Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Seattle, Washington, February 12, 1974

It's really nice to see you. And the reason that we have all assembled here is because, you might say fortunately, we have a relationship. And the relationship is that the Knowledge which is within inside of us has been revealed. And thus, it makes a relationship. It forms a relationship which virtually cannot be broken.

It is like this, that if somebody comes when you are drowning in the river, and saves your life, now immediately there is relationship that's formed. And that relationship is not of a brother, is not of a husband, is not of a sister, is not of a wife. But the relationship is something else. And it is greater than all the relationships that we have formed and we have created.

That is the greatest relationship that ever can be formed between two people. And you call Him your Saviour. And it's like, the love you have towards Him is greater than you have towards your parents. It's greater than anything. And this is the reason why devotees love their Lord so much. Because there has been a relationship formed which is virtually unbreakable.

Because why does a Guru come here? Why does a Perfect Master, why does a Lord, come here? To save His devotees from drowning in that ocean of this materialistic world. And if really we are lost in it, man, forget it. Just forget it. Because, its not only hard, but impossible, to come out of it.

Because it's so deep. Its so deep. It's like, there is a thing, gravitation, which pulls you towards the Earth. And if you have crossed that line and you are helpless (you don't have a parachute, you don't have any tanks to blast yourself off like a rocket, you don't have any means, all you have is clothes on, and that's it), you can forget it. If you jump from an airplane that's about 45,000 feet high, you might as well just completely forget about it and start thinking about your next lifetime.

Because once you start dropping from that altitude, you are not going to be stopped by anything. And by the time you come into this Earth, onto the surface, you are going to be like a pudding.

And this is what happens. Premies are laughing at it, and I know it sounds pretty funny, but really it's not very funny. Because this is what was eventually going to happen to you. This was what was happening to you. It was.

But now, somebody comes along. And he doesn't come along in a chopper, or he doesn't come along in an airplane. But he comes along in this machine which he can glide and take anywhere he likes. And he comes up to you, and he starts falling at your rate, and he hands the parachute over to you, and he clicks off your button, and he just moves out of your way. And then, this parachute is opened, and you are safe, and you are just gliding down and …

That is why in every era, in every age, when Jesus came, when Krishna came, when Mohammed came, when Lord Ram came, when Guru Nanak came, and all these Masters came, this is what they did. And virtually there was this relationship that was formed which was so beautiful. And now that that Knowledge has been given to us -- well, at least it has been given to the premies -- we have to understand what it is.

Because, see, it is something that is the highest that we can ever expect from anything. it is something that is completely infinite. It's written in all the scriptures. And it's …

See, this is one thing. This is why I usually only give a sentence or two from scriptures. Because many people don't believe in scriptures. And there are kids sitting in this hall who have not read the scriptures yet. Who haven't had time to. And maybe there are even people who have not been interested in that.

But there is something that is within inside of us, completely pure, which has got nothing to do with scriptures.

Because there is a sign. And that sign says, "To the Airport." But if you go under the sign and stop, that is


going to take you nowhere; that is really going to take you nowhere. Because the sign is something that is pointing out to a thing, but the thing itself is different. The thing itself is something else. And that thing is our destination, where we have to go.

It is like somebody comes up to me and says, "Where is Mahatma Rajeshwaranand?", and I say, "There he is." And he comes, and he takes hold of my finger. And I say, "What are you doing?" He'll say, "Well, that's what you said. This is Mahatma Rajeshwaranand." Well, really, he's right. That's what I said: "This is Mahatma Rajeshwaranand." But I wanted to point out that that person over there is Rajeshwaranand. Or I go, "Well, this is (extending his hand) Rajeshwaranand," and somebody comes and grabs hold of my palm and says, "Well, this is what you said. This is Rajeshwaranand." But this is not Rajeshwaranand.

And this is what scriptures are pointing to: to something which is a mystery. It's like this mystery where there was murderer. There was a man who murdered people. Now, the whole mystery is that one mystery! What he did isn't solved by saying that, "He is a murderer." There still is one mystery left, and the mystery is: Who is the murderer?

In exactly the same way, see, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now, that mystery is solved. That there is something like Word which was in the beginning, and there is something like Word which was with God, and there is something like Word which was God. But what is that Word?

Lord Krishna says that it cannot be spoken by this tongue, because it's something that is completely infinite. Our tongues are completely finite. But what is that Word? Then, that is that mystery, the unrevealed mystery that you have to understand.

And it's an adventure. And you are going to this big guy, so-called big man, and you go to him and you ask him, and he is like -- he has to reveal you this Knowledge, he has to reveal you this mystery. And really, this is what every Perfect Master does. He reveals to us the greatest mystery that ever existed.

