Excerpts from Guru Maharaj Ji's Question and Answer Session, Portland, Oregon, June 29, 1972

"Knowledge just takes you, and takes you into an environment never thought of; beautiful. So that's what I tell premies: 'Meditate, and get somewhere.' "

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 When were you born and where?

When was I born? Why? Why do you want to ask this question?

I would like to know what the solar system looked like when you were born.

Just as God created it! Yes?

How can I open my heart?

How do you open it? How do you open a door? Do you lock it? How do you open it?

With a key.

Right. When do you open it? Always?

When I want to go in.

Or you want to welcome someone in, right? Have you got someone whom you can welcome? Have you got something that you can welcome? Have you understood something that you can welcome? If you have got Knowledge, then you can open it, because Knowledge is the thing that you must welcome. That's the Love; that's the perfection. And then automatically it is open.

Inside us, God has made such an automatic machinery; and even the door to our heart is automatic. But if it is air -- you know air? And air has got weight in it, right? If it is air, the door won't open. It would be really something like that Love, like that real Love, like that real devotion, like that real God, like that real Knowledge. When that steps before it, then the door just opens.

How can I serve you best?

Well, first of all -- you see, "service" is a word that we just take for itself, but if we go to the depth of the word from where it started, the -service- word has started from the word "servant." Understand? "Servant." And what does servant mean?


Well, that's it! Someone who does some work, and then expects something. He expects money. And whoever gives him money expects his service, right? That's like exchange. Here, in this side of the spiritualism, there is also this deal. First of all, we give you Knowledge; that's the money. And we expect some love, some service.

Understand? Well, first of all, you must be sure that the money that is being given to you is real. You must meditate first, and understand that really you are a servant. And when you have come to this point when you know you are servant, automatically you start doing service. Then, there are no conceptions and no thinking like that: "Am I servant?" or something like that.

No. When you get the money and know it's the real money, that's it. That's the way it is. It's very natural; that's the way it is. It seems very funny, but that's the way it is!

Guru Maharaj Ji, when I have meditated, many times I have had indescribable experiences. And other times, I have had experiences which are not so far out. Plateaus. What is going on during those times? Naturally, I want that thing to fill me all the time.

You see, there is a road that runs from downtown to the airport, okay? Now at five o'clock, when you go there at five p.m., what is there?

It's very busy. It's rush hour.

Right. You can't drive the car there. When you go at four o'clock in the morning, what is there? Now, same road! Just there it is. This is the same -- how you meditate on it. That is the start, in the first place.

If I give four people four Jaguars, and I tell them, "Okay, we will race now.- And one car takes five minutes to start, one car takes two minutes to start, one car takes one minute to start, one car takes fifty seconds to start. It depends then. Who will come first?

The one who takes the least amount of time.

Yeah! So first of all it is the thing that you start on. Once you start, of course you go, but then the speed varies. And you start in a circumstance. That's why meditation is something that you must really dig its foundation into your heart. That's why I say, -Meditate; try to meditate." And then once it has got the foundation, it's very easy to build the wall. And you can't build a wall if there is no foundation; it is very damn difficult, you know? Like one arrow will come and building will just fly on you. If there is foundation, it's damn easy to build the wall. You have to do nothing. And then you can make a wall out of sand, just by the mud! So first, let it build the foundation in your heart.


These circumstances come. It's perfectly okay. Doesn't matter. Once it has caught it, its foundation is just perfect. Sometimes, right in the morning, you rush. At 6 p.m. you can't, because that is rush hour. Just a time difference: same car, same thing. Just a time difference. Circumstantial, that's it. And that has to be removed. That can be removed. That's no problem.

Is it by meditation?

When man gets stuck in traffic, what is the possibility to take him out? That's the question too. And then something must be done about it. And if you can't help it by yourself, then you ask for Grace.

Some people always come out of the house at 6 p.m. And they just can't rush; they can't do anything. They always come out at that time when it's rush hour. Those people need Grace. What does Grace do? It's like a helicopter. It comes, throws a magnetic field on your roof of the car, takes it out, high, takes a few seconds -- on towards your destination. That's Grace. If you get stuck, it's fantastic!

How do we ask for this?

Everyone asks for it, and gets it. That's the way it is. When you ask, you get it. Anything else?

Guru Maharaj Ji, I can't meditate. Whenever I start to feel the bliss, I bring up thoughts in my head and I pull myself down. I'm afraid of going into bliss.

