Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji 1971
One of the most powerful discourses ever given by Guru Maharaj Ji, this 1971 satsang has never been published before.
After an hour and a half of questions, Maharaj Ji finally agreed to tell his audience about the Satguru.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru 1971 WHO IS SATGURU?

Excerpts from Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang, Alta Loma Terrace, Hollywood, California, August 15, 1971

Who is Satguru?

Gu means darkness and Ru means Light. One who brings us away from darkness into Light is called Guru.

You were going to tell us who the Satguru was?

The thing is: how much love you have for the Satguru.

Who is Satguru? (Four people ask.)

I told. I told.

That was "what is Satguru?" Who is Satguru?

Satguru is one who brings us away from darkness into Light, Light of Truth.

I have a question. Yesterday you said that we know what Knowledge is at initiation, but we don't know who Satguru is. What did you mean by that?

Because when a man knows Satguru, he dedicates his whole life.

How do we find out who Satguru is?

How do you find out that what you are drinking is water and not something else? Then you will say that "Yes, what I am drinking is something else instead of water." But no, it is water. You know the effects. You know that it is not poison -- it is water. It's very easy to know that. It's very easy, because where Satguru will come, He will give that Knowledge to people. Wherever Light will go, darkness will be buried there. Then and there.

Is there a living Satguru?

Always. The living one is called Satguru.

Manifest? That we can talk to?


Who is He?

I won't tell you that (laughter). First of all you want hints from master. Then after hint, you want answer paper from master. After answer paper, you even want question paper. You won't get that. And even if you have question paper, you want answer paper also. Can you do that in school?

I thought that the Knowledge was all that we needed, and now I think that people are expecting you to do something.

Knowledge is! Knowledge is what you should have. But if you want to know about Satguru, who is He, then I should tell you. Otherwise, no.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Why do you want to know about Satguru? Why do you want that: Who is Satguru?

To increase our devotion.

To replace faith with certainty.

To jump off the wheel of birth and death. I've heard that the Satguru is necessary if one wants liberation from the wheel of birth and death. One needs the Grace of the Satguru.

Okay. So no more questions? No more questions? Because I will tell you about Satguru, and if you have any questions or doubts in your mind, then you will repel what I have said to you. Yes?

To whom should we give our devotion?



Shouldn't we give our devotion to God?

What is God?

Well, Guru is a personification of God in this Earth, right?

I told you yesterday: Who is Guru? The highest manifestation of God is Guru. So when Guru is here, God is here, to whom will you give devotion? I want that the general should sign some papers. I needn't go to his office when he is sitting in my home. Is it necessary to go in his office when he is sitting in my home? When God has come here, then what is the need to give devotion to God there?

Why didn't Jesus say -- or does it say in the Bible anywhere -- that He would manifest Himself again? For future generations, so they could have a living God?

He has said. He has given you a hint, but you want everything in perfect state. He has given you a hint -- you don't recognize that hint.

In Mark, Chapter 13, he says that One would come after him, not the son, not an angel, not a messenger, but the Father.

I think in Srimad Bhagavat Gita, it is written that He will come full, He Himself will come. That first when He came, particularly to some places He saved; but now because He will come to save the whole world, He will Himself come, full.

Why so puzzled? It is a very fortunate thing for the people of this age that He Himself, full, will come. Or has come. Yes?

Doesn't it say He will come with a shout through the clouds?

Not at all. Not at all. I came by airplane! (laughter) When I came there were clouds, many, many clouds.

But the whole world would hear the shout in the clouds.

Yes, when a plane comes it makes too much noise.

That's not a shout.

How many people will see Him? How many people will see Him? People don't have time even to see airplane. And somebody is driving in highway and he is seeing up that God is coming in the helicopter? He won't come like that.

Are you saying you're Jesus then?

No, I am not saying I am Jesus.

So you're saying He will come like that …

You see, if I write that God will come from Earth, break the Earth, so many people will believe it. So many people will believe me.

When He clearly says that "I am the son of God," and -I and my Father are one,' people never believe. If He comes, then people will say that "No, he is a magician." And if suppose He comes, then what will He give you?

A plane is going in sky -- catches fire. People are forced to take parachutes down. They are coming down. While they are midway, plane bursts. Loud noise comes. And then they see that people are coming down. All people die, except one is coming down. So you believe that he is Christ? There was a shout also, there is a coming also … Yes! It is written there.

