NO. 21 JUNE, 1975

Arigato Maharaj Ji

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaj Ji in Japan in 1975 Tokyo Haneda Airport, 8.15 p.m., Thursday 3rd June, Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji, with Premlata in her arms, walked into the arrivals hall and then to their waiting car. Was he really here after three years of waiting? Hearts soared as he lifted us gently into meditation.

Okura Hotel, 6 o'clock. A day had gone by without a glimpse of Maharaj Ji. Premies gathered from all over Japan. This was darshan day, the first time for most. The love began to build up and build up. Bob Mishler came in and gave satsang; it slowly began to sink in, this time it was for real, not a movie, not a picture, not a dream, but Guru Maharaj Ji was actually going to walk in, in person.

The moment we were all waiting for came. He was walking in "Oh Guru Maharaj Ji … arigato", we sang. Oh Guru Maharaj Ji once again thank you. He sat down, closed his eyes, and then began to give satsang. Just a few words, his hands moved, explaining the meaning, for few could understand English. He explained how people throughout all their lives had been looking for Knowledge, but when they receive it they just can't believe it's true and run away. He told us to realise Knowledge and to become clear so we can clear others. He said that the purpose of the Perfect Master is to assure us that it's all O.K. And when we can increase the numbers of premies to thousands, we can have a large satsang program.

He finished and smiled, and asked Durga to give satsang, Durga Ji shook her head no. Kato, our National Director, began to translate Maharaj Ji's satsang.

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaj Ji with his wife, Durga Ji, in Tokyo, 1975 Satya, Venetia's nine month old baby daughter began to make baby noises and crawl up to the stage, up one step, the first step she had ever taken. Guru Maharaj Ji looked down and smiled with Durga Ji and asked for her to be put up on the stage. She made a beeline for Premlata, just wanting to caress her and say hello. Suddenly this just broke the language barrier, a tight circle of love drew us all together. Satya began to laugh and Premlata gave her such a sweet smile.

Durga Ji changed her mind and gave satsang, explaining how Guru Maharaj Ji and she were so tired after India, and after their short walk amongst the shops of Tokyo, that they had just fallen asleep in the hotel, and the phone rang saying it was time to go to the program. And similarly that in this world man is sleeping and this Knowledge wakes him up. Guru Maharaj Ji took Premlata on his knee and began caressing her, stroking her head and talking to her in baby language. He brought her over to the side of the stage to talk to Satya and the babies both got blissed out.

Darshan line, just a hundred premies, so in a few minutes all were flying and dancing with joy. Kato asked Guru Maharaj Ji if he would stay and watch the musical skit. He consented - and the party was on its way. The premies from Kyoto Divine Shelter performed the story of the four blind men and the elephant. The true elephant revealed, hoots of laughter as the elephant collapsed in full pranam and all premies followed. Three dances followed, one a very serious one of ancient Japan, then unexpectedly a non-premie jumped up in a full green lame kimono and danced to a modern Japanese love song. Then the resident premie clown danced while a nice cream chocolate almond cake was brought in and presented to Maharaj Ji. As word was given to him to cut it and six premies had to hold the cake as he speared it with a powerful blow. Durga Ji then cut it and gave Maharaj Ji a piece. So many smiles, so much love. He got up and said, "Realise this Knowledge, and I hope we can meet again soon," they all got up and left. We all queued for ice cream prashad, danced and sang Arti.

In all, Maharaj Ji stayed for five days, resting after India. We wanted him to come to the ashram, but he didn't, one of the reasons being it was about a ninety minute drive. But just to know he was in Japan was so wonderful.