Guru Maharaj Ji / Boulder, Colorado / August 28, 1971

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980

Dear brothers and sisters, I'm pleased to see people here. They are fortunate and lucky to dwell beside nature - the perfect nature of God. But there is a nature which dwells inside also. Enjoy that also.

There are beautiful hills, beautiful scenery and beautiful things created for you by God. But there is a scenery - like beautiful mountains, beautiful air, beautiful sound, beautiful Light - inside also, created for you. If I am sitting in New York City and I want to enjoy the beauty of Colorado, I cannot. I will have to come to Colorado to enjoy the beauty of Colorado.

In the same way, if you want Knowledge, I have come here to give you something. I have brought something very precious with me. Because of that, the East was shining like anything. India was one of the holiest countries because of that thing. And I have brought that thing here now to give you.

There has never been a time when a Holy Master did not dwell here. But if you want him, you will have to search. You will have to look for him. Suppose I am a well. If you want to drink water from me, you will have to come to me. I am a light. If you want to see me, you will have to come to me. I am a road. If you want to walk on me, you will have to come upon me. God is the same way. If you want to see God, first you will have to realize Who God is. We know that God is omnipresent. But if we want to see Him, we will have to see Him by the omnipresent eyes.

Krishna says, "Arjun, you aren't seeing me."

Arjun says, "Krishna, I am seeing you face to face and you are saying, 'You aren't seeing me!' Tell me what this mystery is."

So Krishna has explained it very well there, that this is the body and this is a negative vibration. What you can see through it, is all negative. If I am wearing green glasses, everything will be green for me. These eyes are also negative and can only see negative vibrations. But if you want to see the positive, there's a positive eye in you also, to show you the positive vibration which is in you.

Remember, Jesus came to reveal the Truth - not to write scriptures or not to do anything else, but to bless the people living in these countries, to bless the people of these countries, to bless the human beings existing on this plane. And so, even now a Holy Master has come here to give you something. If you want something from me, I can give it to you.

Krishna says, "Receive this Knowledge, by all means, but have a guileless heart. Have a heart filled with a keen desire to know it, filled with real love to know it."

God created sufferings. But He couldn't bear it


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980 when He saw how the people were suffering on this plane. He Himself created suffering, but when He looked, when He peeped through, He saw that all the people were suffering. He couldn't bear that. For we are His sons and He is our Father, and it is impossible for our Father to bear it when we are suffering. And He came onto this Earth to protect us.

But we were the people who jumped out of the boat. It was not the fault of the oarsman who was rowing the boat but it was our fault. We jumped out of the boat; the oarsman never jumped out of the boat.

I am telling you that there has never been a time when the Holy Master was not existing here. But we try to look at him through these eyes. Today also people say, "We want to look at Jesus and Jesus will cross all the clouds and come into this Earth." This has been a great mistake which the people will commit and are committing. They want to see Jesus coming out of the clouds. But remember, there is a heaven inside us, and the clouds are inside us. When Jesus will come, the Light will come. It will cross all the clouds and shine. And we will reach to that place where we can never die, and nothing can happen to us. Krishna says, "We will reach liberation."

Have a good artist come. Sit behind him and tell him to make a painting of that time when the world was not created. Neither was the sun shining nor was there darkness. There was no Earth, no light, no sky,

air, water, trees, leaves, rocks, human beings, birds, animals. Nothing was there. And tell him to make a painting of that time. He will just sit and think. But he will not be able to think. He will leave his canvas blank. But the canvas is already white; it is present now.

Scientists have tried to discover it, but they can't discover it. They can't think of a time when sun, moon, Earth, water, sky, air were not existing. So they can't discover that thing.

We cannot see, we cannot feel, that Light with these senses. Tulsidas has said, "If you want to experience God, you will have to get beyond all these senses. Then we will be able to see God."

I have brought a technique with me. I won't take too long, because there is a time when everyone loses patience, and the people don't want to listen. I won't take too long, for I want to say everything in summary. Because maybe this is my last time. Maybe I will come back to America again. Maybe not. So, I have brought a technique for you people, and if you want to know it, you are always welcome, always welcome.

Jesus came. He declared that, "I am the Son of God." What did people do? They just took stones and threw them at him. But I am not saying that I am the Son of God or anything like that. I think that I am not worthy of doing anything. I am not a scientist. I haven't much intellect to speak and all those things which a man can do.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980 But even then, every man has some ability in him. Bad people have ability to do some bad things and good people have some ability to do some good things.

By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I have the ability to give you some Knowledge, to give you this supreme Knowledge which you are searching for in many, many different things. But remember, you can't get it from those things. For this is beyond them. In a book a word is written: "apple." But you can't eat it. We write "sound." But that is not sound.

