Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang
Calcutta, India / April 23, 1975

A translation from Hindi

It's a great pleasure that we're all assembled in Calcutta. Because the premies from Calcutta came to Jhumri Tilaya to request a date for a program in Calcutta, but at that time I told them that I hadn't decided about the program. But later I could give the date for the program. Now I'm in Calcutta. What's supposed to happen, has to happen. The love, the devotion, and the feelings of the premies have made this program in Calcutta possible. That's why the program is now happening.

First we have to understand the importance and price of the Knowledge which we already have. It's just like that potmaker who finds the diamond, but he thinks it's a piece of glass. You know the story, that a potmaker was passing through a desert and he found a shining object. He thought, "Oh, it's a piece of glass. What will I do with it?" He threw it.

After some time a jeweller came and he found that piece. He praised his luck, "Oh, how lucky I am that without any labor I found such a precious diamond!"

Now we should think about how that same piece is a piece of glass for the potmaker and it's a diamond for the jeweller. Same thing with this Knowledge. It was the same Knowledge for those many saints and many people did many things to find this same Knowledge. But they couldn't get it, although they did many things and they went to many places. But still they couldn't easily get Knowledge. This same Knowledge is today easily available to us by the Grace of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji. It's been said that without Guru, Knowledge isn't possible. And realization of the Knowledge isn't possible without renunciation.

Lord Rama came and left. Buddha came and left. Lord Rama, Buddha, and Christ came and left.

Also, Alexander came and left. That's why this Knowledge which we've received - we have to understand the importance of it. We have to understand the value of this Knowledge. This subject is for the whole life. This is the wealth of the whole life, not for one minute or two minutes or one hour or two hours, but for the whole lifetime. This is that thing which is priceless, which can't be sold in the market. Mira Bai said that this is the thing which can't be cut, can't be burnt.

We should consider for one moment that so many people think about Kaliyuga and they blame it. But we never understand how very fortunate the Kaliyuga is. Of course, nobody directly praises the Kaliyuga. But in this Kaliyuga, the Lord will incarnate with full power. Whoever he will be! That's the other question. For this Kaliyuga, it's said that Kaliyuga is based on the Holy Name. By remembering the Holy Name, a man can cross the ocean of suffering and misery. This is the Kaliyuga for which we don't know how long we've waited. It's another question that it can be bad or good. It's just like, a crow can only go "caw-caw" but a swan only can speak the language of swan.

Therefore, this is an opportunity before us, before everyone. I told you in Jhumri Tilaya that sometimes in an age anyone - like Manthara said to Kaikeyi, who opposed Lord Ram, "Lord Ram should go to the forest." For what was it said? They loved Lord Ram but for the sake of power they became blind. That's why, due to that blindness, they said, "Lord Ram should be king of the kingdom but he should be exiled

"Premies have to know, premies have to wake
up, premies have to decide. So this time has
come that we should wake up. We should
announce at every place that we know the Truth.
We should reveal this to the people.
We should work in cooperation and in unity."

for 14 years."

But at last, why do we blame Manthara and Kaikeyi? You should think that if Manthara and Kaikeyi weren't there, how could Hanuman have received the Knowledge? How could Ravan be killed? How could those devotees get the service of making the bridge and how could they get darshan? So why blame Manthara and Kaikeyi?

This time is also like that time … It's a test for us to see whether we have faith in this true Knowledge or not. If there is a hole in the boat, however beautiful it is from the outside, one day it'll sink into the water. And there's another boat and it's so ugly from the outside, but it won't sink.

So now the time has come. No one knew how long this time was going to take before coming - five years or six years. But now this time has come that the Knowledge and the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji are completely different from our ideas and our concepts. Look at how far the ideas of man have gone. But still the Knowledge and glory of Guru Maharaj Ji are not affected.

This is the time to wake up. This is the time to know who really has the true Knowledge and is meditating on the true Knowledge and getting benefit from it. Those who have known, look! Mira Bai had no hesitation in going to Ravidas. The reason she had no hesitation is because she hadn't gone to a shoemaker, but she went to the Satguru. She had gone to him for Knowledge.

So this time has come and we should open our eyes. Those who have slept and slept, we shouldn't blame them, but we should understand that we have true Knowledge so we should serve, meditate and do sat- sang to our Satguru.

I know all about the kind of rumors that go around but I'm not concerned with those. Because I'm propagating Knowledge. That's what I propagate. I'm not here to propagate anything else. I haven't dedicated my life to know anything else. Someone else can think they have control over this or they can believe they have control over that. But I haven't received Knowledge for those things. Maybe someone has meditated for those things and that's why they get those things. But the thing that I have meditated for is before me.

Look. All things in the world are perishable. Suppose for a minute that from one bus station, four buses go in different directions. One bus goes towards Lucknow and the other bus goes towards Bangla desh. The third bus goes in another direction and the fourth bus goes in some other direction. Suppose you have to go east. You won't catch the bus which goes north. If you have to go north, you won't catch the bus which goes east. If you are to go to Lucknow, then catch the bus for Lucknow. That bus will take you to Lucknow. If you take the bus for any other direction it will not take you to Lucknow.

So we should have some means. All means are perishable, but there is one means which is immortal, which is existing from the beginning of creation and will remain forever. All other means are for maya. Some people wish for money, some people wish for something else that brings a great amount of pride. And then pride is everything for them. But for wise people, the Knowledge is the only means. Only those people who are truly searching get this means. Our means is the Knowledge which is rarely available.

Whatever these worldly people say, one day the Truth will come before them. Those who say I am false, when they have experienced falseness, they say I am false. They become false. But I've experienced everything and I've come to the conclusion that except for Truth, there is nothing in this world. But for those who haven't experienced the Truth, there are only false things. Some are half-true; some have some truth. But he who knows Truth, Truth is the only thing for him.

So all premies should understand, wake up, arise. And take an oath that we have to propagate Guru Maharaj Ji. I told you in Jhumri Tilaya that if a man wants to walk from one corner of the stage to the other corner, he has to use his legs. So premies are the legs of Guru Maharaj Ji. I don't know where they make him dance, where they take him. And they do whatever they like with Guru Maharaj Ji.

The whole thing depends on the premies. So premies have to know, premies have to wake up, premies have to decide. So this time has come that we should wake up. We should announce at every place that we know the Truth. We should reveal this to the people. We should work in cooperation and in unity.

There is nothing else to say. And those premies who have not received darshan - it became two years. So now they should receive darshan. I have come for the premies, because they told me that the condition of the premies had become bad. So I've come for them and nothing else.

… So understand, wake up, arise. Blessings to all the premies.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji