The Eternal Triangle


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiSo dear premies,

I come here and you all assemble here to listen to satsang. But the thing is, I can give you satsang every day, and you can listen to satsang every day, and it might do you no good.

Because it's not just listening to satsang. Of course I think it's wonderful to listen to satsang, but it's not just that. It's a little more than that. It's what has to be understood of satsang.

And I'll tell you one thing; that satsang, maybe it doesn't make us recognise the purpose of this human life practically, because it's only Knowledge that can do that, but it helps. It sure helps.

Because, in this life where we are completely lost, in these clouds in which we are completely lost, it's nice to have somebody standing at a point who can look over the whole scene and give us proper directions, proper instructions, and lead us out of all these temptations, lead us out of all these crazinesses that our mind has.

You see, that is why many people want to go and read scriptures. Because they think they will get something out of there. I think as a matter of fact, if you read scriptures, you might end up getting confused. And it's very true - it's really really true.

Because they have a build-up to them about Knowledge. And it's like saying, "Airport 5 miles", so you go. Then you go one more mile and it says, "Airport 4 miles". Then you go one more mile, then it says, "Airport 3 miles". You go one more, "2 miles". Then, "1 mile". And then it has a big sign, "Airport" But when you reach there, all you see is a sign. That's all you see. And that's like the build-up of all the scriptures. "There is this, there is this, there is this." They are talking about many different things, they have a build-up, and then they all stop.

Because they cannot proceed any further than that. It's just, that's the way it is. And many people who are really - I mean, he would just like to read story books, and have happened to pick up a scripture because they like the story books and they start reading it for that purpose, they won't be confused - but a person is sincerely seeking this Knowledge, he will certainly be confused.

Because like all their build-up is correct, it's truthful, everything is okay. But where does it go? Where does it end? Where does it last? Where is it? I mean, there is all this knowledge knowledge knowledge, Word Word Word, Holy Word, Holy Breath, holy this, and holy that. Where is it? It's just not there.

And that build-up that you have in your heart, reading all these beautiful things about it, and really getting excited, and really getting blissed out about it, then you come to a point - which is the last page of the book unfortunately. And it has a big full stop on it.

But since you have received this Knowledge, I think the very foremost duty for you is to go and meditate.

Meditate, meditate, meditate.


And that is why when a Perfect Master comes, whenever He comes in this earth, He does not need any scriptures. He does not come to write scriptures. He has come to reveal Knowledge. He always comes to reveal this Knowledge to us.

Because, it's like after a Perfect Master, there are all these scriptures made. And people in the scriptures, and they never look for the Perfect Master. Like in Gita. There are so many people in India who read Gita. I mean, they read it seven times, eight times, hundred times, two hundred times, three hundred times, maybe countless. All their life they read Gita. And in Gita Lord Krishna says about this Knowledge to Arjuna, really beautiful explanation, and then Arjuna asks that, "Lord, what is the way to receive it?" And Lord says, "Go to the Perfect Master of your time and rid yourself of all your desires that you have in your heart. Go with no ego in front of Him. And go with a heart of a little child, and beg Him, ask Him, request Him. And He will give it to you."

And it's like, "Knock, and it shall be opened," you know, and, "Ask, and it shall be given." It's like, then, instead of taking the truthful meaning of that, we completely get stuck in the scripture itself.

But it says to go to a Perfect Master, to go to that power that can reveal us this Knowledge.

And that is why there is some significance of this Knowledge, and that is why there is some significance in Guru Maharaj Ji. And that is why He comes into this world, to reveal us this beautiful, most fantastic thing.

And premies, it's like this Holy Word that we all want to see, that we all want to get into, it can be only achieved by doing meditation, by doing satsang, and listening to satsang, and doing service. Because these three things are like a lead-up to that point. And not only a lead-up to that point, but meditation is something that will definitely take you there. It'll put you in place, make sure you are there. And that is the purpose of meditation.

And service is something that makes you completely blissful, completely flow into one flow of it till you are at that point. Because, if we are not doing service, we cannot be servant. And if we are not servant to our Lord, how are we going to understand this Knowledge? If we are going to go as a Lord ourselves to a Lord, He's gonna say, "Yes? Can I help you?" But if we go like servant, to do some service, and go like lower being, knowing nothing, then He can fill us up. If you take a bucket already full of milk, and tell God to fill it with milk, how is He gonna fill it with milk when it's already full? If you take bucket of water which is already full, I mean just completely completely full and try to fill it with more water, how are you gonna fill it, which is full up to the brim? And that is what a man's ego is.

