Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Young Satguru in Bihar India 1971

Searching for The Sun

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Patna, Bihar, India, December 25, 1971

(translated from Hindi)


The future predictions which Lord Krishna told His disciple Arjuna are now coming true. Not only are the predictions coming true, but the intentions which Lord Krishna had are also manifesting little by little. Lord Krishna foresaw these days, and He indicated that, "When such a decline from Truth occurs that unrighteousness prevails in the universe, then I will come."

And now He has come. But how to make this universe understand? If there were one or two persons, I might make them understand. But the whole universe is now blind, thinking only of filling their stomachs. God came! But when He was not present in this universe, then people searched for Him very much. When the sun was not shining, people were searching for the sun in the night. And when the sun came, they stopped searching and went to sleep.

To see the moon, you have to wake up at nighttime. Similarly, to see God, you have to wake up at His time. You have to wake up and recognize who your Father is, who your God is, and who will show you the path, which will bring liberation if you follow it. Today many saints, leaders and others are crying only for one thing: Peace should be brought to humanity. If by saying, "Peace, peace, peace," peace could be achieved, then by saying, "The war between India and Pakistan should be stopped, the war between India and Pakistan should be stopped," then the war would be stopped. But in this universe the perfect role is played by action, not by speech. The role of speech is limited to the tongue only, but the role of action is much greater.

This universe has been created on the basis of actions. Whatever you sow, you will reap. Actions are predominant in this universe. One who acts in a sincere way to spread this Knowledge, to know this Knowledge, this same person is entitled to know this Knowledge of self-realization. Because for the man who was so lazy that he searched for the sun in the night, but when the sun came he slept, how could he meet the sun?

Similarly, when it was not time to meet God, a great search was made by the people. And now that the time has come to meet God, nobody is thinking about meeting Him. Actually, this is a great wonder, that when it was not time to know God, and the atmosphere was peaceful by the Grace of God, then all the people were searching very hard. Yet now, the previous Grace has left, and much more darkness is prevailing in the universe. But nobody cares to search.

Now, in this greatest function, I believe that there may be about a half-million persons assembled here. These half million people are like a drop in the ocean in the presence of the 550 million people of India. Therefore, my dear aspirants, the Knowledge of self-realization, as you call it, is the same Knowledge I have come to give to you. I possess that Knowledge and I give it to the people. And by imparting that Knowledge of self-realization, I want to restore peace in the universe. I want to restore peace in this universe, that peace for which all the so- called religious leaders are striving.

India has a great history, and the pattern of this history has not been broken. The record is that when there was a decline in Truth, then God Himself came and controlled the situation. No so-called religious leaders or political leaders could even dare to do that. This is the record of India. When there were many cruel actions at the time of Guru Govind Singh, He took the sword in His own hand and He fought. This is the record of India.

So nowadays, this decline of righteousness can only be stopped, and the perfect Truth established, by that Perfect Master who is Omnipotent, Supremest Lord, Saint of all the saints, God of all the gods. India can stop the mouth of Pakistan, but nowadays all the countries are ready to fight against each other. So who will stop them?

If there is one jar, then the mouth of the jar can be sealed. But if there are innumerable jars, then can you seal all the mouths of the jars? Only the Supreme Lord, Saint of all saints, Omnipotent and Almighty, can close the mouth of the whole universe and shower the Knowledge of self-realization. Otherwise, the small whistles are not heard in the midst of such big drums.

Therefore, my dear aspirants, now that you know that Knowledge of Self, fulfill your aim. That is the only aim; that is the only goal. If a man knows that goal and recognizes it perfectly, he can come in perfect contact with God Almighty, his own Supreme Father, whom he has forgotten.

And in this gross darkness of ignorance, even his hands and feet are not visible to him. There is no way visible to him. He proceeds to search for light, but he marches towards darkness. in the forest which he reaches, the complete darkness covers him. The darkness becomes so dense that he tries to see his feet and his own feet are not visible to him. He looks towards his hands and his hands are also not visible to him. He looks towards the Earth; the Earth is not visible. He looks towards the sky; the sky is not visible to him. Now, where can he proceed? What can he do? How can he do it? He has to proceed, but how to proceed? Which way is there to proceed? What to do? How to do it? He is not understanding at all. He is at his wit's end.

