Guru Maharaj Ji / Holi Festival, Rome, Italy / June 25, 1980

Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980

I was standing there on the steps, listening to the song (Leaving Your Lotus Feet, Where Would I Go?). It's starting to become one of my favorites. I know it really has to be true for me. My experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, my experience of Knowledge, has to be real for me. If it isn't real for me, then who am I kidding? What am I trying to do? What am I trying to accomplish?

Every one of us has this concept about what has to be. "What has to be." And I see that if I get lost in my head about "what has to be," then I know I've had it. Then I've had it.

A couple of days ago, before I came to Rome, I played some chess. I hadn't played chess in a long time. A year, I think. I sat down and I know that if I would have figured out what I was going to do, then I would have surely lost. Because then my moves wouldn't have been spontaneous. My moves wouldn't have been predicated on my defense or offense but they would have been predicated on my idea, on my thought, on a picture. And therefore it would not have been a game.

I played. For the two first moves it's the same. You have to take your pawn out and free up your queen or whatever you want to free up. But then after that every little movement that's made by your opponent changes the entire game plan, changes the entire structure. And you have to be there. You have to be a part of it. You have to watch.

Because to me, maybe playing cards is a game of luck. (Unless you want to cheat.) But it's luck. And yet chess is a game based on your own ability. You make one error and you've had it.

I see this is the way life is, too. My thought, my idea in living this life - I know nowhere in my head do I have an idea about how it's going to be for me tomorrow. I really don't know. I have no idea how things are going to happen tomorrow. I don't even have an idea when I'm going to finish this satsang. I don't even have any idea what I'm going to say. And I know that if I sat down and wrote on a piece of paper and brought it with me and read from it, then I'd have no experience. I'd have no feeling.

You see, there is no question about the negative things that surround us. There is no question about them. In the ashram meeting today I was having a little satsang. And then I said, "Okay, does anybody want to ask questions?" And one premie's question


was, "Could you please talk about the squeeze of this world coming to an end?"

And I said, "No, I don't want to talk about it. I have nothing to say about it. Why should I talk about it? Pick up a newspaper. Read all the chaos."

Guru Maharaj Ji comes for the solution. Guru Maharaj Ji comes for an answer, not for the question. The question is already posed in front of you. "What now?" "What next?" "How do you dismantle those nuclear warheads and where do you throw them away?" "What do you do with them?" (It isn't as if you can just sort of toss them away. They'll explode.) "What do you do?"

And yet I know that, okay, that's the way it is. But what is there for me now? For me now, it's my Guru Maharaj Ji. And again, not in my language, "Guru Maharaj Ji." In my true feeling: my Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because "Guru Maharaj Ji" is such an inexplicit way of saying what you really want to say. I feel it's such a shorthand way of trying to describe it. Tulsidas said that even his book cannot describe that incredible power. One saint said you can make all the wood into pens, make the whole ocean into ink, make all the earth into paper, to try to describe the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji, and you won't be able to.

If that is really the case, then "Guru Maharaj Ji" obviously is a very shorthand and handicapped word to try to put it all in. But nevertheless, for the matter of speaking English, Hindi, or Greek, or Gujerati, or whatever have you - I know that there is a Power that exists that's superior to me. There's a Power that exists that sustains me, that operates me, that governs me. And to that Power I have to surrender.

I have to be always in a space where I'll always be needing that Power. I have to always be in a space where I can rely on that Power, where my only source is that Power. From that source then I derive that true happiness, from that source I derive then that true love, that true compassion, that will fill my life. That's what it'll give me.

And as that song says, "Where would I go?" Where could I go? Even if I wanted to, where could I go? This maya that surrounds me has a little game plan for every single one of you. It affects you all differently. The little game, the little way, the little method, the way it knows how to get to you. It'll get to you.

And yet, for me, it has to be unquestionably obvious. It has to become obvious in my life: What is it that I want? Not in my thoughts. I can think. And I can think and I can think. And I can keep on thinking for the rest of my life. And yet I know that thinking isn't going to do me any good. What is the difference between sitting down and just thinking or daydreaming or night-dreaming - dreaming in a world that's already a dream?

