Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1972

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji, The Perfect Master and Lord Of The Universe 1972

"It's only by great luck and by great fortune that you get this life….
And we know that it's precious. It's like a diamond to us.
And if we don't deal with it in a proper way, if we don't use it in a
proper way to realize and then be one with God, it's of no use."


Well, I just wanted to speak some words to you because I only came here to see what was going on. And I just came and - Mahatma Ji wasn't giving satsang anyway - and premies were not listening to him. What can I say to you? Nothing. You know? Actually I have said everything.

Yesterday there was a program and you saw how Truth is important. Maybe you even know the Truth is important. And maybe everyone who takes Knowledge knows Truth is important. When it is, you must meditate on it. And you must - actually (bursts out laughing) you must meditate. It makes your life successful.

Because this life is not available at all times. This life is not available all the time. It's only by great luck and by great fortune that you get this life. Because once one misses this lifetime, it's like missing lottery. Because once a person gets into one, he imagines many things. He imagines he'll get money. Then he imagines many millions and billions of things.

But ultimately, when he loses, nothing turns out. In the same way, this lifetime is a lottery which we have gained as the result of a great effort. And we know that it's precious. It's like a diamond to us. And if we don't deal with it in a proper way, if we don't use it in a proper way to realize and then be one with God, it's of no use.

Usually you get one example from everyone who comes on this stage. And one of the very common examples you get is that water always … Well, even I give this example. The rivers must flow to the sea and be one with the sea. But before they are one with the sea or anything happens, they give water to the fields. They do something good for the public. Many cows and many people drink water from them. And they supply many things.

In the same way we must do something useful. Well, actually I can't say it's social. But it has to be Guru Maharaj Ji's service. Because we have to understand that: how important it is.

Because when John was there and he told people about this Knowledge - and even today we know by his words, by his letters, by his prophecies, by his satsang, how things are going to happen. And it's the same way. We must provide this human lifetime for the good and for the benefit, and to spread this Knowledge in the world so that people can understand more and more.

And you know that it has been described in many scriptures that the most important thing that you can do in your lifetime is to realize Truth and be one with it. But before you can, you must give something. You must do some good for the people. And the best thing you can do for people is something like John did, something like doing satsang. And that's one of the best things you can socially do. Because I can take a horse to the water. But it's impossible to make it drink until and unless it's thirsty.

So we can't do many social activities, because these social activity things were very common one time. Many people come to me and talk about these social activities and all these things. And then finally we used to reach to this conclusion that if there is a man who is hungry today and I give him some food, he is going to be hungry again tomorrow. Why shouldn't I find a solution for him so that he doesn't feel hungry ever again in his life? What is that thing? And that's what we must do.

Okay. I guess that's enough for today. (Shouts of "Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!") Well, are you going to listen to me or am I going to listen to you? Are you going to listen to me? Or am I going to listen to you? You better listen to me, okay?

You see, Mahatma Ji is going to give you satsang today. And it's very important. The time is approaching. Finally one day I have to leave England. (And as a matter of fact, what's the date today? 15th. The day is coming when it's going to be the 24th.)

I was just talking to a premie in Australia, in Sydney. And the message is that there are about 120 people who have received Knowledge there. It's very good. Because it's a new place and in approximately a one to two week period about 120 people have received this Knowledge there. It's a very incredible thing to happen. And I hope that the same thing is going to happen in Japan. As a matter of fact, it is happening right now. And I have to go there and give them this Knowledge and this satsang.

And I think premies better bring themselves to some conclusion by listening to the satsang of mahatmas, doing some meditation, doing some service, and doing some satsang. (Silence. Then someone shouts, "The mike's off, Guru Maharaj Ji.") It's not off. I just shut it off.