Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1976The Presence of Knowledge

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the evening Programme

Dear Premies, I have to admit this is not Orlando because there's not 15,000 people sitting in front of me. But in some way there's something happening here which is making it just like Orlando, a Hans Jayanti festival. And the thing that is happening here that is making it identical to that function is that the premies are open, the premies are trying to understand, the premies are trying to practise, and the premies are trying to recognise the aim of this life.

In this world there is so much craziness, there is so much absurdity, that the goal, the aim that we are all here for, is quite lost. And we all try to come back to our home, come back to our base, come back to a point, by different means and different methods that are available to us, that maybe our ancestors left us, or maybe the whole world before us left us. People have a reason to believe that every time you have a war you have a lot of progress, and that it was the Second World War that really brought us to this point where we are at. All this progress, all this materialistic fantasy that we have all come to, and with this materialistic fantasy we try to understand the aim of this human life. That's very hard to do. It's like trying to play with these two magnets that are huge, that are gigantic, that have so much weight, have so much mass, have so much power, and we are playing with them, and we are taking the like poles and trying to put them together. And every time we manage to do it, and turn on the magnet, they repel. It just doesn't happen, they just don't come together. And this is what is happening in our lives.

Let me just explain to you why I'm saying this is because of the premie who was giving satsang before John. I was just standing right there, listening to it and it was really beautiful. (A premie in the back row falls out of his chair.) Did he pass out? It was really beautiful because that is truth and that is what I was trying to explain, that there are two worlds. And I haven't given this example before, to anybody, but there are two worlds. There's the world of Guru Maharaj Ji and there's the world, this world. And we are faced in this world to make a selection, to make a choice, to make a choice between this world and Guru Maharaj Ji's world. And what does Guru Maharaj Ji's world really consist of? It consists of true love. It consists of true understanding. It consists of realism. Because in this world, reality doesn't exist. Because it is the absence of reality which makes this world exist. What do we call real? What do we call substance? It's what we can touch, feel, smell and experience. And we call that real. If we are sleeping and we wake up all of a sudden - you know sometimes it happens that I have been just travelling so much that sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think it is the afternoon and I say, "Oh, I've got to go, I've got to get up. The premies must be waiting for me by this time." Because the watch doesn't say AM or PM, it just says a certain amount of time and there is dawning light out-side and you just get lost between both those stages, that you forget. And some-times you are sleeping and you wake up and you don't know if you're dreaming still or you're really awake. Sometimes the mind carries you so far that you really don't know if it is real or if it is fake. You sometimes have to pinch yourself to find out, hey wait a minute, I'm not dreaming anymore. It is really real. It is really true for me.

And in this world that we call real, we are actually not in reality, we are actually in the artificial world. We are actually in a world where things have duality in them and we live in it, and we just exercise this world, again and again and again and again in our life. And you look back, at least I look back at the life of Shri Maharaj Ji, my father, my guru, and I see that in his life he knew the two worlds and he was in his own world while he just enjoyed this outer world. It was like, fake, but he enjoyed it, he understood it was there, but he didn't use that as a stick to measure, he didn't pinch himself to measure if he was sleeping or awake by the measurement of this world. No, because his world, which is Guru Maharaj Ji's world, is a lot more true, is a lot more sensible, is a lot more logical, than this world is out here. And the only thing, the only visa, the only passport, the only substance that keeps us alive in Guru Maharaj Ji's world, is love, is Knowledge, is the truth, because that's what it consists of. And you know we are all here, we look around, and right now, I can imagine you're sitting on your individual chairs and you're thinking, you're trying to listen to satsang, but there's one fact and that is I'm speaking a lot faster than you can comprehend. And that's just a fact, because the rate of digestion the brain has is a lot slower than I'm speaking. The thing is, you're sitting there, you're looking at me, you're looking at things around you maybe, and trying to experience maybe the words, or maybe some people are really truly and sincerely sitting here trying to experience the essence of what I am trying to say.


