Prem Rawat (Maharaji) With Wife Durga Ji in Copenhagen, 1974
It's Up To You

Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji) / July 3, 1974 / Copenhagen

Dear premies, this is the second day of this wonderful program, this wonderful function. And from here there is another Guru Puja in the U.S. But we come to Copenhagen, give a program, and we go away. We came here to try to tell people, try to make them understand that regardless of what you have seen until now, there is a little something that is much more fantastic, much more superb, than what you see with these eyes.

If you take the theory of evolution, there was a time when there was nothing. But from what we call nothing something came and physically manifested itself. And now there is this whole world. If we take it the other way around, then God made this world. But before anything was made - sun, moon, Earth, sky, air … I understand there are a lot of intellectual people here. And at least I understand that everybody has a little bit of brain to think and try to understand what I am trying to say. Because this is really beautiful. This is really far out.

There is this time. Okay? And for us that time is nothing. So much nothing that nothing doesn't even exist. I mean, when there was no moon, no Earth, no sky, no universe, no darkness nor any light that we could see with these eyes.

Now, the most far out thing about this is to try to think, try to imagine, what existed at that time. Because definitely, if we take the theory of evolution, then there must have been something. Even if it's a little dot. It's something. I mean, it's so hard to imagine this but from that little thing or from that infinite thing, this whole universe appeared.

Today we have made a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h … We made it in Hindi, and in Sanskrit, and in English, and in Dutch, and however many languages there are. (And you probably speak a lot of them.) We made all these languages and in some we say "God" and in some we say "Bhagwan" and in some we say something else. But tell me one thing. Before these languages came, what was the name of God? What was He called? What?

I mean, there is something and that particular thing is what we have to realize today, in this lifetime: that thing which has no form, has no shape, has no density, doesn't occupy any space, has no measurements, is not visible with these eyes, and is not darkness. And that thing is so subtle and so small.

A dot means nothing to people. When we first put our pen on the paper, a dot is created. And from that dot a whole sentence starts. And when we lift our pen from the paper again, a dot is left. That dot is the beginning and the end of the sentence.

Take zero. Now, what does zero mean? If I say, "Give me zero money," what does it mean? But if that zero is put after one, it becomes ten. Two zeros are put, it becomes one hundred, and the more you add, the greater the number becomes. One has a value and zero has no value, it is not valuable. What is the value of that?

This is what we have to understand. Because it is not valuable, the value of it has got to be infinite. Because whatever we could value, we value. One, two, three, four, five, six: we value it. We value one as one. We value two as two. We value three as three. We value four as four. But we never value zero.

So that means that man has reached such a high point in science and mathematics that he is making all these computers, and the thing is, he could still never figure out the value of zero, the value of that dot. And that zero, which means nothing, means everything to us. Because we have tried.

Now, this is one explanation for it. The other explanation is: I have three plates before me and I want to know which plate carries salt. There are three plates, and all three have something that looks very much like salt. One probably has boric acid on it. One is salt and one is sugar. All are finely ground. And my job is to find the salt. So I taste one. I know it's not salt, so I leave it. I taste the other and if it is sugar, or boric acid, or salt, I try it. If the first is sugar, now I know it is sugar. And I am searching for salt. I leave that and I go to the next thing. And if it is boric acid, then it isn't salt. So I leave that and I go to the next one, which is salt.

So in this world we have tried everything - materialism or science or you name it and we have tried it - in this world. And we couldn't get Peace. And that includes so many religions in this world which came from our ancestors. We have no trace of who they were or where they were from. I mean, I have asked some people and they say, "Yeah, we have a little German or a little Irish in us." And who was their great-grandfather who was a German? They say, "We don't know." All those ancestors made religions and those religions are coming right down to 1974, right down to this day. No Peace. So definitely we should try something else.

And that something else is the only thing left to try. I mean if you go back to bed and give it a little thought, what else is there that you can try? People have tried dope. They have become alcoholics and junkies. You go to New York; you see them a lot.


They tried everything. There are so many people who are doing yoga. They get up at three in the morning and they just completely swirl themselves around. But with all these things, they still cannot get Peace.

Now one thing people have not tried is this Knowledge. And I'll tell you one thing. It's so strange. Because people who have tried it have received Peace. They have Peace.

