GURU MAHARAJ JI'S SATSANG at the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida on November 7, 1975

Well, dear premies,

I guess here we go again! Another one of those festivals. It's really, really beautiful. I haven't had very many programs in America this last year, so this is an opportunity for all the premies to come together and for something so incredible, something so fantastic to take place. As a matter of fact, we all experience it simultaneously.

We know that in this world there is something very powerful, something very incredible, something so omnipotent that man, though he has tried so many times, hasn't been able to just pull up his guts and really try to understand what it is. Every time he came face to face with it, where there were not very many options left, he just pulled away from it. He has pulled away from it again and again and again and again and again. But now, by the Grace of our Lord, we have all realised something. So it's so beautiful that we


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji giving 'Holy Breath'

The Golden Age


Like I was saying in Australia, we call them 'Hans Jayanti', and we call them 'Guru Puja', we call them different programs, but really they all mean one thing and that is all the devotees, all the premies, all the people who have realised this Knowledge, coming together and listening to the satsang which is company of Truth, which is the realisation that we have experienced within inside of us. Talking about that realisation is why we all come together.

Now, there is a lot more to it than that. Because we do come, and we sit and listen to satsang, but that experience goes way beyond that. Every time, it gets more and more beautiful. There is no limit to it, because it reaches beyond time, it reaches beyond space, it reaches beyond any limitation. And once we enter such a state … now, we can't call it a 'coma' because we are all alive and really enjoying something which is true, something that we can really experience. And we can't call it 'fake' because we are experiencing something. We know within inside of us that it is nothing but the Truth itself, that we have been trying to know and trying to realise.

As I was saying before, it gets more beautiful every time. When we take our car back to where we are living, to the Residence, we always say, "Wow! How fantastic that program was," "How beautiful that program was," "How great the program was." Not only do premies feel, but we feel that Grace, that power, just lighting up our hearts, our souls.

It's so beautiful because we have waited for such a long time for this to happen.

We have waited for years; we have waited for centuries. Who knows how many people there are right now who have reincarnated into this world for the very purpose of realising this Knowledge? And who knows why the Lord has to come into the darkest of all times? But something sure happens. And the Lord comes, and we realise the Knowledge. We feel that experience and we realise that experience. Premies, this is what all our festivals are all about.

Many years ago Shri Maharaj Ji was going around on foot doing programs. I don't know if he really ever sat down and imagined that at one point, at one time, there is going to be in 1975, on the ninth of November, a festival where all these premies, not only from America, not only from England, but from all over the world, will come to one point, to one stage, to one place, and experience that same bliss and tranquillity. I don't know if he ever sat down and imagined that. But I am pretty sure he did. Because, here we are, and we are feeling something - something so bright, something so beautiful, something so flowing within inside of us all.

You know, in this world there is a point, and we are all on the verge of this point. Nobody can turn around and say, "Oh forget it man, I don't need peace. We have done without peace for such a long time, we don't need it now." A man might be the greatest liar in the world, and he might be able to do that, but then when he goes back and his conscience really faces him, when it comes down to facts, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it's very hard for him to say, "Come on man, I can do without peace." That is not true you see.

In this world, we know that everything is happening which is just nuts! I mean, I have watched television, and there is one thing on the news: how crazy things are going. Not how great things are going, but how crazy things are going, how crazy things are happening. Everybody is just doing whatever they want to do, into their own trip. It's like having a chariot with loose horses on it. One horse shoots off to the right, and one to the left, they are all over the place, and what do you end up with? A chariot that doesn't go anywhere. And now we are at that point.

Before, we could say, "Wait a minute. We are moving. You just wait. You just see, we'll get moving in a minute." This is what everybody is telling himself, "You just wait; you just see. This is not going to fail. I got five horses out there, and they are not just going to stand there. They are going to move!" Then you wait, you go and pull on the reins, but all the horses do is get up on their hind legs and scream. And you get really mad.

While all this is happening, you don't turn around and face the guy who asks you, "Do you really think this chariot is going to move?" You don't even face him, because you just can't. You take your whip, which is your final answer, and you whip and whip that horse as hard as you can. You have got a big whip and you whip all the horses at one time. And you know what happens? Something moves, but it isn't the chariot. It's just the horses taking off in different directions. They break loose of their reins, and they go off all over the place. And you are left, still standing on the chariot. Premies, this has happened.