Under these circumstances, when he cries for Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji Himself picks him up, and only then does the boat of his life sail across the ocean of this dark world.

When a man goes on a pilgrimage to a river and takes a bath in the river, he gets one fruit -- that is, his body will be cleaned. When a man meets a saint, he gets four fruits. And when he comes to the Lotus Feet of Satguru, he gets infinite fruits. He finds infinite fruits under the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji.

The reason for this is that it has been proclaimed that there is no Knowledge without Guru Maharaj Ji, and without Knowledge, a man cannot be detached from this universe. All the holy scriptures sing the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji, and say that without devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji there can be no peace and happiness. People read the Ramayana and learn it by heart, but they are not


following it. It is clearly written in the Ramayana that there is no Knowledge without Guru Maharaj Ji, and no detachment from this universe without Knowledge. And without devotion to Guru Maharaji there is no happiness.

My dear aspirants, what is that thing which is alive within everyone? To make that living power alive for you, there is great necessity for Guru Maharaj Ji. Saint Kabir says in his poems that Guru Maharaj Ji and God both are standing and he has to think to whom he should prostrate, God or Guru Maharaj Ji. And he decides that he has to prostrate before Guru Maharaj Ji, not before God, because he was crying so much for God, but God could not save him from worldly miseries. But Guru Maharaj Ji saved him immediately from all the troubles, and liberated him. And now God Himself is also visible by the meditation on the Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji.

If I had made this poem, then you might object, but I have not made this poem. This poem repeatedly says that Guru is greater than God. Think and decide in your heart. By remembering God, you cannot be liberated. But if you remember Guru Maharaj Ji, you will immediately cross the vast ocean and be liberated.

Now see, my dear aspirants, the principal of the school is also in charge of that school, but if you are not on good terms with your teacher, even though you have gained the favor of the principal, you cannot pass. And if you are not in favor with the principal but you are on good terms with the teacher, then you will pass. This is a fact.

God is definitely the door of this universe, but if you are not on good terms with Guru Maharaj Ji, you cannot see God. God is omnipotent. If God is omnipotent and the life force that is within all, then why is He not showing Himself before devotees? Why is He not visible to you?

There is a great necessity for Guru Maharaj Ji. In any field, such as in the military or in a school, you need a guru (teacher). So for this Knowledge, which is the highest object, you have to have a specialist Guru. Other gurus cannot touch even the shadow of this Knowledge. This specialist Guru is one for His own time. He is the one for the present, commanding the entire age. He is the Supremest Lord of the time.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj said in His own time, "People of the world, always remember that one Supremest Eternal Power who alone is permeating water, earth and all the creations. Do not remember any other who is in birth and death." You don't have to remember others. You have to remember the One who is really One for the whole universe.

Once I met an Indian man who told me that he was adopting the Sikh religion. He said, "That is the correct path for me, and I have hope that in my religion I will be liberated."

Then I said, "Suppose a car is definitely coming. Then you can hope the car will come. But if not, then something else will come." This is the path of life. There is no hope in this. This life has no certainty. Nobody knows when and at what moment anything will happen. We should not rely upon hope or probability in this case. The work you do should be accurate and you should be certain about it.

Don't play with your life. This human life is a very, very great thing. It has been written in the Ramayana that by great fortune the soul receives this human body. All the holy scriptures and saints sing the glory of this human body. This human body is the abode of actions for liberation. This is the gateway to salvation. If a man, having this human body, doesn't try for his liberation, then he himself is the murderer of his own soul.

Many people ask me to have a discussion about Truth, but I know only one thing, and that has already been said by Lord Buddha: -Wise people do not discuss and dispute Truth." And He spoke quite correctly. If Truth is One, and everyone knows that Truth is One, then why argue and dispute about it? How can you dispute over it? Even if you want to have discussion about it, what will you do? I have nothing to discuss about Truth. Truth is our life. Truth will show us the way. We have to proceed toward Truth. We have nothing to do with discussions and arguments. Truth is One and we have to follow the Truth. Wise people do not discuss Truth.