And so premies, there is only one thing: Knowledge. We have come into this world. Here we are. We can do anything we like to do. I am talking about myself. I was in a beautiful school. It was a nice school and I could have continued my studies very well, become a graduate and gone to college, graduated, and then found myself a job. And the thing is, almost everybody is doing that. Everybody gets graduated. Most of the people, at least, get graduated. They find themselves a job. They come into this world. They make a daily routine and they go away!

People must be told about something a little bit different. Realize this Knowledge! Do anything you want to do in this world. (This is a very good example, I think, for the premies to consider.)

Now, here I am and I am spreading this Knowledge and I am also married. And I can still do that. It's like, you can be in the water and you can still chew; you can be outside and you can still chew. Okay? And this is what Knowledge is. Knowledge is something which is different. And always the weakness of a human being is that he always tries to take that infinite thing … like they make small garages for Fiat 150's because they're not very big cars. Why should they make a big garage for it? But then you take the big 600 and try to drive it into that garage. Only the front grill fits in it, that's all. And this is what everybody is trying to do. It's like trying to take a huge elephant and putting a little sugar cane in your pocket, saying, "Elephant, come on here. Come on here. Sit in here. Sit in the pocket." It's impossible. But they are trying to do it.

So premies, this is what people do with the Knowledge. They go hear satsang one day and they say, "Knowledge. Yeah. Supposed to give us Peace. Yeah. Supposed to be Light. Huh." And then they think about what Knowledge is, "Yeah, it's gotta be some kind of strange thing. What was it we tried the last time? We had a little light from it? What was it we tried last time? What was that?" And they go to their wives or their kids and say, "Listen. You know when we were driving last night to the beach and something happened and it was really beautiful? Do you know what we did?" They think that is Peace.

So maybe they go to Knowledge and they are all excited. And some people think it's like a bomb and it'll explode them into bits and pieces. They will be like the dead, walking alive, they'll be so much into it.

These are just different concepts of mind which they are producing. Some people say, "Oh yeah, that'll be really neat because I can then sit and do some meditation in my bed and do this and do that. Then my mother won't tell me to do anything else because I can sleep while doing meditation." So many concepts.

But Knowledge is nothing that we can think about. You can sit all day and all night long. As a matter of fact, you can sit for all your lifetime. But you can never perceive nor understand what Knowledge is by thinking with your mind. That is why I am sitting here, shouting and screaming, hopping from one place to the other place. Why? What's the necessity for it? People think I am crazy; people think I am nuts. Sometimes they send me letters, and sometimes they come and scream at my house. Why should I be doing this? Why should I do this? I could have gone to school, had a nice education, and now have a nice company car, sit back in the car and be a big executive.

But what is the necessity? I want to make people understand that I have received a beautiful thing, a beautiful mechanism. If I were an engineer, you would call it a beautiful mechanism. If I were a doctor, you would call it a beautiful solution to all physical and spiritual problems. I have everything: the greatest Knowledge.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: "This is the Knowledge, this is the emperor of all knowledge. There is no knowledge which is beyond this Knowledge."

People think that to graduate … it's nice to be graduated. I believe it's nice. But the thing is, to be graduated into your origin! If a husband goes away from his wife and they really truly love each other, when they meet there is a little excitement. When premies are there and they see me there is this beautiful happiness between us. But can you imagine? When we go back to our origin from where we came, where we belong - when we go back to where we have been lost from for so many, so many centuries - when we go back to that, can you imagine that happiness? It's extremely … all these words. But it's so …

And this Knowledge is so wonderful. Because you can be eating, you can be driving, you can be sleeping - I mean, that sounds a little peculiar but you can be sleeping - and still meditate on this Name. It's so fantastic.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Copenhagen, 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Copenhagen, 1974I mean, people talk about concentration. And for reasons such as driving race cars their concentration should be completely straight. (I'll tell you one thing. There is one car that has been given to me by a premie in Boston. It's a real fast car. And it really needs good concentration.) But when you start meditating on this Knowledge, you could be going a hundred miles an hour in rush hour without hitting a car. It's so good. It's so beautiful.

But then there's the crazy mind. Sometimes you look at a car and say, "Hey! That's a nice color." Sometimes you look there and say, "Oh! Look at that Harley Davidson rolling along." Then you look back. "Oh, the cop is coming." All the time that mind that is completely freaking around can completely merge to one point. It's like, it's one. And you are driving along and concentration is beautiful. It's perfect.

