Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1977

Only One Kind of Love

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in London, England, April 20, 1977

Dear premies, the thing that we are all here for, of course, or the thing that I want to talk about tonight, is this Love. And of course, like the song you heard the band play, this tape was given to us and I just used to play it on my system a lot. And it was Power of Love; it was the theme song for the movie, Power of Love. And it just sort of grew.

When you first hear a record, I don't think everybody understands the words. But slowly, you know, you start catching every word. And then, just parallel to it, so many satsangs were happening, and so many other things were happening that it just really was sort of like a theme for a very practical kind of movie that was going on in reality. And it was really incredible. You could really feel it. You could really understand it. You could really feel what these artists, what these people, were trying to sing about. And not only the artist or just a band. But what everybody was feeling, and what everybody was calling Love.

Not the kind of love that we have for our automobiles, or we have for our wives, or we have for other people, but the kind of Love that we have hidden in our treasure box, hidden within inside of us. And when this Love is opened, something very beautiful happens, something extremely fantastic happens. It isn't like you fall in love, you know, which is, literally saying, "fall in love." "Fall." But you rise from any other consciousness that there is, that might suck you down, and you rise to a level which is really beautiful.

And I mean, obviously, today at darshan a lot of people must have felt something, going through. Because I felt a lot of things as premies went by in the darshan line. And it was really incredible, because you could feel it. There was this Love. And this is the same Love that brings me here, brings this whole program together. And the Love that I have for you and that you have for me is the kind of Love that is completely incomparable, it's completely unmatched. And when we try to reason it in our heads, why there should be a Love like this, why there should be such a …

It always has been such a very strange, as people would say, kind of a relationship, between a devotee and his Guru Maharaj Ji or his Master. And this relationship is formed out of Love. It's based upon Love. It is Love. And the exchange between the devotee and his Master, or his Guru Maharaj Ji, is Love. And it's just like, Love, Love, Love, and Love; and the kind of Love which we all experience, but can't talk about.

And that is the hardest part: talking about that kind of

To experience that Love, to be one in tune
with that Love, and keep on experiencing that Love
as long as we live, at least to me, is a good enough
purpose for this life.


Love. Because you can experience it, and something happens here and, you know, something happens right here (motioning to his heart). But that's about it. That's the only physical symptom it has. And after that, it's just so beautiful. And that is the Love that we are all together here for.

To me, to experience that Love, to be one in tune with that Love, and keep on experiencing that Love as long as we live, at least to me, is a good enough purpose for this life. It's a good enough purpose for this whole world to be created: for every apple tree, every banana tree, every grapefruit tree, whatever you have in this world, to be created. And then all up on top of it, to top it all off, for this human body to be created, and the Grace that I was talking to you about yesterday, that we are here and that we are alive. All those seem to be for one reason, to just keep on experiencing that devotion, to keep on experiencing that Love.

Because what was it? After John received that Knowledge from Jesus, did he say, "Okay, nice seeing you, Lord. Hope I see you again," and take off the other way? Or, all these saints that have come, and all these people who have realized something in their life, they haven't just said, "Wow. That was good. The best thing I've ever seen," and just shoot off. No. There was more to it. Because there's always more to it. But to experience it, the amount of sacrifice, the amount of dedication, the amount of weight it takes, is incredible. Because you have to always stay right on the track. You just can't space out. You just cannot go into your own heads.

It's like I said in one of these programs (I don't remember which one it was), if I was just a regular premie, just like you, who was just wanting to have his Guru Maharaj Ji, have satsang, service, and meditation there, and to have that bliss, to have that experience that we have at these programs, yes, I would go and have a job. I would go out and I'd take a job, a nice job, to be able to work, to be able to make money, to be able to come to these programs. (applause) Because these programs are never going to stop, obviously.

And they're going to go on, and they're going to get more intense, as they have been getting more intense. And in intense, of course I mean that other kind of way, not in -- I mean, of course in one way it gets intense the other way too, because you have much more mass of people, you try to control them in a way, "Well, okay, now you should leave, and now you should enter the hall." Maybe it's a lot of problem for a lot of people. But it's all blissful.