Therefore, my dear aspirants, what is that path? What is that medium which, if we adopt it, we can know that Supremest God, we can know that Creator of this universe, we can know our Father who, though He is omnipresent, is the secret of all secrets, is everywhere, is actually not secret. And you can know Him only by the Grace and Blessings of Guru Maharaj Ji.

You may read all the Vedas, the Ramayana, and any of the scriptures you like, but without Guru Maharaj Ji, there can be absolutely no Knowledge of that power. if you don't know how to read Hindi, English or French, if you don't know how to read any language -- suppose there is one completely illiterate and foolish man who doesn't know how to read any language. You may put all the Vedas and some written reprimands in front of him, but both are equal for him. You may put the Gita or any holy scriptures before him, but all arc equal for him, because he doesn't know how to read.

The same is the case with man. if you put a book before the body of a man, his eyes will read and his intellect will think. There was one scientist in America, he was a doctor, and he was researching. He spoke to me in a very open way and said, "Maharaj Ji, I am completely in agreement with you. We see by the eyes and think by the intellect. But when the body dies, then the intellect remains with the dead body." All these things the soul cannot carry to God. All these things should be left here. And in the court of God, the soul will remain alone. So what can you take with the soul after death?

The intellect cannot go with the soul, because your brain and intellect can be made separate from you even within your life span. Many scientists change the brain completely. Some doctors also change the brain. Because this is the brain. Everything is kept in the mind. The power of discrimination, the power of thinking, and other


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Young Satguru 1971 Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Young Satguru In Procession 1971

similar powers are kept in the mind and brain. Anyone can test that. So what does a man take with him after death? What is that thing with which he can appear before God?

There is a permanent ticket with him. God says, "My Supreme Abode is that place where there is no sunlight, moonlight, firelight, but my own Light is shining there. Entering there, the soul never returns back into the circle of birth and death." What is that thing which will lead you to the Supreme Abode?

You should have a special certificate of the True Name. The train of Truth and Righteousness (Dharma) is going. Anyone may come and sit in it. The meaning of Dharma is to adopt the Truth sustaining the whole universe. God did not make Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian, "This is this; this is that. I am this; he is that." All these differences are the creations of men.

From time immemorial up to this period, many battles were fought. These battles were due to the narrow-mindedness of religion. Today, the war between India and Pakistan is going on due to the thought of religion. If you listen to Radio Pakistan, it will become very clear to you. The radio says, "We are the only real sons of God (Khuda) and we worship Him in the true way. These Indians are away from religion. It will be very good to cut their necks and kill them.- So this war is mainly due to religion.

But the meaning of religion is the realization of that thing which has sustained the creation.

Money is a dream; it is not real. if you put millions before a man, the money will be left here, the dead body will be left here, and the soul will fly away. The thing which is absolutely real, the Word of God, will fly from this body, and everything will be left here. This is why the whole world is a dream.

This world that we see is the imagination of God. One saint said, "Lord; You have done the most excellent work of creating the whole play of the universe out of Your mere thought." This is explained by the Creator Himself. Just as children play according to their own will (and with their own feet they smash that play), the whole world is the play of God.

Some man goes today, someone goes tomorrow, while someone else is ready to go. Someone is coming and someone is going. This business of coming and going is continuous.

Why do you have this human body? To know this, we will


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Young Satguru 1971 have to take the shelter of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji knows all. Guru Maharaj Ji is Brahma (Creator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Vishnu (Operator). Guru Maharaj Ji is Shiva (Destroyer of illusion and ego). And above all, Guru Maharaj Ji is the Supremest Lord in person before us.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the knower of all the Vedas. Knowing everything, He knows nothing. Guru Maharaj Ji, knowing everything, does not know anything. Why? If He knew all the Vedas, then there would be a limit to Him; He would also be limited. Then His thought would not go beyond the Vedas, because the Vedas themselves are limited. Are the Vedas always moving on? Do you think that there is no end to the Vedas? Yes, there is an end to the Vedas.

So the Supremest Lord, Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, knowing everything, remains detached from everything just like the lotus flower. The lotus is blossoming in water, but remaining in water, is away from the water. If the lotus flower goes underwater, then the ability of water to take all the good and bad will also come into the lotus. But the lotus, remaining in water, does not take the qualities of water. Remaining in water, the lotus does not accept the qualities of water.

