cut. I get a cold. And maybe there'll be these different problems that'll occur. There was a problem, "Here is your Malibu house. It's all going to go! Let's go! Let's get out of here!"

Something happens to this premie, something happens to that premie. We all have got problems. But if we really want to look at problems, if we really want to concern ourselves with the problems … I know there are people who say, "Well, you have to look at the reality." I know there are people who say, "Look, you have to face it." I agree. (microphone went out) Okay. So maybe, to a certain extent, even what happened right now - the P.A. system took off. It sounded more like a premie was fiddling with it. But there could have been people who go, "What an untogether trip these guys have! What's happening? There is no P.A. system. P.A. system just went out!"

If we're going to narrow our scope down so much, then that's not a reality. Because really even those problems aren't real.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

"So keep that focus, keep that
love, keep that inspiration, wherever
you go. If you are there, if you are really
doing satsang, service, my blessings will
be with you, always …
Try. Keep that focus.
And there's so much love, there's so
much incredibleness to be into."

account? My bank account is going empty. I don't have any more money left, Guru Maharaj Ji. I just spaced out my tickets! My passport has been stolen! I don't know if I'm really going to get it back! And you say that those problems aren't real. What's the matter with you?"

And yes, they are real. They are real because you'll see a bouncing check very soon, if you write a check to anybody. Yes, you won't be able to go anywhere because you won't have a ticket to show to anybody. Yes, they won't let you in the country because you don't have a passport. But to me, what I'm saying is that those problems occur in this world. And when the world itself is not real, then how can any problems that happen in the world be real?

The reality is in you. Reality is within inside of you.

There is a premie here - I don't know if he went back or not, but - and in Malibu a little while ago I got this request that this premie was going blind and he wanted darshan. So I said, "Okay. Have him come." And I gave him darshan and he saw me and after that he went blind.

Right then and there he could have said, "Forget it, man! I saw Guru Maharaj Ji and my eyes didn't even get cured! I saw Guru Maharaj Ji …"

Because then he would have been really looking at Guru Maharaj Ji as a part of this world, which is what we a lot of times try to do! We try to see Guru Maharaj Ji as just a superficial thing, try to see Guru Maharaj Ji as just an unreality, try to see Guru Maharaj Ji as one of us. Big fat tummy. Five-foot-two. Stocky. No?

But … No, but our mind comes in and says that.

Maybe it says something else. It doesn't have to say that. Anything! "Why do you love Guru Maharaj Ji? What has Guru Maharaj Ji given you?" Maybe mind comes and says that!

And as long as we are going to be completely vulnerable to all those things, as long as we are going to be vulnerable to all those unrealities, we will never even be able to perceive Guru Maharaj Ji. We'll never be able to perceive this Knowledge. We'll never be able to realize the reality.

This is what Guru Maharaj Ji's saying. Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Come! I'll take you somewhere, to this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful land of Guru Maharaj Ji. And in this land, you will experience the total bliss! Yes, you will still be in this world physically, but where the reality is, that's where you really will be!"

And you say, "I don't know about that. I don't know about that. I don't know if I really want to go. What if Guru Maharaj Ji's kidding? What if there isn't a land like that?"

And yet, how many of those of us who have been to Disneyland think like that? How many? None! "Disneyland? It's fantastic! Let's go there!" Put our lives on this cuckoo machine: the roller coaster. And a lot of people love the roller coaster. When we went to this one amusement park they had this incredible roller coaster and Marolyn went on it. I wouldn't dare. And this thing goes around and around - 360 degrees - complete loop, and then does this whole number.

And to me, this whole world is already going up and down. We are always in this roller coaster. And Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Come back! Come to land! Be where stability is. Be where the reality is." Because we are always going up and down, up and down.

Something will happen: We are down. "Oh God! What's the matter? What is God?" And even a doubt comes: "Is God there?" And then something great will happen …

I remember this one thing. One time we got this letter. Raja Ji was staying in Malibu at that time, at the residence. And we got this letter, and Raja Ji opened it up. And on the


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker letter it said, in very fine print, "You could have won …" and then it said, "500,000 dollars!"