Are you seeing if it is the same soul because there will be a mark on his head? That that soul -- his name will he on his head? "Yes, soul of that man is this, this, this and from there, transmitting from this, from this in this, in this …" So the name will be carved on his head? That's right? How will you know who he is? Who were you before? Do you know? Before you were born. Before body. Can you know that? Then how can other man also know that you were that? Otherwise they would have easily known where the Frankenstein's soul had gone. And they would have caught him: "What was your condition? How did you come to an accident? What is the matter?" But they couldn't know. They were not able to know that. Nobody knows who was he before, who was he before, who was he before. Because the name is not carved out. Your soul has got no name. So you can't know who you were before.

"Gu means darkness and Ru means Light.
One who brings us away from darkness into Light is called Guru."


What would happen to a person who has realized this Knowledge that you have given to them? Is he still your disciple? Or one with you?

When he will get this Knowledge, he will have permanent Peace all that life. Understood? First of all, that devotion is such a thing -- if you are a devotee, and your devotion is actual, real, wherever Guru goes in the world, in any corner of the world, South Pole or North, America or India, it follows Him. Devotion will follow Him. If you are not a real devotee, you can't have a real devotion, and your devotion can't follow Him.

You must follow Him? Or your devotion follows Him?

No, your devotion will follow Him. You see, you can't see devotion. When real devotee calls me, from real heart, then it comes. The torch should light always? But, no. Until the button won't be on, the torch won't light. Everything is there. Any more questions?

Is it true that if for some reason the disciple leaves the Master, that the Guru will never desert the disciple?

If he is a disciple. And you don't become a disciple just by taking Knowledge. You become a disciple when you do meditation on it. If you are doing meditation, you can't be away. Dog's chain -- dog wants to go there, he is free to go there. When he sees him there, master does like that (pulls on chain). So you can be -- that is just if you are doing meditation regularly. See, dog thinks that, "Yes, I am free. Now I can run." He runs. But chain is there; master pulls. Yes?

Is it not true that the Satguru is within us all, within our hearts?

God is within your heart. Guru is outside. God is within us all, but His highest manifestation takes place outside. Then He opens this medium to see, look, inside. He says that what you are seeing -- Krishna says that "What you are seeing is nothing, is only the body like you have, and I. So if you want to see me, look inside, who I am." Then he gave him that technique. Yes.

Is there in reality anything other than God?

This maya.

But maya is illusion, right?

Created by?


It has been created by God, not ignorance. It is looked at with ignorance, through ignorance. This has been created by God. We look at it through ignorance.

But that still sounds as though it were a dualistic thing, God creating maya.

What is maya? What is maya? The illusion -- the attachment and attraction to the illusion.

This is the thing: Bend your desires in, which are going outside, and this whole world will become okay. This whole maya -- you will realize what this maya is.

Krishna says that "People believe that I am this maya. I am in this maya, but never believe that I am maya. I am away from maya; realize me. You can't realize me, who I am, if you are in this maya. Take your mind away from maya; then you will realize who I am." How do you define maya actually? What do you actually think maya is? Rupee? Money?

No, the attachment to what you see …

Attachment was created through you. You were the medium of attachment. Break that attachment.

Then when the attachment is broken, there is nothing other than God? That was the question I had.

Yes. Shore is left; then sea comes. "Maya is chaya." Charnanand Ji says, -\"Maya is chaya." Maya is shadow. And when sun rises, then shadow goes. Light comes; shadow goes. Light comes; maya goes. God comes, God is Light; maya goes. Till then, maya is completely with you. Yes?

Is there a way that you can change the vibrations of this into pure energy, so that one becomes the energy?

You see, the source of creating imperfect energy, vibration, is mind. If mind is converted into pure vibration, everything will be converted into pure vibration. Mind is the leak in pipe; people are just sometimes opening it fat, or sometimes closing it, or sometimes opening to the source where the water has to come. Look in middle; the leak is there. Water is leaking from there. So if you want to change vibration, you have to change your source of vibration. Any more questions? Yes?

When we remember the Name, are we devoting ourselves to you?

Actually, everything will include telling about Satguru: What is devotion? Who is He? How should we give devotion to Him? What is service to Him? Service to Him is service to humanity. Why does He come into this world? And who is He? Every important question. There is every very important question of the world. Any more questions? Yes?