There is one swan (hans) which is so beautiful and lovely, and the well-wisher of all. He does not drink water, he takes the milk and leaves the water. Similarly, my dear aspirants, we have to be like that. If you cannot be hans, then at least be part of hans. Some goodness which you cannot accept, leave, and some goodness which you can accept, take.

I have seen that the mind of human beings is so narrow that it cannot accept all goodnesses. The mind and intellect of men is so narrow that it cannot accept goodness. But the goodness which you can take, please take.

But Truth is neither bad nor good. Truth is Truth. Truth has to be accepted by each and every person, whether or not he accepts Truth as good or bad. When he leaves Truth, then he is not a man. Man is born out of Truth. His main will is for Truth. If he doesn't accept Truth, then he cannot adopt Truth.

The Americans have sent rockets to the moon. But go and ask them, "Have you got Truth in yourself?" Are they pacified? Are their thoughts proper? Did President Nixon become peaceful? Because one greatest devotee, Surdas, has clearly stated, "Who is more crooked and mean than myself?" He referred to his own name, but he spoke for the whole universe. He says, "How crooked and mean I am, that I forgot that Power who has created this beautiful human body and given it to me. I fill my stomach daily and think only about sensual pleasures, as the pigs of the city do. 0 my Lord, Lord of all Lords, can there be any shelter for a mean man like myself?" And more specifically, he said one thing which I like very much. What is that? That is, "I even stay away from devotees of the Supremest Lord, and serve those persons who are away from the Lord!" This statement of that saint appealed to me most. This is applicable for people of today. They keep themselves away from their Father, and serve others who are against the Father.

Therefore, my dear aspirants, what is that Word? Know that. If you have got the Knowledge of that Word, then meditate constantly. Do service under the Lotus Feet of your Lord, and listen to satsang patiently. It is written in the Ramayana that when a man is very fortunate, only then does he find satsang, and when he finds satsang and attends it, he is liberated without any effort.

Again, it is said, "Have darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji." Why? Because it is written in all Vedas and Ramayanas to have darshan. So touch the Lotus Feet. "Lay yourself down in the vast, unbounded ocean of Mercy underneath. Bathe and swing on the waves and sink inside. Drink the nectar of Mercy and Grace and Blessings, and be free from all sins."

My dear aspirants, the duty of the farmer is not only to sow the seed, but after sowing the seed, his next duty is to fertilize it, to water and protect it, until finally he harvests that crop. Therefore, my dear aspirants, first sow; and where you sow, properly fertilize and water. Know that thing which is unshaken Truth. That Truth is the Truth which permeates all. Knowing that Truth, make your life successful. Because all you see is a dream. The dream is only a dream. In this dream, your life is spent. Nothing will go with you.

Will you please think for a moment how beautiful this human body is, and how all things, are available with this


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Young Satguru 1971

human body. But all this is only for a twinkling of an eye, for a moment only. Whatever beauty you see remains here; whatever virtues there are remain here. it is up to you whether you put that body in the ground, or burn it to ashes, or throw it in the river, or cut it into pieces. it makes no difference when the true thing which was present in the body leaves. That bird flew away. Now the empty cage is there, and whether you burn this cage, or break it, or cut it, it makes no difference.

God has given us this body, and that bird is sitting in the body. Before that bird flies from this cage, catch it. Know and recognize that bird. If you have got the Knowledge and recognize that bird, there is nothing to be worried about. But if you have not got Knowledge, if you have not recognized that bird, it will fly and you will simply stand by and watch.

Therefore, know that Supreme Truth, the Supreme Truth. Saint Kabir says that, "As there is oil in the sesame seed and fire in the flint stone, so your Father is seated in your heart. It is now the time to know Him if you can." Again, it is said that, "You may read all the holy scriptures, worship all the gods and goddesses, but without the Knowledge of Supreme Self, the whole sum of your works is absolutely meaningless." Therefore, know the theme of that Supreme Work which is Knowledge of the Self, and then do the work as needed with your body.

This human body has been given to you by the Mercy and Grace of God. Even the gods and goddesses are longing for this human body. Birds and beasts are aware of welfare and distress as much as we are. What is good and what is bad is known by animals also, but the special feature of this human body is to know that Knowledge, is to accept the essence of that Knowledge.