And again, it's like I was saying, that satsang is satsang. It's far out to listen to, it's beautiful to listen to, but that's not the most important point. The most important point is to understand this satsang is. And then only can we something out of it.

But if a person has ego, and like our minds and our hearts, if they are filled with ego, how can we even go to the Perfect Master of the time and tell Him to fill it up, how is He gonna fill it up?

Means, there are so many people who went to Jesus and asked Him, "Who are you?" And how come only John, how come only those few disciples knew who He was, dedicated their whole lives, while others also went and asked? Maybe they didn't use particular words, but they still asked, "Who are you?", "Can you showwho you are to us?". But they never got anything. Why only those people? Because they went with an open heart.


And when we listen to satsang, if this crazy mind is going on and on and on, I'll tell you, you can be sitting here and going to sleep, it won't do you any good. Because your mind is completely somewhere else. Your whole attention is somewhere else, your whole concentration is somewhere else. And here you are sitting trying to listen to satsang. How will you be able to listen to satsang?

I mean, if there is somebody sitting at the back seat, and the chauffeur turns back and starts talking to his boss because it's nice to talk to his boss, you know what's gonna happen? Can you imagine what's gonna happen? It'll crash good. Because that's the way it is.

And when - it's like, if the boss shouts "Hey, watch out! You are gonna crash" and you put on your brakes, you'll crash harder in there. Because the whole car just goes into a big skid and it crashes everywhere

And this is how this mind is if we are talking to our mind all the time, if we are imagining our mind all the time, if we are trying to think of our mind all the time, because see, if you are not going ignore it, the mind'll think "OK, so you care, huh? OK. So you care, you're gonna get it. If you think I am there then I better be there, at least to show my face to you." And there it'll be all the time.

But what you can really do is completely ignore it. And really understand what this Knowledge is. Really really try to understand what satsang is. Really really try to do service. Because you know, you can be digging just like other premies. There can be four premies digging, and one premie can be thinking, "Wow. I wonder how this is gonna happen. I wonder how this is gonna happen." You know what it's gonna do? He's gonna probably take that spade and cut his own legs off. I mean, without any intention to, but he will. It'll be an accident probably, a so-called accident, but what could be easily prevented, what those three other people prevented.


Why? It's all the big trouble of mind. And really, this is what we have to stop today. This is what we have to completely get rid of - this mind. This crazy mind. And it's like, I have been doing quite a few researches with handcuffs, and apparently it seems like handcuff is like this mind, the harder you press it, the tighter it gets on.


Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiThe tighter it gets on you, harder it gets to out of it. It's like, if you press it, it'll get harder - harder - harder, harder, harder. And then you won't be able to even slip it off.

But it's like, somebody puts a first notch on it, let it be, you know. Just take it easy, and you can slip it off. But if you make trouble, then it's gonna go tighter, and tighter, and tighter, and no way can you get out of it. And like, that's the handcuffs.

And it's like, the handcuff limits your hands like to there. And there you are. Your hands are perfectly normal. They are working as they should be. Thumbs move, fingers move, whole palm moves, wrist moves, every everything, the blood is circulating - but you can't do whatever you could do without the handcuffs. Because it's, right there you are limited. And that's the whole point of handcuffs, to limit you.

And that handcuff is just like a mind. You are okay, means, you seem to be beautiful. But there it is, that handcuff inside of you which has completely limited you.

And if you want to take this limitation out, it's really no problem. I mean look - there are people who are so chicken that they ??? I mean they are so scared to drive the car. While other people take these power-engines, I mean 300 horsepower, 350 horsepower, 400 horsepowers down this racetrack which is like a continuous U-turn for a really long time, just driving down it, and not going into a big skid, and they're driving and they don't get scared by that.

While other people, they are driving ten miles an hour, and still their hands are shaking. And before they see a stoplight, they'll stop maybe one mile ahead of it, and then proceed - I mean, there are people like that you know.

It's like, there is a little thing which people have who are driving so chickenly, so scared. While these other people are open to it. But there is certainly something. Mean, they are driving probably the same caar you know, and everything seems to be okay but how come they are so scared? There is definitely one thing - which is invisible. Certainly it's invisible. And that's something up here. (Maharaj Ji points to his head.) And that's how this mind is.