We are existing now and doing so many things, but there will be a time when we will be dead. There will be a graveyard, and in that graveyard will be written our name, our date of birth, and when we died. That's all. But there is something else to know. Something else. Man cannot reach it by intellect, by this mind, because this mind can only think.

We are surrounded by our clothes. Our clothes are surrounded by air, in our house maybe. The house is surrounded by a city, town and country. The country is surrounded by the Earth. The Earth is surrounded by the universe. But what is the universe surrounded by? We stop. Our mind cannot reach there. Our mind cannot reach that stage where we can think of that which is absolute, because our mind is not absolute. Our mind is not absolute, so we cannot think about the absolute.

This mind is imperfect. How can this mind think

about something perfect? That's why egos are created. So many different sorts of doubts are created. So many different things are created. Man is muzzled up, puzzled up. That's all.

If you want to get rid of this world - if you want to get the perfect liberation while dwelling in this world - you can get it. If you want the perfect liberation, dwelling in this world, alive in this body, you can get it. I have a technique.

Come to me and I will give it to you. You want it? I have come here. You don't want it? I will go.

I have come here. I left my studies. If I wanted to be a rich man, I could have studied and been an engineer or a marshall or a general or a president or a minister, and do much corruption, and gain much money! I could also have had bank accounts - millions and billions of dollars. But I don't want that. I don't want that. That cannot give me peace. If I wanted to have cars, I would tell my disciples, "Please give me cars." I can have cars. But I don't like cars. Those cars can't give me peace.

There are so many things in this world to love. But those things can't give me peace. My education was not giving me peace. My education was puzzling me, simply wasting my time. So I left it because I had come into this world for some purpose. That was not to study. Not to waste my time and be a clerk in a school. But I have come here, into this world, to find some-



Maybe when I was studying, I could have been walking across the road and some car could have come and hit me. What would have been the use of my having existed in this world? I was just wasting my time. But now, I have recognized that thing which cannot die, which cannot die!

So Jesus says, "Know my Knowledge and you won't die. You won't perish from this world." This is the mystery. I used to take the Bible and read these verses and throw it away. I said, "This is impossible. Every man has to go from this world." Because I have seen my relatives pass away and many, many people pass away. When I used to see a dead body being carried, I just used to be in grief. I used to take the Bible, read it, put it away. Gita - put it away. Ramayana - put it away. Because these things were not telling me the mystery. They were puzzling me more. "There is a Knowledge which is away from the sun, the moon, the sky - everything. Know it, and then you cannot perish." I used to read that and be more puzzled. "How can that be possible?"

I went to my Guru. I used to listen to all the satsangs, all the holy discourses, that he gave, and observe them. In one discourse he said clearly, "Come to me. Come to me and I will give you peace."

The next day we were in Dehra Dun. I went to him, prayed to him, asked him, requested him - not with a doubtful heart. Not with, "Oh, will this man be able to give it to me or not?"

And he gave me this Knowledge and I was satisfied. I knew all the mysteries of this world in one second. As soon as this Knowledge was given to me, I knew all the mysteries of this world. And it was fantastic. It was just far out! Because it was just completely perfect. And I was reaching that state of perfection which I had never reached in my life.

People say, "If peace will come to us, how will we recognize it?" There is a just-born babe. Never had any milk yet. The baby is crying. Mother goes, feeds it, and that little baby is quiet. Why? The baby never had milk in his life. He was just born. He was crying for something, and something came and he stopped. Why? He had no thinking power at the time, because he was a small babe.

Our soul is crying. See, God has given us so many things. But what have we given to God? Have we given anything to God?

There was a man and he was walking in his garden. His friend came and took a flower and said, "This is a present to you."

He said, "What is this present? You have taken it from my garden and given it to me! What is this present? Bring something from outside. This is my garden and you have given me something from my garden. What is this present? This is not called a present."

We want to give one dollar. "Okay, Guru Ji, this is one dollar." This dollar belongs to Guru Ji. What is there to give him? We give him so many things; these all belong to him. He is not for that. He is for our devotion, which is our own personally, which is our own personal devotion. And he is hungry for that. That's all.

Everything is hungry in this world. People are hungry for wealth. Mothers are hungry to see their children. And people are hungry for food. But Guru is also hungry. Guru is also very hungry! He is hungry for devotion. He is hungry for devotion! So what we have to give to him is devotion. And how will we give it?

Jesus said, "The people who do prayers outside and aloud, their fruit is given to them at that same time." Because people praise them: "Ah, see, what a good devotee he is." He is just praying outside. Their fruits are being given to them. That's it.