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1976 Because there's a vast difference between those two things. And it's all because of Knowledge. It's all because of that true love that we have understood, that we share, that's the reason why we're all sitting here. That's the reason why we are in a garland, the reason why we were all pulled together. And what is this Knowledge, what is this experience that has pulled us together? Pulled us together from such vast experiences. I know the majority of experiences of premies is maybe a certain way. The young have experienced drugs, been in this trip, been in that trip. But no, that might be true in the West, but there are premies in India, there are premies in South Africa, there are premies all over the place, and they all come together and there's just one love, one tie, one experience that pulls them all together simultaneously. All just at one time, just like that. And it's not a dream. Because to be able to tell in this lifetime the difference between reality and a dream is very difficult, it's very, very difficult. We walk around streets, we walk around the shops and it's so easy to get confused. It is so easy to get lost. It is so easy to be carried away. But that is not the purpose of human life, it is not the aim of human life.

I have given I don't know how many satsang programmes now, I don't know how many questions and answer sessions I have done. And I know I've done about five or six conferences, And we had this conference organised and half the people sitting here are from the conference: I can see their faces. But there was something different about this conference. I did the conference in Lima and there was some-thing different about that conference, and there was something different about this conference. In this conference, though, there were a lot of premies, like the premie who was speaking there who tried to think of questions, which I personally call stupid questions, but then there were also premies who were trying to understand, trying to just open up because we were talking about reality, we were talking about the reason for existence, We were not talking about our existence. That was not the topic of this conference. It is the reason for existence. Our existence merely depends on the reason for existence, and when we start to forget the reason, our existence deteriorates. And that is what we all have to understand, as a premie, living in this world, trying to exercise Knowledge, it's a very difficult thing, because you have to be sort of in the middle of two worlds all the time, between Guru Maharaj Ji's world, where there is love, where there is reality, where there is truth, where there is understanding. And you get a glimpse of it once in a while and it's beautiful. And also then to be able to come back in to this world and experience all the craziness that it has to offer us.

I mean, face it, the point is that's really true. I'm not trying to joke, I'm not trying to kid around. I'm quite aware that you have all seen that 600 Mercedes that the premies gave me, and I ride in it once in a while, it's in Los Angeles now, and sometimes I go to Beverley Hills in it, or even to Santa Monica, where everybody goes shopping in Los Angeles, and it feels really weird to sit in the back seat because there's so much mind coming from outside, so much mind. Everybody who looks at you, everyone probably says, "Hey you nut-head, what are you doing, how come you are sitting in that car and I'm not?" And I've expressed it to the people; I've said, "Why don't you come and sit right next to me and you can share it too, I don't have to be the only one sitting in the back trying to experience it." And let's face it, that doesn't only happen when I'm riding in the 600, it also happens when I'm riding in the Mini Cooper. Which is torn apart, in half now,


literally, it's cut in half. And it's like, the craziness is there, it's out there, it really exists. And what is this craziness, what does it consist of? We have to find out, because we live in it, we have a right to find out, what is this craziness? We experience something out there which is not so beautiful, but what is it? It is not existence. It is the absence of things. It is the absence of love. It is the absence of truth. It is the absence of Knowledge, which makes craziness, not the presence of craziness. Because craziness itself is an absence, not a presence. And we just have to go in this vacuum world, in this blind world, just go on and on and on and on, and live in it, and exist in it. And so many people have, and so many people will, but there is a lot better way to do it. There is a lot more centralised, a lot more focused, a lot more beautiful way to do it, which is to be in Guru Maharaj Ji's car, ready to travel. Where there is no absence, there is presence. Because everything that is negative in this world, what we call negative, we try to hide from it. Look at people, they go into drugs, they go into this, they go into that, they go to this trip, they go to that trip. They're trying to hide, they're trying to hide, they're trying to push away the world, but that is not how you get happiness. The reason is because you simply don't understand that it's not the presence that is doing it, it is the absence that is doing it.

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What are we all about? Who are we? What are we doing here? I was reading some articles when I was in San Francisco, and the first time I went to San Francisco, one of the premies pointed out to me from where the whole LSD trip began. It's a little house, from where the whole LSD trip began, where hippie-ism supposedly began from this street in San Francisco. People were trying to run, to hide, to escape, from absence, but they just don't know that. They don't know that what is haunting them doesn't exist, so they can't escape from it, they can't hide from it, because it just doesn't exist. And that is why after going in to the whole trip of this world, after trying to hide so much, there is no satisfaction. But Knowledge brings us the presence. Knowledge brings us the presence of love. Brings us the presence of that reality that we want to go into and therefore the absence, the craziness automatically goes away, and that is all that happens in our lives. And we change, everything turns around because the absence has become presence, it becomes true. From fake, it becomes a reality. From a non-experience, it becomes an experience.

