Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972


Guru Maharaj Ji Answers Questions / Hollywood, California / August 11, 1971

Could you explain free will?

Have you ever seen a freeway? Same way. Free will is the same way. Nothing can stop it.

You have seen people working very hard, day and night, getting two dollars. They want two dollars or four dollars. They cannot stop their will. Suppose I am walking around, and I see a beautiful car standing. I cannot stop my will. It is a, free will to go and try to be owner of that car. Try and try. So, this is free will. Nothing can stop it. No stops in between.

But we have to keep that free will in the stops of Satguru. Let Satguru guide that will, where it should be. Because he is the man who can see what the formula of this whole world is. He is the real man who can see it, think it, realize it and take us into the perfect place where it is really good for us. We can't go ourselves.

That is why many scriptures have said that one should dedicate one's life to the Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master of the time. Dedicate. Then he will take you to that right place. Because you have dedicated your life, you are no longer anything and you belong to him, so he is responsible for taking you.

If the car says, "No, remove your hands from the steering. Let me go," then the man who is driving the car is not responsible. But if the man is holding the steering wheel, then he is responsible. The car has left its whole self in the hands of that man, whether it stopped, goes, races, or does anything.


Dedicating our free will to the Satguru is called the perfect and true dedication. No meditation: no dedication. First we have to know such a thing by which we can really dedicate our lives to that point. It's not very easy to do that.

Dedication is very hard. You have to leave all the leaks, all the desires, everything. What did all the real saints do? They dedicated their whole lives to the Perfect Master of the time. And what he did, God guided. You can see that most Perfect Masters closed their eyes: sitting in meditation, closing their eyes. Nothing to do with this world. Sitting in jungles so that they may not be "disattracted" by all the things in this material world. But for a man, he cannot go and sit in a jungle. If every man goes and sits in a jungle, then how will the towns and countries run? So all the people can't go and sit in a jungle. There have to be some people functioning in towns and countries. So then what is a technique that they can apply?

See, if Krishna had told Arjuna, "Arjuna, you go and just sit in the jungle, and meditate there," then it would have been of no use to say to Arjuna, "Arjuna, fight, fight." But he said, "Arjuna, fight and remember my Name at all times. Meditate."

This world is within us. Wherever we go, it will follow us. You have come here but you haven't left your name in your cupboard or in your office. (Has anybody lost his name? Is anybody here without his name, or is his name in the cupboard or in his home?) Wherever you go, your name will follow you. In the same way, the world is inside you. Wherever you go, the world will follow you. And so, if you go in jungles or in ashrams, you can still do meditation. No need to go and sit in the jungle. In olden days people had time. They could sit in jungles. But not now. Yes?

The Word, or the Knowledge, is not the Truth, but it reveals the Truth?

A room and the main entrance are both one. You call what brings you into that room the "main entrance" and that room is itself attached.

Knowledge is attached to that Truth. No Knowledge; no Truth. Through Knowledge you gain that. You see, why do we call it "Knowledge"? Because it gives us something. Actually Knowledge has been a very famous word here in this Mission, "Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge."

But actually, if I go to a school and I am studying there, I am receiving knowledge. Through my studies I am able to function better than I am functioning. I am able to talk, write, read and speak better than I am. But with that I work, see? Through one thing I was able to do so many things. So there is that knowledge through which you can realize only a school subject.

Just as you go to school, you will have to have the company of Satguru. You will have to go, ask questions, sit with him, and listen to what he wants to say - like in school. But then you will be able to understand what he wants to teach, what his philosophy is. Because saints have 'said that nobody can come to the other shore of the philosophy of Satguru. He is the greatest philosopher in this whole world. And every time he has made a philosophy, it has benefited the whole world - the whole world benefited by that philosophy.

What is that philosophy? You have to go, ask him for that philosophy. He won't sell it to us. If he is selling it to us, then that philosophy is not good. It is not true philosophy. Because philosophies cannot be sold. You pay in a school. You don't pay for what you are getting. You pay for the master. You are paying the master; you are not paying for knowledge. When you go in school you don't pay for what you are getting, you don't pay for 'A-B-C-D.' You pay for the master. He is using his energy. You pay for the trouble that he's taking, not for what you are learning from there. You can't pay for 'A-B-C-D.'