It's like, in the path of this Knowledge, people are afraid to proceed. Some people are really chickened out to proceed. While other people are there, blissed out, look fantastic, look all the time happy, while these people are sitting like this. (Maharaj Ji grimaces). "What's going on? What's going on? Can you please give me some satsang? I am very confused." "Why you confused?" "Oh, I don't know. I am really really confused."

And premies, it's like this Holy Word that we all want to see, that we all want to get into, it can be only achieved by doing meditation, by doing satsang, and listening to satsang, and doing service.

Mean, I feel sorry for you, definitely. But the thing is, that that's no way to get rid of mind. That really isn't. It's to go ahead, do meditation, go ahead, do satsang, go ahead, listen to satsang, go ahead, do service. And try to understand something, instead of sitting in satsang trying to kill flies on the cheeks - I mean, that's no way to listen to satsang.

You see, in India, many people chant rosaries. And their eyes are closed, and they are chanting, chanting, chanting, and somebody comes - and they know who is sitting right next to them, it's probably their neighbour.

So they sneakily open one eye up, see who is there and still their chanting is going on. They are just chanting, chanting chanting, chanting, chanting. And they say, "Hi. How are you this morning?", and they are counting rosary. You know? And they are saying, "How are you?, Ram RamRamRam Ram RamRam, How are you? What were you doin' this mornin?, Ram Ram RamRam RamRam."

Mean, this is what one saint says, that between your two fingers there is this rosary going on, and in your lips, with your tongue, with this voice, you are chanting all these words, but this mind is roaming all through the world. Is this really the way to do something? No. Certainly not.

Because I was talking to Mahavir today, and I said, "Look - how many people are there in India who read Ramayana?" And he said, "Right from Bihar, where Bihar stops, all the way through it goes, people read Ramayana, to some part of Bengal. In the south they read Ramayana, and near Dehra Dun, people read Ramayana".

And it's like, saying that, how many people understand this, out of Ramayana, where Tulsidas says, means, the whole story is about Ram; how fantastic He was, how beautiful He was, what He did in His life. And doing all this, praising Ram so highly - all the miracles, all the things - why does he say that, "Till which extent should I sing the glory of this Holy Name? Even Lord Ram Himself cannot sing the glory of this Holy Name."

I said, "How many people read that daily?" I tell you, there are thousands and thousands of people. But, they never try to realise that Word. They never try to realise that Holy Name. See?


Lord Ram, when He went back to His Kingdom, and He was standing like this before everybody, all His citizens there, and He says that, "Before everybody, with my closed hands like this, I pray to everybody that; understand that holy secret, understand that Holy Word. And without the devotion of Shankar," - see, this is really confusing - "without the devotion of Lord Shankar, you cannot realise Me." Lord Shankar says to Uma that, "Oh, Uma, to tell you the truth of my experience, without Lord's devotion, this whole world is a fake." Now tell me one thing. Lord is saying that, "Without the devotion, without the meditation, the Name of Lord Shankar, nobody can realise Me, nobody can receive My devotion." There is Lord Shankar saying that, "Without Lord's, you cannot realise."

After all, what is the common factor between the two? I mean, Shri Maharaj Ji used to take hours and hours explaining this one point. Because it's such a throw-up. Because He is shouting, Lord Shankar is shouting for Lord. And Lord is shouting for Shankar. So after all, which is that common factor which is one, to which even Lord Ram respects, and to which even Lord Shankar respects. What is that? And that is this Holy Name.

And when we understand this Holy Name - by whose Grace? By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. Because it is described, it's really really beautiful. Well, if you get to learn some Hindi some day and Sanskrit, you might be able to read it for yourself, but, until you do, let me tell you. Says that, "Aecum nityum," "Who is one," aecum, "Who is always one, and who is out of the reaches of three natures of human being," all these three natures that every man is tied with, of desires, of ego, of anger, that is all these three natures man is tied in, that He is away from all these three natures. He is away from our concepts, away from our explanations, away from our emotional explanations, away from all these three types of chains that every human being is tied in. To such Guru Maharaj Ji, I bow my head.

And that is that thing that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals. Why? Because that is His duty - that is His Name, that is His quality, who comes here to reveal us this Holy Name.

