August 3 - 16, 1974
Page Seven

Prem Rawat's wife, Marolyn nee Johnson then known as Durga Mata Ji PURE LOVE


Dear Premies,

I would like to say a few words before we hear satsang from Guru Maharaj Ji. And these words are just that today I've really felt you so much in my heart. I can never express how close I feel to you. Today, I've seen some premies that have very much suffering, suffering that even they cannot help. It's jus an inevitable thing that is happening in their lives. And I would like to just say a few words to these premies.

I know most of you are feeling very much bliss and very much joy, and this is very wonderful. But there comes a time in all of our lives when we must go through certain trials, certain pains, certain sufferings, and we must always remember that this world is very strange. It's like, each one of us has our own particular role, our own particular part, to play. It's like a big play. And no matter what your scene is, what your role is, it's given to you out of love, only love, and it's for you, no matter what pain, physical or otherwise you go through. If you remember this Name, if you remember the Knowledge and remember Maharaj Ji, it can be the most joyful thing that you can experience. Your sufferings can turn into joy because Maharaj Ji has given us this life and through our suffering we are allowed to give it back to him, to give him our suffering, to offer it to him out of love. And this draws us so close to Maharaj Ji.

Through this suffering we can become so very close to Maharaj Ji, and we must realise that if we do feel suffering or pain it is for us to become closer to him.

I know there were many times when I used to pray that I could die for our Lord, but now I realise that it's much much more courageous to live for our Lord, no matter what obstacles may come in out path. If each time we give these to Maharaj Ji our love just grows and grows: and this is what this life is for - for our love to grow. Because love is the most precious thing that we can experience. Pure and perfect love - not selfish love any more - it's completely unselfish love.

And when we experience this, no matter what is the reason for it, then we are realising that this is why we are here. And we just have to remember to be courageous, and offer that pain and suffering to Maharaj Ji, and it turns out to be so much joy.

Today my heart was very heavy because I saw many sick brothers and sisters in the darshan line, very ill, premies that are suffering much. And yet by his Grace I've realised that even though I felt the pain I only love you more for this, I love you so much and that's so beautiful for me and it's the same for you. This pain, this suffering, that we feel can turn into such joy because it's love that we're feeling from it. It's like when a seed breaks ??? a seed has to break in order for that tiny sprout to come through. And our hearts are the same way - our hearts must break with love, over and over again, and only then will that love grow forth and turn into an eternal tree, always flowering, always giving.

This is the way of love, and we all know that love is the most precious thing we've ever experienced and now Maharaj Ji's shown us perfect love. And so premies, just always remember that whatever obstacle, whatever is in front of you, this is a gift. It really is. It's something that you can't even control, just realise that he's giving you this, it's a test whether you will remember him. Give it back to him and he'll fill you with so much love and so much Grace and so much joy.

There are absolutely no words to tell you how I feel. But I am sure that all of you realise what a beautiful, beautiful gift we have being here in this world and seeing Maharaj Ji and completely falling in love with the love that he has shown us in our hearts.

Thank you.