What's the difference between service to God and service to Satguru?

You know what is God and what is Satguru? Do you know? First know the definition of God, and then know the definition of Satguru. And then make out the difference. Any more questions?

Does Satguru forgive sins?


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru 1971

Yes. Any more questions?

Can you give the definition of God and the definition of Satguru?

I can give it; it will include what I want to tell you. But you don't want to listen. Maybe you want to listen to it, but there are many here who don't want to. Any more questions? Every question -- time is delay. I am marking a date: 1978. I will come in 1978 then. Maybe 1978, 1979, 1980, I will come to Los Angeles.

What do you mean by giving Knowledge?

Giving that technique, giving that supreme technique through which…

No matter how much you tell me, nor how much I am filled, I still won't know, "That's it."

You see, man must have love to receive it. Until he has that, he is not able to receive it. Krishna says, "You can receive this Knowledge by all means, but first be humble enough to know that Knowledge. Have a heart of a child." It never means that you become a child. But like a child has got no sort of ideas of impurities in him, be like that. Be as humble, as requesting, as eager as a child to know that Knowledge. Then you will get it. Any more questions? Yes?

Am I prepared to receive Knowledge?

Listen to more satsang. You will be prepared if you are not. And if you are prepared, then come, go and sit there where the initiation will be given; and then, if you are prepared, then it will be given to you. If you are not prepared, then it won't be given to you.

You need money to buy something. You just don't go and ask for it; you need money. You need first internal preparement for that Knowledge; then you will get it. Asking -- a child can also ask.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge … (laughter) Wait please, let me answer. Knowledge -- like I was not able to speak "A, B, C, D." When I went to school, master taught me "A, B, C, D," and everything. And now, eventually I was able to speak English. We don't know what is Peace, we don't know who is God, what is God, we can't see it, but when we get that Knowledge, we are able to. It has come for darkness. In darkness you can't see anything. Battery -- a cell is brought in, light is brought in, we are able to see everything.

There is great darkness in ourselves. As soon as Knowledge is brought in, and that sun, that Light glows in us, which is in us, we are able to receive that Peace. This is Knowledge, understood? Any more questions?

Would you explain to us why it is that if we talk and ask questions, we cannot learn and listen to what the Satguru is?

That's not it. If the room is itself filled, if the glass of water is filled, how can you put more? First it has to be empty. If our mind is filled with doubts and I tell you something, how can it go in? First it has to be completely empty, then I will tell you, and then it will go in. That's why I am saying, "Have no doubts, and I will tell you." Yes? Any more questions? Because you won't get time till 1978 to talk with me. Though people who are going to India, they will be able to talk. But after that, by December they will come back. So, remember. Ask what you have to ask. You will not be able to talk with me till 1978.

Guru Ji, I know that you are a Guru and I want to receive Knowledge, but I am afraid that I'm not prepared.

Then don't be afraid of that. Don't be afraid for that. It is not a matter of being afraid.

Well, okay, but if I go to receive Knowledge and I'm not prepared, well then what should I do after that?

Listen more carefully, more clearly, more patiently, to what is being said. Any more questions? No more questions? Now don't laugh, and listen to me carefully. Okay, first shout as much as you can: Far out! (Everyone yells "Far out" and laughs.) After that, no laughing, no shouting.

God has created this whole Earth. He made enjoyment and sufferings, so many sufferings that they can't be easily settled down. They were incredible. Man had to suffer without this Knowledge so much, so much, so much, that it was impossible for him to bear the sufferings of this world. But then …

You call God a form of kindness. He is kind. He took a form to refine this whole world, to make sufferings easier for His people. He wanted to go and do that work more and more Himself to make it easy, and first make more and more sufferings on His head, instead of anybody else's.

God manifested Himself fully into a form. Not a part, but wholly into a form, to cure people from the disease of sufferings. He came into this world; nobody recognized Him. For He never came like a flash or something, so that people could recognize Him. He came as the law of nature was; He came very silently. But what He was doing side by side, it was rather impossible for people of any time to recognize Him.

People of this time also can't recognize what He is doing. They can't recognize what His works are. They can't respect Him. But when He will finish up, and the whole result will be added up, people will pray.