Now, this is a little thing that I want to tell you. Because I have been thinking about it. I have been thinking that the way to put it to you people is that, you go out, and you see this round ball. It's the so-called "Earth." And this Earth is so beautiful. You like it. It's so beautiful to you, you really love it. You really think it's really, really beautiful. And, when you are seeing a beautiful sunset, it's like, there are all these palm trees and you are standing right under the palm tree. And you can see all these palm trees, and eucalyptus trees, just blowing with the wind. And there is all this beautiful, beautiful, untouched sand, and all these waves are coming, and they are just completely breaking up. And the sun is going down, slowly and slowly and slowly, and all there is left to that sun is a round ball: a golden, red-golden round ball. And it's just sinking right down into the ocean. And there is all jungle on one side … it's a beautiful, beautiful place.

And you say, "Wow. This is so beautiful. I wonder, that guy who made this, how beautiful is He?" But understand one thing, that this world is finite. And He is infinite. You do not know if this is the only beauty He created. So there is still mystery to solve. Maybe -- now this is just to tell you -- maybe there is something more beautiful than that sunset.

Because look. You have seen 1959 cars, and people have progressed from that time. These days they have automatic windows, power steering, telescopic steering wheels, and this and that. You name it, and they have it in their cars these days.

And now from 1959 until 1974, they have progressed this much. Right? You can make a scale, and you can just count that, from 1959 until 1974, we human beings progressed this much. Okay?

But can you imagine one thing. Now, to start with, our cars weren't very beautiful. Right? And then, eventually we have made them look a little bit better. But can you imagine one thing. God, who is the genius of all, has started out ages ago. We do not even know about those ages when He made this earth. We do not even know about when He made it. We do not know. We don't have even a single idea when He did it. And to start out, He made it so beautiful. Since that time, since that century when He made it -- I don't know when He did -- until now, have you ever imagined how much He has progressed? Have you ever? What beautiful thing, the most beautiful thing, He must have created?

And dear premies, this is that most beautiful place we are going to go to. And it's like, Perfect Master is somebody who can keep up with the time of that progress. So we need a personality like Perfect Master who can take us and show us all the new advancements that God is doing in this world.

And this is just a matter of speech, but to tell you the truth, the fact is something else; that that beauty that I am talking about always existed even before we knew how to say "God," or even before we knew how to say "A, B," or even before we were made, or this sun was made, moon was made, Earth was made, anything was made. That beauty, that perfection, still existed before. And that perfection is our destination and is our goal.

Because we are doing something; we are making a house supposedly, or we are making a car, or polishing a car. And the owner -- like, I am a chauffeur. Suppose I am a chauffeur. Okay? And, well, I was presented with a car. And suppose I am just trying to install these horns, and they are beautiful musical horns. Okay?

So, suppose they are not done very well. They are just tied around the pipes, because you don't have much space under the Mercedes hood.

"Well, they're installed, but not perfect." This is what you will say. If you are polishing a car, if you are waxing a car up, "Well, it's waxed, but not perfect." Or if you are waxing a car, and I come along and say, "How are you doing?" You say, "I am doing pretty good. But I want to get it perfect. Just perfect."


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974 Have you ever imagined why we are all, twenty-four hours a day, shooting towards perfectness? Why? What is the reason? Why do we have a tendency to say, "Oh, man this is just perfect. This is just perfect." Or, "I have to do it until it's just perfect." Or, "This is not perfect."

What is perfect?

I don't think getting a car waxed properly is a perfect thing. I don't think so. Nor do I think installing a set of horns into car is a perfect thing. But still I call it perfect. And it's not perfect.

Then what is that perfect thing that we all are trying to aim toward? Why is there a natural tendency towards perfectness?

And one of the reasons, if you look inside, is that we need perfectness. We want perfectness. And that thing is that point that we have, you have, to reach. As a matter of fact, if you have heard this album by the Moody Blues, this is the song on one side: he does everything, you know; takes an orange and he looks for perfectness in it. He's like doing everything. It's like, he is shooting for perfectness. A man is always shooting for perfectness. And he never gets it.

But perfectness is something that is perfect by itself. And by calling it perfectness it does not become perfect. By knowing it, it does not become perfect. By merging into it, we become perfect, and thus understand that it is perfect. Not by somebody coming -- because nobody can tell us about perfectness. Really nobody can come and say, "Well, this flower is perfect." Well, as a matter of fact it's not. Because if it is perfect -- it's beautiful. Yes, I can admit that this is beautiful. But this is not perfect. Because after some time this flower is going to die. And that death of that flower …

It's like, for this watch, the brochure says that this watch is perfect. But I don't think this watch is perfect at all. Because one day (it was I think the day I bought it) I wasn't so used to this watch, and I took it off and I put it right beside my bed. And I came back, and it wasn't wound properly, and it stopped. So that perfectness stopped. Can you imagine? Perfectness that'll get rotten after some time: rotten perfectness. You know?