And Raja Ji just looked at the letter and he screamed! "Wow! 500,000 dollars! We just won 500,000 dollars!"

And I looked at it. I said, "Wow, man! This is incredible! You just won 500,000 dollars!"

Then it came down to the fine print. "You could have won 500,000 dollars."

And then it isn't like we screamed again, "Oh, we could have won 500,000 dollars!" Raja Ji didn't yell at the top of his voice, "Oh, we could have won 500,000 dollars but we didn't!"

There was this whole thing of this sales trip: "Why don't you enter this and enter that and you'll get so much."

And premies, that's the way it is. And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Let's walk out of this world, where everything is like a roller coaster, where everything is up and down, up and down, up …"

It took about one-millionth of a second to get excited: "Wow! Incredible!" And it took one-millionth of a second to say,"Aw-," you know?

And this is our life.

And I feel that all the things that are starting to happen to mankind today and which are starting to happen in this world, are all these different kinds of manifestations of what man's really feeling: that strong rejection in his heart.

They have this one roller coaster called "Montezuma's Revenge." And what this roller coaster does is it starts, goes through one loop, goes through another loop, goes through another loop. Then it goes right straight up, literally straight up (almost 90 degrees) and it stops. And way up there, too. Then it starts to go back. And it goes through the first loop and the second loop and the third loop.

And here we are. I remember that time this premie went to Disneyland. And I said, "Okay, you want to go to Disneyland?" And he said, "Sure! That'd be nice." So I said, "Okay, let's go." He got in roller coaster.

And there I was. I was hanging on. And to him he didn't understand what was happening. It climbed. The one at Disneyland climbs slowly. And it's in a tunnel and then, all of a sudden, it drops down and turns at the same time. And he said, "I want to get out!" And it did it again. "I want to get out!" Then the roller coaster did it again. And he wanted out. It did it again, he wanted out.

That happens to a lot of people. There they get up on this roller coaster and it's like, "Take me outta here. I really don't want to be …" When that roller coaster climbs literally 90 degrees way up there - I don't know how many stories high - and stops, people just beg, "Get me out of here!" That's the only thing they want!

And this is the way sometimes this world is. We get in a trip. We get into this world. It takes us for ride after ride after ride. And we go, "I want to go out. I want out. I don't want all this up and down." And yet, who is


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

"Man has always had a desire to endlessly
live, never die.
That's always been his desire: 'I may never
die.' And maybe it's possible that
you may never die.
And yet, if you don't have the purpose
of life and if you don't have the
realization of this life, if you don't have your
Guru Maharaj Ji to guide you through, what
is the purpose?
What is the purpose of this whole thing?"

there who is going to hear us? We call out all these names.

It's like that story of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves." His brother went in front of the gate. He got in the gate, because he had heard what the words were: "Open, Sesame." And he got in and everything that he saw dazzled him so much that he forgot the word. "Open, squash"? "Open, tomato"?

Here he had everything that he had ever wanted in his life, all these mules full of gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires. And it dazzled his mind so much that he just stood there. "Open, this." "Open, that." "Open, mustard." tomatoes.' "Open, tomatoes. "Open, squash." "Open, apple." "Open, banana." "Open, door." He was going through everything he could possibly think of! And the door wouldn't budge.

And that is the way sometimes it is in our life. Here we are on the roller coaster. And Guru Maharaj Ji, whom this world won't even let come close to us, has to stand way back and yell to us: "If you want help, yell out for me."

And at the time we get on the roller coaster … You know, it was fine! It was just going, "ka-dic, ka-dic, ka-dic, ka-dic." Who would ever get scared like that? It was going ever so slow, little by little by little. And as soon as it made the … "I want out!"