You know, we talk about different levels of organization. The premies have gone through a lot. And I just want to explain to you the whole gist of everything that we have experienced, as personally, whatever premies have been through, I have been through with them. And it's just obviously a feeling, it always keeps coming to me. And incredible changes have been made: every change has been made that you can possibly imagine. And here are the few things that I'm going to tell you about. And it connects with what I was trying to tell you about this Love. It connects into that.

And it's just like, first of all -- there's so many things to start with. But first of all, a lot of people came to us and said, "Let's start an organization." Now, there were different concepts of organization. "Yes, everybody should have Knowledge, of course, but let's have organization." Purpose of organization: unknown. What will this organization do? Still completely unknown. But, "Let's have an organization." So what you have there is a little child trying to build this castle, that obviously after he is finished with it, he's going to destroy it, because he has no purpose for it. And that's what the sand castles are!

So you build up this incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible -- and I mean, I want every premie to pay attention to this, because this is really important. And it's important for England, and important for Europe. Because there's this incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible castle built. The purpose is, so that when Guru Maharaj Ji comes out of the window, everybody can see him. And whenever, anytime anybody wants to speak to everybody, it is so high that it can provide a complete access to everybody there.

But unfortunately this window was put so high up, so sky high, that it was always sort of hidden by clouds. You could come out and all you could see was the top of clouds, not anybody else there.

And therefore, the only reason why this balance has still been created is because of the programs, is because of people's own effort of doing satsang, service, and meditation, and because of this remembrance constantly (which is given in satsang) to do satsang, service, and meditation.

And it's like from then, it all started to take shape: "No, no," everybody was saying, "Let's bring this down to size." And "Let's do this," and "Let's do that." And finally it was just like, to me, it was obvious: "Look. Let's find out what makes this whole thing tick. You want to repair a machine, but you don't even know what it's about. What does it do? How does it work? How are you going to try to repair it? What is the purpose of this machinery? You have to obviously know." I mean, you can't take an electronic part of a radio to a person who grinds flour in a saw mill. Maybe by chance he knows electronics, but chances are not so good. So let's find out: what is the purpose of this organization?

And, after Atlantic City, it became -- I mean, it was always clear to me, but it obviously started becoming clear to everybody, even -- everybody who had any concept about organization, who had any concept about anything, that there are only a few things in this world. And that is satsang, service, meditation, and Guru Maharaj Ji. And us being there to have that opportunity to be there, to be able to enjoy satsang, service, and meditation; to be able to enjoy what Guru Maharaj Ji presents us, what Guru Maharaj Ji brings us, what Guru Maharaj Ji offers us. And to be able to be there, to share that Love with our brothers and sisters, and just like I said before, that's a good enough reason. And that is the reason, that is the purpose of this organization.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1977

So why try to go to the airport, get on a flight, and go to Washington, D.C., and then catch a flight back home, and then take a taxi from the airport to the next door? Because all you wanted to do was to go next door. So what you did is you made a whole cycle. You left London, you went to the airport and took a flight to Washington, D.C., came back, and this time, instead of coming to your home, you stopped at the next door.

I mean, this is what we have to understand. Our purpose, our function, our motive is one. And it's to spread this Knowledge in this world. But before we spread any of this Knowledge in this world, before we go out to somebody and say, "Hey. There's Truth in this world." And they turn around to us and say, "What is it?" And you say, "Well, I -- I don't know." Instead of playing it that way, just really be able to experience it. Let the person almost know that what you're talking about isn't phoney-baloney, what you're talking about isn't fake, but what you're talking about is actually sincere and real. And this is where your experience is coming from. This is where you're talking from.

In the first European tour I did, I was saying that if a person doesn't have any experience, what is he going to do? He's going to come up on the stage, pick up the microphone, and go, "Jai Satchitanand. Nice to see you. Bye-bye," and that's it. But premies, this is what we have to become clear about, that there is an intense relationship. And for this relationship to continue on and on and on, there has to be an organization.

So now it becomes quite clear, not that this relationship should go on and on and on so that there can be an organization, no! This relationship should go on and on and on, and so maybe there should be a little bit of organization to make this keep on happening the right way, so that everybody can be accommodated comfortably. So that everything can happen in a way where it can be completely blissful. Where people don't have to bother about, "Well, where am I going to sleep tonight?" "Look, I've got to catch a bus." "Look, I've got to catch this thing." But everybody can just come and let it go. Let it flow. Let those horses of our mind sit in the stable.