It reminds me of that story where this king one day had this dream. I know it's a very old story and has been told many times. And yet, the story can be used in so many different ways. And this king had this dream in which he was devastated. The neighboring king attacked him and took everything he had. He was running for his life. He was running to survive. And he runs and he comes to a place where - he is really hungry - he sees a hut. He goes to the but and he asks this woman if he can have some food.

And so the woman gives him some grain and says, "Okay, here. You can cook for yourself." He gathers the soggy, damp wood and tries to light a fire. And he's weeping in his dream. Tears are coming out of his eyes. All the smoke is getting in them. He's in a miserable state.

Finally he gets a little fire going. Finally he cooks this little thing. Then he is letting it cool down so he can eat and two bulls come fighting and take whatever he had cooked and completely mangle it up.

At that stage of desperation he starts weeping. And he wakes up. He wakes up and he sees his royal bed and his royal guards and his royal palace and his royal robes and his royal everything. There he is: a king. He wonders, "My God, which one was the dream? Which one is the dream? What I am seeing right now, is that a dream - or what I just dreamt, is that a dream? What is real and what's a dream? I can't figure it out."

For so many of us, we consider ourselves intellectual. Knowledgeable. We know. We know so many things. And put to the test, we know everything. Really asked, "Oh yes, I know about that and oh yes, I know about that; sure, I can do that and I can do that." We come to a place where, "Yeah, I'm so learned. I'm so intelligent. I am so smart."

Maybe you are smart. Who knows? Maybe you are smart. Maybe you're the best of the lawyers - a hidden talent. Maybe you're the best actor that Hollywood hasn't discovered yet. Maybe you are the best singer that the recording company has been waiting to find. Maybe you are the best PR man. Maybe you are just the right speaker the president has been looking for.

And yet within you, who are you? When you see that face in an isolated bathroom, who are you? When you pick up that razor to shave, who are you going to shave? A lawyer? A doctor? A hidden talent? The Jimi Hendrix of 1980? The Bach of this century? The Shakespeare of the 1980s? Who?

This thing - this person who's miserable, knows his own misery, and yet hides it - where can he show it? Whom can he tell it to? Oh yes, he has tears. But where do the tears come out? For whom? Where?

And yet such a simple solution is given to every one of us. It's not luck. It has nothing to do with luck. It's that one percent, that one percent Grace, that one percent chance.

My prayer to my Guru Maharaj Ji is, in a way, "Look, I'm never going to make it in this world."


Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980 Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980

Because in one sense every one of us lives to die. That's what we are all afraid of. Death. We watch out for it. "Oh my God, don't do this, I may die." People live in complete fear of death, a hundred percent. There are people who will never go outside, who will never do this, who will never do that, because they're afraid they may get killed.

It's a given factor. Nobody has to predict it for you. You don't have to go to an astrologer. You don't have to go to a pundit to tell you that one day … finito. That's it. Kaput, finished. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it - and there is nothing, there is nothing you can do about it in this world, doesn't matter how intellectual you are.

There was this doctor. (This is just a story.) He was so good that when the time approached and he figured out he was going to die, he made seven identical bodies that looked just like him. (It's an interesting story and that's all it is. Death doesn't come to you and talk. It just does whatever it has to do.) Death came to him and said, "Wow. This is incredible. I can't figure out which one is who. They all look so alike."

So it thought and thought and said, "How am I going to get this guy?" And Death said, "Doctor, you have done a wonderful job in this duplication. But you made one mistake."

And the guy goes, "What?"

And he says, "That's your mistake. I got you." That was it.

It doesn't matter what we do. Even if that's how good we become, that's what's going to happen. And

then what becomes of this life? What remains of this life? That last struggle, the last scene: my God, it's so close. So close. And then all your anticipation …

It was just in the newspapers about someone who was flying an airplane and doing some acrobatic maneuvers. And from this story, what it appears happened is that it stalled and went into a spin.


What an intense moment! What an intense moment, of a hundred percent anticipation …

Pilots have a saying, just before you crash. They say, "Now put your head between your knees …" And they have a little joke. The reason you do that is so you can kiss yourself goodbye. (Of course they use a word in there that I don't think is appropriate.) Just kiss yourself goodbye. That's it.

There's not a single pilot who's going to do it. Not a single pilot. You sit there and you sweat. And you sweat so bad that you wouldn't even have a chance to kiss your sweet self goodbye. That's the way it is.

What an intense moment. All these buildings coming up. All these things starting to happen. And knowing … that's it. You can't think about your mantra. You can't think about your rosary. You can't think about your church. You can't think about anything. Barn! One impact and all of a sudden you find you have wings. You don't need to fly an airplane anymore. You can throw away your Airlines Transport Rating. Just throw it away. You don't need it.

I know that somewhere in my life I have to find - every one of us has to find - that space, that empty heart, that we all have. That heart that wants to be fulfilled with that love, that heart that has cried and cried and cried for years and years for that love … That heart tries to find that love in our parents. But I don't care how good a parent you are. You can never satisfy that child.

A king once had a question for his minister. "How come kids are like that? Why is it so difficult to satisfy a child?"

And the minister said, "I'll tell you why. Let me act as if I were a child." He sat down and he started crying. (You may say he was part jester and part minister of the court.) He sat down and he started crying.

And the king said, "What's the matter? What do you want?"

He said, "I want some sugarcane." So the king got him some sugarcane.

He said, "No, no." He started crying more. He said, "No, no, I don't want it like that. I don't want it like that. I want it peeled." So the king peeled it.

And he started crying even more. "I don't want it like that. I want it cut." So the king cut it in little pieces for him.

And he even started crying more. The king said, "What is it now?"

He said, "I want a whole one." So the king got him a whole one.

He started crying even more. The king said, "What is it now?"

He said, "I don't want that whole one. I want this to be whole." All cut up in little pieces and he wants it to be whole again, so he can eat it.

In this vast maya, in this vast illusion, it becomes very difficult. And yet that heart wants that love, wants that feeling, wants that true fulfillment. You can't feed it with a spoon. You can't give it to him through a toy. You can't give it to him by fulfilling his habits. Much more.

And the only difference is that our yearning in our heart becomes serious. The little toys won't do anymore. They become insulting. That's it.

Nothing will satisfy us except when that true love really manifests for us. I know that without that love, without the mercy and understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji … Because I know I make mistakes. Every human being is prone to making mistakes. We don't have to make mistakes, but we do make mistakes. There's a difference. See, some people have this attitude that we have to make mistakes. I differ from that attitude. We don't have to make mistakes, but sometimes we do make mistakes. And then we need that understanding father.

Because why has that Power been described as, "You are my mother; you are my father"? Because it helps us. It guides us. It supports us, teaches us, brings us up in that love, in that joy, in that faith. Me, I'm going to always, in my life … You know, there is a feeling of salvation. There is a feeling of liberation.

There is even a feeling that, "Maybe someday I'll become just like a lawyer, where you go to school, you study and then you quit. That's it." No. I'm going to always need my teacher. I'm going to always need my Guru Maharaj Ji. I'm always going to need that Power who'll always be filling my heart with love. In Him, in His Feet, I'll find my salvation, find my liberation.

What is liberation - to be liberated, to be freed? And as itsays, "Who else has the Holy Name to free me from maya? Who else loves the weary and the weak? Where shall I go, leaving your Lotus Feet? Where would I go?" Because that's it.

Do I believe "I'm weary and weak"? Boy, it takes a big boot and a big foot to kick yourself one day and realize, yes, you are weary and you are weak. Yes, it's a very humbling experience. It's a very unique experience. You live on, day to day, life to life, day to day. What difference does it make? Who cares about salvation and who cares about liberation? Who cares about all these things?

And then one time in your life it's, "Gee whiz. Lord, my God. Help me." Nobody else. Nobody else! Only that one Power. Who's going to go with you, do you think? Who's going to be with you? The things you love? After you leave they'll be auctioned away. They'll be sold. They'll be distributed to your family. You, your body? So proud of it. "That's me!" It's going to be taken and buried. Look at those tombs. They even thought they were going to come back and live in them. That's where everything they could need - I always wondered if ever they put bathrooms in there, because that's one thing if he did come back he was definitely going to need. They put everything else there. Might as well have a private suite with run-


Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980

ning water.

But there it is. That's everything: the gold, the treasuries, the body, the bones, the flesh. Everything left. Gone. No meaning; no purpose. Looters have come and looted them. People have invaded them. It's all gone. It's all there. That's it.

When do we really go in front of ourselves, take ourselves, humble ourselves, and say, "Help me"? Not knowing what that Power is, not knowing Who that is that's going to help us. Not knowing Him by His name, not knowing Him by His face, not knowing Him by His color, not knowing Him by His religion. When does that happen in your life where you feel like you could kneel down and pray - maybe it's even in desperation - to offer yourself, to beg for that mercy, to beg for compassion, to beg for forgiveness? To really see that who you think you are - it's really not much.

It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter how young you are - who you are. There isn't much of you. There never was; there never will be. There was never supposed to be. We are given this life. We're given this world. "My creatures" - for that Ultimate Being - "My creatures, come and live and enjoy Me."

Does there have to be a different explanation? Does there even have to be a thesis written about it and you read it in school before you will accept it? "My creatures. I have made you."

And here we are - that Ultimate Being's creatures. Yes, that's what we all are. And He has created us. And He has given us feelings. He has given us the capability to love. He has given us the capability to hate. He has given us the capability to enjoy. And He has given us the capability to enjoy the ultimate. And He has given us the capability to love the ultimate. And He has given the capability to function for the ultimate - every single human being - loving in his way of true love, enjoying that ultimate thing in his own way, serving that ultimate thing in his own way, believing in his own way.

Believe me, no religion will teach you that. To me, religions always happen after the fact. Religions are almost the aftermath of the ultimate thing. Perfection comes in this world, incarnates, takes a human body. People of that time see, people of that time believe, people of that time understand, people of that time are given that opportunity to surrender - to surrender, to let go of their ego, to let go of their faith in everything, and put that faith in that only Being, to take that love and give it to that Ultimate Being.

And they enjoy it. They cherish that love. They cherish that Being so much. They cherish their Perfect Master so much. Because in him they saw their love. In him they saw their life which they could never find. In him they saw themselves. Themselves. The purpose of their creation. The purpose of their existence. The purpose of their being in this world.

If we were not meant to enjoy the Ultimate Being, do you think we would even be given the power to enjoy? If we were not meant to love something, do you think we would even be given the power to love? If we weren't to realize, to recognize, to serve, to walk for, to talk for, to see, to hear, to love, to cherish, to worship, that Being - would we even have this body?

I know that whatever I can do today, it's already been done. Somebody's already done it. You know, sometimes I find myself inventing things. It's already been invented - some have, some haven't yet. And yet I know that everything that …

Because why is it that I find so much pleasure in listening to satsang of my Guru Maharaj Ji? Why is it that I find so much pleasure in seeing my Guru Maharaj Ji, in believing in my Guru Maharaj Ji? Believe me, this is not a mindless surrender. We already have done a surrender and that's to this stupid world. That is a mindless surrender. I call a mindless surrender to surrender to something without ever questioning. Nobody surrendered to Jesus without questioning him, believe me. Nobody surrendered to Krishna without questioning.

But to this world, the day you're born, you're surrendered. No questions asked. Nothing doing. You accept it as a fact. That's it.

I remember a few satsangs where I talked about what if this entire world changed? What if the entire principle of this world changed? And I see the compasses are changing. North's becoming south; south is going to become the north. The problem is that compasses have never been used like they're being used today. These compasses are very specific. They're used for aviation purposes. They're used for ships. They're used for satellites. They're used for everything. And all of a sudden …

I don't know. Some say twelve-hundred years and the scientists always save their hides by saying, "It could happen sooner; it could always happen later." But all of a sudden it's going to change. And then what? Then what? Then all this education that I believed in - it's so stupid. I believed the north's on the top side and the south is on the bottom. I know it's so stupid, that even though I believe in it today, approximately twelve-hundred years from now it's going to change and I'm going to be completely wrong. I'm going to be a hundred percent wrong. Because what I think is north is going to be south, and what I think is south is going to be north.

There are so many people who have beliefs. Today was listening to some of the Ramayana on a cassette. And I just started talking to one of the initiators. Because I always found this very intriguing about Hanuman, that he was a monkey. Hanuman was always portrayed as a monkey. But how can this be? How can Hanuman be a monkey? If Hanuman were a monkey, then why does it say in the Ramayana that it's with great luck that we have this


Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980

human body? Why would it say that? They should have had to make a little bracket, asterisk: "Hanuman - see appendix." "Except for Hanuman, who had a body of a monkey and was very close to Ram, and liberated, and had devotion and everything …"

Because I always thought it was very intriguing. Why? Because it's somebody's idea. Somebody's thought. You may laugh at that: Hanuman was a monkey. But there are people in India who so strongly believe that Hanuman was a monkey, they'll beat you up pretty good, even kill you, if you tell them that he wasn't a monkey. What are you going to do? That's the belief.

When a Perfect Master comes in this world, he asks you to have that belief, to have that faith, to have that trust. Not before; after he gives you the gift of Knowledge, after he gives you the realization of your life, after he gives you the understanding of who you are.

And yet why? Why, why? Why does he ask you to believe in him? Why does he ask you to have faith in him? Why does he ask you to love him?

Because when you will have faith in him, there will manifest an experience which will shower you with that gift, with that love, with that experience that cannot be described. When you love him, you will love yourself. When you have faith in him, you will have faith in yourself. You then will be a human being. Human being.

No, I don't think anybody has a right to call themselves a human being in this state. It's stupid. Cannibals, yes. Animals, yes. And it's perfectly okay to say animal. That's what we are. In a category, human beings are animals. Mammals, just like whales, dolphins, tigers, lions. Yes, that's what we are.

What does a man do in this world today that an animal doesn't? A monkey, a gorilla, a baboon, a lion, a whale, a walrus - they live to eat. Eat and breed, eat and breed, eat and breed. That's all. Now you tell me, what does a human being do? Eat and breed, and eat and breed. That's all. Everything is the game, is that little game that we humans play. In some animals, they call it the mating game. A peacock shows its feathers and dances. That attracts the female.

That's what we do. We go out and do this and we go out and do that. And we get into all these things. If you look at it in one sense, it's all set up for that. Period. Period, you know. That's it. "How to make the male look more attractive." The whole psychology: "Buy this car. It's going to make you look masculine. Wear these clothes. They're going to make you look masculine." That's it.

All animals occasionally fight and so do we. We fight. Do you think taking hostages is a new thing? It's a very old thing. Baboons take hostages. If the dominant male comes prowling in, the little guy knows he's not going to win. So do you know what he does? He grabs a baby. He has the baby stuck on to his chest. And he knows that as long as he has the baby, the dominant male isn't going to come and fight him. And


the baby is screaming and yelling and everything, but he keeps him right there, till the dominant guy just cools off or goes away. Then he lets him go.

What do we do that's so incredible, that's so extravagant? Purpose of human life - what is it? This Palace of Sports - I mean that's a big accomplishment, big achievement. One single beaver can build a dam so gigantic that proportionately it's twice as big as this place.

What is our accomplishment? We human beings build cameras and they break down. They break down. Just like that. You build helicopters. They break down. Build space-ships. They break down. Everything that we get into breaks down. That's the only thing that seems to be happening to those things is they keep breaking down.

We create something and we have to put so much into it. If this Palace of Sports were not taken care of, it wouldn't last too long. It has to be kept clean. If there are any leaks they have to be fixed. Any cracks found - they have to be filled. Any glass broken - it has to be fixed. Otherwise time would take its toll on it.