Have a union from inside, from God. Have a union from inside. Have a permanent union. And if you can't, come to me and I'll get you that wire. I have a machine. I have a machine which I have smuggled into the U.S.A.

Suppose this is my watch. I bring it into the U.S.A. and take it off. Customs won't be imposed on it. And this won't be called smuggling. But I have brought something in. I am giving it to people. Customs people checked my suitcase. What they saw were my clothes. They closed it and gave it to me. They checked my hand luggage; that was papers. They closed it and gave it to me. But they couldn't open my heart and see what was in it, right?

And so, until you find it, you are incomplete - just incomplete.

I know the nature of America. People go to their jobs, work all day long, sit in their cars, come back home, turn on their televisions, sit for dinner, have coffee and then relax in their chairs. After that, they go and turn on their radios or stereos and sit down and sleep. In the morning they rise, turn on their televisions, have their breakfast, put on their clothes, and go off for work.

But this is also work. This is also a duty that you have to obey. Why have you come into this world? Why have you come into this world? Know that, and you are perfect. You will be the most intelligent people that ever existed in the world if you know why you have come into this world.

I don't know why people don't want to take it! I am not selling it. I am not saying, "Give me money." I am not selling it for money. And it is something of benefit for people. Whose fault is this? Mine? Or people's? It is not my fault. Because I am shouting over loudspeakers. I'm shouting on amplifiers and people aren't listening to me. I am doing as much as I can, out of my ability. But people aren't listening to me.

I will go. And when all people will be on one side of the court of God and the judge will place the whole record of people before God and read in that that they were uninitiated, without Knowledge, unqualified


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980

and imperfect, God will say, "Weren't you given this Knowledge?"

And people will say, "No, Sir."

But remember, the tape recorder is on and I will take the same tape recorder and play it before God and tell Him, "Yes, this is it." And a movie is being made. I will show it to God. I will say, "This is it. I was telling people, but they weren't listening to me." And then, no verdict. Because there are no laws there and no question of verdict. You'll be straightaway sent to 8,400,000 sufferings, where you have to suffer, suffer, and suffer.

So, come and listen to me. I only want your ears - nothing else. Come to me. Sunday is a holiday. You can come to me easily and receive this Knowledge. It is for you, not for me. I have received it; now I am a receiver of His Grace, and giver of this Knowledge to you people.

You may read as many books as you can, but without a teacher you are not qualified. We take so many books and read them. People take the Gita and read it and have questions in their minds. And so, if this is a thing which will remove our questions, then why are questions coming? It is certain that questions will come to you, because those answers which Krishna gave were for Arjun, who had a guileless heart. If you want to understand the mystery of the Gita, you will also have to become Arjun. Krishna was saying it for Arjun, and he was not writing a story there; he was saying it for Arjun. And if you want to understand the mystery of the Gita, first you'll have to become Arjun.

Jesus said it for those people who were his disciples, and if you want to understand the mystery of the Bible, first you have to become disciples of Jesus. Mohammed said it for the people of his time and his disciples. If you want to understand the Koran, first you will have to become disciples and then you will understand the Koran. So many books. In the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus quoted the Vedas. But the Vedas were existing before Jesus came. What was the need of Jesus to come?

Remember, there is a great difference between saying "water" and drinking it. There is a great difference between saying "food" and eating it. There is a great difference between saying "sleep" and sleeping. There's great difference between "walking" and walking.

Suppose I had a good crop last year and I was very wealthy. Now I am poor. And I sit before my fields and say, "Oh, my 1970's crop. Please come back again. Oh, my 1970's crop, come back again." They won't come. Because when did they come? They came when I tried. So if I want to gain them again, I will have to try.

People say, "People aren't following him, so how can we follow him?" I was in London, and there was a boy. I was driving with him. When we came to our residence, he parked the car in the wrong lane. It was marked red. He parked his car there. There were some other cars parked.

I said, "You have parked your car in the wrong place. Why have you parked your car here?"

He said, "Because these cars have also parked here." There were three or four cars also parked wrong.

So when the man came giving a ticket to each car, he said, "Why are you giving a ticket to me?"

I said to him, "All these cars have a ticket, so you'll also receive a ticket."

People say, "People aren't doing that." People will perish one day. Will you also have to perish? You want liberation, and you want to make contact with people also. Impossible! Because what did people do to Jesus? Crucified him! So we will have to crucify Jesus on the one hand and praise Jesus on the other. Can you do that? You will crucify Jesus on the one hand - with one hand you will knock the nails in - and on the other you will pray to the Bible. Can you do that? This is what people have done. You want to become his disciples and you want to be with the people also?