If I go to an Englishman he speaks to me in English. Suppose I only know French; I don't know English. And he says, "Ask me for any amount of money that you want." And suppose that throughout my life I have paid $30,000 for school. And now he asks, "Ask as much as you like." If I don't know English, I am just looking at him, at his face. If I know English, I say, "I want $80,000." He gives me $80,000. Understand?

So this is what Knowledge is. Through Knowledge you will gain what is the most precious thing of this world. What you want. What you are lacking. That true concentration of your mind.

… which will bring you to the Truth.


It is not the concentration which is the Truth …

What is concentration? When a man enters Truth, Peace, his mind is concentrated. Darkness is night, and night is darkness. Concentration of mind is Peace and Peace is concentration of mind. Yes?

Christ said, "The Truth shall set you free." What did he mean?

We are slaves of mind. Right? When that Truth will come to us, by Knowledge, our mind will be on one side. We will be free from mind. How does Peace come to one man? When his mind gets away. So as soon as this Knowledge will come to us, mind will get away. We will be freed. We are slaves. Everybody is a slave of mind. But as soon as Knowledge gets to him, mind is taken to one side and your mind becomes a slave and you become a king. You are freed. That's what he meant, I suppose.

Can you tell me about how long it will take to attain samadhi?

First you will have to gain that method through which you will enter samadhi. What is samadhi?

I don't know.

Know what samadhi is, and how it will be obtained. Samadhi is not just sitting like when you are sleeping.


There are five limbs through which you work, and five senses. Eleventh is thinking power, and twelfth is mind. These are twelve stages: five and five, ten; one eleven, and one twelfth. Now, anybody can reach to the twelfth stage. Anybody can think, anybody can desire, and anybody can reach till the twelfth stage. But when a man gets that Knowledge and he sits in meditation and goes into deep concentration of mind, he gets over mind. And that is called the thirteenth stage. He is in deep concentration of mind. That is called samadhi. Dhi means light; sama means mix it. Samadhi. But man can only get there when he reaches to the thirteenth stage, where his mind is perfectly grinded. Nothing is there. He can't think. No senses.

You must have seen a photo of Lord Shiva sitting in Himalayas, outside in the snow, wearing nothing but underwear, and sitting in meditation. How did he sit in meditation? There were no heaters at that time. Or no electricity to run heaters. How was he sitting? Because he had left all the stages where he could wish, will, desire, think. All the stages of senses get down. So he's just in one stage, one perfect stage, which I cannot describe. Because even scriptures say, just before placing their full stop, "We can't describe that holy and perfect vibration that man indulges into, because it is perfect. What our hand is writing is imperfect."

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

Our hand is imperfect. Our pen is imperfect. This paper is imperfect. And we are talking about perfect. We cannot write it. Because it is absolute and nothing except for that thing is absolute in this world.

Any more questions? It is okay? Yes?

How does the world appear through your eyes? How would you differentiate it from how it appears through our eyes?

Owner of the world - different for him. Have you got any car?

Yes. Right.

When you drive that car, does somebody see that car or not? There is a great difference between when you see your car and another man sees that car.

Everything in this world is below for me. Nothing has any respect. I cannot respect anything in this world. Because I have seen - experienced - the source of all vibrations.

When I see that there is pure water, that untouched water is coming from that source, why should I drink water from this source? From here? I should go to that source where water is absolutely pure. These are all vibrations. And I experience that primordial vibration, and these are all vibrations of that. So when I have experienced that, these vibrations seem to be nothing for me in comparison to that. And for a man, a local man, who has not got this Knowledge, everything has got a respect. Mind runs, runs, runs and runs. "This will give me, this will give me, this will give me, this will give me …"

Aren't all these vibrations the same vibrations as tht primordial one?


Not the same quality?

Not at all. What is a chair made of? Wood?


Wood, yes.

What is a table made of?


Have they got the same quality?

They are both wood.

They are both wood. They are both vibrations. But unequal vibrations. These are all vibrations. But there is a great difference between this vibration on which I'm sitting and the vibration which this room is. I cannot sit on the room; I can sit on a chair. This body is a vibration. I cannot sit on a body; I can sit on a chair.

