This issue of The Golden Age has been published especially to explain the Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals. A movement has been formed from those people who have received Knowledge to inform everyone that a practical experience of inner peace is available. Divine Light Mission, and this newspaper, exist only to tell the world that the seed of truth is alive and well in our corruptible society.

When the seed of truth has been planted in our hearts, none of us can foresee the great tree of love that will grow from such a tiny source. Yet even at an early stage we can feel the potential joy inside us. With Knowledge we receive direction as to how to cultivate perfect happiness: service, satsang and meditation, three aspects of spiritual growth which interlock and overlap. Guru Maharaj Ji does not give these directions idly. All our lives the will of mind has turned against the will of God only to cause us pain, and it requires firm effort and patience to tune ourselves to the true path. Peace lies delicately balanced between the trial and error of excess and denial. It may take time before we can do service as a tree glves fruit, give satsang with a fully open heart and make meditation the basis of our every action in life.

Perhaps the emphasis on the beauty of this Knowledge sometimes detracts from the reason for its existence at all: the Satguru. Guru Maharaj Ji is the giver of Knowledge and it is a gift of love from the Master to his devotee. Although meditation may seem impersonal and objective it is only developed in the personal relationship between Guru and devotee. Light does not come out of our intense concentration but as a gift from the Master when we render him service. When we begin to realise that Guru Maharaj Ji is our true self and that any love directed towards him is returned a thousandfold, our only desire is to serve him and love him wholeheartedly. This is the path of devotion. If we strive to love Guru Maharaj Ji and follow his direction, everything becomes easy. We have only to relax and enjoy that which the Master places before us. His greatest gift is darshan, his physical presence. Only through darshan do we reach the goal. Only through darshan does true understanding and realisation of God come. That is the Knowledge: the gradual growth of spiritual experience.

Before our efforts gain us darshan, Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the grace of holy company. Although we perhaps see shortcomings and worldly imperfections, we must not underestimate the value of our brothers and sisters on this path. If we learn together we benefit from collective experience rather than isolated effort, and progress is much faster. After all, we are only babies not enlightened souls. There is safety in holy numbers.

It is also important to realise the value of Mahatmas. They are the pure channels for transmitting the Light of God. Make the most of their company. Great saints are still rare at the start of this age. Do not be afraid to admit doubt in your mind. Go to the Mahatma if any difficult problem arises. If doubt is expressed openly it may be dealt with and replaced with under- standing. If you find Mahatmas too imposing, at least talk to your brothers and sisters. They are there to serve you with love. On this path many of the experiences are common and those premies older and firmer in Knowledge may have fought and won your particular battle of the mind. Please feel free to visit the ashrams and centres and ask any questions that arise. Tune in on the harmony within your brothers and sisters and realise that harmony is within you also.

Spirited barkers for TLC

Is the word Levi's? Does Golden Fleece have the spirit? Is the real thing Coke? The Tender Loving Care Electric Revue, held in Melbourne on Sunday, April 30th, posed the question. With the aid of Mahatma Padarthanand Ji and some electronic wizardry, it also provided the answer. The real thing is the Word and the Word is rhythm in bliss.

Curious members of the public packed through the doorways of 322 Brunswick St., Fitzroy. They climbed the stairs to find a party raging throughout the offices and Satsang Hall of the Mission .Darshan and comedy films, including the latest Satsang Cinema production, "I Must Have That Man", were run continuously in the Knowledge Room throughout the afternoon. An exhibition of mandalas was shown while the Regional Secretary's office was used for a practical demonstration of naturopathy. In the Satsang Hall, videotape of Bal Bhagwan Ji's Melbourne programs was shown twice on T.V. monitors while the Rhythm in Bliss band and the Melbourne band and choir filled out the interval.

All this was nothing compared with what was to come. With Blue Aquarius tapes playing throughout the building, food and tea was served to the assembled multitude. By 7 o'clock over 300 people were crammed into the Satsang Hall for the evening program. With so much music, film, lighting and theatre to be presented, there was no time for verbal satsang but Mahatma Ji managed five minutes before calling for another film.

The Seven Deadly Sins manifested in the hall only to be quelled by a "seven year old Mahatma" who gathered them into the Knowledge Machine and pressed the four appropriate buttons with magical results. Those spectators already exhausted were served with tea and hot cross buns downstairs while one hundred people stayed on for darshan films late into the night. Meanwhile, across town, fifteen more people had received the spiritual Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji.


Mahatma Padarthanand

Friday April 26 - May 6


Tuesday May 7


Wednesday May 8 - 18


Mahatma Rajeshwar

Saturday April 20 - May 1


JULY 4,5,6


Denver, 25th April

Divine Light Mission have the pleasure of announcing the marriage of our beloved SHRI RAJA JI and MISS CLAUDIA LITTMANN.
The wedding will be formally celebrated on Sunday 28th April in Denver, and by devotees around the world.
On behalf of all Australian premies
The Golden Age humbly offers Shri Raja Ji and his bride heartfelt felicitations on this supremely joyous occasion.


"My mission in this world is to establish peace, but I need cooperation from all. We are very, very fortunate to have received this Knowledge, and now it is our duty to spread it throughout the world. The way in which to do this is through Divine Light Mission, because Divine Light Mission is the mission that has been created for the purpose of spreading this Knowledge. It is like if you want to get from one city to another, and there is a road already built to that city, it is easier to take the road that is already existing than to try to build a road of your own. So, now we must all join together and help the Mission to establish peace on this earth, and not only earth, maybe the universe"

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Premies have gathered in many cities throughout the world to cooperate in telling everyone that Guru Maharaj Ji is here and that this Knowledge is available to everyone. Our life style is evolving under Guru Maharaj Ji's direction both from within and without. Divine Light Mission is the outer manifestation of the peace of mind which the Knowledge gives, and its purpose is to unite us all in service to Guru Maharaj Ji and our fellow human beings.

Below are some of the areas in which work is being done. Together these practical service arms of the Mission are known as Divine United Organisation (DUO). The motto of DUO is "Work is worship".

Divine United Organisation

Divine Sales
Recycles all manner of goods as a community service. Provides secondhand merchandise at low prices.

Produces the leaflets, posters and so on needed to tell people about Guru Maharaj Ji and his Knowledge. Hansagraphics also puts this newspaper together out of the contributions of premies around Australia.

Shri Hans Film
Records the satsang of the Holy Family whenever possible, and makes propagational films about the Knowledge under the title Satsang Cinema.

Bliss Band
The Rhythm in Bliss Band provides music for Divine Light programs. The Band consists of a small permanent troupe which tours the country to give concerts and encouragement to local music.