But in that trip we get so lost: "Oh, this is going to be so nice. I'm not really going to need my Guru Maharaj Ji. This is going to get so wonderful. What am I going to do with Guru Maharaj ii?" And then when we realize, "Man oh man! I really want out! Man oh man, what would I give to get out of this mess!"

"Oh lamp, help me." "Oh tracks." "Oh this. Oh that." And all these things that we associate with. "Help me. Help me. Help me."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Come on, man. You know the Word, I told ya!" "Help, who? Help, who? Help, who?" You know. "Help me, who?"

And we say everything that we think is the thing that is going to save us in this world. And none of those things save us.

Shri Maharaj Ji really used to like this one song: that this whole world is a two-day festival and after that it's all over. It's all finished. It's all gone. And here you are. You get into your family and you get into your house and you get into this. And what is it all going to be worth?

There is a story about Alexander the Great. I don't know if it's true or not. I really don't. Because I saw this incredible documentary about Alexander or whatever they have located about him. I don't know how they ever came up with the idea that this is what Alexander had requested. But anyway, if you can imagine that this happened: When Alexander in fact died, his wish before he died was that during his last procession when his body was to be carried, he wanted his hands stuck out of the coffin. And in one of the hands he wanted a rock. And the rock would be inscribed, "Alexander the Great, who conquered the world, came empty-handed in this world and left empty-handed from this world."

Really, what do we take from this world? Because what has this world got to give us? What can we take from this world? Nothing! Nothing!

I mean, your casket even stays there. It deteriorates. Your body, your bones, your new kidney just stay there. Your new heart just stays there. Your bionic arm rots away! And your non-bionic arm rots away. Your bones, your body - everything - melt right back into the elements of which they're made. Disappears. Dissipates. Fire goes to fire. Earth goes to earth. What's air goes to ether. Whatever this body is composed of goes back into its elements. And there is another thing that goes, and that is what makes a meaning behind that consciousness that we have.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker I know that there was this incredible question posed to, I guess, every spiritual leader or whatever. And it was this thing that was happening about this one girl who was in a coma. She would have died but they put this artificial system on her and it was just pumping her. And she was sort of alive. But there was no consciousness. That consciousness had gone. It was finished.

There are things that happen that freak out people in the morgue. When they start embalming, they put the embalming fluid inside the body and the blood starts to come out. All of a sudden the carcass will get up, open its eyes, and stare at you. Or all of a sudden it will lift up one of its legs, or put up one arm. And people freak out!

And you could conceivably do a number on that body after that consciousness has left it. You could get those lungs to pump in and out. All they are are balloons. You could even have an incision made all the way from the neck down to your belly button. And the doctor gets in there and massages all of the guts to keep them fresh. You could have the heart pumping away. And you could have this embalming fluid in red, just like blood. Or you could get any pig's blood or whatever blood is available and pump it through the body. You could sew the eyelids open and from the back of the head get a couple of tubes and patch them into your tear canals and even keep the eyes wet. And from the back, right on the top of the mouth, put a sprayer: sprays water and keeps the mouth wet. They already have an artificial kidney. Install that.

So I mean, literally, so many functions of the body are still working. And you could say, "That body is alive. Jeez! This body is alive!"

I saw this article in Rome and I gave this example about it. I was so blown out about it. Afterwards, to me, it was like, "Man, you are crazy! Period."

They had this monkey. There were two monkeys' bodies. And the head had been taken away from this monkey's real body and was being transplanted onto another body. Incredible. There's this guy who's invented it. And the way you do it is you cut off the real head of the body you're going to use and take the head off of the body that you're not going to use but that you still want to use the head of. You cut the head of the body that you're going to use; you pull it out. And so there is this whole gap in between. Then you take those cords, one by one, from the head that you're not going to use and start plugging them in to the head that you are going to use.

Once all that is connected and once all that is functioning, then you chop off the real head of the body, throw it away or whatever you want to do with it. And then you start to connect the spine. And once that's all done, you just screw it in, kick in: "Let's go!"