So it depends on how you want to use it?

Well, every vibration has been made for a certain use. Every vibration. If you try to use this tape recorder as a record player, you can't use it. See? So, everything has got a separate purpose, which has been made by industries or planners of those industries. But you see, maybe somebody would like a chair; somebody won't. Some people - Western people, maybe people in England - would like to sit in a chair and do meditation. While people in India would like to sit on the floor and do meditation. Yes?

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Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

What moves you to act? What is it that you desire to do, or how is it that you decide to do what you do?

There is some source which is the source of all and it is also making mind alive. That desire - that thing, that source - guides a man who has lost his own. A man who is unemployed, government gives him certain money. Is he earning to get that money? Without earning, he is getting that money. Okay? Same way, when he has lost his mind, then the upper one - upper source, perfect source - guides him about what to do. Yes?

Why can't he use his own mind by himself?

Why can't the car start by itself? It would crash!

Well, could you spend your entire life in samadhi?

No. After one week, your body will be in the graveyard.

You were talking about how things are hurrying up now. You're giving Knowledge to anyone who asks, where before it would have taken years. Why are things hurrying up now?

Because God has to come and rule this entire world. If there will be only two or three people who know that Knowledge, how will God be able to rule? There should be lots and lots of people, so God can do that.

So how is this different than other times?

In the Bible it is written that there will be a Kingdom of God or heaven on this Earth. And we can see. Because it is written that before that kingdom there will be famine, thunder, this and that. You can see nuclear bombs ready. Guns and machine guns. No need to waste energy. Just push a finger, guns go off. Yes?

Guru Maharaj Ji, what will happen to people that


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

"This is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave. And I am giving it. Supreme Knowledge. It is sacred. Top sacred! And it dwells within all of us. All human beings. And we are unable to know it without the help of the true Master."

don't receive Knowledge? How can they stay in this world? You said that there are many worlds, other worlds …

Yeah! Eighty-four hundred thousand worlds. Dogs. Birds. Insects. So many types of dogs, so many types of birds, so many types of insects …

What about other places? What about other planets?

Are you trying to go? Go and inquire from BOAC, or Air India. Yes?

Last night you talked about hell. Can you talk more about that?

Yes. Besides heaven, everything is hell.

See, today I saw a dog sitting in a Mercedes. And people hitch-hiking. The dog is enjoying heaven! But if we don't take full use of what God has given us, heaven will become hell for us. If we just sit in our car and don't drive it, the same car will become an old house, nothing else. Drive it. Then it will become a car.

There is a saying, "This is good, and that is bad. This gun will shoot and kill; something else won't. If this is food, I should eat it and I will be alive." It's the same thing, even with animals and human beings also. Then what is the difference between human beings and animals? Scientists have called this human frame "super," super above all animals. Then what is the difference? Why have they called it super? Because you can function so much. And in that function there is a supreme function which has been recommended by God, when a man was made. And that is to realize that Omnific Word. That's why He comes time after time in this hell. To make it heaven.

If you want to make it like night for yourself in daytime, close all the windows, put black coverings up, turn off the light, and it will become night for you. If you want to make it like daytime in night, light all the lights and it will be like day for you. You can see everything. But there is a great difference between when there won't be a sun and when there will be a sun. Suppose all your windows are covered with black paper and a supersonic jet flows by. All your windows break and again it will be day. So there is a great difference, see. That's why He wants us to know that Name, that Word. That's why He comes in this world. Yes?

For every effect there is a cause. What was the first cause, the primordial cause?

That is absolute. And from that absolute, a second absolute was created, which was not so much absolute. Remember, it was pure energy, which had a job. It was created; it had a job. And we are all little, little parts of that energy. That energy has not been scattered actually, but so many parts drop out of it and we are little, little drops of that energy. That is energy; that is soul. This energy, which is a part, has to go and join with that. So, see? And that was created by uncreated energy. It is uncreated because energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. And when something has not been created, how can I tell you that there was a cause? Suppose this chair was created. We can sit on it. But if it is an uncreated creation, it wouldn't have known if it is for sitting, for carrying on your head, or an umbrella or a house. It wouldn't! But I have to take advantage of it now. So the energy is absolute, and I have to have union, credit union with that absolute.