Give your mind a vacation. It works so hard for you. And it keeps on working constantly 24 hours a day, day and night. Give it a vacation. It deserves it, so it can have unity, it can be a uniform thing. And how beautiful that would be, I can't describe it. But what it is, it's true, it's sincere, and that is why we are all enjoying it. If this was a big fake, put-on show, nobody would enjoy it. But this is real. Now what we are experiencing is the true Love. And this is where we have to keep on going, premies. This is where our destination is. This is the train we want to catch to go on, to have -- I mean, what do you want?

To me, I can only speak from my experience. And before I received Knowledge it was like, "Yeah, man, Knowledge is it. Knowledge is everything. Knowledge is the most fantastic thing." And after I received it, that's it. And it just completely took priority in my life, and because it took priority in my life …

Of course, I can tell you that story about the way it was.

We were just there, and one day Shri Maharaj Ji came in the afternoon and He said, "You guys want Knowledge?" He didn't quite say it in English, or that way, but, "You want Knowledge?" And we said, "Yeah!"

So He took us into the sitting room and said, "Okay. How do you do meditation?" And I said, "Like this." (holding hands out) And He revealed us Knowledge. He gave us Knowledge. And from there on it was just like, "Okay. Now you're on your own. If you want to proceed in this Knowledge, if you want to continue with this Knowledge, that is completely up to you. You have to make that effort. I have done my part."

And then you know, it's like, "Okay, this is what you have been wanting for such a long time. You've got it. Go at it." And you start going at it, like I did, and then suddenly I realized something: "Wait a minute. This is not the way it goes. It's not as simple as learning how to swim and jumping in the ocean, and you're going to reach New York from London. No, no. That's not the way it goes. This is a little bit different kind of story here." I realized that, wow, there is this Knowledge, and it's so fantastic, and it's so complete, and it's so beautiful. But so far as importance is concerned, if I leave Guru Maharaj Ji, if I completely put Guru Maharaj Ji aside, I'm going to sink. No. I need Guru Maharaj Ji.

And to me then, slowly, it just started to become even more obvious, even more obvious, even more obvious. What I needed in my life was my Guru Maharaj Ji. And that I could flower, I could water every leaf in the plant, and just go on day and day and watch the plant deteriorate slowly, or I could just water the root. And I had both options.

And fortunately, and of course by His Grace, I took the option: "Well, let me just try it this way. Let me just water the roots." And I just watched this plant flourish. Because I took the option: "Wait a minute. if I plug myself into Guru Maharaj Ji completely, then -- Guru Maharaj Ji revealed me this Knowledge. He will take me where I want to go. But if I myself try to make that effort, do I even know how long this path is? Do I know how long I'll have to continue on this path? Do I know, for sure, how much effort, how much energy do I have? And how long it's going to take me to get there, and how much of this energy is going to be actually spent on going from one part to the other?"

I mean, this is just my story. This is what happened with me. And it was obviously clear: "No. Wait a minute. Don't go around trying to water every leaf. No. Just go to the root." And the root is Guru Maharaj Ji.

And if we can come to that point in our life, to that devotion, devotion is an experience, just like satsang is an experience. I mean, I'm positive that there are people here who are listening to this satsang, hearing it from one ear and throwing it out the other. It doesn't mean anything to them. There are other people who are saying, "This is completely impractical. How could you possibly do that?" Well, here is a living example right here, you know? And there are people probably here just saying, "Wow, that's just great, you know. Well, I bet that's how


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1977

I want to bridge that gap that is between that
infinite thing and you, who are so finite, so that
you can come to that point where you can actually
be one with that infinite thing.

he became Guru Maharaj But no. We can all -- see, this is the thing, this is what all the scriptures have said, that that is the capability of Guru Maharaj Ji. That Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to that experience that He has Himself. And this is why I am here giving you this satsang, because I want you to have that same experience that I did. And the reason is because I Love you.