And really, this Knowledge is what can bring that mind together, can really put that mind together. Because this mind is so tricky. I can be standing in the airport waiting for a flight to America. This is what happens with a lot of people. They are standing in the airport. They haven't boarded their flight. They haven't checked in. They haven't got their ticket straight. They haven't gone through immigration. They are standing in the airport.

But in their mind they are now checking in. They are just standing there, but their mind is checking in, getting the ticket straight, getting the baggage ticket, getting everything stamped. Now it's going through immigration and then they board the plane.

And the guy is standing right back at the airport! But in his mind he is aboard and then there is a twenty-minute delay. Then the plane finally takes off. I mean, this is all his mind! He is going to the stewardess, "What an airline. You people are late." Where is the guy? He's standing all the way back at the airport. He probably hasn't even entered the airport, but his mind is about ready to take off.

Next, there is JFK Airport in New York. He gets out and goes to immigration, and has a little problem. He doesn't have his entry permit or a visa. And so the immigration guy gives him a little problem, then lets him in. They go in, and then they have problems at customs.

Then he takes a taxicab. Still, this person has not even boarded the airplane or checked in his luggage! But his mind has gone there. It is so fast. It is so subtle.

You can make a tank and put water in it, and put a man in a diving suit so that he is alive, put the man in that tank and weld it. Seal it off completely so that the water doesn't drip. Nov wouldn't you know that the water isn't dripping from that tank. There isn't a single hole in that tank, not a single leak. But his mind is leaking, more subtle, thinner, able to flow out better than the water. In that mind he is roaming about to all sorts of places. He is going everywhere.

And so how can we control this mind? This is the problem. Because in the first place, we don't know what the problem of this world is. Now we know. It's mind. For example, Alexander the Great tried to conquer the whole world. He was in his palace and he was all dressed to go to the war that he had declared on another nation. He saw this saint at the bottom of a stairway. When he came down, he said, "Oh saint, give me blessings so I can go and fight."

The saint said, "Why, king? Why do you want to fight?"

He said, "Because I want that nation. I want to become rich."

So the saint said, "Listen. You came into this world empty-handed and you are going to go from this world empty-handed. What is the reason? Why do you want this? So many people are going to be massacred. What is the reason you want all this bloodshed?"

So Alexander got real mad and completely freaked out. And he took his whip and whipped that saint. But finally he went along, conquered a lot of places. And then he got sick. And when he was just about to die, he called all his favorite people, and said,


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) With Wife Durga Ji and Mahatmas Sampuranand and Mahavir  in Copenhagen, 1974

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Copenhagen, 1974 "Listen, I know I have always done things wrong in this lifetime. And I know that there is no reason now that you should do whatever I tell you to do. But for the last time can I ask you for a favor? Just one favor."

And they said, "Okay, go ahead. What is it?"

And he said, "When I die, when you take my coffin to be buried, take both of my hands out and put a slab in each hand saying, 'Alexander the Great, who had dreams of conquering the whole world and did most of it, came empty-handed into this world, and is going empty-handed from this world.' "

So premies, that freaky mind is making this world like that. There are so many beautiful places but people's minds say, "No. This is where we should live. This is where that should happen." They are tearing beautiful trees down and they are building there. Building what? Something which is going to be bombed one day.

And whose craziness is that? First the guy makes an airplane. Then they take that airplane and make it a fighter. And then the other guy comes along with an anti-aircraft gun. I mean, what is it? A little joke or something?

It's like that situation where this little boy has a


little tank and he goes "tuk-tuk-tuk," with his little tank. And the other boy has this little machine gun and he goes, "da-da-da-da-da-da." It's a little joke. That's what it is.

But in that little joke, how much of this creation is being ruined? How many beautiful lives that were sent into this world to be able to realize that most beautiful God, that most beautiful Light, that most beautiful energy, are being ruined because people do not know what to do?

For example, you go into this house and you just happen to tag along. You pick up this bottle and you pick up that glass and you pick up that keychain and you pick up that portrait and throw the whole house into mess. Because you don't know what you came in the house for. If a guy just happened to walk into this hall, sometimes he will look at Marolyn, sometimes he will look at me, and sometimes he will look at the audience. He'll look around: "Oh. Very good." But premies who have come here to listen to satsang don't do that. They are seeing everything, but they know what their purpose is in this hall, and they are trying to accomplish that. They listen to satsang.