You see, today I was just sitting in my chair, and one idea came to my mind. Have you seen priests?


People need priests living. And God dead. People need priests living, and God dead! This is the human nature. There have always been many priests before. There was a Pope before our Pope, wasn't there?


So they could make a statue and there'd be no need to call another Pope.

They need God dead. And a Pope present! Craziness!

What does it mean to have a guileless heart?

Hungry heart. "Hungry heart" means that it's humble. If a man is hungry, he becomes humble automatically: "Please, I want food." A hungry heart.

Why did the first cause descend to the second cause, or create a second cause, to create souls?

First know that Knowledge and then you will know why it was created. First know something about it. Yes?


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

Guru Maharaj Ji, I read a satsang that you gave in London and you were saying that you have given us two forms of transmission - automatic and manual.

I explained it. I have offered two types of transmissions - automatic and manual. People who have dedicated their whole lives to me, it is manual. People who haven't dedicated their whole lives to me, it is automatic.

All I really want to know is: If it is our desire, can we have manual transmission?

See, people who have dedicated their lives to me, I have to carry it. They are manual. People who haven't dedicated their lives have to go on automatic. Now I have put a gear, I have given them Knowledge. Now they have to meditate and go along as their daily timetable is. But the people who have dedicated their whole lives to me - I have to put their gears on and on, tell them what to do; tell them, "Now, give them satsang." Or, "Do something else." Or, "Do something else."

Is it possible to be automatic and then manual? Or are you just automatic once you're automatic?

From manual to automatic - very hard.

Does the car make the choice?

The car makes only one choice. Either manual or automatic. Have you dedicated your life or not? You can make that choice.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Fat Boy Perfect Master And Lord Of The Universe 1972

Do you know your devotees before they receive Knowledge, or …

No, I'm not concerned with them then. Yes?

Once a person asks for Knowledge and you say you'll give it to him, is he sure to receive it sometime in the future, even if not at this point of your stay?

An initiator will be here. Somebody. I will arrange for somebody to stay here who can give this Knowledge. Yes?

Do people have to go through certain things themselves? Is this why they are ignorant of the Knowledge already, because they have to go through certain things before they realize?

See, they are too lazy to think about Knowledge. Or maybe somebody never tells them about something like that. That's why they don't know what Knowledge is. They're not concerned with it.

Would you repeat that? I didn't understand.

Some people are too lazy to search for that Knowledge. Some people don't know what that Knowledge is. That's why so many scriptures are made in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu, French. They are translated now and then. But now I can say that people are too lazy to read that. They should go and read those books and scriptures. What do they say? They tell you about something, about that Omnific Word. The clearest explanation of it is by Kabirdas and in the Bible. No other saint has done that.

p46 (56K) How about people that can't read?

They should come and hear satsang. They can listen.

What do you think about the Christian concept of repentance before salvation?

I say, if one kick was missed, then start another kick. If this misses, then do another kick. If this misses, then do another kick. The motorcycle will start. If it cannot, then push it. Do something. Don't just put it to sleep. A thing which is gone is now gone. Now look to the future for what is to happen. It was your fault. You should have been so much aware of what you were doing. Now, what is realized by thinking about it, admitting, "Yes, I really did it"?

Is that the ego's submission? I admit that I was separated from the Creator. Is that the nature of repentance - the submission of ego?

Even after I submit, the judge says, "Have you murdered that man?" I say, "Yes, I admit that I have murdered that man." And I will straightaway be sent into jail.

But the sinner has repentance to …

You see what you have done. Don't think about that. You were lazy enough so that you couldn't think about what you were doing. It was your fault. You should have thought before, when you were making that mistake. People don't think about what they do when they do it. Then, "Oh, I shouldn't have done that. I am very sorry!"

They weep for that, cry for that. It's no use then! Kabirdas has said, "Done is done. Now it can never come back again."

But it's not so much the specific sin, as the sin of being an egotist.

Suppose someone murdered Gurucharnanand Ji. By his admission, Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji won't come alive again. When someone has killed him, someone has killed him. So now we have to see what his future is, whether he will be sent to jail or not.

But suppose I have just one real repentance: one real giving up of ego?

Remove your ego. It is your fault. "Why did you murder that man?"