It's a question that nobody has an answer to. Where are we? Who are we? You know, sometimes, when I'm flying, the stewardess will come and say, Mr. Rawat, are you flying to a certain point, and it doesn't click, it just doesn't click. Mr. Rawat? And she finally goes, Mr. Rawat, and I say, Yes. It doesn't click, 'cos that's just a noun. What does it mean? What does it have? What does it want? Why is it here? What is its purpose? A good question. I have thoroughly asked Mr. Prem Pal Singh Rawat, who is he? I've very thoroughly asked who is Prem Pal Singh Rawat. But there is no answer because it's just a noun. And then you turn around and you say, wait a minute, then how come I associate myself to a noun? Who am I? Am I a verb? An adjective? Who am I? What is my association with Prem Pal Singh Rawat, me, this body? What am I here for? What am I doing? It's just blank, but I'm filled and Prem Pal Singh Rawat can automatically get very filled, get very happy. But of course he couldn't answer the first question, who is Mr. Prem Pal Singh Rawat, what is Mr. Prem Pal Singh Rawat, because


the only answer that ever came back was, it's a noun. It's a noun. It's a noun. And that's what it. is, Shri Maharaj ji decided to name me Prem Pal Singh Rawat. Period. I decided, a noun decided, to name our next child Hans, Hans Pal Singh Rawat. It was simple. We just sat down and we said, what do you wanna name him? And I said, Yes Pal Singh Rawat is a name, there are other names; and I also said I don't want to name him exactly the same name as Shri Maharaj ji, because I have a lot of respect for Shri Maharaj ji. More than just my father or his grandfather, so let's name him Hans Pal Singh Rawat, because that's not Shri Maharaj ji's name. But it was so beautiful because we didn't have a plan, we didn't know whether it was gonna be a boy or a girl, A lot of people's concepts were blown away when Premlata came, you know. Everybody said, a boy, a boy, a boy, and when she finally came out every-body went, oh boy! We didn't have any concepts about it, we didn't have anything planned, nothing done. Hans was born and it was nothing like holding him upsidedown, slapping him on his butt till he went Waaaaa. He just came out, started to suck and went Waaaaa, and that was it. He opened up his eyes, started to look around, and he was still all blue. And when I came down and there was all the premies sitting there and everybody was really happy, I just opened up the bedroom door a little bit and I said, It's a boy. And Raja ji, I could hear him just jump and scream, It's a boy, It's a boy, It's a boy! And there was this loud talk after that, like oh yes, I knew it was gonna be a boy, and so on. But to me it. was just, Wow, we had just named an experience, a life, a body, Hans Pal Singh Rawat Is that what it. is? Is that it.? Is that the association? Is that the contentment of his life, to be named Hans Pal Singh Rawat? And for everybody there, it was such an experience and for me it was such an experience. It's just the way it all happened, you know. Premlata cried a lot more when she came out., although not very much at all. I have seen .some movies and stuff and the little baby just cried and cried and cried and cried. Hans hardly cried. I was just talking to Marolyn and he was just laughing. At his age he's laughing, and it's incredible. He's happy. He hasn't got any botheration. He's just not bothered about it. And there's Premlata of course, we named her Premlata. And I very distinctly remember when she was just this chubby little baby girl and there she was and now she talks, she walks, she plays, and everything. Is that the association, is that it? Is that the meaning of life? I've watched it happen two times, and it's so beautiful to know, to understand, to experience. Take the example from me, I am not saying that I'm gonna tell Hans to receive Knowledge, saying, Oh yes, you should receive Knowledge, you're my son and I have Knowledge and your grandfather has Knowledge. But if he comes up and asks me for Knowledge he can have it, I'm not gonna make any exception for him, and that goes for the people who were talking about. initiators and so on. I'm not going to say because he's my kid that I'm gonna give him Knowledge just like that, or for Premlata, But for me, there's an experience, because that's really what life is. I know it, because Hans ji was there for two or three hours before he was named anything. And it was incredible, because there was a life. What was it? Was it Yesh Pal Singh Rawat? Or it could easily have been John Pal Singh Rawat or Prem Pal Singh Rawat junior. It could have been Prem Pal Singh Rawat junior, I suggested that name. But was that it? For that moment the baby


