There are four noble truths obtained through the internal techniques of meditation, a method that can he practised continuously in all circumstances, by all people, without any dependence upon external aids. Remarkably easy to practise, the meditation brings mental peace and astonishing bliss. The Perfect Master has said, "Receive what I have to give you before you try to understand who I am. If what I give satisfies your soul, if I can show you Light, then you know me, who I am". "Take my Knowledge. If it is perfect, respect me; if it is not, then disrespect me". But he assures us that through his Knowledge he can show us that pure spirit does exist within us and also the way to reach perfect union with our divine nature.

The Word THE WORD: "The Holy Word is perfect and pure energy. Energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. You are that energy, if you realise it".

The Word or Name or Primordial Vibration of Life has been described as best it can in all scriptures. Other terms are Sat Nam, Mahamantra, Magi Caballa, Logos and Tao. These names all refer to the vibration of the pure energy that causes atoms, neutrons, planets and people to exist or be alive. It is synonomous with God and is eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. It is this energy that sustains all life and it is from this energy that we come and to it that we will ultimately return. Guru Maharaj Ji shows us how to do so consciously, during this lifetime. From this Word come the secondary manifestations of Light, Music and Nectar.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God".

- John 1.1

Divine Light DIVINE LIGHT: "There is a glorious sun which is within ourselves which is much brighter than the sun you see in the sky. When the sun in the sky comes out, it only dispels the darkness of night, but when this internal sun comes out, it dispels the darkness of ignorance".

The Light has also been described in all scriptures. It is inseparable from the pure energy vibration and can only be seen when the third or divine eye has been opened by the Master. Meditation on Light is the essence of concentration.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine be single, thy whole body shall be full of light".

- Matt. 6.22

Celestial Music CELESTIAL MUSIC: "There is celestial music going it inside of ourselves, and God plays that music, It is symmetrical, so beautiful, that on the first strike, man's mind is concentrated".

Choirs of Angels, the Song Celestial, Music of the spheres, the Divine Harmonies all refer to the sounds that can be experienced through meditation. They can take the form of bells, flutes, gongs, stringed instruments or just about anything you can imagine. They are supremely attractive and are much more beautiful than earthly material music. Meditation on music controls the emotions and furthers will-power.

"But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear".

- Matt. 13.16

Holy Nectar HOLY NECTAR: "Within every person is a divine nectar, which one can actually taste. People drink ordinary wine and they say 'Cheers'. When you drink this divine wine, then you will know real cheers".

Called Living Waters in the Bible, Soma and Nectar in the Eastern scriptures, this is an internal taste that is sweeter than honey and can sustain the body whilst fasting and is the natural antibiotic. Nectar meditation has the power of controlling the desires of the senses.

"Thou, 0 my God, hast put into my mouth as it were rain for all those who thirst and a fount of living waters which shall not fail".

- Dead Sea Scrolls

These techniques of meditation are the initial starting point towards perfection but are not its basis. Grace, God's Will, the indescribable force which inspires, encourages and motivates all creatures is our real support.

Whereas, the one universal belief of all people hold to be true, is the belief in life itself; and yet due to ignorance of the aim of human life, the world continues to be filled with misery; and

Whereas, even with the advancements of the technologically expanding twentieth century, humanity has continually failed in all efforts to find a solution to misery and suffering; and

Whereas, Knowledge of the aim of human life is being revealed to all people of the world by the living Perfect Master and spiritual head of Divine Light Mission, Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, thus eliminating the cause of ignorance and misery;

Therefore, the people who have experienced the Knowledge of Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, with full awareness of the difficulties of living without knowing the aim of human life, are compelled to reach out to the rest of the struggling humanity to spread the solution to strife and suffering by a commitment to work in all fields of endeavour for the elevation of humanity, manifesting an exemplary alternative to be known as the Divine United Organisation or D.U.O.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Prem Rawat then knwon as Guru Maharaj Ji desperately growing his first moustache A NATURAL PROCESS

Guru Maharaj Ji, after I received Knowledge I didn't really get any experience in my meditation and I lost faith to the point where I no longer had the will to meditate. So what should I do?

You see, there is something else that you should know, and that is devotion. And devotion isn't a formal thing. If you have a tap and you fill a bucket, you won't put the bucket over the tap will you? No. It must be placed lower. So that's how the whole thing is, you know? And it's not a question of asking, "Why is this happening? Why do I feel like this?" There is no question to be asked like that. Just when a devotee wants to gain something he must be like the bucket. He must be humble. He must have devotion. And it isn't that he can be put lower, the devotee must put himself lower. There is a process, and it is a natural process. When one thing is higher and one thing is lower, then only can something be transmitted from one to the other.

But how can I get faith and grace into my life again?

Just meditate, please meditate.

But when I was meditating, I don't really achieve anything.

Now what was happening with you was that you were digging this rock with a spade. And it was hard. The spade wouldn't cut this rock, and so you left it. And what happens to those who leave? They deserve to be lost. They are disappointed. But those who go ahead and keep trying will find that the rock will just be taken away. I have given you this spade of meditation, just try it.

"Body becomes sacred in the service of the Lord.
Wealth becomes sacred in the dedication to the Path of God.
Mind becomes pure in the meditation on the Kingdom of God.
This is the only great way to salvation"

- Saint Kabir

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Knowledge is not a religion. It is a direct experience that is transmitted by Mahatmas, close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, in Knowledge sessions. Although four very practical meditation techniques are given, the techniques alone cannot account for the total experience. It is the grace of the Perfect Master behind the four experiences that brings complete inner peace. People who have received Knowledge, called premies ("lovers of truth"), praise Guru Maharaj Ji as the greatest living soul because he has given them this experience. As Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, Bal Bhagwan Ji, pointed out, "Many people think we worship the body. Actually, we worship the spirit."

Receiving Knowledge shows a person how to meditate on perfection. Meditation is more than just concentrating the mind; it is looking within the human body and concentrating solely on the four aspects of Knowledge.

Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge not only shows us the reason for life but makes us enjoy being alive to the fullest. It puts us in harmony with nature and our fellow man. It is the perfect means to bring peace to our planet. There is no need to believe anything that has been written. Practical proof is available. Surely a claim involving personal and world peace is worth investigating.