Well, once all that's finished, they sew this monkey back up, slap him real hard and say, "Get up!" or something like that. I don't know. Shoot him with adrenalin or this or that.

And I know that right now that sounded gory to people. "Man, I wouldn't want that done to me." I


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker

"Yesterday in the procession I
saw premies who were just so filled with
love. And because they were maybe
surrendered for a moment, that incredible
experience walked right inside of them,
that experience manifested for them.
And I know how to get that
experience. There are no two ways. There
are no three ways.
There are no four ways. There is only one
way. And that one way is when we let
go to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we really
surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji."

know there are people here who have lost their arms in Vietnam or had their legs blown up. That's actually the history behind this doctor. Maybe this has happened to this guy and so by doing this he will still retain his face and his head. And his son could have a new body or his brother-in-law - whoever.

And maybe there will be a time when this will really become a famous trick! A lot of the carcasses that they have frozen, they'll finally find a purpose for them: "Oh yeah! Would you like a new body? I've got one in stock. Five-foot-three, da-dada-da-da. Six foot long. Strong build. Would you like it?"

"Sure! Why not? Slap my head on it, you know?"

"Okay, let's go!"

And maybe one day it'll become a common thing. That's what you do! Instead of having your hairdo changed, instead of having your nails cut short or have them grow long, instead of getting a tan somewhere - go get your body replaced!

There'll be these signs, probably. "Doctor Frankenstein" or some doctor's name. "Yes! We change bodies, kidneys, transplant hairs, and we'll give a new facial. All discount now - $5599."

You're watching TV and all of a sudden they show this ad with this body and this face. And then slowly a fade-in happens and a new face appears and a new body appears. Like they have with the weight- losing programs: "I can't believe I was once like this. And now I feel so energetic. Get a new body today!"

It'll be one of these things, "Yes! This is the same person as you saw before. If you want this done now, contact Doctor Dodo right now. All the people who call within 24 hours will get a hundred-dollar discount. Get your 'Head Transplant Booklet' today! Learn all about it."

No. Maybe to us, it's a joke. Maybe one day it'll all be a simple trip. You know, you go over to your mother and say, "Mother, do you like my new body?"

I mean, it's like people walk over and say, "Do you like my tan?" Or, "You've got a great tan!"

"Oh I see! You had your body replaced, didn't you?"

So is that the meaning and is that really the purpose of the life? Because what I am trying to say is that even after this mankind can do that, the purpose is not going to change. The purpose is still going to be the same. And there is going to be a Guru Maharaj Ji that's going to be telling the people of that time, "Listen, man! Quit getting your bodies replaced like that!"

There will be all these modification chapters for your new scriptures. Altered: the current information you can stick in.

What would ever happen to Tulsidas' Ramayana, where he says it's so incredible to have this human body? People read that thing and say, "What does he mean, 'so incredible to have this human body? Man, even if you get a scratch, you can just have it changed."

And if you have a problem with where they are going to find the bodies: Have test tube babies! I mean, maybe that's what's going to start happening in this world! Havea-Baby kit. And there's five-gallon


bottle. And you put these few chemicals in there, put it under the incubator, speed up the process. And instead of having to wait all that time, in three months here is the baby! And that's it.

What I am talking about, people have imagined. I know it's gory. I don't even want to see it. That is why I'm yelling my throat out. "Come on, man. Let's get together, now!" Because Knowledge is the only thing, Guru Maharaj Ji is the only thing that can ever prevent that. Not by force, not by riots. But by love and true understanding of who we are.

Man has always had a desire to endlessly live, never die. That's always been his desire: "I may never die." And maybe it's possible that you may never die. And yet, if you don't have the purpose of life and if you don't have the realization of this life, if you don't have your Guru Maharaj Ji to guide you through, what is the purpose? What is the purpose of this whole thing?

