28th April 1974
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Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji
    Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji

Satsang given by Bal Bhagwan Ji at the University of Queensland, Australia. February 27, 1974.

Really, we have been talking about something that is very difficult for the western mind to comprehend because of our education, our limitations and what we have been taught.

I was born in India and I went to a Catholic school which had a very big church. Sometimes I used to go inside where you'd see a big altar and a priest in beautiful robes and I used to see my friends kneeling down, concentrating very much on the Bible. I used to think, this is good. I used to think God must be dwelling in this big mansion because if He doesn't, where can He be? One day I saw my friend kneeling down, he had a book open and under the book he had a Superman comic. He was enjoying the comic. Something shocked me. There he was inside that big mansion, big temple, he had the best book before him, sermons and everything, and still his mind was not influenced. His mind was still unconvinced. The body was Christian but the mind was still crazy.

When I came to Australia, I thought about wild animals but now I can talk about wild minds also. Many, many hippies are in India. And they have a trademark; that trademark is bhang. You can smoke a pipe or a chillum, I think many people know about the chillum, and that a chillum is the trademark of Indian spirituality. That's nothing. It's just like getting lost. You go to a pub and you drink that spirit. You drink that to replace this power and really forget yourselves. There is no need of that. You can face that situation. You can tame that crazy mind but you must have a method.

Many people believe that God is omnipresent, so he must be before my eyes and behind my eyes also. We all know that but still I have my eyes wide open and I'm not seeing God.

The Divine Technique

Dear friends, we can talk about many things with philosophy. We can debate on it, we can discuss one logic with another logic but to understand God we have to be sincere, very sincere. Because sincerity is the first step we have to take. God is everywhere but we don't have a proper technique to experience that divinity. We have to achieve the proper medium by which we can really experience God. We are not talking about God; we are talking about the experience of God, about knowing God. If God exists, can we experience Him, can I realise Him? When a man has that desire, Jesus Christ says in the Bible, "Seek, ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you". The point is to take a step forward and really search.

Once there was a sage, a Mahatma, and he saw a parrot, a beautiful parrot. The parrot was caged. So he felt pity, bought the parrot and kept him, and taught him, "Whenever you see a hunter, just start crying, 'Hunter come, throw a net; then he'll throw the seeds but don't get caught'." So the parrot started learning that. He learned it by heart so the Mahatma freed him.

The parrot flew, sat on a tree with many other parrots and he started saying the same thing. And as he was repeating these sentences, all the other parrots started saying the same thing. One day they sat in a beautiful forest. A hunter came, he threw a net, and the parrots started saying, "Hunter will come, throw a net, then he'll throw the seeds but don't get caught". The hunter was shocked. He said, "Wow! These birds know about it". He really freaked out, "I cannot catch any birds, I cannot earn any money. I'm finished now, I'm broke". He was very sad. The Mahatma came along end asked, "Why are you sad?" And the hunter said, "Oh Master, this world is just crazy. These birds are becoming very intelligent now. They know I'm going to throw the net, so how can I catch them? How can I support my family because I can't catch any birds sad I can't earn any money?" The Mahatma started smiling and said, "My dear fellow, my dear brother, try your luck. Throw the net, throw the seeds and just try your luck". So he came back, threw the net, threw the seeds and he was astonished. Because the birds Were chanting, "the hunter will come …" but still they got caught in the net.

We all know that the mind is freaky. Somebody says do this, do that, chant fifty "Hail Marys" and fifty "Our Fathers" but still this crazy mind gets caught. There's a premie in Hong Kong whose name is Mr. Bruno, and one day I was talking about confession. He said, "Bal Bhagwan Ji, these days many people don't go to confession". I said, "Of course, they don't go to confession, but they go to a psychiatrist, pay him fifty dollars and confess everything". And one day he told me that when he was a kid he used to go to a priest and the priest would say, "Come on, confess now" but he would say "Father, I have nothing to confess" and the priest would say, "Come on, confess now" but he would say "Father, I have nothing to confess" and the father used to get angry and say "You tell me you've got nothing to confess?" So Bruno used to get afraid and just say something like "I stole that fellow's pen". The mind says "Don't be caught" but still it gets caught.

Dear friends, what I'm talking about is the experience. In the Bible it says, "God is Light and in Him there is no darkness." Now for anyone to say God is Light, how did he experience it? He had some experience of that God being Light and that's why he said that. The point is not to talk about scriptures but to talk about that Knowledge, that experience the scriptures are qualifying. All the scriptures in the world qualify God, they sing God's glory. We all have to know that thing whose glory is being sung by the scriptures.

Treasure of Life

I'm not here to disprove a point because many things are debatable. But there is one point that is not debatable, which we all know is true. We all exist. There's no controversy, there's no debating that. It's very true that if you pinch yourself you know that you exist because something feels the pain. We can close our nose, our eyes and our mouth and something suffocates. It happens to a man who is a Christian, to a man who is a Hindu, it happens to everybody, even to an atheist. Without this breath, nobody can live.

The secret, the mystery, the treasure of life is in this breath and all we have to do is search there. That's the energy, that is making man live. I'm not telling you to read the scriptures or I recommend this book or go to India. What I'm telling you is inside you. The power is inside you. Many people say that breath is oxygen and carbon dioxide. We can take these two gases, go to a dead body and pump these gases inside and outside but that fellow will not live.

I have seen people in hospitals in America, dying a clinical death. They have this instrument attached to the mouth called an inhaler and the machines are pumping oxygen in and out, and making the lungs expand and contract. Still they die. That oxygen is going inside their body, the carbon dioxide is coming out, all the chemical actions are taking place but still they die. Because that energy we are talking about is not there. It departs from the body and the body is dead.

We are talking about something that is in everybody and by knowing that one thing we can all unite. That's the point of unity. It's not religion, it's not metaphysics, it's not paraphysics but just a basic experience. It's very strange that all the religions come to tell different things to people. Like the Christians say if you don't come to Jesus Christ you'll go to hell and the Hindus say if you don't come to Krishna you'll go to hell and the Muslims say if you don't believe in Mohammed Sahib you'll go to hell. And the Buddhists say if you don't come to Buddha you won't get nirvana and if you don't get nirvana you'll go to hell. From each other's point of view everybody's going to go to hell because there's no way out.

"The thing is, these are philosophies. What's the real thing? What's the real game? People are searching. People are taking drugs. They take pill after pill. They take LSD, hash, all these things one after another. Why? Not to satisfy their stomach, not to quench their thirst. Because they want that experience. They're searching for something. People have good trips and bad trips. Why are they still searching?
- Bal Bhagwan Ji"

What's The Real Thing?

The thing is, these are philosophies. What's the real thing? What's the real game? People are searching. People.are taking drugs. They take pill after pill. They take LSD, hash, all these things one after another. Why? Not to satisfy their stomach, not to quench their thirst. Because they want that experience. They're searching for something. People have good trips and bad trips. Why are they still searching?

We are talking about that constant experience people are searching for. Searching in sex, in drugs, in books, in philosophy. The constant joy, constant cheerfulness, ever flowing. We have to search for that. And I'm not saying I am the one or Guru Maharaj Ji is the one who's going to give it to you. I'm saying, search. If someone can give you that experience, that experience is priceless. You have that energy inside you and that's why Baba says, "Know ye the temple of God". This body is the temple of God and God lives in this temple. If He does, we have to experience that power.

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The scriptures come to one conclusion, one synopsis, one point: that is to realise, to experience, to get enlightenment. People can be critical about this but if somebody wants that thing, if you want that experience, if you want what we already know, if you want to experience that Knowledge, then you're welcome.

You have to be ready, you have to have a desire for that spiritual food. Not simply to say "I want it" because of curiosity. We don't want curiosity, we want sincerity. If you are sincere, then we will be sincere with you. If you want to be satisfied, then we will satisfy you. You have to come with a guileless heart. When Jesus Christ came, there were many, many people who said, "He is not the Messiah".

Why did they say that? Jesus Christ was performing miracle after miracle. At one point He said, "If I do any miracles, you will believe in the miracles and not in Me". There were so many people at the time who didn't believe in Him. We can be the same. We can be like the Jewish people and not believe in something that's being given to them. Or we can believe in that miracle that is being performed before us.