And then we go back to the same thing. Why do I Love you? There is no reason behind it. And if there was a reason behind it, then it wouldn't be sincere Love. And if it had a reason, then it wouldn't be worth it. But because it doesn't have a reason, it's an endless, constant flow. It's why it's so beautiful; it's why it's incredible, and it's why everybody can be accommodated. But if it had a reason, I bet only so many people could really respect that reason and be in that Love. But because it doesn't have a reason, it is completely endless, everybody can jump into this river and take advantage of it. Because it is always flowing.

And so premies, you know, I can give you a lot of philosophical theories. I can tell you how an automobile works. Or I can tell you how a camera works. Or I can tell


you a lot of different things. But that's not what you need in your life. All you need in your life is one thing you already have: your life. Life; that energy. And you don't need that, that's already there.

And you don't have to do anything to keep it there, either. When you go to sleep it's still going. What you have to do is to tap into that energy, to completely submerge into that energy, completely merge with that energy, that you can be one with that energy. And there is a process to do that. There is a path to do that. And that is the path that I want to reveal to you. I want to bridge that gap that is between that infinite thing and you, who are so finite, so that you can come to that point where you can actually be one with that infinite thing.

You know, there's a lot of theories about heaven and hell. And I think they're all right here. Because I have no movies, and I have no pictures and no signed affidavits to tell you that there are heaven and hell. But I have one thing, and I can sign it myself, and that is that heaven and hell are right here. We can make it heaven right here.

God has given this man everything, has made man the crown of creation. You look at bees, you know, and it's just incredible the way they work. And when you start to look at bees -- and Tulsidas says that this human body is so precious, this human life is so precious, it's so incredible, it's so fortunate. Then you look at bees, you know, and it's just like, "Maybe that's what I would want to be, you know? This is such an incredible pattern, such an incredible pattern that -- there is a queen bee, and they have built their hive, and they have this, and they have everything. It's a whole one-package system.-

Or maybe you'd start looking at red ants, and say, "Boy! They have soldiers, they have their generals, they have their kings and queens and everything!" I mean, you start looking at these different things, and you start seeing that in a lot of ways some other life is actually superior in its activities than human life is. But, any other life in this whole world cannot do one thing, and that is to realize this Knowledge.

A gorilla cannot sit here and experience the same thing that you're experiencing. A gorilla can maybe not go through the darshan line and have tears in his eyes. And maybe that is the difference: that you can experience something which the other things can't experience. And of course you look at it, just the way that, for instance, the shark is. He has existed since prehistoric times. Man, wouldn't you like to live like that? Never die, you know? But, no. The advantage of this body is to be able to experience what we can experience. And there are, of course, different experiences that we can experience. But they are not the experience that this life is for.

And so premies, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, and by the Grace of this Knowledge, and by every Grace there is, here we are. And we can go on into our head trips. We can go on into our crazy minds.

You know, somebody once asked me, "You know, it's just so hard to sit down and do meditation. I don't have exactly the same experience." Yeah. How are you going to have the same experience? For twenty-two hours of the day you let your horses run wild, completely. And then, all of sudden, in two hours, you want to throw a lasso on every horse's neck, and put him in the stable as though they had never been outside that.

You have to constantly work at it. This is a path of progress. It's not like, "Alright. Here is your little thing, and ta-ta. That's it. Here is my receipt, and here is your receipt. And this is it." No. This is an ever-growing connection. This is an everlasting connection. There is no end to it. It can go higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher. And we, as individuals, can place ourselves at that point to determine how high it is. So we can be at that point where we can really experience more and more and more, and that is to surrender. Try to surrender. To what? You know? And it's like, surrender. Surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Surrender to this Knowledge.

Really let this Knowledge -- see, right now probably a person is completely filled with ego. And a lot of people do a lot of things, and the only reason is because of ego, you know? And then, people even say, "Yeah. I want my ego. I need my ego. Otherwise, how would I survive in this world without my ego?"

Well, it's like it must have been really something for that one caveman who came out of his cave to have a lot of ego. All he wanted was somehow to get his hands on something to eat, and that was his ego. But today, it's not that simple. He didn't have any clothes to wear, he didn't have any place to stay. And slowly and slowly of course he became a caveman, and came down from trees into caves, and so on and so forth. But to live, to survive, we don't need ego. We don't need our minds. And by mind I don't mean brain. Brain is brain. Brain is a different thing. Brain is where we store our knowledge. I mean by mind this one crazy thing.