So now the problem is, how to control that freaky mind. If we take a big, thick rope which could tie elephants and try to tie a red ant, we can never tie it. If we make a knot, thousands at one time will be able to pass. And if we take a thread by which we could tie that little red ant and try to tie that big elephant, all he has to do is just move his head around and it'll be broken. He wouldn't even feel it. He wouldn't know what happened.

So what is mind? This is what people are trying to do. They think mind is an elephant so they bring this big thick rope to tie it. And then, what is mind? It's so subtle, so small, that it creeps right out. Before they know it, they turn around to tell to other people that they captured the mind and it escapes. And they start freaking out again.

But we need that subtle Knowledge, that most beautiful Knowledge, which is everywhere. It's in an ant and in that bug which is even smaller than an ant. That is the Knowledge we need to know.

I have described how beautiful this Knowledge is and all that, but above all, what we really can appreciate in this century is that this Knowledge is available now. You can receive it; you can get to the point.

So premies, it's as if I come here and speak some few words, sit down here, sweat a little. You come here, listen to satsang. This can go on for days, for months, for years. But we have to absorb something, we have to learn something, we have to understand something from what is being given to us, from what is being told to us. We have to gather a little bit.

You know how people are sometimes? I'll give you this example. It's a perfect example. They are like a strainer. You put something in it and what is really good, leaves. What is really dirty and bad and no good, stays there. Some people are like that. They come to a satsang hall and they have their ears all ready. Why? So if somebody makes an error, they can pick it up. They are like that strainer.

Some people are like a juicer. You put the whole carrot in there and it comes out. It just mixes the whole carrot up. Some people are like a strainer with a big, thick hole in it. You put things in it, you shake it little, and everything goes out. Doesn't matter. They listen from this ear, they let it out the other ear. I can tell you that there are many people who have just come to listen to music here. That's all. Some people are just here to see because they never saw this many people. Some people are here maybe to see these Indian clothes. Some people are here to watch those "funny people" here. I mean, that is the whole big thing.

But we have to be the kind of strainer which takes the dirt and throws it out. Like a harvester. You have to be like that. Throw the hay away and collect all the good grain and fill up. This is all we have to do. And if we can be like that, there will be - maybe you might not believe this - but there will be no problems in this world. Because everybody wants to pick up everybody else's errors. Suppose I am a guy who criticizes everything and I go, "Mahatma Ji did this," and "Mahatma Ji did that." Well, I must wait for a moment - and this is what the whole world first should do. Wait for a little moment and say, "Listen, wait a minute. I am pointing at him with one finger, but three fingers are pointing towards me. I am trying to pick up his faults but I do not know how many faults there are inside me."

And this is the same thing that Jesus said. "Okay, that guy who has never done anything wrong in his life, never done any sins in his life, can stone that woman." Who was there? Nobody.

So before you start looking toward the errors of other people, first understand that that's the biggest error, and you are making it yourself because you have this life, you can do anything you like, and then you are doing the worst thing. It's like taking a very, very fast Lamborghini, a very, very fast car, and driving it five miles an hour. You will have to throw the engine out every month and put a new one in.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Gives Holy Breath in Copenhagen Darshan Line 1974 Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Copenhagen Darshan Line 1974

So premies, this is why we are sitting here. To try to make you understand. I mean, it's completely up to you. If you like it, you are most welcome to it. If you don't like it, you are most "diswelcomed" to it. It's completely up to you.

But here it is. Here we are, in this most beautiful wonderful world and we can even make it more beautiful.

Listen. We have come to this festival. We have come from far away. Just really bliss out. Because it's beautiful.

I mean, we have two choices. You can sit down and say, "What's going on?" And all that. On the other hand, you can really have a big beautiful smooth smile on your face. Just really bliss out and really understand what there is. Because people who say that this world is bad are also proving that there is something good in this world. And this is what we have to achieve. This is what we have to attain. What is good in this world.

So understand. Try to realize. Because it is for your own benefit.

So, blessings to all the premies. There will be a program tomorrow. Come. Try to understand what we are trying to say.