You know, I remember, I came to America and to England, and the first time I came it was very, very hard for me to communicate with people. It was a little bit different than it is now. Now we have initiators and there are a lot more premies who have raised that consciousness, and go and talk to people and people do understand what we are talking about. When I came, it was quite different. It was very hard to convince people, to really make people understand that this is not going to work. Not that I am taking a chance, or not that you are taking a chance, but you know it and I know it, it's not gonna work. So why waste our time? Let's get on our way. We know this chariot is not going to work this way.

People said, "That Guru is crazy. He calls himself 'God'. He calls himself this and he calls himself that." At one point, I came to people with an approach to this Knowledge, to make people understand that what they need in this world is Knowledge, and what I ended up as was a hood ornament for the Rolls Royce. Instead of the angel, it was me on the hood ornament of the Rolls. That's how I was represented.

But today, how come it's so different? The reason is because man just can't face himself. After he says, "We don't need peace," he goes down into his


No. 27, March 1976


room, sits back and says, "I never needed that peace anyway." But no, he needs it. And he needs it now, He needs it today. Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976

People used to come to me and ask, "How are you going to solve the problem of poverty?" I used to sit back and say, "I'll give them Knowledge."

They would turn around and laugh.

They'd say, "This guy has got to be crazy. They need food, and he is going give them Knowledge."

You see, there are two ways to approach a thing. If you have a camera that does not work, one way to fix it is to take a screwdriver and open it up very gently where you suspect the problem is, or take it to an engineer, and he does the same thing. Or the other way to fix the camera is, you take it in your hand, find a really hard surface, and throw the camera on that hard surface with all the might you have got so it splits up every piece that it's got in it. Then look at it and say, "This is the wrong piece." That's one way to do it. But that's not going to get you anywhere. And the reason for that is because that camera is not good now anyway.

But there is a correct approach. People thought I was crazy; well, maybe people still think I am crazy. And maybe I am crazy, who knows? But I know one thing for sure, and that is that this Knowledge is the answer to this world. I am not like a politician; that's not my field. And I am not talking like a doctor; that's not my field. I am not talking as a psychiatrist; that's not my field. I am talking to you as one person who has realised something to another person whom I think also needs that realisation that I have realised. That is the very reason why I am talking.

As I was saying before, how would I solve the problem by giving Knowledge? A lot of people used to come to Shri Maharaj Ji, my father, and ask him the same question. "What are you going to do about inflation?" "What are you going to do about all these poor, hungry beggars … and thirsty people, and hungry people?" He used to say, "Listen. I can give a pair of clothes, a nice big lunch, a gallon of water, and provide a shelter for one person for one day. Now, tomorrow he is going to be hungry again. Doesn't matter how much you can eat the first day, that doesn't mean that you are not going to get hungry after a week. You can't just turn around to yourself and say, 'Listen. I just ate a whole big meal. I ate about five things, so I don't need food for five days.' No. It doesn't work that way. And you can't turn around to yourself and say, 'I drank a gallon of water. I don't need to go around and drink water for a long time.' Maybe not at that time you don't, but later on, yes you will."

And he said, "I can provide water, and I can provide food for that person, but he is going to be hungry and thirsty again tomorrow. He will need that requirement again tomorrow. And I can provide him with his clothes, the best available. But one day they are going to be no good, and he'll need them again. That is one


The Golden Age


person. Multiply that case by a quarter of the population, or half of the population of the world. How much does it come out to? Does that even seem logical? Is that the problem of this world? No. That's not where it starts." That is like taking the camera and throwing it on the hardest surface, as hard as possible so that it cracks open, in order to find out what the problem is. But that is no good. No. You have to find out where the problem starts.

Every problem that man faces today is because of his mind, because of his concepts. He builds it himself, nobody asks him to. Maybe sometimes he is lured into it, tricked into it, but there he is, with a mighty problem. Really, this problem is a very small problem, but the symptoms are just enormous, simply enormous.

So we look for a solution, and I don't know why it's man's nature, but sometimes we are looking for something, we open up the cabinet, the thing is sitting there right in front of our eyes, yet we shut the cabinet and keep on looking for it. The thing we were trying to find was in the first place we went, we opened up the cabinet, and it was sitting there, but we closed it. Then we ask somebody, "Hey, can you help me find that article?" "Can you help me find my watch?" The guy opens up the cabinet that you just opened two minutes ago, and pulls your watch out of there. And you say, "If it was a snake it would have bit me."

