The Path Of Devotion



It's like walking on a rope. If you go too far left you'll fall down; if you go too far right, again you'll fall down. The only way to walk is to balance yourself between right and left. Guru Maharaj Ji says a man has to balance himself between the spiritual side and the material side. Once you get the perfect balance you can walk on this path.

In India, there's the Sikh religion. The word Sikh comes from the word which means a devotee. The name of their last Guru was Guru Govind Singh. One day he was giving Satsang and he was talking about dedication. Suddenly he stopped and said, "Dear devotees, I want some sacrifices," there was a tent behind him. He said, "Anybody who wants to give me his head, please come with me."

A great multitude was sitting before him. There were thousands and thousands of disciples, when they heard his words, they all became afraid. Fear came into their hearts and said, "What's this?" But there was one devotee who stood up and he went inside the tent and said, "Take my head. This whole body belongs to you, so definitely this head belongs to you." People were really surprised and said, "This man is very brave."

They were all waiting outside when suddenly they heard a big chop. Suddenly they found blood flowing on the ground, coming out of the tent. Everybody was shocked. Then Guru Govind Singh came out. He said, "I'm not satisfied. I want one more head".

So a second devotee approached and said; "Yes". In this manner only five devotees came forward to give their heads. All the other disciples went away; they couldn't stand it. It was too much. So in the Sikh religion we have the Five Noble Ones. Those people were chosen ones of Guru Govind Singh. Actually in the tent there was a goat. He was cutting the goat's head instead of the heads of his disciples. That was just a test.

In the path of devotion the disciple is tested every time. Many people think why should we have material problems now that we have taken Knowledge. The material path should clear up. If you are a devotee and you are meditating, then you are meditating on God not on dollars. In turn you get the experience of God not the experience of dollars. So people who think that by meditation my financial burdens will pass away; that will not happen.

Saint Kabir makes it very clear. He says, send me a stone and I'll take all this happiness that people desire and I'll throw this happiness on a piece of stone. Why? Because all this happiness distracts me from God. When people become materially happy, they say, oh, forget God. But Kabir says, I embrace misery, I embrace unhappiness because these things always keep me on God. They always remind me of God because when I'm unhappy I pray to God.

This is the devotee's approach, really. Because happiness is just a carnal thing, it's a carnal desire that the senses are wanting. The devotee's soul is like a piece of gold. The goldsmith takes the gold and burns it. The more he burns the gold the more he is burning the impurities. In the same manner, when devotees suffer in this world, they don't suffer in soul or in spirit, they only suffer to become pure. It's like burning gold is not actually burning the gold but burning the impurities in gold. So a man can become pure in heart.

When the power of the Perfect Master transferred to the youngest brother, Guru Maharaj Ji, his elder brother ??? feet to become his devotees. The eldest brother, Bal Bhagwan Ji ??? proved his devotion time and again by working unceasingly ??? of festivals throughout the world, as well as delivering discourses ??? Knowledge as the means to a perfect marriage between science and religion ??? he points out how devotion ??? is a practical experience beyond the ???

Dear premies, this is our path. The path of the devotee is to be really dedicated. For instance, if somebody tells you your house is on fire, then even though your body is sitting here your mind will go automatically on that fire because you have love for that house. In the same manner, a devotee's mind should be constantly attached to his Master. This is what we have to achieve.

Once there was a saint called Swami Dayanand. He became a very great philosopher later on. He was searching. He had read many scriptures, many Vedas. And one day he heard that there was a blind man who was a Perfect Master and that the blind man could reveal him the Knowledge of God. So he left everything. Finally he found a hut, it was very dark, and Dayanand started knocking.

Guru Maharaj Ji was sitting inside and he said, "Who is there?" Dayanand said, "Master, if I knew who I am, I wouldn't be here". So Guru Maharaj Ji said come in. And later on he served Guru Maharaj Ji and got Knowledge.

In a devotee's life there should be no doubt about service, meditation and Satsang. Jesus says in the Bible, "Where the mind is, the treasure is. If your mind is in material things, your treasure is in material things. If your mind is in the kingdom of heaven, automatically you will gain treasure there. A devotee always has to dedicate his life. It is not a matter of avoiding it or bypassing it.