was just there, so what was it's association? And that is our true association. And we have gotten so lost, in our name, in our mind, in our ego in our thoughts in our concepts, that who we are, is what we have forgot, and who we are not is what we have remembered. Because to me, very distinctly, Hans Pal Singh Rawat is not Hans Pal Singh Rawat. That could have been his name. It sounds weird, but is it any different? But that is the way we are too. So what is the true association? Who are we? Who are we anyway? Are we just what we are named? And if we are not what we are named, then the question is, who are we? What is it, what is it all about? And to answer this question you have to enter Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Because that's the land that I think the writers, poets, philosophers try to describe as the land of milk and honey. The land of love, the land of understanding. The world, the world of its own, where we all have the same name because we are all the same, because we all have have the same name because we are all the same, because we all have the same force, the same thing sustaining us all the way through and it's incredible. A lot of people don't realise that, to a lot of people if they heard this satsang, they would say where has he ever got some crazy philosophies to talk about.

Or, Look at him, what is he talking about? But I am talking about my experience, which I presented to you, who was Hans Pal Singh Rawat two hours before he was named Hans Pal Singh Rawat is always going to stay the same exact person, who he was two hours before he was named, but he's gonna forget that, and he's going to remember Hans Pal Singh Rawat only. Until he receives Knowledge.

So the gift that we have, this Knowledge that we have, is really our true name, is really our true identity. It is truly us. Because that is the exact thing that was keeping Hans Pal Singh Rawat out there, alive, opening his eyes. It was not Hans Pal Singh Rawat the name. And we all know we went through the same experience. Of course there have been children that have been named before they were born, and sometimes they lived up to the expectation of the father and the mother, the parents, it was a girl, it was a boy, and sometimes it has been born dead. But that is not our true identity. Our true identity is this love.

So the point is, having found your true identity, how much do we really respect it? How much do we really value it? How much do we rate it against ourfalse identity. How much association do we really have? After realising Knowledge, after realising that that is our true identity, that that is exactly who we really are, how much association do we have with it? And that's exactly what shocks me every time someone says Prem Pal Singh Rawat, and I turn around and I say, Wow, that's not me, that's my noun, that's my registration number, I'm registered. Well, we had to sign Hans Pal's registration papers. It was like getting a license plate from DMV. It comes back again, all stamped and every-thing else. But do we, after having received Knowledge, have the same association with it as we have with our name right now? Do we? No, we don't. We know it, we experience it, we feel it, we understand it, but somehow, somewhere, we just don't get close enough to it, as we are to our names. Why not? What is the reason? And, dear premies, that is exactly the reason, the same exact reason that is making the world go cockabunga today. Completely, because it's people's minds. It's the absence, not the presence of anything, but it is the absence of everything. Because people don't understand, people do not know, and this is the work of Guru Maharaj Ji, and all of his devotees, all of his premies, to come together in this thread of love and understanding for themselves, their true identity, and make people realise their true identity, the common thing that is between all of us that we commonly share.

It is not a big thing, it is not a big maglollis, it is very simple, it's very beautiful, the Holy Name, the unspoken name, the name of all names. The name that doesn't fall in the category of noun, verb, adjective, what have you. Because it is the presence, and everything that we think is reality, is the absence of that great presence.

