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"That's one thing a human being is stuffed with, in his true nature: with that love for Guru Maharaj Ji. Yes, we try to bring that love out by all the different things in this world. But we can't. Because the only way it works, the only way that love becomes alive, the only way it becomes true, is when it's going towards Guru Maharaj Ji. Otherwise it won't flow, it can't manifest. There is something in Guru Maharaj Ji and there is something within inside of us - in that love - that when we aim it right towards Guru Maharaj Ji, it'll flow, it'll come, it'll be there. But when we try to aim it into things that we like pursuing, it doesn't manifest. There is something the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji - that can actually pull that love out of us, if we let go."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Hans Jayanti
November 7, 1979
Afternoon Program