And really, if anybody wants to understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is, first of all, it is said that it's impossible to understand - very very very impossible. It's like almost trying to understand what infinity is. But anyway, if you want to have a pretty good idea who Guru Maharaj Ji is, you will have to first understand what this Knowledge is.

Because if we want to understand who this person is, then we must also first understand what is his occupation. If he's a car dealer, we'll call him a car dealer. He'll be called a car dealer. If he's a bicycle dealer, we call him bicycle dealer. If he works in electronics, we call him an electrician. If he prints something, we call him a printing man. If he takes some cloths and sews them together, we call him a tailor. I mean all these things.

But before we can really identify that person, as to what he is, besides this human frame, we have to first understand what he does, or what he puts out, what is his talent. And, if we want to understand Guru Maharaj Ji, then the first thing we will have to understand is this Knowledge He has given to us. And if we could understand this Knowledge, then undoubtedly we'll understand who Guru Maharaj Ji really is.

It means, nothing to say. You know? It's like, you don't have to even talk about it. Because to understand Him is right there and then.

And tell me one thing. If you want to get a glass of water, all the talking you do in that whole procedure is. "Please

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NO. 17 JANUARY, 1975

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Jican you get me a glass of water?" And after that you shut up. And the guy gets out, and goes and fetches the water, and brings it to you, and the next thing you say is, "Thank you." And that's it and then you start drinking your water.

And it's like, to do one action to the most important part, there are really really few words. And like, few words of satsang before you receive Knowledge, then a few words of encouragement again at satsang after you receive Knowledge. But so far as understanding Guru Maharaj Ji is concerned, it's more than impossible.

Because the thing He does, giving this Knowledge, revealing this Knowledge to people, is also indescribable. And thus, He Himself, who is the source of Knowledge, is also automatically indescribable.

So you have to first understand Knowledge, premies. If you really want to understand, if you really want to get that answer straight - and then you will be clearly able to understand whatever I am talking about.

Because if you do not meditate on this Knowledge, it's like it is there, it's gonna do you no no good. Like, I was giving that example the other day that, you know, you can have one truckload of vegetables, and you can have one pocketful of vegetables, and you can have one okra. And if that one okra rots in your house, it doesn't matter so much because you can just put it right down the drain.

But if you have three truckloads of that okra in your house, and they start rotting, you might as well forget it, because you won't be able to blow them down the sink. The sink will clog, and then there'll be more rotting going on.

And it's like, if it was a small small mantra, and of course it'll do you no good either - if there was a small small mantra which was of no good, was not able to give this mind peace, and it would rot if you would not meditate on it, that's okay.

But since you have received this Knowledge, I think the very foremost duty for you is to go and meditate.

Meditate, meditate, meditate.


Because there is something I have realised. Whatever I have realised is through meditation. From satsang, from doing service. And it's like these were the three things. And that is why there is significance of darshan. Because what is darshan, is really to be before Guru Maharaj Ji, to feel, to experience somthing that is within inside of him.

And it's like, that is the whole thing. Like, I didn't go into much scriptures at all - as a matter of fact, none at all. And it's like, I didn't have time for anything else. You know? And it's like in the morning, tell you the truth, we used to go to school and say our prayers, "Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done," say our prayer and in that prayer, it's like, we would understand half of it. But just words. We understand 'the', what's the meaning of 'the', and 'is', and 'give', and all these words, but wouldn't understand the hard words. It's like, we just say the prayers and that was like - that was it.

But then, when I came in contact with satsang, it's like that was the whole build-up, that was the whole lead-up to one point. And there was service. And as a matter of fact, whatever I am doing right now is a service. I look at it, I see it as my service - to Guru Maharaj Ji, to Shri Maharaj Ji. Because this is what He gave me to serve about, and I am doing my service.

And this is why I want to come out, tell you premies how I got to this point, I must tell you how you can also get the same point as I am. Maybe you won't be able to become Perfect Masters, but at least you will be able to have that realisation of the Knowledge. And like, that is the whole difference. That is what the saints have said, that is the difference between that rock which you touch to iron and it turns the iron to gold, he said consider a great difference between that rock and Guru Maharaj Ji. Because that rock will only change the iron into gold and Guru Maharaj Ji can change somebody exactly as He is.

And so it's like, well maybe I am a big talker. But, you should have to understand. Because it's for your good, for your understanding.

Understand, and do meditation. God bless you.