And so, premies, what we really have to do …

I don't know if there's going to be a program happening tomorrow or not. I don't know. Probably the P.A. system will have to be ripped and the whole stage will have to be "discopoopulated." And this would have to happen and that would have to happen and most of the premies have to leave.

I know that you don't want to leave, but if you don't leave, how are you going to ever come to a satsang program? You have to leave to be able to come back. (People yell, "One more day.") Just one more day, one more week, one more month, one more year, one more century. And yet, I don't know if - and we go through this every day just about - that's going to make any difference. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. But anyway, what I'm trying to say is that those premies who have to go back, should go back. And constantly remember that Holy Name. And remember the necessity of Guru Maharaj Ji in their lives. Remember how incredible and how beautiful this experience really can be if we just let go.

Yesterday in the procession I saw premies who were just so filled with love. And because they were maybe surrendered for a moment, that incredible experience walked right inside of them, that experience manifested for them. And I know. I know how to get that experience. There are no two ways. There are no

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker three ways. There are no four ways. There is only one way.

And that one way is when we let go to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we really surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. The mind is saying, "Man, this is crazy. This is weird." But why can't it just be you and Guru Maharaj Ji? Just you, whoever you are, and just Guru Maharaj Ji? Why does it have to be this and this and this and this? That and that and that and that? Why can't it be a simple straight street? Why can't it just be a simple path?

It can be. Because Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is there to make it simple, to make it beautiful, to make it incredible. It's just us that have to give in a little bit, to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji little bit.

And so those premies who really have to go back should go back. And there are a lot of premies who have come here from different countries. Well, go back to your countries before your visa expires. Because we all have to stay in a state so we can come to any country where the program is happening. We don't want to ruin it on the basis of this or that.

And I know that it's going to be beautiful. It's getting better and better and better. And whoever said that that's the limit? It's going to get better. I know that that's what happens at every program.

We go have one program - like at the Philadelphia program: "Wow, it was so incredible." Then we had Geneva program: "Wow, man, that was the most incredible." Then had Dortmund program … (The German efficiency, starting to dwindle a little bit here and a little bit there.) But anyway, it was beautiful. And what an experience of satsang, what an experience of darshan, what an experience of meditation! And then it was, "Man, how could anything get better than this?"

And I know that premies are going to go back and say, "Whoa! What about this? Wasn't this an incredible experience?" "Man!" "Wow!" This and that. And maybe another satsang, maybe another sat- sang, maybe another satsang. As we let go, better it becomes; more we enter in Guru Maharaj Ji's world, more it starts happening to us. More we start to step in Guru Maharaj Ji's world, more incredible it becomes.

So anyway, premies. Blessings to all those premies who have to leave.

… And for the premies who are going to be staying here tomorrow, who knows? I just might see you. At this point nobody knows. For premies who have to leave, just remember one thing in your lives, that you might be sitting in a roller coaster. Guru Maharaj Ji isn't. So when you need Guru Maharaj Ji, call him. Not on the phone. Not, "Oh …" Or yell on the P.A. system or a megaphone. Wherever it is. Always the hand tries to go to the heart. This heart can't talk. All it can do is go, "bonk, bonk, bonk."

But somewhere in here there is that inspiration, there is that love, there is that incredibleness. From there. That's your hot line. From that heart, from that real sincere heart. And just keep that focus straight.

There is no one here in this whole world, 360 degrees around the equator, south of equator to the South Pole, north of equator to the North Pole, who can afford in this world to lose that focus. If any one of us does, that's it.

So keep that focus, keep that love, keep that inspiration, wherever you go. If you are there, if you are really trying, if you are really doing satang, service, and meditation, my blessings will be with you, always. But if you lose that focus, as soon as they come, the time that it takes for those blessings to be there - which is nothing - they'll go away. That Grace will just go away. So I hope you do satsang, service and meditation.

Try. Keep that focus. And there's so much love, there's so much incredibleness to be into.

So premies, I don't know really if there's going to be a satsang program tomorrow or not. But blessings to all the premies.

Thank you very much. And I love you.