But that's just the way it is in this world. And nobody understands it. That is why one saint that has come into india has said that: (Quotes a Hindi phrase). That, "this world is all blind. Who should I make understand what that thing is that we are all looking for? Everybody is mad after his stomach. Who should I make understand about this perfectness?"

Because today, everybody has considered perfectness to be a matter of their eating, of their stomach, of their fulfilling themselves, of their bodily fulfillment. And this is what it has become. So the saint says, "To whom should I go and try to explain?"

And as a matter of fact, there is a saying in Sanskrit: (Quotes in Sanskrit). It might sound very funny to you. It used to sound very funny to me when I never knew the meaning of it. But since I learned the meaning of it, it is the most interesting and most practical thing and most sensitive thing I have ever heard.

It says that if you take pearls -- now, they are pretty expensive -- if you take pearls and throw them before the birds, they will never eat it. They will never eat it. If you take a donkey, and place all these beautiful, beautiful sweets that are made out of milk in front of the donkey, he will never eat that. He wants his own hay to eat; all that straw to eat. That's all he wants. And that bird, all that bird wants is the scattered corn, or things like that. He doesn't want your pearls.

Now, right now the stage really looks beautiful. I think it really does. This stage looks so beautiful. But if there was person who was blind sitting here, to him this stage would be nothing. Completely nothing.

There was that beautiful song, Lord of the Universe, going on, and everybody got up and started clapping and started singing, and everybody was blissed out. But if there was a person who was deaf, to him everybody who stood up and danced would seem crazy. Because he wouldn't hear anything. All he would see is people suddenly getting up, and clapping.

In the same way, to a person who has shut himself off from understanding the perfectness, to go to him and to try to make him understand about that immortal perfectness, about that subtlest thing in this whole


universe, to him that whole explanation will be exactly like the birds, the donkey, the deaf, and the blind. All that it would do for him is nothing.

To a man who has shut himself off from this beautiful, beautiful Knowledge, trying to make him understand about this, is nothing. So that is why -- to make him open towards this Knowledge -- always a Perfect Master is born in this universe, in this world, in this Earth. To make us really understand, to make us really open.

Because see what we are. We are like these flowers. Everybody is. I think everybody is like a flower. But we are like different kind of flower. And this flower is like, when the sun comes up, it just opens up its petals and it's beautiful. And when the sun goes down, it just closes, and it's not so beautiful at all.

In the same way, we need that sun. We need that perfectness, which makes our hearts open. Because when it's open, then we can really experience Love. Then we can really experience the Truth. Then we can really experience the greatest consciousness, the subtlest Truth in this world, which is so far out, which is so beautiful, which is indescribable.

Today, if we go to India, you will really see how much Lord Krishna is respected. But even Lord Krishna Himself says that, "This is something that I cannot speak, Arjuna. I cannot just describe it. I cannot speak it by my tongue, because it's something infinite."

Now, Ramayana is a book which is about that thick, about that thick. And it is, like, the history of Ram. And it is always praising Ram. The whole thing is praising Ram at all times; how far out He was, and how beautiful He was, and how perfect. But at one point, even the writer of that Ramayana, Saint Shri Tulsidas, has to write, "Until which point should I describe the glory of this Holy Word? Even Lord Rama Himself is incapable of describing it."

So what is that beauty, what is that perfection, what is that Holy Word, which all the Perfect Masters who came were completely incapable of describing?

That is why Word is used as a word. And they have not written the Word.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And that Word, if it was speakable, ladies and gentlemen, at that time and at this time, then they would have written it.

If it was supposedly "flower," then they could have written, "In the beginning was the flower, and the flower was with God, and the flower was God." But that is something else.

Today we all talk about Jesus. And some people have a misunderstanding about Jesus. And I have seen these people who are trying to go to other people and who try to convince them that Jesus was the Perfect Master. Now, I must tell them one thing that they are doing. They are trying to water this plant by taking the water and putting it on the top of the plant. You can never water the plant that way. You can never water the plant that way. You have to put that water on the root. And then the water will go to all the branches, and the whole plant will flourish.

And its like this, that you can take a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink until he is thirsty. In the same way, people are taking their words, their ideas, and saying, "Jesus was the Perfect Master."

But I'll tell you one thing. I used to study in a Catholic school, but it was like 1 never, never, never got into Jesus. Right behind our classroom there was a big cross, with a Jesus idol on it, hanging from the cross. And I used to come to school; there were so many people, kids, who used to come to school and look at it, but not even care about it, and just sit down, and that was it. Because it was like the Catholic people it was run by could not enforce any Catholicism in that school.

But to tell you the truth, since I received this Knowledge from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, from my Father, there was so much respect, there was unbounded respect, for Jesus Christ in my heart. Because I understood who He was. Before that I never knew. For me He was like Abraham Lincoln. For me, He was like, just like Akbar (a 16th century emperor in India). He was like Muhammed Ali (Muhammed ibn Tughlug, 1290-1351 A.D.), who came to India once, tried to conquer india, and died after some time. Because I never knew.