When you drive an airplane, you get up high in the sky, and you take a turn, okay? What happens -- do you know that? It always tries to come, always, whenever you take a turn. By the way, you can control the airplane by the radar. You can set the radar and nose level will be always up, up, up.) But whenever you take a turn, because of the gravitational pull, and no air support -- because plane gets like this, you know (one wing higher than the other), and it has to just turn like that -- it always tries to push the nose level down. And then the pilot has to always pull his steering to keep the nose level same. You understand?

So always when you come to this part, there is ego, there is darkness, okay? And you have been always with it. So when you try to rise up, it always pulls you down. But if you are not a good pilot, you will just take your turn and your plane will just crash, because you don't know that technique. And when it takes a turn, it is very easy for it to just roll down and crash. Because it is at a level where it can't support itself. If it is like this, flat, you can even glide it; but when it's the other way, can't. Can't glide that way. It can glide this way; take a turn, but just can't stay this way and glide.

So you must be expert enough to pull the steering, okay? At the proper time. And not too much steering -- it'll make you sick. Have you ever traveled in an airplane? And have you come to the air gaps? Goes down and up, down and up. That's the air pocket it comes to sometimes. And when the pilot pulls that steering wheel, it goes up and makes you sick. You have maybe pulled it too much. It must be the appropriate thing, that your level must be constant, one, shouldn't vary, okay?

So how to do that -- there is a very, very good method. And that is to listen to satsang. Stay under instructions. And listen and understand: what you must do when the turn comes.

Like man always wants darkness, because darkness is easier for him than light. Darkness is easier for him than light! Because in light he can see; in darkness he can't see, so it feels more easy for him. That's why when one goes to sleep, he always wants the room dark. He thinks, "In darkness I can rest." And that's what Jesus says about Truth. He says, "Truth is something that does not create itself." Truth is there!

And whatever man sees is not Truth. That seems to be Truth, but it is not Truth. Truth never seems to be Truth. Light doesn't seem to be the real resting place, and darkness does; when darkness is not, and light is! Because in darkness you always have got this thing that maybe a lion can come, maybe a vampire can cone, maybe a werewolf will come, and something like that can come to you. And at daytime you haven't got that fear. But still night seems to be a better time to rest than daytime. That's why Jesus says, "Truth is something that doesn't seem to be, and untruth is that which seems to be."

What is real doesn't seem to be that. That's why man has been always the inhabitant of darkness. That's why always saints come and tell them, "No, no, no, you mustn't stay in darkness. Come to Light." And then he understands. And once he becomes the inhabitant of Light, then darkness doesn't suit him.

But Light means elevation, all times. Light means elevation. When you are in Light, you always can elevate yourself, till you reach that point where it is infinite Light. And darkness is a circumstance that you have always to descend; you can't ascend there. You always go down, down, down and down. The whole world is in darkness, and is going down daily. It thinks we are going up. No, we go down. And man who is in Light goes up, up and up. So man is attached to his egos. Man is attached to so many things because he thinks, "What I am -- I am my body.- No, man is not body. Body is something that is an outer covering.

When you live in a house, you are not the house. Are you a house? No! And this body is a house which you must respect and keep clean by all means. But it doesn't mean that you are a house. You don't become house. This is element. This is a body that is composed of veins. And veins work as the irons work in the house.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 There are bones that work as bricks; there is skin that works as plaster. And flesh, and blood, and that makes a body. And then so many organs to keep the body alive, to keep this frame alive. Because there are so many things -- lungs, the heart, the liver, and the digestion system -- that is just to produce the blood and energy to support the body. Just to support it. You have to do so many such things. The same way, this is it. But man becomes so much attached to this house that he thinks he is a house! He thinks he is body. By the way, what is your name?


Now, if I say, "Who is John?" you say, "I am John." But you are not John! John is something else in you. Because you had this body before your name was there. And what was your name at that time? When you were just born? "Baby." "Child." Now your name is not "Baby," is it? What is your real name? That's the mystery. That's what I say to priests, in India: "You say 'Ram.' Ram is not the real name. 'Ram' came after Ram was born." And if we called him "Baby," then Baby is not the real name. What is the real name? You understand me?

So what is the real thing? If you once understand the real thing, you won't be an inhabitant of here. Because this is connected to all the things that are perishable, that have got an end to them. This body is composed of ether, air, water, fire, earth, so on. And this has to go and finish itself, and merge into those -- ether, air, water, earth, and so on. But then what is man? That is what you have to understand. What is human? This body is not human. Maybe body is something that makes a man unhuman! Because there is a master of a body. The master is mind, and mind has made man unhuman. Though he is a human, but it has made man unhuman.