People criticize God and they aren't able to understand. So you be an individual. Stand on your own feet. Recognize who He is. Be on your own feet. Recognize who He is. Read books. Go to holy places. Do as much as you can. But if you can't find God, if you can't find God - or if you can't find that peace - then come to me and I will give you peace. Because I have peace.

I am a shopkeeper. If I have something in stock, I can give you those things. If I am not a shopkeeper and I haven't anything in stock, how can I give it? I can't give it to you. If someone doesn't know Sanskrit and I tell him to teach Sanskrit, he cannot teach it. He doesn't know French; if I tell him to teach me French, he cannot teach me. First he must know French to teach me.

There are many, many gurus today, and it is an impossible problem that man has to face. "Whom should I pray to? Whom should I follow?" Because at each and every corner that you go to, you will find a guru sitting. At each and every turn of the road that you take, you will find a guru sitting. To whom should you pray? Whom should you follow?

Follow him who will give you peace. That's all. That's all you are concerned with. Follow him who will give you peace.

If there's a hole in a mountain and the water is coming out of it, I will drink it. Because it is water. It is not poison. But if poison is coming out of the tap, I won't drink it. Because it is poison.

If a man says, "I am a true Guru; follow me," and poison is coming out of him, you won't go and pray to him. Or if there is a man who says, "No, I can give you peace," and he is really giving peace, go to him and follow him. As someone else was telling you, I won't give you the address of God, but take you to His home. And I challenge that I will give you peace if you will give me devotion. Give me devotion and I will give you peace. This is my bargain.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in 1980 People say, "You are a shopkeeper. You are a bargainer." Yes, I am a bargainer. One saint has said that we are the sellers of this Holy Name. And then he says, "Some people load gold and some people load dry fruits on their horses. But what we do, Lord, is we load Knowledge on our horses."

But remember, this is a tap. I want to take water in my bucket. And the water flows from here. If I want to take water from here, I will have to place my bucket beneath the tap. If I place my bucket on top of the tap, I cannot receive the water.

Today there are automatic drinking fountains. You press the button and the water will come to your mouth, right? Here is the hole from which the water has to come. I have pressed the button, and I have turned my face to the other side. Can the water come into my mouth? If I want to have water, even today I will have to face towards that tap.

So if you want to receive God, if you want to receive Knowledge, come to me and I will give it to you.

Satisfied - go ahead. Not satisfied - stop your car. This is a guaranteed thing. And this is not external rituals - no external rosaries, no mantras. Nothing external. Everything is internal.

What I am saying is just theory, not practical. What is written in books is theory, not practical. Everybody knows that. But if you want to go and receive something practical, you will have to go to something practical to receive something practical. Theories from theories and practical from practical.

When you go to a science laboratory, you don't take a book with you. You only go with the exercise notebook to write down the notes and that's all. You don't take a textbook there. Because you are going to do practical thing. You don't need a theory.

Read the Bible. Read the Gita. Read the Ramayana. Read so many books. But when you are going to the practical stage, you will have to leave them. You will have to leave them.

So if you want something practical, come to me. I will give you something practical. If you are really interested, I'm interested.

If students are interested in teachers, then teachers are interested in students. If you are interested in taking this Knowledge, I'm interested in giving this Knowledge free of charge. Not even a single cent. Because suppose I put that cent in my pocket, right? Suppose I am buried. After ten days, if you open my grave to dig me out, you will still find that cent there. That's all. Something goes away and then everything else is left.

People say, "Oh, my loving car." The car will be left here. Nobody has taken a car yet. Take all the records in all the newspapers and you can't read, "That man took his car to heaven. Mr. So-and-so took his pretty car to his heaven." Or, "Mr. So-and-so took his pretty ring to heaven." Or, "Mr. So-and-so took his loving child to heaven." Or, "Mr. So-and-so took his expensive Lear jet to heaven." You have never heard that.

And we were reading in India that there was a woman who filed a case against God, because God had broken her house. And what did that judge do? He just filed a warrant against God. Right? And he said, "God has to come on such-and-such a date in our court and give His attendance."

But then what happened? That's all! Because God is their judge also. They are trying to become God's judge but God is judging them. And when they will go towards God, God will take them by their necks and say, "Hello! How do you do?"

So if we want to know God, first we will have to become humble. Not by orders. Not like that. We will have to become humble. And if you are really humble enough, come to me.

Really you will be getting bored, because I've repeated this sentence, "Come to me; come to me." But this is real. This is actual.

So now I should finish, because it is ten. And you should all go back. Relax. Think over what I have said. If you are interested, come maybe about nine. Just get up earlier. No matter, for you are going to get a good thing. Get up earlier. And we will give you the address. Come to that place, and you will receive Knowledge. We will give it to you.