Everybody told me how great Akbar was. Everybody told me how great Jesus was. But that didn't make any difference in my heart. But when I understood that this was the Knowledge that Jesus Christ revealed, nobody had to tell me that Jesus Christ was Perfect Master. I myself understood that He was.

As a matter of fact, I have not read Gita yet, and I have not read Ramayana yet. But I can explain to you virtually the whole meaning of Gita, and the whole meaning of Ramayana. Because finally it comes to one gist, and I can explain to you that gist, because I have known it. Saint Tulsidas knew that thing. And because of that he wrote Ramayana. Because the original Ramayana was not written after Ram came. The Ramayana was actually written before He came; it was written by Valmiki.

So, by that Knowledge, this is really a truthful experience of everything. And you can just beautifully understand everything. Because look: your road is foggy. There is a lot of fog. And you are trying to put your high beams on. And you know what happens if you put your high beams on in a fog? What happens? It becomes worse. It really becomes worse. Because you can see inure fog instead of the road.

And this is what people are trying to do. They come to a person and they say, "Believe that Jesus Christ was the Perfect Master." And it's like, inside they cannot believe it, so they are just repulsed by the whole idea of Him. Maybe if they are being tortured, they will say, "Okay, you guys. He was the Perfect Master." But inside their hearts they are saying, "Man, I wouldn't believe him for anything." And it's just like that.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1974 You don't even have to see it now. See, at that time when He came, people who realized perfect Knowledge from Him believed Him as their Lord, and people who didn't crucified Him. So what's the difference today? People who understand Him today have received Knowledge and understood the significance of the Knowledge, and have meditated on it. For them, He is their Lord, and they have respect for Him. And they can understand, and they can really understand perfectly.

But for people who just start believing on what has been told to them, on what has been said to them, they are exactly like tape recorders. Because they cannot really trust their hearts to say it.

What is this body that has been given to us? This body is so beautiful. It's like a computer which is so far out, which is so beautiful. Everything is automatic. Everything is completely, completely automatic. You go in the sun, your eyes will be smaller; you come in the shadow, in dark, they'll go bigger. And it's like, everything is completely automatic. You touch fire, you don't have to repulse your hand; your hand will automatically go like chat. You touch warm water, your hand will automatically go like that. You start drowning, and your hands will automatically start going like that. Everything is just so automatic -- completely, completely, completely automatic.

And the reason for this automatic computer being given to us is to make the decision and to realize the perfect Knowledge and to meditate upon it and be completely blissful. Because I'll tell you something. If you haven't experienced bliss, you haven't experienced anything. And I don't mean the bliss by dope. I mean the bliss of this Knowledge, which is pure. It's completely, completely pure. And this is what you have to experience, and this is what you have to realize.

So premies, I am going to say it again and again and again and again. And you have got to do it. I won't do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. Understand? And this is because you have to really realize.

Because of the point I have reached, everybody calls me Guru Maharaj Ji, and comes to me and wants to ask me all these questions and tries to get all these answers. Well, maybe you can reach to a point of Guru Maharaj Ji. But if you cannot reach to a point of Guru Maharaj Ji -- because there are a lot of premies, and if all those premies become Guru Maharaj I, imagine what'll happen -- at least you can reach to the point of that realization that's so far out, that's so perfect.

So this is what you have to do. And this is where I want you to be, at that point. And this is by doing meditation, service, and satsang.

Because you can really feel what satsang is. If you are speaking it, if you are giving satsang, you don't even know that you are giving satsang. You really don't. And then after that (this is what happens with me at least) I come here, I start off, and I look around, and I really get into it, and pick it up.

It's like, I just get into the whole vibration, just get into the whole bliss. And then when I walk out, I say, "I just gave satsang!"

Because, it's just like when you are floating, when you are just into the whole river, you don't even know it until you have reached the destination, and there you are. It's so beautiful. And this is what I want you to also experience, because it's completely, completely fantastic. I can't even explain to you how fantastic it is.

Tomorrow we are going to have a question and answer session. And premies that have questions can come … I don't know where they have arranged the hall. (Maybe it's the same one.) But I would request one thing. Because this is what I have seen a lot of times. What premies do is they come here and start asking me questions, just for the sake of asking and having me sit here. Just to talk to me, they start asking these questions they don't even mean. Please don't do that, because there are premies that would like to ask questions and they just lose the whole opportunity to ask me.

So if you have any questions, most of the questions can be really solved by meditation. And please try to solve them with initiators. And if you can't, leave me as the last alternative. it works out easier that way. Because then, you know, you can just really understand.

Thank you very much, and God bless you.