Jesus came; they crucified Him. Nobody listened to Him. After that, holy Bible was written. So many churches were made; so many things happened. When Jesus was there, nobody listened to Him. That's why He


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru 1971 says -- what were the last words of Jesus when He left His body? "Father, forgive this whole world." Yes, forgive this whole world! He called, "You forgive this whole world. They can't bear that."

Now He took a form to refine this whole world. Jesus came. He was trying to do all that in Middle East. But now He has taken a form to refine this whole world, from one corner to other corner of the whole world. He has come. And what does He do? He gives people such a technique, such a method, which is perfect, and gets them away from sufferings, the causes of sufferings of this world.

God made the mind, but He never made a stoplight. And when He saw that "There is no stop in this mind which I have made," He was very sorry. He had to take a form. The form of Guru is nobody but Himself, the whole that you want to see. The whole power is now in the form of a body. That is the body which is Supremest of all, and its duties, works are not like those of humanity.

Humanity does everything for stomach -- selfish purpose. But He is not selfish. He does whatever He does for the good of public, good of people. He came, and He is curing people, giving that technique through which mind will be completely stopped. Where mind will be completely stopped, people will be saved. That's why His first nature is to save people. When He comes into this world. He saves people. People don't want Him, because mind goes, "No! Don't want Him! Don't like Him! He will stop you, stop you, stop you!" People threw stones, did many, many things -- Jesus said, "Don't bother about anything." He said, "Okay, don't bother about me. I will come again to tell you." He never said that "No, now I will do so many things to you!" He said, "Okay, don't bother. I will again come." That's why He again and again comes, takes a new form, new examples for people, new forms for people, new things for people, but the same ancient Knowledge behind His back.

We have to give our whole devotion to Satguru, because He Himself is full. Take one glance, one glance at this whole world: people mad, they want to cry, but their tears again go back into their heads. So God had to take such a form, because He is so kind, so merciful. And whatever mercy He had, He put that mercy into one form, and placed Himself in that form, and came into this world. Can't you say that Jesus was the kindest man ever on Earth? So many things people did -- "Okay, don't bother. God, forgive them." Error for human; forgive for divine.

Satguru is divine. Guru is divine. The most divine. That's why Shankaracharya says, "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara. Guru sakshat Param Brahma, tasmei shri Guru veh namaha." Guru is whatever is; nothing else but Guru. Whatever is, is Guru. God first puts whatever mercy is left in a body, and then places Himself. It is said that one nail of Guru is filled with mercy. If He scratches this world, it is for mercy, to dig a hole for mercy in this world.

See this whole heaven, see the beautiful structures in this world! See trees, see sweet scent in them. Smell them. How kind He was to make that oil! How much He has given you! Remember that. How much He has given you! How much, how much, how much, how much, how much He has given this humanity, nobody can tell. So much, you can't put a full stop. Kabirdas said that "If I convert this Earth into paper, whole Earth, and ocean into ink, all the woods into pen, and then start writing, the ink will finish, the paper will finish, of all the woods nothing will be left, but even then, much, much and much and much and much will be left to describe about Him."

Can you think about your God, about your Father, who has put the sweetness in apple? No harm in it; beautiful sweetness, beautiful scent in flowers -- can you think about Him? How much He has given you! And how much have you given Him? Compare it. That's why He always forgives people. They can't repay Him. He was the kindest form in this world. Remember, if He has made sufferings, He has made techniques to destroy those sufferings also. And if the people can't, He makes them enabled. He comes, He makes them enabled to do that.

So where are you seeking to give devotion? You have to give devotion, if you have some devotion left. Because you just were wasting your devotion into these


materialistic things. You are a devotee of your wife sometimes, and wives are devotee of their husbands. Some were devotee of this wealth, some were devotee of this house -- how many things! If you have some devotion left, then give it to Guru.

Guru is that practical thing that can say: "Okay, come on!" Light has got no hands to use. That's why, because we have got no words to put him in a word, we say, "Guru is the highest manifestation of God."

Remember, Guru is God. Bigger than God. Bigger and bigger than God. They have said, "Nobody in this world has been yet born who can describe about Him, who can describe about Him." Such an easy technique to put our mind on -- can you think of an easier technique? The people who have got this Knowledge -- can they think of an easier technique than this to put out their minds, to control their minds? Can there be an easier technique? He made the easiest thing for them.