Okay, let's not call it mind. Identify it the way you want to identify it -- that keeps on making the man go crazier every day. That's what we need to capture. That's what we need to have to get under control.

And so premies, either we can take this big ride into this endless forest of mind, and maybe, for a little way, it looks nice and wide and big and lit up and everything. But once you get going, there's only one way. And it leads right into this forest, which just goes on and on and on and on, and there's no end to it. And it's a crazy forest. Or we can come to point where we take this one path which Guru Maharaj Ji has provided us, which every Perfect Master has provided us, and do that satsang, service, and meditation, to be in tune with all that it is. And be in synch, and not go into our head trips, but stay there, and be simple. Be simple within inside of us.

Because what we have to experience, what there is for us to experience, we have to be simple to experience it. Not complicated, not sophisticated. I don't mean in our lifestyles. But we don't have to be flying eighty thousand feet up there to shake a hand with a person who's on the earth, who's on the ground. Most definitely not. We have to be right there at that level, at that level where that


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1977

I think if you want to listen to some good advice --
maybe it's not the best advice, but it's a practical advice
- do it. Do satsang, service and meditation.
This is my experience.

Knowledge is. And how complicated is Knowledge? To me? Maybe to you it's super-complicated, but to me it's the most simple thing.

And it's too simple. And that is our problem. We keep shooting off. We keep getting up. It's just like, it's too simple. And we have to like, almost simplify most of our complicated aspects, and go into that Knowledge, and that's what it is. Because we are just like a little letter, you know. A little wind blows and it just takes right off and it goes, "What's happening?" And we just keep taking off with every ride. We're too much into our trips. We just have to simplify, come to that point of that Knowledge: so simple and so humble and so basic. And so that we can do this, you know, this is my purpose. So we can all proceed, all together, to this one point where we can all have that same realization as I did. This is what I want every one of you to have.

But, you can do whatever you want to do. Yes, of course,


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) On Throne On Personally Designed Stage 1977

I'll teach you how to drive. But you can't sit there and do whatever you want to do and expect me to also teach you how to drive. You have to do whatever I recommend you to do. If I tell you to turn left, okay, turn the steering wheel counter-clockwise and you'll turn left. And if you turn it clockwise, and you turn right, then you know that when I tell you to turn left, just don't turn it clockwise. Turn it counter-clockwise, and you'll turn left. Be simple. Be at that place. Be at that point. Don't go away. Be right there.

And I tell you, more and more of these satsang programs are going to happen, and more and more bliss is going to be enjoyed by the premies all around. If there are premies who are going to go away into their own head trips, they are going to miss a lot. Maybe physically they'll be right there at every program. But look. Today if somebody was into his mind trip, you've missed a lot, boy. And if you just experienced a simple little thing, you have still missed a lot. There's a lot that happened. And it's just incredible what the possibilities are. And it's also so incredible what we end up doing with it; to just really perceive, just to really make that dedication, to really make that surrender happen.

For instance, if we look at things our own way, then yes, satsang is very, very complicated. No. If you look at it satsang's way, satsang is not very complicated, satsang is very simple, because its just mere talk about your experience inside. What can be more simple than that?

To a lot of people meditation is very, very complicated; very sophisticated. Man, that's what's making you survive! And that's not your heart, either. It's not your heart, it's not your brain, it's not your kidneys, it's not your bladder, it's not your stomach. Its something so basic, so simple, so small, that is within you, you know? And you just have to go inside. Just a little turn, and it's right there. Not just go around feeling it out: "Where is it?" and -Here it is," and sitting down for meditation and thinking about everything. But it's very simple.

And for service, you know, there's a lot of people who have problems with service: "Well, service is very difficult. What is service? I don't understand what service is.- A lot of people say, "Could you please define service for us?" Yeah, well if you could define what sugar is -- sugar is a name for this something, whatever it is, that when you put it in your tea, or on your tongue, it makes this experience happen which you call sweet. That's the best way to define sugar. It's this white stuff, or, you can take honey, or you can take anything you have, but it's just something that when it comes in contact with your tongue, makes an experience happen which is sweet. That's what service is.