I hope you understand what I just said because it's something that takes time, and maybe needs repeating it again and again and again, because what we think is reality I think is the absence. And so, to find out who we really are we have to find the presence. And once we have found the presence, then the reality of this world becomes absence to us. And that is when our heart sings, that is when we experience the love, the beauty and the sunshine for the rest of our lives. It's very simple. It isn't a big thing. What we are trying to accomplish is just to tell people their name, that's all we are trying to do. Just to bring people back home, where they belong. It's not a big ordeal. It's not a big congested maglollis. It is just to make our hearts sing again, to experience that beauty and experience that happiness, that truly exists, and to once


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1976 in our lifetime get out of this world, just get out of it for once in our lifetime, for just one second and, to experience the true world that we really belong to. It's just a beautiful, beautiful experience. You know by love of the premies and by grace, I have everything. The premies are serving me in Malibu, and people look at it, and don't understand. Somebody comes to demonstrate something at the house, or a doctor comes. A doctor came once and said, "Oh, I hope all these people are getting paid, they're working so hard here." They think they're all servants, in the wrong sense of course. There's everything, a beautiful, beautiful house and everybody who ever comes there just gets completely blown out by the sight, by the view it has, it's really beautiful, and I hope someday that every-body will get to see it, because it's really beautiful. It's on this hill, there's no other hills, there's just gullies, and on this hill there's this white house, you know, and everything around is dry and bare, and there's this green hill with all these trees, eucalyptus trees and bushes and everything, and it's really nice. It's really beautiful. It's got the sun and it's got the ocean, and in the distance when it's really clear you can see these islands. Beautiful sunsets. Clean air. It's really beautiful. Of course, inside the whole place looks like a big jungle, it's got so many plants and everything, but it's beautiful. Premies have provided me with everything. It's really nice, it's really beautiful and I'm thankful. It's grace, actually it's grace. It brings premies together, and everything. But there is something that I feel in exactly the same atmosphere, in the same exact place, and which all of us premies feel which is different from what someone from outside feels. It's amazing, same place, same view, they still stay the same, but this one guy drives up and everything is different to him. And we live there, or maybe premies come to do service there, and it's different for us. Because we know the essence. We don't look at the house, we don't look at the view, we don't look at the ocean, we don't look at the sun and identify them, that's just the sun, the ocean, the sky, the house, the trees, the land. But we know the essence. And by that essence, through that essence, we know that every-thing is here, that everything is beautiful, that that everything is fantastic. How many people see sunsets? It's fantastic, you know, people go out and it's a big thing every Sunday night. If the sky is clear and beautiful people turn out and watch sunsets and they have a nice time. But there is a lot of difference. At least to me there's a lot of difference when I see a sunset because I don't just see a sunset. I can understand that what is making everything go up and down is that energy, is that Knowledge. And I look all around me, I look everywhere and there's that energy that is making it happen. I don't see that energy. I don't see that energy that is life, but I know what is making this life exist right now is energy. What is making me talk, I don't see my talk come out, but I know what is making the sound is that energy. And I see every-thing, and I know it's that energy, that essence, that I have got.

So premies, I ask this world, I ask everybody and maybe this is a question you should ask yourself, if that is the way you saw it, if you looked at it the way I do, what kind of credit would you give this Knowledge? 10 out of 20? 10%, 20%, 30% credit? What kind of credit? Infinite credit. Incredible credit. You see a beautiful painting and you say, Wow, that's beautiful, and you give it all this credit. What about what is making that painting exist? What is making painting every second, every flower that blooms is an exclusive painting, as that flower will never bloom again. An exclusive painting. And that seems to be the big thing these days is to have a painting that nobody else has, to have thing that nobody else has, one of its kind. Every flower is one of its kind. I'm giving you all these examples of flowers and so on


and so forth to bring you back to one point. Us. We are an exclusive painting. Painting that lives, paints a picture, everyday, every movement that we make, every movement. You know, I was watching the Olympics, I was watching how they do all these acrobatics, it's an unsurpassed experience. And you start thinking about all these things, you start to think about the views and paintings and flowers and objects, and you build a big picture on your head and it's like mushroom because it all comes down to one point back again and that is this Knowledge. And it's really nice, it's really beautiful and this is the time we have Knowledge. We have two options. We still have the option open to just completely get lost, to completely get merged, become one with this world, just completely get into it. To me, I live in this world, I think I wear nice suits, drive nice cars, I've already given you that example of the Mercedes. But there's a difference and I just want you to realise it because it's so beautiful. This world is a toy, no more than a toy. It's just that Apollo is a big man's little gun and he's not a little kid. You know the little rockets that you have, you put the water in and go pump, pump, pump, pump, and it goes up and then it comes down, but that's a little kid's game. Man, he takes all this fuel and puts it under the rocket, and instead of taking a match he gets this little electronic button, he designs the whole play, the whole game, and finally goes to the moon and he's won. If he doesn't go to the moon he hasn't won. It's just like these adventures you have. Man goes into the realism of it, which is not the real realism but it's a fake realism but he thinks it's the real one. And he does all these things just to be able to touch base back again. He's searching, he's playing the game, and it's an endless game, he keeps going on and on and on and on. But it's not true love here.

