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August 3 - 16, 1974

A Real Joy
A Real Joy

Guru Puja, in every country in which it was held, was a practical demonstration of how people can live and work in harmony. It showed how every action can become a celebration, how each day can be enjoyed as a festival. Guru Puja is not just an event, but gradually becomes our total life experience.

Guru Maharaj Ji has told us and shown us that we are all members of one big family. And love is the most important thing for a family to have. Our minds still hang on to the conditional fear of giving, lest our gift be abused. However, when we are totally immersed in service, satsang and meditation, giving is the natural process which allows us to experience Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. Selfless love teaches us to disregard our own weaknesses and rely on the strength gained through meditation.

"The God that saves dwells In your souls, and manifests by making use of your own feet, and legs, and arms, and hands.

Strength never comes through idleness; nor through a waiting for another one to bear your loads, or do the work that you are called to do.

But when you do your best to bear your loads, and do your work, you offer unto God a sacrifice well-pleasing in His sight.

And then the Holy One breathes deep upon your glowing sacrificial coals, and makes them blaze aloft to fill your souls with light, and strength and helpfulness".

(Aquarian Gospel, 46, 13-16)

Australia's Guru Puja was overbrimming with love, but our Father didn't come to the party. We can only surprise Guru Maharaj Ji with love. If we want Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji to visit Australia soon, then we must work hard to propagate Knowledge. And the best example for people to see is our own unity and inner peace. Every person in this world, each brother and sister is worthy of our love. Now is the time that we can really serve Guru Maharaj Ji by becoming the perfect family, by shining as his devotees.

Whatever we want from this world is worthless alongside the treasurehouse inside us. We have seen miracles in our own lives and in the lives of our brothers and sisters which show positively that this entire planet can be changed by constant effort. World peace is so close that only a thin barrier of ignorance holds back the Golden Age. We can push it down, by Maharaj Ji's Grace. So many things can give us satisfaction, but it would be real joy to see all suffering removed, and love shining in each person's eyes. On the external level, isn't that the only goal worth achieving?


Within Divine United Organisation (DUO), the World Welfare Association was founded in the United States in January, 1974. The volunteer members of this agency are made up of those people meditating on Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, and who, from the love that they feel inside, go into institutions, prisons, hospitals and so on to help relieve the suffering of others. They are active throughout 30 cities in America. They call their social service program, Project Love, and it includes the following activities:

Programs for the Aged - entertainment and recreational programs at nursing homes to hot lunches for Senior Citizens.

Children's Programs - sponsoring films for children, entertainment in children's hospitals, as assistance in play therapy programs to help children from broken homes.

Community Improvement Projects - aiding other organisations in their efforts as well as sponsoring, co-ordinating and participating in environmental improvement programs.

Correctional Institutions - providing entertainment, recreation, vocational training and counselling at a wide variety of institutions - from halfway houses and juvenile homes to state and federal prisons.

Drug Alternative Programs - a practical program of massage and meditation presented as an alternative to drugs.

Youth Programs - outreach programs aimed not only at understanding youth and their problems but at involving youth in activities and environments that help further personal growth.

Love has proven to he a surprisingly effective force in the cure of social ills. A spokesman for the Central State Hospital, Georgia, summed up the experience generated by the volunteers of Project L0VE:

"Our residents of the Binion Facility and those women from Georgia Women's Prison wore smiles for days afterwards - it was the single brightest event in the history of this centre … it is truly encouraging to see people give so much for just the pleasure of seeing smiles on people's faces.".


Mahatma Padarthanand Ji

New Zealand July 20 - August 9

New South Wales August 9 - 23

Hobart August 24 - September 2

Melbourne September 3 - 15

Adelaide September 15 …

Mahatma Padarthanand

really we should take care … cameron (32K)

if you stand at the edge of a wood
with a shot gun in your hand,
fire off both barrels into the air,
and call out, ho there, unicorn, where are you,
chances are you'll never see a fox, a hare or an eagle, let alone a unicorn.

really, we should take care
not to ride armoured cars into each others gardens.
the most natural and loving things are quiet,
like a breath of air,
and will slip in and out of our lives unnoticed,
unless we are quiet enough ourselves.

Charles Cameron