Service is not a physical job. Like I used to describe it to you, you know, maybe you have a little rag in your pocket handy all the time -- here comes your National Coordinator, your NC, and you start cleaning the chair you're sitting on. And he says, "Really nice premie, huh? He's always cleaning this chair, he always keeps the ashram nice and clean." And then he goes away and you pull out your remote control from the bottom of your chair, and turn on your TV and watch. And then as soon as he comes, you know, you have your little tape recorder handy, and you push it and satsang is playing, and you're cleaning your chair, or doing some service. No.

But, a lot of people were into that physical aspect of it. And what they got out of it was a lot of confusion. Because it became -- all of a sudden from a service, it became duty. From duty, it became a job. And once it became a job, it became too much of a burden, you know?

Service is an experience that you do once you have received Knowledge. It is an experience that is attained through satsang, through meditation, through these techniques that have been revealed, through Guru Maharaj Jib's Grace. When you make an act, when you do any action that is for Guru Maharaj Ji, by Guru Maharaj Jib's Grace, that is service.

It's an experience. It's not going "bang, bang, bang" on something. But it's going "bang, bang, bang" on something and experiencing something from it. And that's not your thumb getting hurt. But it's something so deep within inside. It's something so beautiful within inside. That's what service is.

And a lot of people have experienced it in their lives, and have just forgotten about it, you know? "What is it?" And then other things that have come along have all become a job. Because to me that is what service is. It's an experience. It's not to do work, but it's just to do things through this experience of Knowledge, because you have received this Knowledge. To take your actions and put them into that purpose, into that goal. That's what service is. And though it's physical, the experience is completely spiritual, is completely inside.

I mean, once in a while, you must have had that experience of doing that service where it's completely beautiful, it's completely blissful. You do this work and it's -- yes, it's very tiring, it's this and that, but you love doing it. It's just great, it's incredible. And besides any concepts, maybe it's blowing your mind, so to say, but it's beautiful. And so that is the experience we have to keep on going with, we have to keep on having.

But to do that, you know, it's just a big loop. To surrender more -- if we surrender more, then more experience of Knowledge, more Grace, more Guru Maharaj Ji. And so there's a loop. But, to have more surrender you have to have more Grace, more Guru Maharaj Ji, and more Knowledge. To have more Knowledge, you have to have more Grace, more Guru Maharaj Ji, more surrender. And it's just like a big loop, and it just goes around and around and around. You can't just pick one thing and just say, "That is what I'm going to do," you know? it just has to go on in your life.

And it can become such a -- not a part of your life. I'm not saying that, "Yes, take this," you know, like the example I gave yesterday: take your beliefs, take your little God that you imagine, and put him in a little vault and lock him up and say, "This is it." No, no, no. This is life, this is not a part of life. This is life. This is the realization of that energy which is making whatever we


call life. Make other things a part of it, not this a part of everything else. And this is what we really have to understand.

We really always try to make this Knowledge a part of our lives. Well, how can you take yourself and make yourself your own uncle? How can you have two different identities? You are the same. And therefore, when you take this -- your own life process, your own self, who you really are -- how can you make yourself a part of yourself? You can't. You can make other things a part of yourself, and this is what we have to really understand. And then it's so beautiful. Because what we have to go into, what the availabilities are, what the possibilities are, for us -- and it's Guru Maharaj Ji's world that I talk about.

And you know, a lot of people say the most incredible, the most fantastic imagination is to have the land of milk and honey, you know. And it's just an imagination, you know. Have houses built of chocolate, and rivers flowing with milk, and you know, honey dripping from every place, and it's just all these imaginations that people have. Everything is in Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

And what is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? Don't picture it like another universe. Don't picture it like another global Earth. No, it's not that. It's just a world of its own, within every single one of us, that we have to enter. But to go into it, we have to go within inside of us, to be able to go within inside, to be able to be in Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

And Guru Maharaj Ji's world is completely beautiful. Because there, there is no future, and there is no past. And there is always present, in a way which is constant, which is not like -- well, a word I just said is already past, but it's completely constant. The more that I have experienced of Guru Maharaj Ji's world, I see that the word -immortality" must have come from there, where there is no future and there is no past. Where everything, and every time, and every second, everything is constant. And that is Guru Maharaj Ji's world: where there is Love.