People took apple trees, took many fruits that God made, into their possession. God said, "Sow the seed, and the wheat will grow from rocks also. Sow the seed, and the wheat will grow from rocks also!" And there are many trees which grow from rocks, mountains. So merciful, so kind, so divine.

This mind tried to take us back into what we have done, back into so many techniques of errors, makes us feel more guilt. Satguru says -- shouts, not only says, shouts -- -Don't follow our mind, don't follow our mind, don't follow our mind. Don't follow our mind! Give me your mind. Let me rule it, for I will take it into the right place of this world." And He takes the mind, and takes us to the tightest place of this world. So if you want to give your devotion, if you have some devotion left, give it to Guru. Give it to Guru.

Guru is a new word for you actually, but remember, His work is ancient. Word is new because it has come from East, but do you know what is the value of Lord, what is the meaning of Lord? Everything! Lord. "You are my Lord, you are my God, you are my Father, you are my Mother." One has said, "Twameva mata, chapita twameva," that "You are my God; you are my Father. You are my Mother; you are my Friend; you are my everything." And if you want that family, seek into Him. He has given you friends, He has given you father, He has given you mother, He has given you so many things around. Something you have also to give to Him. Just a little, but almost equal to what He has given to you.

Krishna says that "I am just hungry of devotion." When Ram was going, He stopped at Bhilni's house in the jungle. And what had Bhilni done? Bhilni took all the fruits, berries from bushes, and tasted them. Bitter -- threw them out. Sweet -- he offered that to Lord. Why did Ram say, "I won't come into palace?" Ram did not go to that palace, Ram did not go to so many houses. But where did He go? To the but of Bhilni. Not a castle; but of Bhilni. What was that? What brought Ram to there? Devotion! It was the love that Bhilni could give Ram, internal love that he could give.

When Duryodhan called Krishna, "Now come on, have a feast in my home," He said, "No, I won't have." And He went to have food where there were only boiled leaves in water and some salt over that. He said that, "I will prefer that more than the 36 types of food. I prefer this thing more!" And He ate those boiled leaves with salt. What is that that brought Him?

What is that that brings God from heaven till here? Devotion. What is devotion? The internal call from heart, the internal love. You can't -- you try to give this, but give it to only One who has given you so many things.

"You can never repay
Satguru ever in your life.
But there is one method
that you can repay --
give devotion."

One saint has said, "How should I pray to my Guru?" Brahmananda has said that "My Guru did so much Grace on me that has removed all my doubts, all attraction, all mental sufferings." At last he said, "What should I present to my Guru? I can't see a thing in this whole world. Brahmanand says that it cannot be equal -- if I give Him the attraction of wealth, it cannot be equal, never equal." He says that "I used to go to churches, temples, mosques, but He gave me such a thing that my house became a mosque for me, my house became a church for me. My house became that!" He said that "How should I repay my Guru? How should I describe my Satguru, that how much He has done for me?"

So, see, you can never repay Satguru ever in your life. But there is one method that you can repay -- give devotion.

I was telling you yesterday that Guru will take devotion and multiply it and give it to God. Remember, I was only saying that for your mental satisfaction. Guru is Himself God! Look at Him; what is God, you will


see in Him. Look at Him first. See in Him, and you will find God. The full power of God that you have seen in Light, that you see in Light.

So that kind Master only wants love, nothing else. Some people think: "Oh, we will give two dollars from our pocket, and that's okay." But remember, how many apples, how many fruits are in this world? Air and water -- how much water and how much air? How many animals? How many men? Millions and millions He has given us, and we are only satisfied to give Him two dollars?

Brothers, I am not hungry of two dollars; keep it with you. If you have something that is love, give me. What is that thing that brought me here, and will take me again back to India? What is that thing that brought me here, and will again take me back to India: devotion, love.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru 1971 That brought me here, and I am again going there. So, see that if you want to give devotion, give it to Guru. Guru does not deal with us as father or as friend, but as children. As children. Something happens to us; He takes care of that. How many medicines are there in this world? How many medicines has He created? So see, search in God; you will find that Guru is the Supremest of all.

