THE GOLDEN AGE: Thursday, May 23,1974

These are Divine Times

Mata Ji, Mother of Prem Rawat
Mata Ji, Mother of Prem Rawat

Even as the Australian national elections show that the balance of power rests in the hands of the voters who swing from "I don't know" to "I don't care", even as Tweedledum and Tweedledee agree to cease their battle, at least one section of the community continues to express its faith in a bright and totally unphoney future for mankind.

Those fortunate people who have received the spiritual Knowledge of the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji, can see and experience the way to establish a fuller life and a peaceful world, an aim that governments and international organisations choose to ignore, recalling the pain of past failures.

The whole history of political and diplomatic endeavour can be summed up in one question, "Who's Kidding who?" Every time man has tried to find solutions to basic economic and social problems through the appointment or representatives to control and negotiate, those same representatives have lost control of their minds and egos. Their actions have resulted in power struggles, bloodshed or mere incompetence. You cannot solve problems caused by the mind with the mind.

Inner Revolution

With global crisis imminent on all levels, isn't it time that we admitted that politics as we know it is a farce, that international and internal relations are as tenuous and delicate as ever? Isn't it time we recognised that each of us is destined to sink or swim depending on our own actions and their effects upon the lives of others?

Obviously, to make a radical change in the external system of government, such as removing any leadership at all, will only result in greater anarchy. Anarchy is just a selfish, intellectual exercise which holds no solution to humanity's pain. To go beyond greed, self- interest and suffering, we must go beyond the mind. The mind is the cause of all limitations and disunity.

If we change our own nature and the nature of our leaders through an inner revolution for peace, all mankind can live in co-operation and harmony.

Spiritual Discovery

We say that Guru Maharaj Ji has the key to that inner revolution. He is revealing freely a practical, spiritual experience which can place the mind in a continual state of meditation, bring peace and clarity, while the body carries out its required actions and responsibilities from the basis of Truth. Inside each person is the cause of all division. And inside each person is the cause of permanent happiness, perceived through this Knowledge when the mind is concentrated on light, music, vibration and taste within the human body.


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No politician has ever brought peace to his country. Even now many wars are going on in the name of peace. Yet if all politicians worked in harmony and cooperation with the great Spiritual Master and with the Truth, then world peace would be obtained in one millionth of a second. A second, not a minute. I issue this challenge! I am not a political leader and have no right to talk about or criticize politicians. True Spiritual Knowledge is my subject and this is the highest Knowledge. From this Satguru obtains His authority. Once you know the Name there is nothing left to know.


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Thursday, May 23, 1974


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If you think there are other means to world and personal peace, or other ways to attain spiritual Knowledge, please explore them. Keep Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in reserve. Remember that it is not a religion, a theory or belief but practical proof of existence beyond mind, illusion and death. You are not asked to believe anything; first-hand evidence of inner peace is available.

In the middle of the mundane world, the claims being made here may seem incredible. All our lives we have been conditioned into an unadventurous, dreary pattern of behaviour, resigned to the "fact" that great men and women and marvellous events are phenomena outside practical existence, miracles which we observe from a distance. In fact, participation in Life's greatest adventure is our real heritage. Spiritual Knowledge makes each day new and exciting, and for those who have already received this revelation, these are truly divine times.

The English writer, H. G. Wells, remarked that once we have broken through the walls of everyday circumstance we have made a discovery: if the world is not the way we like it, we can change it. Through Knowledge we break free of our fear and greed and act selflessly for humanity. It is time that we all dedicated our lives to peace to ensure the survival of our planet.

We know that Guru Maharaj Ji is the ultimate politician. His platform is simple: "I can give you peace. That's it. That's the whole deal". He has many ambassadors called Mahatmas travelling the world to establish through a direct experience an international policy of disarmament, detachment and constant bliss. We want to express a complete vote of confidence in his ability and leadership qualities. We know that his trump card in negotiations with people is pure love. And there is one fact of life that will always remain true: Love conquers all.