Then why is there the preciousness of human life? What is there to love about? Don't you know to baboons we look as weird as the baboons look to us?

But there is a reason for that love, for that understanding, amongst us. That's why a Perfect Master comes. He comes as a human being, not as a gorilla, not as a crocodile, not as a monkey. But as a human being, for us human beings. To me, a Grace …

There are always these prescribed "graces." The first "grace" is that you were born. Second "grace" is you're alive.

To me, there is only one Grace, now that I come to think of it. And my only Grace that I think is really Grace, is that I met Guru Maharaj Ji. That, to me, is the only Grace. Living, existing, being in this world … so what? According to Darwin, it'll happen whether you like it or not. To me, living in this world as a being is miserable - being left in the slums of this world. Without Guru Maharaj Ji, this world would be one gigantic slum.

When Guru Maharaj Ji comes, he makes it the palace. What was the experience of that native in the jungle when Ram came? Ram came to her little cottage in the middle of nowhere. It was a palace. It was a palace in which all the gods wanted to dwell for that moment. It was a palace in which every single devotee ever born wanted to be. It was a palace of extreme beauty. It was the blessed land. It was the blessed hut. It was the blessed place. And it was the blessed devotee.

She went out and she picked berries and she didn't want to give any sour berries to Ram. So she tasted every single one of them. And she offered it. And Ram's brother Lakshman got very upset. "What are you doing? Why are you giving these things, these - you have touched these. You have tasted these. How can you give these to Lord Ram?"

And yet without a question, without a doubt, Ram accepts them and eats them. Because of that love. Why? Because he needed to eat? No. But to bless that devotee, to bless Bhilni, to bless that devotee for ever and ever and ever, to save that devotee.

That's the way it is. Do we realize it? Do we understand it? No. Because for so many of us it becomes such a routine. It's so easy to fall in a routine. It's so easy to fall in a routine, to become a part of a routine, to become a part of a thing that just goes on and on and on, and never realize the incredible, immaculate creation, and immaculate us and the fortunate us. We have that Grace - that incredible gift, that incredible Grace, has been bestowed upon us. We belong. We belong to Somebody. And that Somebody belongs to us. We're not lost. We are found. And Somebody found us.

"I surrender to my Satgurudev, who has taken my doubts away." Yes. I do! I have no other choice but to. What am I going to do? What can I do? I have to surrender. What am I going to hang on to? What have I to hang on to, with? I have to surrender.

Because yes, he has taken my doubts away. Yes, this body becomes completely soaked with doubts, completely filled with doubts, completely engrossed with doubts. Doubt and doubts and doubts. "Why this and why that and why not this way and why not that way?"

And yet beautifully, those doubts were taken away. Not that I sat down and had to express my every single doubt. So many of us have questions. And yet somehow, to me, although every question has an answer, there is one answer and that answer is so incredible that it can answer every question. Every single question. Every single one of my questions. And that's the answer I'm looking for. That's the answer I need. As long as I am involved here and now, I have to let go to my Guru Maharaj Ji.

I feel his mercy. I feel his compassion. I feel his love so much. I am grateful. I feel him. I need him. Because if I didn't feel him, the day I discover that I don't need him, I'll be ready to go six feet under the ground. I'll be ready to be cremated. Because then all I'll be is a ship without a captain, a ship loose, alone. To find that love and to let it go is the world's biggest mistake, my life's greatest mistake that I can make.

And that's why that song says, "It is possible that tied in the jungle of this world, I may forget you. But oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, please never forget me. Because if you forget me, then where am I going to go? You are my home. You are my destination. You are my destiny. If I leave you, then where am I going to go? In you I have found my home. In you I have found my destination. In you I have found my destiny. In you I have found my love."

Because for that devotee, that is the way it is. When I know I have surrendered this life to my Guru Maharaj Ji … You know, all of this may sound a little out-


Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980

Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980 rageous to you. "Why all this? Why does it have to happen? Why do I have to surrender?"