That's why there are so many mysteries, and miseries going around the world. Where there should be peace, there is unpeace. Where there should be heaven, there is hell. What we think is real paradise, that's real hell. And what we think is hell becomes a real paradise for us. Why? What is the thing that has made those differences? If that thing can just simply be removed, it'll be just perfect, just okay. And man doesn't understand that thing.

That's why, in spite of so many perfect explanations, there has to be someone to teach us the practical thing. Jesus went to India, and he studied Vedas. And Vedas were there before Jesus was born. What was the need of Jesus then? What was the need of Jesus to come? When the Vedas were there! What was the need of Lord Rama to come? What was the need for so many saints to come in this world? Because scriptures are limited, and they teach us theory. And theory is not it. We need practical. And what is practical? What is the most practical thing in us? Theories are not satisfactory for us. Theories are very limited, and what they can take us to is also a theory and imagination.

Because people read theories, they can make 200 types of different interpretations to it. To one Shastra, to one Bible -- today I can see thousands and thousands of books written on Bible, one scripture, and they have got different meanings to it. Why? One Bible, one Christianity, believes in one Jesus, believes in one God; different sects, in one religion! One Hinduism, believes in one Lord Ram, believes in Krishna, believes in one God; different sects in it! One Buddhism, which believes in one Buddha, believes in one God; and different sects in it What is it? What's the real religion? Because we haven't realized the true thing -- that's why we are taking it in different conceptions. And God is beyond conceptions. Because God is beyond thinking. That's why they haven't been able to understand.

Otherwise, if we take a scripture of each religion, it says, "Peace, peace, peace." But where is peace now? In Vietnam -- peace? No. Where is peace? If we go to big, big missions -- what is the biggest mission in the world? What is it doing? Creating bombs! The biggest factory you will see -- what is it doing? Creating bombs. Where is the peace? Where does peace lie? And human has not been able to understand it for centuries.

That's why Lord has to manifest. And then whenever Lord came, they criticized Him. Because humans thought, "We are more clever than everyone." That's


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 why. Humans think, "We are more clever than God." And they want to defeat God. They want to become God; they want to become the Creator of the world. They say, "We can do heart transplantation." And Doctor Barnard, who did the first heart transplantation -- only one is alive out of that. Because that is a real terrible death, after once you have had a heart transplantation. Because that body starts rejecting heart. Body says, "No, this heart is not good for me." It starts rejecting it -- the way the heart works in body. Terrible death! Now how does one man want to conquer this whole thing? He can't, because he hasn't seen the real Father. Man has different conceptions.

There were four blind people -- that's the condition of the whole world today. There were four blind people, and they were sitting on the side of a road, and they expected to see an elephant. Then one man came with the elephant, and he said, "Sirs, why are you waiting here? May I help you four people?" And they said, "Yes, we want to look at an elephant. We want to have a look at an elephant." He said, "Sirs, please, come on, this is an elephant."

And these four people started looking at it. They couldn't even look, so they just started feeling it. So one man took trunk -- you know trunk? Just touched it, left it. Other man went to the ear, touched the elephant's ear, left it.

Then other man went, took his feet, touched it, left it. Other man went, took his tusk, touched it, felt it, left it. The man with the elephant said, "Have you seen, gentlemen?" "Yes, we are very pleased. We have seen the elephant!"

When the elephant man went away, they said, "Oh, wow! Elephant is like a trunk, like a tree trunk!" "No, elephant is not like a tree trunk; it is like a thick branch!" Man who had experienced his foot said, "It is like a tree trunk." And man who had experienced his trunk said, "Oh, it's not like a tree trunk, but it's like a thick branch." Man who had experienced tusk says, "No, you are both wrong. He is not like a trunk or a branch; he is like a rock." Because he had experienced this thing. And the fourth man said, "No, you are all three fool people. It's not anything like this. Elephant is like a banana leaf; big, big, huge."

Can you tell me that point: Was that elephant like a tree trunk, or that thick branch, or like a stone, or like a banana leaf? What was the elephant like? And that's going on in the world. They never were able to see elephant. And that's what is going on with us.