The only kind of Love that exists there is the kind of Love that I'm talking about. Not a physical love. Not a kind of love that people say, "Oh, stop violence, have love." That love doesn't last too long anyway, you know? That's just the kind of love -- or maybe to a lot of people it's more of a physical necessity than love.

But what I talk about is that endless Love that has no end to it. And that is the Love that we should all share, because it is there. And if you want to reason it again, well of course there is no reason for it, why it should be there. Well, I think the best reason is that it is there, and that we take advantage of it now, that we really go into that world now, and not just keep on saying, "Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I'll get into meditation, I'll get into service, I'll get into satsang a little bit later in my life." But now. Because it's all happening, you know? It's just a whole chain cycle and it's just -- it's happening, and it's happening right now!

We can all sit here like complete dummies, with our lips hanging way down low, our eyes just sagging, just looking, you know, at this white stage, and that's it. Or we can do what I think a lot of people are doing here, you know?

And so, I'm not going to tell you any more. I just want you to feel it. Because it's an experience. And as I said, how do you describe that experience? So you should just try to feel it instead of trying to learn some philosophies about it. People want to know, as though this was a kind of route, this was a kind of a map that Guru Maharaj Ji's going to pull out of his pocket and say, "Here, kid. This is the map. And it's all marked how to get to this hotel." This is what people think a lot of times.

No. This is the kind of a path that -- Guru Maharaj Ji has it marked. He's not going to tell you, because the kind of situation you are in is not that you have your own car in a city. You're more in a taxi, in a city, where the taxi driver will take you wherever you want to go. You're in more of a kind of situation that, instead of having a renta-car and having to know where to drive, you're in the kind of a situation where you are in this big boat, and the captain will take you where you want to go.

And to me, the best thing to do is to let go. Because what we are hanging onto in this world isn't worth it, anyway. It's not going to last. Just let it go. Let what go? Whatever you are hanging onto up here in your head, in your mind, in your dreams, in your craziness. Let go of that. Let go of that crazy mind, and that's what it is. Let go of your crazy mind. Give it a nice old vacation. Give it a ticket and say, "Look. I never want to see you again." And this is what we need to do. And that is not an impossibility, premies. That is really not an impossibility.

I know a lot of people have struggled with mind a lot of times, and they come out beaten, completely beaten, you know. And then they said, "Help!" Somehow they got rejuvenated again, and then, they go there, "Oh, yeah, I'll fight you. I'll fight you.- Instead of fighting it, they join it. The mind just drags them all over, all over. It just gets them completely beat, and then it just drops them, you know. And then people find that they feel guilty or feel low. It's not the matter of feeling guilty that's going to make you any better. it's the matter of making the effort that's going to make you better.

And this is the spiritual path. And what I mean by spiritual path is not in terms of spirit and, you know, calling ghosts in or anything. I mean in terms of self- realization of what you are. Because what you are is not a noun. You are not noun. You look different. You act different. You talk different. You do different things different, yes. But what are you? Who are you?

It's the example that we give. it's like Hansie, when Hansie was born. And he was there, and he had no name, you know? And that's the example I gave in Frankfurt. There he was, and he had no name. That means, he didn't -- it was like we knew that we had a baby boy, but it didn't exist because there was no name for it? As soon as we would have a name for it, it would all of a sudden appear right in front of us? No.

There was an identity within itself. And by giving that


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed As Krishna 1977

And what is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? Don't picture it
like another universe. Don't picture it like another
global Earth. No, it's not that. It's just a world of its
own, within every single one of us, that we have to enter.


identity a name, we almost took away something from it. We made it too -- too crazy, too weird. Because what it was, was beautiful. it was what it was, period. And this is what we have to go back into in our lives. We're too complicated, and we have to simplify ourselves. We have to bring it down. We have to come to the point of: be who you are. And obviously it's like that one example that I gave … We all act in this world. We're big actors in this world. And, you know, one person has to wear a certain kind of suit and you know, everybody does it. But if you closely look at it, it's just a big act. "Oh, no. I don't like brown. I have to have burgundy. That is what my color is."

And there's every color in this Earth. But, no. Everybody has to put a certain cologne on, you know. Everybody has to do things a certain, particular way. And it just seems like it's just a big old act where, you know, if everybody does the same act, then nobody's going to be popular, so everybody has to do a different act, so everybody can be popular in this world. And we just go on from day to day, "Oh, no. I would like this kind of a car, or this kind of a house, or this kind of a this, this kind of that." It gets, you know, particular and particular and particular and particular. And it's just -- it's thing that we're into.