Oh, but smelling a rose is never an effort. Seeing the sun is never an effort. That is why. There is such a sweet experience. Such a sweet experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, for every one of us to enjoy. We don't have to be in our minds. We don't have to be in a state of misery, when we can have true pleasure.

And everything I'm saying is possible. I'm not reading from a book of impossibles. This is my own feeling. I know. Because it is such a home. It's such a home. It's so complete. It's so content. It's so real. It's such a love. It's such a feeling. It's such a joy. It's such a pleasure.

And that's what we all - that's what we are made for! To enjoy, to bliss out, in that beauty. Here we are, to become a part of the perfect game - the perfect, most beautiful game. The entire universe waits. Everything waits for us to go home, for us to join, for us to become one - this perfect, most beautiful game of hide and seek.

And I know how I can find. If I try to look, I'll get more lost. But if I let go, I'll find Him. I'll really find Him. Yes, I'll really find my home. I'll really find my love. I'll really find what I've been looking for, for the rest of my life. I'll find it. I'll find my answer to my question, my question that I can't even put in a language, my question that nobody in this world has an ability to answer. Because it is that thirst. It only can be quenched. It's a hunger that only can be fulfilled by that food of love. It's only - so incredible. And I wish that every one of you could realize how incredible it is.

Yes, I can come here and talk for one hour about how we have to do this and how we have to do that and how miserable we all are and how miserable we could be. Today, I feel like saying how miserable we have been. And yet we have found something that can take us away from that misery. How homeless we were! Now we have found a home. How lifeless we were! Now we have found a life. How filled with doubts we were! Now we have found an answer. This is it.

This is it!

This is not a saying from a scripture. This is not a theory. This is it. Because this is the practical. This is to give you that experience. This is to give you that realization. This is it. In this century, this is it. Thousands of years ago it was somebody else. And maybe two thousand years from now it'll be somebody else. Now - for you, for me - this is it.

For all of us, we don't need to look. Our solution is right here with us - just need to open our eyes and


Prem Rawat (Maharaji)  Holi Festival Rome 1980 realize. To see. To enjoy. Just enjoy. Enjoy this manifestation manifesting every second for us, unfolding us into its vine. Every new leaf, every new aspirant, every new premie - just open up to that incredible glory within inside.

How fortunate we are! Yes. We couldn't be more fortunate. In this age, in this time, we couldn't be. This is it. To surrender, a chance to surrender, a chance to let go, a chance of everything - and yet even a chance to tell this whole world how lucky we are and how lucky they are that they have a solution. They can find a solution if they look. That's the incredible beauty.

I don't have to sit there and give you a rap from some scripture and then leave it when the full stop comes. No. It's so real. It's so beautiful. It's so incredible. It's so much now. It's so much a part of you and me. So much that real love.

And what more can we ask for? What more can we ask for? What more can we look for? And what more can we find? What is there?

I know the word "opportunity" is used too many times. Because people don't understand the meaning of opportunity, that's why. Everything becomes a little opportunity. No, but this is an opportunity. This is the true love. Now. For every one of us. For you and me as individuals. Not as a pack of premies, but for you and me as just individual souls, fulfilling the destiny, completing, reaching the destination we're all made for.

The pleasure - enjoying the ultimate pleasure of life. That's what we can do. You can go. You can leave. You can get back into your grind. You can get back into your gripe. You can get back into your problems - day to day to day. And so many of us do. Just want to be a part of that problem, want to be a part of that nothingness. And yet the chance we have is to become a part of that ultimate thing now.

So premies, it's really beautiful to have this chance, to have this satsang. I know that you'll be going back to your countries. Now we really have to - I know it's been said too many times, really - we really have to understand what has to happen. We have to really take this opportunity and understand for ourselves the experience of Knowledge. We have to really come out, gear up, for propagation. I'm ready. You have to get ready too. And get ready for that opportunity now. It's coming. The time is so ripe for every one of us to become a part of that game.

And so the dates have not been confirmed yet for the next program … but for right now, our chance. Thank you very much and good-night.