So actually, what I am trying to say to you is, having such a fantastic experience, what are you going to do with it? Are you just gonna sit down and get lost in this world again? Are you just gonna let your crazy mind come in, the absence, the absolute blankness come in and confuse you and confuse you and confuse you and confuse you? Or are you in fact going to use the greatest weapon of all, are you going in fact to take the greatest gift of all, are you going in fact to take the greatest answer of all, and utilise it, this gift that has been provided to us, that has been given to us? Whatever the answer is, keep it to yourself, don't let anybody know it, because it will be your answer to yourself. If you have found your true identity, if you have found your true self, keep that answer to yourself, and practise this Knowledge, understand this Knowledge. It is harder to practise this Knowledge, and it is very easy to get lost. So, if you wanna get lost, that's no fun, that's no game, that's nothing, you can get lost anytime you want. It doesn't take much at all to get lost. But if you really want to understand something, if you really want to take advantage of this human life and experience it, then practise Knowledge and keep on truckin' with it. I have experienced this Knowledge and it's beautiful. And you have every way, every right , every chance, to experience Knowledge the same way that I have. That is the difference between Guru Maharaj Ji and what else you have. Because Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to the same experience that he has, while the other things in the world cannot bring you to the same experience, to the same level they have. We can all come to the same level, because I have experienced it and it's beautiful. I'm here to help you, to help you, to help you in any way that will enhance you in the spiritual life. That is what I do, that is my job. It's kind of long to write on a visa application. There'd be quite a bit of satsang you'd have to give before you could actually explain what your job was, or what your occupation was, but that's what it is. I'm here, Knowledge is here, love is here, understanding is here, faith is here, truth is here, everything is here.

What do you want, what are you waiting for? I get all these questions, like Maharaj Ji how shall we have satsang, shall we sit on chairs, or sit on the floor, or what shall we do? It's so ridiculous for me to hear that. You know, after the conference I came back and I was talking to Marolyn a little, and I was explaining to her, Wow, it's so crazy, all these questions, questions, questions. They have the greatest answer they could possibly imagine, and they're asking all these questions. And the answer is right there, for all of us to get together and get harmonised in that perfect harmony. Then everything is beautiful, everything is fantastic. There is no problem whatsoever. Problems do not exist because they are absence. Confusion does not exist because it is an absence. You can get lost in absence, and then it exists because you are a presence, you are a foreigner, an alien in absence and that's why it affects you. Mind is absence, why do you get affected by that?


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1976 Why do you get affected by mind, by confusion, by problems, Oh, I have so many problems. You have the greatest answer right there, right with you, just get at it, man. You know time is limited. When is going to be a better time than now? Just get together, with yourself, within yourself, and just understand this Knowledge. I was in Lima, you know, and I was in South Africa. I did this conference in Frankfurt and yeah, there are a lot of problems with the premies, but all that's happening to the premies is that they are getting spaced out, that's all. They're just going into that absence, once in a while, so there's really no problem. But if there were some permanent damage, then I could understand. You know it's like a roller coaster. When we were in South Africa, Marino and Michael Wood had an accident. They were driving this car and all of a sudden they didn't see the road, it was all fogged up, and the car went upside down and so on and so forth. The car got totalled and these guys got a little hurt. But there's also a corkscrew ride in Los Angeles, the Magic Mountain, the big amusement park, where actually you sit in a roller coaster, you go upside down, upside down, upside down, upside down, in loops. They did the same thing, they went on a roller coaster ride but they did the wrong thing by not going on a roller coaster, but in a car. And if they would have been on a roller coaster there would have been no problem. They would maybe have gotten a little sick or something, but at least they wouldn't have gotten hurt. And that is the only thing with premies; Once in a while we go for a ride, but we go for a ride on the wrong thing, so we get hurt once in a while.