Therefore, my dear aspirants, know that Supreme Truth. This universe is the play of God. What you have to do is always remember the Name. That Name, being a noun, is not a noun; being an adjective, is not an adjective.

Remaining in everyone, it is separate from all. It is supremely sacred beyond all that is sacred.

It is said by Lord Ram that, "There is one very, very secret Truth of mine, and that is the Name which Lord Shiva always remembers. I tell you with my folded hands that without that Name, you cannot have my devotion."

Again, Lord Shiva says to Uma, "There is only one Truth and that is the Name of God, and the rest of the world is dream. This is my own experience."

Now, when you go to Lord Ram, He says, "Meditate on the Name on which Lord Shiva meditates." When you go to Lord Shiva, He says, "Meditate on the Name on which Lord Ram meditates." Perhaps you are perplexed about what to do and what not to do.

This is like, once there was a rainfall of gold. So the wife of a washerman said, "Go to the river and pick up the gold there first, and after returning from the river, we will pick up the gold in the courtyard." But by the time he reached the river, the gold there had been picked up by some other people. And when he returned in disappointment to his home, he found no gold in his courtyard, because some thieves had picked up that gold already. So the washerman neither became rich at the river nor at his home.

So, my dear brothers, the matter here is the same. Sometimes you go to Ram, sometimes to Shankar. Thus you will be deprived of Truth. But again it is said, "Go to Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, under whose Lotus Feet Lord Ram, Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are all prostrated. He will give you the Truth, and you will know devotion to Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak, Shankaracharya, Saint Kabir, all at one time."

It is said again and again, "If you go to a Teerath (a kind of holy place), you will find one fruit. If you meet a saint, you will get four fruits. But when you meet Satguru Maharaj Ji, you will get countless fruits."

If you have the desire to find countless fruits, then you will have to go to the Lotus Feet of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji is the one and only shelter for you.

Saint Kabir said, "I was flowing with the flow of this universe and there was no way before me, but suddenly Guru Maharaj Ji caught my hand and gave me the Supreme Lamp of Knowledge. By putting the lamp in my hand, He also showed me the Supreme Object and joined me to it immediately. This is my eternal path for all lifetimes. I was in complete darkness, but now that Guru Maharaj Ji has caught my hand and given me Knowledge, the darkness is gone and the immortal, eternal sun is shining in my heart."

The whole universe is completely blind. To whom should I speak? Nowadays, the people are searching for the sun with lanterns in their hands. I feel much more amused by this than by the fact that the fish living in the water are thirsty. To search for the sun, people are roaming with lanterns in their hands!

To search for God nowadays, people are turning to the Vedas for help. All these Vedas are like little lamps, and with the help of these lamps, people are searching for the sun. That is why it is said that, "When I hear that the fish living in the water are thirsty, I laugh at such foolishness. People don't try to search for God within their heart!"

It is said that Hanuman meditated on the Name so much that he kept Lord Ram in his own command. The people who remember Ram can have the proper control over Ram. The word "Ram" is an adjective, meaning He who permeates all around the universe at every place. So know that Ram, and knowing that one Lord, one God, one Supreme Father, join your heart perfectly with His Lotus Feet. In this world, people "love" so many things, but people are very rare who actually love God.

Now look towards me. Suppose this book is God. I may keep it in my pocket or in my bag, as I like. There is no trouble. But when I keep the living God in a bag, in my pocket, God will begin crying. Now the living God will need meals two times a day, tea, butter, cheese, milk,

ghee. In addition to all these things for His feeding, so many things will be needed for His worship. He will also need one room in which there will be a very good cot


with a very good bed; and at night there should be someone to serve Him there also. But there is no trouble with a God who is in a book. I may keep that God there easily. That is why people worship God in a book, a God who is formless. But one who is devoted to God in form and person gets the fruits in form and in person. One who puts his devotion to the Lord in body gets the real fruits in form, and one who puts his devotion to the formless Lord, to the formless God, gets fruit in no form.

One who is devoted to his Lord in body can see all the real virtue in form, and get the real fruits. Devotion towards the formless God is completely useless, because the object which the devotion is done for has neither horns, nor tail, nor legs, nothing. Therefore, my dear brothers, it is said that the whole universe is blind.