It is said that "In a day I should bow many thousands, thousands, thousands, thousands, millions, millions and millions of times to Satguru." Such a high thing, such a high power, has come. "I was seeking for God, but God has come in body! What can be higher and holier than that?" We think that God is the highest and holiest thing. But listen: God has come in the form of human man, form of you and me! What can be higher than that? Such a high person took the same form as the lowest thing. No shame at all! For our benefit.

I came here for benefit of you. I left my school. I left everything to give you something. I have come here to give you something. I have come here to give you something. The people who have taken, I have given them something. Now I am expecting something that they will give me. And if they haven't got devotion to give, can they give love to me?

And if no love, okay. Can they be obliged to me?

If they can't be obliged, then also okay. Be satisfied; go and do anything. God never says, "No, you will have to give me devotion. You have to give me love." But if you are meditating, devotion will flow out of you. Brahmanand says, "I was searching for God. But now I have seen Guru -- why should I search for God? Because He has taken me to God!"

If I go to God: "God, please!" "What do you want?" "I want wealth." "Okay, take wealth!"

"God, please, God!" "Yes, what do you want?" "I want so much wealth." "Okay, take wealth!"

But if I want to go to Guru, if I go to Guru and beg Him, He says, "Okay, take God!" That's why he said that if you go to God, He will give you some wealth and some ordinary pleasures, but if you go to Guru, He will Himself give you God.

Guru is that man that gave you the key for hidden treasure. Hidden treasure, that you were searching from time immemorial. Today we just read book and ask questions about that. But remember that His every second, every quarter or half of a second, is precious. Because can you think of something higher and holier than God? And He is Himself everything. He is God. Say, "You are Creator of whole universe, you are Destroyer of whole universe, you are kindness, you are Peace, you are Light, you are everything for me."

The giver -- only Guru. Taker -- we are. How can we become Guru? What is that thing -- that why don't we become Guru? Why can't we become Guru? You were not able to become a general; how can you become a Guru? People have said, "Okay, we want to be Guru." Guru said, "Okay, you want to be Guru? Okay. Take it. Be." People felt it, said, "No, we don't want to be Guru." They begged at His Lotus Feet.

Why do people surrender themselves? Why do people do pranam? Indication that they want to surrender themselves. One pranam, and one year's whole karma out! And do more and more pranam, and more and more karmas out.

People will say that "If you are God, if you are Guru, why don't you say?" If I will say, then people will kill me. How will I be able to give this Knowledge to more and more people?

What faith I have, I can't describe it with words. I can't describe with words. I was so much confused before I got this Knowledge, so much confused, that


remember, sometimes I used to hate the works which my father was doing! I used to hate them. I used to hate God; I used to hate all the creation of God. "What is this? Nothing. Nonsense." But as soon as I got this Knowledge, I even started loving my enemies! So how can I repay Him? And at what moment He has saved me, I can't say. Each and every moment He has saved me. That's why I call Him a Savior.

There is a place in Bihar: Devaria. And there were some people that were just hating -- they never wanted anything, because they themselves possessed a religion; they were themselves starting a sect. So they threw stones at me. From everywhere, stone was coming; backside, front, side and side, everywhere. But how I was saved -- how can I tell you? Not even a scratch on my head! Mahatma Ji was there, and ask him what was the condition there. Stones, stones, stones, stones, stones! Police standing and laughing. So who saved me? Who saved? Guru.

Draupadi first looked at her brother when Duryodhana was taking her sari. First looked on her brothers; brothers' heads were down. King; down. Mother; head down. Father; head down. When everybody's head was down, same time Krishna was saying to Rukmuni, "Rukmuni, such a great burden is passing by Draupadi." So Rukmuni says, "If you know that, why don't you go and save her?" Krishna says, "She is not calling me from her internal heart." Then, only little, little sari was left, and everybody was -- the man who was taking out the sari was being more and more cruel. Then she closes her eyes and calls, "Krishna, now save me!"

Not even a second -- second is more -- Krishna came and extended her sari. That man is taking out, taking out, taking out, hand started paining, out of breath, but sari is not coming. When did Krishna come to save Draupadi? When she called.

It is not that: that I will come in 1978. I can go and come. If you will call me, from internal heart. Whenever a Satguru has come, He has asked for devotion. He is very hungry; He just wants devotion.