Have we seen our God? No. "What are you doing, artist?" "I am making a painting of God." "Have you seen God?" "It is my conception." Next day the picture comes out in the magazine -- everyone says, "This is a picture of God." Then they take the last page, they read the index, and they will read there, "artist's conception."

What is God? So many beliefs going on about God, and what is God? Now there are so many beliefs, and in spite of so many beliefs nobody has been able to convince anyone what is God. And for centuries people have been trying. That's not a question of one year, or one day. Centuries!

That's what makes me laugh. That's what makes me laugh! People are trying to dig up a whole hill, whole mountain, and they dig it, and what comes out is a small rat. Jumps out in one second. Okay, they make big scriptures, make different interpretations, make so many things. "Wow, we are going to dig the whole hill. We are going to bring humanity -- we are going to bring peace." And when they dig the whole thing, one small rat goes out! What they have been able to establish just walks out of the root of the hill, the bottom of the hill. That's what is going on in the world! And man falls.

Go ahead, experience it yourself. Because I have not traveled only in America. Right from India, where everyone is looking for peace. Right from South Africa, where people are very interested in gold. Then in England, where people are very traditionaL Then in America -- and you know how people of America are! I have been all around the world -- traditional, materialistic, crazy … Everyone trying to find out: "God, God, God. What is God?" Nobody has been able to find out.


Realize what He is!

Indian people are not able to grasp what Jesus said. And people who are in West are not able to grasp what Ram and all those saints said. Because they are thinking, "Jesus was a Middle East Guru," and Middle East people think, or Western people think, "No, he was an Eastern Guru." And that's it. That's what it has given to us.

No. God is beyond all that. When we go to God, we feel something. Even Jesus talks about twelve steps on a ladder. There are five organs in us which commit action. Five are for knowledge (the five senses). Eleventh is our mind, that is freaking out. Twelfth is our brain. That's the composition of one man, how he acts, okay? The five action organs can be found everywhere. But not all these twelve organs may be found in animals -- the twelfth, brain, maybe you find in monkeys or so on, but the eleventh, the freaking thing, may not be found. So man composes of all these things. But Jesus says, "Man has to be perfected; he must rise beyond all these ladder steps."

So understand what he means. What he says about that Knowledge -- it's so far out. Because on page 131 of the Aquarian Gospel, he talks about this beautiful Knowledge, and says how people experience it. Yes, that is the way you must experience it. That is the way. First we must go to the source. Then ask the source to reveal it, and the source will reveal it to yourself. And then we reach to that proper source. And so beautiful.

But people don't respond to it, just because they think it's Eastern. But no, it's not Eastern. People who have realized it understand it's not Eastern. The problem is, people who haven't realized it do not understand that it's not Eastern! They must understand it now, right now. Because everyone knows that everyone is going to be at a dead end. And everyone is just so crazy! Like everyone feels so proud of himself. What's that? What's the thing to be proud of? But man doesn't understand what is the real thing in him. That's why he is so crazy. That's why there's so many things.

Man, when he first came out with bombs, I don't know how proud he was of himself. Because he had weapons to fight. And fighting has been something before anything was created! Right from the primitive man. First thing he took: fight. I mean, some people have seen the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. They show the first primitive man who started the same thing. So how does that all go? That's how we must realize the line of perfection, how we must realize that Knowledge.

And if we don't realize that Knowledge -- because the people think, "Oh, I don't know what will happen." Like in ancient time, the cowboys used to have this flock, or this whole crowd of sheep, and so on. And then they used to take their stamp, iron stamp, their own emblem or some mark, and they used to make a deep stamp on that cow. There was a mark; wherever the cow went, there was the mark of that cowboy. And so, wherever that went, he could just be the owner of it, because there was that mark. People think I am going to do the same thing with you: give you Knowledge and stamp on your forehead, so that wherever you go you are members of Divine Light Mission! No. You can always take this Knowledge, and whenever you don't like it you can just leave it. Then the question is first to receive it, first understand it.

I don't want to increase names on a register. (By the way, I haven't seen any registers of Divine Light Mission, printing out names of people. There are some, but I haven't seen them.) What's the thing Divine Light Mission wants to do? People don't realize it. People think Divine Light Mission is a very ordinary organization like any American … No, no! It is going to do something else. It wants to do something else that is higher and more beautiful than anything. Yes?

I just received a message from my father that my brother was killed in a car accident. And I wish for you to give both me and my family this Knowledge to give us some strength to pull us through this crisis that we are facing right now. It is a very troubled time for our family, and I've come to ask you for this Knowledge to keep it together.