Television Love

There was a very famous philosopher who said that in the West we have plenty of food, plenty of entertainment for your eyes, plenty of music for your ears, we have plenty of lotions and creams for the body, but we have nothing for the spirit. In the West we have spiritual starvation. And that's true. We lack that love from our childhood. It becomes very formal. The parents say, oh you want love, so they go to a television store, buy a television, put the television in the kid's room and say, watch this. They say, now your mother is this television, watch this. And that's it. They go out and enjoy themselves. This type of love is existing here: television love. Not real love, not motherly love. People lack that thing and that's why they are searching, they are really searching. They really want that love among human beings, among flesh and flesh. Not television love. Not mechanical love but real love.

The scientists have split the atom and when they did that, a huge amount of light comes out. The atom bomb that was exploded at Nagasaki resulted in a mushroom of light, a huge one. When this matter is destroyed, light comes out. Light manifests. And our bodies that we have contain billions and billions of atoms. Just think. There must be some light hidden in those atoms. That light is latent in a body. What we have to do is to expose it, experience it.

In this world there are many philosophies, many theories. In the gospel of St. John, there is a beautiful verse which says, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." He's giving you a lead. He's saying, come on, follow this up. First of all you have to investigate. If it isn't God, don't believe in it. If it is God, believe in it.

A Causeless Vibration

In the beginning of this entire creation was the Word. If the Word was existing before this creation, there would have been no mouth to pronounce it. We cannot pronounce the Word. We cannot say the Word ??? Jesus Christ or something like that. Because the words Jesus Christ are from the alphabet and at that point, there was no alphabet. All the words I am speaking now are vibrations. If there was one word in the beginning and no mouths to pronounce that word then that word must be a vibration. A primordial vibration, a causeless vibration. And that vibration exists in our reath. By this Knowledge, we can really experience this vibration.

In America there are many people who are investigating this Knowledge. There have been remarkable discoveries. There was one girl, before meditation, who was breathing twenty-three respirations per minute and when in meditation there were only three respirations per minute. In America people are very tense. Because they are so tense, their respiration is increased. When they take this Knowledge, the whole thing is cooled down. This is not just a rapping session, a big talk, there is more to this. That is, to experience that thing we are talking about.

The Same Day Will Come

You could be reading scriptures and you could say we are liars. We could be liars. Don't get confused. Come and we will open your eyes. What we are talking about is something we all have and we have to know it. It's just like a gem we have lost. We have to find it. Maybe not now, maybe you think life is very nice, it's leisurely, maybe you're having a fine time. But the same thing happened to Lord Buddha. He was a king. Plenty of wealth and everything. He also had a beautiful wife. But there came a day in his life when he understood that all this is not sufficient. This wealth, a beautiful woman, a beautiful child, this whole kingdom is not sufficient. It is not satisfying my soul. And the same day will also come to your life. Maybe you are laughing now. But the same day will come to your life when you'll understand that this job is not sufficient, what you have is not sufficient and then you'll look for something else.

Flying High

This Knowledge is virtue. It is the biggest virtue, that you can ever find. It's a big gem that is shining within you. You have to open up your heart and see inside. We have so many ideologies that we are just like that seagull in the story Jonathan Livingston Seagull who wanted to fly high and because a seagull should eat fishes and crumbs and not think about flying high, his flock disowned him. In the same way many people think we are fanatics because we talk about God. Actually, we are not fanatics. We want to fly high. We can work, get married. But there is something more to this life. And that is to fly high. There was something more to Jonathan's life. We have the desire to fly high, so many people say, these are hippies, throw them out. People think it's a joke. They laugh. But it is not that. It's the experience of flying high, the experience of something concrete. You can test this microphone and say that it is existing. In the same manner you can test this experience. It's very practical. It's so permanent that your life is temporary compared to that.

My simple suggestion is that you all want to be Jonathan Livingston Seagull, you want to break the barrier of limitation. To conquer space is to be here and to conquer time is to be now. The basic point is: be here now.

You can take this life and make it happy, cheerful and spotless. Then we can talk about different things. Guru Maharaj Ji has a technique, a method of making this life really happy, peaceful. Because peace is a state of mind. We have this experience and anyone who wants it is welcome. Thank you very much..