Now, there is a common saying that the sleeping man rises and sees who the man is who has awakened him. But now the case is reversed. The man who is doing the awakening is going to every person who is sleeping. And he sees that these people are determined not to get up. This is the darkest age (Kali Yuga). But in this darkest age, the Name of God is the only shelter and base. Only by remembering that Name can man cross the ocean of this world.

Therefore, my dearest friends, know the devotion for your Lord in body. You cannot get anything out of the devotion you do for a God that is formless. It is said that devotion to Guru Maharaj Ji is very, very difficult, that it is too difficult to be asked for. But after all, it is the easiest thing. There are two paths. The first path is very wide in the beginning and the most narrow later on, while the other path is narrow in the beginning and much wider later on.

Now the people who follow the wide path in the beginning lose their way later in narrowness, but the people who follow the narrow path in the beginning merge themselves in the vast eternity later on.

In the first path, there seems to be much pleasure in the beginning, but in the end there is terrible trouble. There seems to be much trouble in the beginning of the next path, but later on there is happiness and happiness.

Therefore, my dear aspirants, proceed on a perfect path. Let the world put obstructions in your way. The duty of the elephant is to go his own way, and the duty of the dog is to bark. The elephant is not going to care about those dogs. Similarly, you have only to proceed. We will keep on proceeding until the whole universe receives this Knowledge of Supreme Self.

Now, from the incidents that these people are putting in my way, a clear picture is given that within a very short period, the whole universe will realize the Knowledge of Self, and there will be one kingdom of Truth and Harmony. These people are trying to put obstructions in my way, and all their actions are enough to give me complete proof that there will be one banner of True Name all over the universe completely. There is no doubt about this. The time is very near. The whole universe will enjoy perfect peace and happiness, forgetting all sorts of differences, under the shelter of the banner of True Name.

Now the play of God is going to be finalized in a very, very excellent way. It's said that the fruit of patience is always sweet. When the fruit is not ripe, then you should have patience. But when the fruit is ripe, then eat it; don't wait for another time to eat it. Otherwise that fruit will become rotten, and the whole taste will change from good to bad. Have patience, until the right time comes. When that time arrives, then a man should end his waiting, and enjoy the fruit.

When the fruit is not ripe your patience is appreciated. But when the fruit is ready, completely ripe, and you are waiting in patience, then it is not good on your part. Therefore, be impatient when the fruit is ripe; otherwise somebody will come and take that fruit.

Now we have to propagate this message of peace throughout the whole universe. How to propagate? It's just like the descriptions of the sun in ending the night. The sun tears the heart of the night out, and it spreads the light throughout, so the significance of the day is described in terms of the darkness of the night. The people sing the glory of the sun by saying, The sun made a way through the heart of darkness and rose up with his splendor in the sky. Therefore, the whole universe became full of light.-

Similarly, the significance of peace is described by restlessness, disturbances and urges. The description of peace is not given by peace. If you have to describe peace, you have to give a description which is full of uneasiness and unrest. First night comes, then comes the day. If there is no night, then there is no question of sunrise; there is no question of day, and the question of sunrise in the morning doesn't come up. Now, the time has come. God is going to show His anger over the universe, just like a cherry bomb explodes, and when the reaction stops, then one understands how powerful the cherry bomb was.

Before the explosion, nobody understood how much power the cherry bomb had. Now the cherry bomb is going to be fired, and all of you will see when this thing will explode, and how it will react over the universe. Everything will be completely peaceful after the explosion.

These people exhibited their maliciousness in my way to obstruct me, but I am confidently saying that my propagation is rapidly going on. Just as when there is a horse, if you hit him with your leg, then he will proceed further. And if you drive in a lovely way, still he will walk and run.

Similarly, I have to move. I have to run. Not for any bad thing. I am running for the true thing. And in that running, there is no question of any danger. The question of danger doesn't arise at all. If I am going in water, then I have to be careful that I don't drown. if I am going in fire, then I have to be careful of being burnt. But I am going neither in water nor in fire. I am going on the path of Truth. The greatest mountain may change its position, but my thought is unshakeable, permanent and eternal. No power can shake my determination.