See, if we think the world is one round thing, when man leaves it, we really get upset about it. But there is nothing to be upset about. Because he has not gone anywhere. Where he can go is to our Father. And it's beautiful if he goes to our Father, isn't it? That is the simple thing. Man doesn't understand. That is the main source of misery. Rejoice, because he who is even dead -- Christians know his body will again come back. They believe in resurrection. All right? And there is nothing to suffer about. For if he has done good things, he will always go to God. And He is his Father; nothing to be upset about.

Everyone must go to God, okay? And everyone will go. Everyone will go. No one is going to stay. Everyone will go! If we think, "My friend has gone; I am not going to go," that is wrong. You will also go one day, where everyone goes.

When my father left his body, you know what that moment was with me? A very incredible moment. Because everyone who was his follower was crying at that moment. But then something inspired me and said, "Why be sorry about it? Where has he gone?" If someone leaves this country and goes to England, we don't cry. It is okay. Someone has left this world and gone into other world; it is okay. Just visiting. Someone came from somewhere, goes somewhere, goes back.

And everyone has to go back. So there is nothing at all to be upset about. Nothing at all. I don't see anything to


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972 be upset about. I was also upset, when this mystery came to me. But, no. Something inspired me and told me, You shouldn't be sorry, because you came from there and he came from there. He has gone back. Everyone must go back."

For how long a time did you mean him to stay? God who gave that brother to you -- thank that God. Because He gave it to you, and took it back, His son back. Because it was His, not yours. Understand? You were attached to him because he was your brother. And still he is your brother. The brotherhood that was making you attached to him still exists, still has not disappeared. And for what he is -- he is not the body; he is soul, and soul also exists. Soul has got no end to it. So nothing to be upset about. Because what God brings one day, God takes it away. And why? He knows it.

And if you want Knowledge, and if you think Knowledge is going to help you, all right, will give you Knowledge. Okay? Anything else?

Why is it that we lose our Knowledge that we are born with? What happens?

It's very, very interesting. Yeah! What happens is -- a baby is hungry, okay? Baby is crying, and you haven't really got anything to give because you are traveling in a car. You clap your fingers, and the baby is attracted to your fingers, okay? And stops crying. See, that clapping which is done to make us detract from the Knowledge is so hard -- and that's all materialism. Thousands, thousands of things in it. And we just get attracted to these things, and we just merge in that. Like, then what happens -- actually we should eat to live, but then we start living to eat. One scientist says,

"Eat to live. Eat because you must survive. But don't live to eat.- Don't live that -- because you have to just eat, that's why you are living. Don't just eat, eat, eat. Do something else also, okay?

So that's the whole thing. That's why we don't know anything. When we come back and when we realize this Knowledge, we get the feeling of relaxed stage. Beautiful, beautiful feeling, because we are back home. Calm, quiet. Origin, source of God, source of pleasure, source of peace. We go back into it.

Man has always been attracted to the world. That's why always saints come and say, "Listen, you shouldn't be attracted to it! Come on, just turn around." He doesn't really say, "Oh, wait, leave materialism!" He says, "Don't be attracted to it. You may have it. You want to have it? Okay! Just don't get into it. Don't make yourself part of it." And that's how we lose this Knowledge. That's how we forget this Knowledge.

A child has been studying in ninth class. And he passes his ninth. Or maybe he is given his middle examinations, okay? After six months he has to again take the exam. After six months, he has to take the same exam, and he has to take the exam from those things he has been reading six months before, okay? And after his middle exam, he goes out to see the world. When he comes back home, he has forgotten everything, right? The same thing is with us. We just forget everything. Because materialism seems so practical, so funny.

Sitting at the steering, you can press one button, and the back window, rear window, goes down. Very, very far out! Big 747 -- 360 people get into it, their luggage gets into it, big huge four engines, such a big body, so many seats, so many, so many things. And we have to try it -- so interesting, beautiful! Mind is so interested. And we get attracted to it; we get attached to it. Beautiful cars, no need to change gears; that is all beautiful. But we get attached to it, and then we forget why we came here. It happened like in Alice in Wonderland. Alice forgot what to have, and then she just remembered and she started crying. Then she' saw all those amazing things, started laughing, and then she remembers, "Oh, I am here in this land."

It seems like if that was true, then it would be easy to get back to the Knowledge once you no longer were interested in the materialism, or interested in the detraction.