But if we were to go take a ride in the right thing, in this path of Knowledge, yes, it might be a little tough here or there, it's a roller coaster you know, but it's total surrender. It's total realisation. It's total beauty. It's just surrender, so just surrender, let it go, let it happen.

So, there are your options and I hope you understand. Because the potential that we have, the gift that we have, it's completely incredible, it's completely beautiful. The world will say whatever it wants to say. I know by my experience where I stand, that this is beautiful, and we can all share in it. And there's not a lot more to say. It's just beautiful, that's the only thing to say, and to thank and to just thank and thank and thank and thank, by the grace in this crazy time that we have the Knowledge, by the grace in this crazy time we have the opportunity, in this crazy time we have everything we could possibly need. And it's beautiful.

So, there's love, and we always experience love, there's mind, and we always experience mind, and what we have to learn to do is get them off our mind, and let the love flow, because I personally think it's a much better trade to trade mind for love. I think you get a lot more in terms of a bargain in love than you get in mind. You get a lot of rides in mind, but you get a lot of satisfaction in love. And the true love, not the love that people say, I'm falling in love, literally, falling in love. And that's about what it is, falling. It's true love, that we want to enter, not fall into, but there's a true love, what we are here for, that's what we have to understand. There's so many things that man wants to do, but there's one thing, if he does just one thing he's done everything, and if he can do everything but not this one thing then he has done nothing. And that is this Knowledge. If he can experience this Knowledge, if he can realise this Knowledge in his life-time, then he doesn't have to do anything, he has done everything. He has accomplished more than what an ordinary person accomplishes in his whole lifetime, what a generation


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1976 accomplishes in their whole lifetime, in their whole span. Experiencing this Knowledge in one lifetime is accomplishing more than what was accomplished in Roman times, and all the times, times and times and times and centuries before, where people have just kept doing the same thing that we are doing, just like a pendulum. We do the same thing, the Romans did the same thing. Yeah, of course we don't have chariots and now we've got rockets maybe, but they're pretty much the same thing. Maybe we didn't have machine guns at the time we had bows and arrows, and now we've got machine guns. They both do the same thing in the end: they kill a person. And so those things just repeated the satisfaction that man has wanted, that man has been looking for, man has been trying to experience. That's always been there and still man isn't satisfied. So actually if you can by this Knowledge satisfy yourself in this lifetime you have actually accomplished something that generations and generations and generations couldn't accomplish. And that is the power of love, and that is the power of this Knowledge.

Now is the time, the tools, the weapons that we need are all here, and we just have to get at it. In our own heart we have to make the decision. We have all the craziness to experience, or we have the greatest love to experience. Now in this lifetime. Who makes the decision for us? Who makes that decision? I will not make that decision. I made that decision for myself a long time ago, when I was just very, very little, and I have it. And I don't regret my decision, believe me, I don't regret my decision. It was beautiful. But it was a decision. And maybe it was just an ordinary little decision I made, but it was that I want to experience, I want to know, I want to realise what the answer is. That's the decision you have to make. And there's a lot of talk about open up and make decisions, and be mature, do this and do that. Be mature about what? What have you got to be mature about? How to eat? Can you imagine if you see a person using a fork and a knife and a spoon, you can say it's sloppy and really immature, while in India every-body eats with their hands perfectly OK. The differences that man has made for himself is what makes man a good man or a bad man. But premies we can get out of all that, and we've got a very good chance to. Just experience this Knowledge, this grace and this love. And do it now. I feel like I can just go on and on and on, but also you can go on and on and on.

So I think I have gone on and on and on and on, for tonight at least, and I'll let you go on and on and on, not for tonight, not for tomorrow, not just for one year, but for the rest of your lives in the process of satsang, service and meditation. Realise what you have. Understand what you have. It is very beautiful, and you can always have that experience with you. It's now or pretty much never. Thank you very much.

After darshan and Arti Maharaj Ii remained in the hall for quite a long time laughing and playing with the premies. This informal and very beautiful exchange will be included on the cassette of this satsang which will be distributed as soon as possible.