Divine Times - November 1979 Volume 8, Number 6

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Reality Is Within Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Hans Jayanti Festival, Kissimmee, Florida, November 12, 1978

"You know, some premie will yell out of the audience, "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji, I love you!" And I say, "I love you." I really do mean that. I love premies. I have been on vacations where there are no premies. I don't like that! I am always waiting, "Oh yeah, man. We're going to go back and this festival's going to happen.""

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Hans Jayanti Section Excerpts from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Hans Jayanti festivals 1970 - 1978

"Look! I often notice that those people who received Knowledge at the time of my Guru Maharaj Ji don't even come now. They were fortunate to have received Knowledge at the time of such a great saint. So how does this happen? Why are they ashamed? I don't feel shy about anything."

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The Highest Seat Satsang of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj in September, 1963. Translated from Hindi

"Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, who in reality is Lord in human form: I praise His Lotus Feet, by whose one Word the darkness of ignorance is dispelled and God and His secrets start to become visible - become visible in the same way that you start to see the qualities of the Earth when the sun rises, making the darkness of the night go away."

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Faith And Grace Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the September program, Kissimmee, Florida, September 3, 1979

"Yet, where you are concerned, where does that all happen? Nowhere. Your effort still has to be the same. You can't say, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, you're doing a world tour so I can make a little bit less effort this year." That doesn't even make sense. Just - just try. Because Guru Maharaj Ji is there. Guru Maharaj Ji's mercy is there. Guru Maharaj Ji's love is there. You just have to try. You just have to give it a chance. You have to have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. And it will manifest for you. It will happen for you."

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Talking Of Love Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Delhi, India,on October 29, 1966. Translated from Hindi

"There are two kinds of love. One is the worldly connection. The other is attained through Knowledge. For instance, myself and my brother love each other, but my relationship with God through the Holy Name is beyond comprehension. You see, my brother and myself are living in the world, so our relationship of love can be understood. But how can you understand my relationship with God since you don't know God? The love which we have to discover exists in this human body. To discover it is the first step to taking Knowledge because it paves the way by removing doubts."