Many people say, what is this Knowledge? the definition of a straight line? It is the shortest distance between two points. This Knowledge is the shortcut between you and God. It is the shortest distance possible between you and God.

I can give you many different explanations but ???

ready to doubt anything. But take animals; though they are animals they have something called love. I have seen lion cubs go to their father and slap him. If you were to slap that lion he'd kill you. But the kids are doing it ??? tolerating it. Why? Because there is love. ??? many, many examples in nature. See bee ??? bees. It's incredible. All those bees are ??? They are constantly doing service for no ??? They never gather poison, they only gather ??? which is great, which is like nectar. They all ??? queen bee. And if the queen bee dies, they ??? definitely die.

You can see that in nature there are many examples before you. When we milk a cow we don't put dollars inside it and press a button. It's all selfless. And that's what Lord Krishna says. That whosoever, white, black, anybody, whosoever gives me a leaf, water or a fruit with love, I manifest myself and accept his offering. But all the offering must be made in selfless love, without any carnal desire.

In India they have a temple where people go in and they take a big bag of sweets. They put it down, sit like that and they think they are really meditating. They say inside, Lord, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket now and I should win the prize. And if I win twenty thousand rupees, ten thousand will go to you and I'll make you a temple. If that God is a businessman and he can give him twenty thousand rupees, why would He want the ten thousand rupees?

There's a temple in Benares that's very huge and opposite it there is another temple. Because one day a low-caste man went inside the first temple they declared it impure. So opposite that one they created a second one. It seems to me that when these intellectuals do such a thing, it seems to me that that low-caste man was more powerful than God. If God stands for purity, then that low-caste man made God impure. If God is omnipotent, all-powerful, how could that low-caste man make God impure?

You can go to a shop near a temple and buy a coconut for an offering. And those offerings go back to the shop, they re-circulate. Half of the profit goes to the priest and half to the shop owner. The same stuff goes to everybody. It's very ecological, you could say they think this is the ultimate Truth. People imagine, this could be the Truth. Whether it is or not, they don't discover, they don't investigate. That's why they are miserable, they are hungry. That's why they cannot improve.

We have to focus ourselves and the more you focus yourself, the more precise and unique your experience becomes. The whole thing depends upon you, upon your concentration.

Many people cannot understand why Jesus was being followed by all the Apostles. He used to speak in parables and they couldn't understand Him. But still they followed Him. Finally, all their action and devotion was rewarded and they were given the Holy Spirit, they were given the Knowledge. And once they were given the Holy Spirit they sang His glory. They preached the gospel from one land to another land, from people to people.

Once a devotee gets that spark, then you can propagate this Knowledge. But you have to be really devoted, not like Judas, because this mind inside everybody is just like Judas, trying to betray the Lord every time. Everybody has a bit of Judas inside him; and Doubting Thomas because they always doubt, doubt, doubt.

The path of devotion is very hard and it is not simple. It's very difficult. The devotee who walks firmly on this path finally reaches the goal. Because this path is the means and the end in itself. You do meditation, you attain meditation. You sow wheat and you harvest wheat.

So, dear premies, this whole world is very complicated. It is topsy-turvy. Before taking Knowledge many people think; Oh, I'll have a bomb of an experience, I'll have an explosion. Knowledge will do that.

But actually they have to do that. They have to concentrate the mind. The more they concentrate, the more they'll see. It's just like Galileo. If he had just scanned the sky, he would have found nothing but he concentrated his mind, focused on one thing, and saw something remarkable happeniig! He said, no, this earth is revolving and the sun is stationary. The Church said kill this fellow, hang him.

We have to focus ourselves. And the more you focus yourself, the more precise and unique your experience becomes. The whole thing depends upon you, upon your concentration.

It is a very fortunate thing that Guru Maharaj Ji has made us his devotees. There are so many people in the world who are still lost. Guru Maharaj Ji has come in this world and chosen us. He has made us his devotees and we have to remain as he made us.

Devotion is like a rose plant. You have thorns and it is difficult but after all those thorns, a beautiful flower comes out. So after all those difficulties, a beautiful reward is given to you. Devotees must decide which way to choose.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna says, "Lord, many people talk about the formless and many people talk about the form. Which path of devotion should I choose? Which devotion do you prefer?"

So Lord Krishna said "Arjuna, both belong to Me because I am both formless and in form." That's very

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