Saturday, June 8, 1974
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Marolyn Johnson, Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji and Milky Cole
Special Issue

A Divine Union

Guru Maharaj Ji Weds

On May 20 the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji was married to Marolyn Johnson, much to the joy of Divine Light Mission and his six million followers around the world.

The small ceremony was held at sunset in the Rockland Community Church, Lookout Mountain, Colorado. The bride's family had come from San Diego, California, to attend the wedding along with forty other guests. Also in attendance were Guru Maharaj Ji's brother, Raja Ji, and his wife Claudia, whose recent marriage was correctly announced in issue No. 4 of The Golden Age.

Music composed and sung by devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji was performed during the ceremony, which included scriptural texts from the Gospel of St Matthew and a passage by the Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran, on the meaning of marriage. Following the wedding, a small reception was held at the Divine Residence in Denver, where Guru Maharaj Ji, now a permanent resident of the United States, has established the headquarters of Divine Light Mission, which is dedicated to spreading world and personal peace through a practical, inner experience of meditation called Knowledge.

For his devotees Maharaj Ji has acted as a bridge to cross all barriers that separate them from realizing perfection. Through marriage he has perfectly reconciled the conflicting traditions of East and West, and raised the consciousness of his followers onto a new and higher level of understanding. - Divine Times, London

Guru Maharaj Ji was born in Kankhal, India, on December 10, 1957. He attended the St Joseph's Academy in India until 1971, when he began teaching meditation in the West, where he now has 80,000 followers.

Marolyn Johnson, now Marolyn Singh Rawat, was born in San Diego, California, on October 25, 1949. She graduated from Southwestern College, California, in 1970 and received Knowledge in September 1973. She has known Guru Maharaj Ji for about a year, and they developed a close relationship during the time Marolyn served as Guru Maharaj Ji's secretary.

At last report, the couple have travelled to Los Angeles, California, and will soon be en route for Copenhagen and the Guru Puja festival.