That's the question! Like you have completely forgotten it. Somebody must make you understand. Somebody must again make you revise those things. Then you may do all that thing. But you must just revise it, and that's okay. That's why we say we don't give anything out of our pocket. Knowledge is within you. And we say, "We just reveal it." Because we are revised again. And that's it. Understood?


Guru Maharaj Ji, what does it feel like to be the Lord of the universe?

What should I tell you about it?

Just what it's like.

What it's like? Nothing. Because you are not in yourself; something else; somewhere else; one with someone else.

How is it to be like a puppet?

You don't know … Do you? When you become Lord of the universe, you become a puppet, really! Nothing else; not "you." Not "I," not "you," no egos, no pride, nothing else. One with humbleness; servant. Very, very beautiful. Always in divine bliss. Creating your own environment -- wherever you go, doesn't matter. Like my friends used to play and I used to sit right in the corner of my ground and meditate (laughter).

She wants to change places with me! I wish I could change places with everyone, and give one hour of experience to everyone! But it's not possible.

Guru Maharaj Ji, when I received the Knowledge there was a period of time that was really high, but then mind was revealed. Can I give you this crazy mind?

You don't need to reveal the ego to me. Just give it to me.

Do you promise to keep it and not give it back?

You see, what I do is I have got a little, little box. I take all the egos in it, put in it, lock it, burn it. Ashes -- back from where they came. Then just okay, no more egos.

Guru Maharaj Ji, why does it take so long to give an ego to you?

If we can just remove watches from your hand, it doesn't take a long time. Watch in your hand -- very long time. No watch in your hand -- just perfect! You see, the watch I have got in my hand, you must press the button before you can see the time. So, I just don't press the button -- just perfect. I used to have a regular watch -- look at it, so much, so much time; so much time! I used to really say, "Oh, that time is coming now! I must get ready," and start worrying half an hour before I could go to satsang, get ready, do this, do this … But now I have got this watch, and I see there is nothing in it, it is black. Time comes, I get ready, and just go there.

See, it's something very beautiful. When you receive Knowledge, you understand it really. No ego with you. Maybe it's concerned to the same question he asked -- "How does it feel like to be Lord of the universe?"

Have you seen that movie -- Man on the Moon? Have you seen those movies where they go to the outer space and they lose their gravitational field, then they just float around? Lose their weight; they just float around. And how far out it is to float around! No weight. No weight; wherever you want to go, you just go. Slowly. No fear. You know how it is? No weight at all. When you go into the swimming pool, jump into the swimming pool, you feel very far out, don't you? No weight of your own. Completely lost.

Even 10,000 times more far out experience you get when you are divinely blissed with the Knowledge. Then Knowledge just takes you, and takes you into an environment never thought of; never thought of, beautiful. When one can really get into the Music, get into the Word, get into the Light, it's so beautiful; so blissful. Just grand, you know! When someone has mastered it, really very far out! So that's what I tell premies: "Meditate, and get somewhere." Yes?

Can you tell us why reality doesn't appear to be reality?

Because it is reality. It shouldn't appear to be. Understand? God doesn't appear to be God, because He is God. And one who is not God appears to be God, because he is not. He has got to prove himself that he is God, right? One who is God, He doesn't try to prove Himself.

What is artificial light? Looks like a light. What is sun doesn't look like light, because it is light! What is not light looks like light. And what is light itself doesn't look like light.

I'm going to have to think about it.

Damn easy, you know. Like if someone is not a premie, he must explain that he is not a premie, right? Who is a premie -- is there any explanation that he must explain that he is a premie? It is very easy. One which is not a light must explain it, because it is it. One which is not Truth, it must explain that it is Truth. And it must seem like, it must look much closer to what is Truth. But what is Truth must not seem closer to anything, because it is itself.

One who is the real Charlie Chaplin -- he is Charlie Chaplin. Whatever he will do will make people laugh, okay? One who is not a Charlie Chaplin -- he must first of all act like Charlie. Because he is not Charlie. And who is Charlie -- he must not act like Charlie, because he is Charlie. Understand? That's as easy. One who is not a mahatma (initiator) -- he must act like a mahatma, because he is not a mahatma, see? One who he is a mahatma -- all right, he is a mahatma; why must he act like a mahatma? Because he is a mahatma! Why must he try to? Whatever actions he will do, he will be a mahatma. One who is not a mahatma -- whatever action he does must show out that he is a mahatma.

If it is Truth, it explains itself automatically.