Because it's like, to one point we can understand. I can understand people liking real cream better than the artificial one, you know? But then there are people who completely hate the real cream, but love the artificial cream, which is an imitation. That is a little bit hard to understand to me, you know. There are things like that. And there's a lot of things like that. And you can just obviously see that there's no purpose for it, there's no reason for it, you know. But, man has to get into it, and man really has to play it big, has to have it a certain way.

I just experienced this "certain way" kind of a trip just before I came here. Because when I was in Italy, I had a few clothes made. And one of the suits was really beautiful. It was a white suit, and it's got satin lapels on it. It's got a vest. It's a really beautiful suit. So everybody saw the suit and said, "Oh yes, you should wear this suit at satsang tonight." We brought the suit over. It had a really beautiful shirt with it, but the shirt didn't have two buttons right up here. You were supposed to buy these special buttons for it, you know, gold or something like that, and you put it on. Well, we didn't have that. And we didn't have cufflinks for it. And there was this thing, you know? And it all looked fine. And there was this shirt, and it all looked fine, but if I would have just gone like this, it would have completely -- it was just weird!

And so slowly this thing, all of a sudden, you know, I just started to get dressed and I said, "Oh, wait a minute. This thing doesn't have two buttons here!" Or, "Hey, Ronnie, did you bring the cufflinks?" And it just started to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, you know? And it just started to get so big, you know, where we had to call this place and get Raja Ji's cufflinks, and then some other premie's cufflinks over there. We tried to say, "Well, maybe you can just put cufflinks instead of two buttons there, and cufflinks here and …"

It just got into such a big ordeal, that it was hard for me to understand, "Why can't I just wear this suit, and come over here?" You know? But, I mean, of course if I would have come in that suit, it would have been really beautiful. It was very beautiful suit. It would have looked very beautiful. But the kind of ordeal … I mean, if it would have been just simple old flat plain, if it had two buttons here and two buttons here, it would have been all okay, you know? But just everything that it got dragged into, you know?

There were girls taking out their earrings: "Maybe you can try an earring on there." Everything was happening. Raja Ji was sending off his cufflinks from here, and Peter Lee was bringing the cufflinks over there, and its just so -- but that's the thing. And maybe that -- at that particular point it wasn't that way. Everybody wanted to see me come out in that, because they liked the dress; they liked the suit. But it wasn't worth the ordeal.

And so this is what we have to understand, premies. If it is worth the ordeal for you to go into this world, and the kind of -- I mean you have to really look back, and you have to stop for a second and look -- what kind of a train, what kind of an ordeal-train do you carry behind you in this world anyway? And, I mean, after a little while, after you're a slave, you know, you're just pushing it, pushing it, you don't care. But if you're kind of a rickshaw puller, you should stop and see who's sitting behind in this seat, you know?

And it's like, instead of blaming yourself, saying, "Oh, this world is crazy. And this life is no good. And everything is just all weird and absurd," you should maybe think about it, that the person who is sitting behind you, that you are towing, is a little too big to carry around like that. No.

You just try your best, you know. It's just, "Doesn't matter, doesn't matter."

But, you know, sometimes people do that, and maybe they're fortunate enough to do that, to stop their rickshaw. Instead of just pulling this rickshaw all around for the rest of their lives, they stop and they look, and there is this biggest, fattest thing sitting there, all three tons of fun, you know, this guy has to carry around. And they realize that, "Look, I just can't do it in my life." And so, you just wave good-bye to that passenger. Maybe get a passenger that you can carry around.

And so, it's so beautiful that we have the choice -- instead of carrying this crazy mind-passenger all around, we have the option of carrying ourselves wherever we want to go, instead of carrying other people where they want to go. Where this mind wants to lead us -- instead of going there, we have an option of going where we are supposed to go, where we are supposed to be. And of course, the option is ours. We can take it, or we can throw it all away.

So premies, I think if you want to listen to some good advice -- maybe it's not the best advice, but it's a practical advice -- do it. Do satsang, service, and meditation. This is my experience.

Thank you very much.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed As Krishna 1977