Devotion, devotion, devotion. Water of love, and food of devotion. He wants that, and that's all. But these days there is a very huge thing, there is this mind. Every time: "No, no, no, no, no, no." Some good thing -- "No." Some good thing -- "No." "No, no, no, no, no, no." Troubling us.

So what more should I say? I haven't got any words -- how can I describe Him? How can I describe His praise when great intellect can't describe? I am not qualified. I am uneducated. How can I describe His Grace, His glory? Tulsidas was not able. Many and many people were not able to describe just His glory. Just glory. So much glorious! So much, so much, so much glorious!

This world hates Him, this world throws a stone on Him. He takes that stone and gives them a flower. "If you gave me stone, forget about it. Now there is a flower for you." People threw so many things. He said, "Okay. You gave me stone, forget about it. There is a flower for you now. Take that. Forget what you had done before."

This is His nature, so much glorious. How can we describe it? How can our intellect, small intellect, describe it? So many intellectual people were not able to describe it.

If you see a photo of Ram and Hanuman, Hanuman always sits like this (facing Lord Ram, hands folded, always ready to get up). Why? He says that "Perfect is standing before me, and I am wasting one century of my life, more than one century! Perfect is standing before me, and I am not looking at Him! What can there be more worse for me?"

So if you also love Him, He will save you. He is the Savior of whole world. He has to save. He will save us. So remember, we can't describe it; we have got very small intellect. We just sing some glorious songs about Him, and some words, some words, few words, and we think that is the glory that we have sung. Not at all. That is not it. We can't sing His glory at all. The writers, when they just thought about Him, they left their pencils, paper, and just -- they were amazed to see His glory in this world. So much glorious! Just for one second, one moment.

Look at this nature, and it's beautiful. Today science has taken it and made the name "chlorophyll," but from where the chlorophyll came? Any wire? No. That blue heaven and green earth -- who made that? Today we go and enjoy the beautiful sunset. But we should be enjoying first He who is making that sunset, who has made that sun and those beautiful mountains that make it more and more beautiful. First enjoy Him, His glory.

So what I have said is very little. Nothing at all. When I will again come, you see, even then I just can't describe it. If you have any more questions about Guru, just be clarified. You have to give Him -- you have to give your whole devotion to Him, and nobody else.

God is God. God was so cruel with you, bringing all sufferings. Now, Guru is kind. He is curing all those sufferings. Give your devotion to Him. Because you were searching, "God, God, God!" and just echo was coming and nothing else. But when Guru came, He said, "Okay, why are you suffering? Tell me your sufferings." He heard those; cured them.

Any questions about what I have just said? Yes?

Guru Maharaj Ji, how does one give his mind to you?

Dedicate. Just be in my order; that is dedication. What I tell, do that. What I say, do that. That is called perfect


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) the Satguru 1971

dedication. By saying "dedication" -- anybody can say "dedication.- Yes?

If you leave tomorrow and you will be gone seven years, until 1978 -- my mind is not clean and I can't see you in all your glory yet. Can you just for a brief second open my mind to your glory?

Don't worry. Do meditation; it will be cleaned. Yes?

You said to give all devotion to you. Does that exclude all earthly love, love between people? Is that a different thing?

What you have to do -- only that love which comes from soul. That which comes from mind, give it to the people who have got mind. But what comes from soul, give it to soul. Any more questions? Yes?

When will we receive Knowledge?

How many people want Knowledge? (many raise hands) Yes, okay. So you have understood the glory of Guru?

As much as we can. In meditation -- that is how you ask for us to give devotion to you?

Do meditation, and devotion will be created.

Maharaj Ji, a friend asked me to ask you -- so I can tell him -- if anything matters. Is anything important?

Most important thing is -- know why you have come in this world. Without knowing why you have come in this world, you are wasting a single minute. Seems to be that you are making full utilization of that; remember, you are wasting it. Proper and full utilization of it is by doing meditation. Yes?

What about devotion by service to other people?

Well, first have the machine of devotion. First have that machine which will create devotion; then talk about devotion. Yes?

If we're suffering -- does suffering show us the bad so we can appreciate the good of God?

Suffering? You can't show the good of God. Just what you can give towards God is devotion. You can't show towards God what you have created. Just what you can give towards God is devotion, giving devotions. Some devotion will be carried on by meditation. Meditation, then devotion. M for medicine and M for meditation; the nature of medicine is to cure, and the nature of meditation is to cure.