"I was very angry. I murdered that man." You were angry, and you also are angry now so remove your anger or maybe you will murder one man more due to that anger! Remove your anger now.

But it's admitting the sin, first of all. Admitting I'm an egotist. Admitting that I need God's Grace.

Then search for God's Grace. By admitting, nothing happens. You have to search for that. "Yes, I admit that I want food!" Yes! You won't get food like that. You have to go and search for the food.

And if you have admitted it, very good. Now take further steps. Yes?

I'm working every day in a big setting, with a lot of people around me. And I'm the only person in the


"One should dedicate one's life to the Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master of the time. Dedicate. Then he will take you to that right place. Because you have dedicated your life you are no longer anything and you belong to him, so he is responsible for taking you."

building that feels the way I do about things. What would help me keep my center? Sometimes I lose myself. I forget and I start getting carried away with things. And then I come back and I say, "Oh, what was I doing?" And I'm having trouble because there are so many people around me and there's so much going on all around me, really.

Help yourself. Somehow help yourself. Know what the thing is which is "losing" you, making you go so you can't even think of where you are. What is that thing?

See, I go in a swimming pool, which has quite salty water. Because it's too salty, my eyes become red. I should think, "What caused my eyes to be red?" Not just that eyes are red. "What is the cause that made my eyes red?" What was the cause?

What is the cause that makes you forget what you are or what you are doing? Know that cause and then kill that cause. If I think that my eyes are okay bathing in salty water, then I should bathe in salty water, okay? If you think that keeping your mind with yourself is okay, then keep your mind with you.

So if you think that your mind is making you that way, get your mind away. All I can say is that your mind can't think about what you are doing. You see? It gets lost. Control that.

What is this Knowledge you're talking about?

This is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave. And I am giving it. Supreme Knowledge. It is sacred. Top sacred! And it dwells within all of us. All human beings. And we are unable to know it without the help of the true Master. That is what I am teaching. Yes?

Why doesn't everybody have Knowledge? It seems like everybody should have Knowledge.

Notes, rupees, and dollars are printed. They don't fall from heaven. But no one should produce dollars. Why do people play guitar? Why do people yell at cabs? Running around, yelling at work? For one dollar.

It goes in the bank. And however much gold there is, then so many dollars can be printed. Two dollars worth of gold means two dollars will be printed. (There are many countries who don't have much gold, so they can't produce. Otherwise, what is stopping them?)

So many people aren't worthy of taking Knowledge. That's why they're not given it. People think that they can just push a button, you see, and everything will happen.

When I went to Germany, I was buying a tape recorder. There was a man - not very old - who had a transistor with a small machine. He was sitting in a chair and he would push a button and the station would change. Push a button and the station would change again. Push a button and the station would change again. Turn it off. TV would be off. First of all, it has been made so easy! Still he wants something easier than that - to sit in the chair.

People want this type of thing. Press a button, Guru comes. Press a button, Knowledge comes. Press a button, satsang comes. See? Press a button, Satguru comes.

It cannot be possible. That's why it is not given. Let people be worthy of taking it. Because it is the "most supremest" thing that cannot be scattered away. When people become worthy, they are given it.

Well, why isn't everyone born with the Knowledge? Why aren't we living in that Garden of Eden now?

Because man is crazy! That's why he is living this way. But people who will give of their mind, they don't live this way. They become servants of God.

Well, why did God put us through this thing that we're going through? Why didn't He just create us in perfect Knowledge? What is this trip about? Why are we here in this purgatory?

Twelve volts is less than 250 volts. Why don't the people who make cars just put 250 volts there?

Well, if it shorts out, the man who is driving the car and all the passengers then die. What was enough?

He made this creation by His own observations. What was necessary to put here, He made that. In His own way. What He had to make, what He thought was right, He made it in His own way. It is His creation, not your creation that you can object to that creation.

One man was walking and he saw a watermelon attached to this small vine. He went further and he saw a tree with really small fruit.

He said, "Such a big tree and such small fruit! And such a thin thing and such big fruit!" He said, "I will go and object to God."

That man slept under the big tree. During the night the wind blew very fast and that little fruit fell on his nose. So he said, "God, you made it very good. If that big fruit would have fallen on my nose …"