Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Delhi, India,on October 29, 1966

(Translated from Hindi)

The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) In India 1966 Dear premies, today hundreds of thousands of people have asked for darshan. The Ramayana says that it's only through great good fortune that satsang can be attained. Satsang destroys all our sufferings effortlessly.

Satsang can't be bought with rupees because it's beyond price. You may be able to afford a diamond worth thousands of rupees, but you can never buy satsang. Satsang is beyond even a comparison with diamonds. The Ramayana says that it's very fortunate to attain satsang because only fortunate ones get this human body which is the opportunity to attain liberation.

Those who don't try to attend satsang during this lifetime will regret it later and will blame time, fate and God for their sufferings. Some say that your miseries are relieved when you die. So when you die you'll find out. But death is beyond your control. In death you won't find the relief you expect, because you'll have to suffer the result of actions committed in this world.

The man who doesn't appreciate the value of this human life, isn't he blind? Tell me, how much do you appreciate the value of your life? Even if there's one man in a hundred who appreciates the value of life, still he may not appreciate the value of satsang. He may excuse himself by saying that he can listen to satsang anytime. Even the men we call great scholars and leaders don't attend satsang. They may get the time to inaugurate something, but they won't find the time for satsang. Do you appreciate the value of satsang? You don't appreciate it at all.

The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) In India 1960s The Ramayana sings the praises of satsang. Can such a great scripture be wrong? If the Ramayana is wrong, then the whole creation is wrong and the Creator is wrong. God Himself is wrong. And if God is wrong then Guru Maharaj Ji's wrong. No. That can never be - I am confident of that. You may read where the scriptures have so much praise for satsang yet even though it's praised in the scriptures so much, people still don't appreciate it.

You should take Knowledge. Only a few are prepared to spread this message to every soul in the world.

Today I'll speak about love. What's love? How can one get love? Why should one get it?

There are two kinds of love. One is the worldly connection. The other is attained through Knowledge. For instance, myself and my brother love each other, but my relationship with God through the Holy Name is beyond comprehension. You see, my brother and myself are living in the world, so our relationship of love can be understood. But how can you understand my relationship with God since you don't know God?

The love which we have to discover exists in this human body. To discover it is the first step to taking Knowledge because it paves the way by removing doubts.

I'm talking of love today because my name is Prem Pal.


The Young Satguru Prem Rawat (Maharaji) In India 1960s

You should love one another. Worldly love can be seen, but love for God can't be seen. Why not? Because as I told you, you don't know where God is. God wants to test us, so He keeps Himself hidden. Although He's there all the time, we don't see Him.

But we can see Him. If we try to see God through Knowledge, then we can see Him. But if we try to see Him through worldly connections then we can't see Him. Because God is Light. So when we meditate on Light then we can see Him.

But when we open our eyes we don't see Him. We can't see Him, because, as it's said, even the light of a thousand suns can't be compared with His Light. Only the Holy Name can reveal Divine Light. It's Holy Name which makes you eat, it's love which makes you eat, it's love which makes you dance. Life is love. Everything is love.

Some people think that we have to live proudly in this world, but this is true only for worldly affairs. How can we live like that in the kingdom of Guru Maharaj Ji? Because here we have to live in the relationship of Knowledge. As long as you're in this kingdom you should treat everyone as your brother, whether he be an officer or a peasant. All are brother-devotees here, including initiators.

When we see love in an aspirant, then we decide whether to give him Knowledge or not. The person we see sufficient love in is allowed to take Knowledge immediately. It isn't out of enmity that we tell someone to wait and listen to more satsang. No. That's not so. Guru Maharaj Ji's world is open day and night. That Name is there day and night. So you should understand the great value of his kingdom. But I pity you if you come here and start talking. If you want to talk, you should go back outside. In the kingdom of Guru Maharaj Ji, the only language is love. So you should speak in the language of love. It's expected of you.

Love is the medium to test you, to see whether you are ready to receive Knowledge or not. If love is found in you then Knowledge is given to you. I wish to tell all devotees that you should love one another and should behave lovingly. Because when love comes, everything comes.

How do you attain love? You should abstain from things like theft, bribery and falsehood. Truth can't be hidden by invented stories, just as scent can't come from paper flowers. You might say that scent can come from paper flowers if perfume is put on them, but how long does such a scent last? Hardly a few days. No more than that.

People want to enjoy the Knowledge as well as stealing, bribing and lying. Once he gets Knowledge, a man likes to meditate but he can't forget the idea of stealing so he's neither in heaven nor in hell. He'll start thinking, "What should I do?"

So you should appreciate the value of this human life. You should love one another. You should speak to one another with love and humility. Love's the essence.