I mean, that is the problem. It's so minor. It is really nothing to be worried about if we have trust and faith in somebody who is going to come and save us through the means of this Knowledge that we have received. And for people who have not got this Knowledge, I hope that one day by the Grace you will receive it.

You see, talking is a totally different ball game than really experiencing that Knowledge. You can go to a small village in Switzerland, and a boy will come running up to you, and you try to explain to him what Disney World is, or what a roller coaster is. I mean, you know what it'll involve. You will be sitting there for hours say, "It's a thing, and it goes on rails, and all of a sudden it goes slow, and it goes slow and it goes slow and goes slow, and then all of a sudden it dives down and, you know, you get tickled in your stomach." The kid just listens to you and listens to you, and listens to you and listens to you … it's like explaining the flavour of sugar. So simple, but try to explain it, try to make somebody who has never in his life eaten sugar before understand what sugar tastes like. You will never be able to do it. You'll say, "Well, it's sort of sweet." "What's sort of sweet?" "The sugar is sort of sweet." But the guy has never tasted sweet.

So you can go on and on in your explanations, but then, premies, there comes the final point. But still, the problem is very small. This is the reason why we go screaming out into this world and telling people that there is a solution! This can be dealt with. There is no problem.

History is like a pendulum. Every time the Perfect Master has come into this world, this is what he has explained to people: "I have come to save you." What does it mean? "I have come to save you." It means that we are not saved. That's how simple it is. Otherwise, he wouldn't come to this earth and say, "I have come to save you." We are always in trouble, and that is why the Perfect Master comes - to save us, to help us out of that trouble, out of that misery that exists within inside of us. The problem is very simple. Yet nobody could understand what Jesus was really doing to people that was making them so happy. Nobody could really understand.

Let me give you this example. People who know about Krishna might understand it, and people who don't know, well they won't. But I don't think I have enough time to go into the whole Bhagavad Gita right now - nor in the remaining two days. But, it's like, there was a battle arranged. There were so many soldiers and so many kings who were involved in this battle. At one point Krishna said to Arjun, who was very, very fine soldier, "Listen. You go and fight. I am going to be your chariot eer. I am going to be driving your chariot around, and you fight."

So Arjun goes into the middle of the battlefield, and he sees his enemies. But in those enemies, he sees his teachers, he sees his friends, he sees his uncle; he sees all these people that he loved. So he takes his arms, and he surrenders them. He says, "I am not going to fight."

At that time, Krishna did something to him. What he did was make Arjun realise who he was, so that he could identify himself from the rest of them all, and really see what needed to be one. That is why Krishna says, "The dead don't need to be killed. You won't be killing them." So premies, at that point, Krishna reveals this Knowledge.

You know, I was only in the sixth grade when I read the Bible. And it was a small Bible. It was about an inch by a inch. That's how small it was, and there were only two that came into the classroom. Actually, the whole thing was just St. John's chapter. That was it.

What the teacher said was, "Okay, we can't take these two books and divide them amongst all you kids, so whoever passes his terminal exams can have one of those Bibles as an award." I tried hard and I got one of those Bibles. I took it, and I opened up the first page. It said, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

That really fascinated me at that time The reason was because Krishna talked about a Word, Mohammed talked about a Word, and this was the first chance, the first opportunity I had ever had to really open up a Bible and really see it and read it, and it said, "In the beginning was the Word." It really fascinated me that every Perfect Master did come down into this world, and did give one Knowledge. He spread one Knowledge he gave that one peace to this whole world.


No. 27, March 1976

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 1976 Premies, I would like to welcome you here. This is not my place, but this is all our place, because we all have come for this very purpose, to listen to satsang, to have a nice time. And what I mean by "real nice time" is a little bit more than drinking Pepsi-cola and going around and seeing Disney World. It's to have something real nice - nicer than nice. No words can really explain that experience that we can have between us.

So I hope you enjoy yourselves. There is going to be a public program the day after tomorrow, and another premie program just like tonight in the evening. So that day there are going to be two programs. One is going to be for the public and everybody is invited. The other is going to be for premies again.

You know, the funny thing is, every time we have satsang programs, nobody writes a speech for me; I don't sit down and learn it like a parrot, or sit on a stand and reads it. It's what comes inside; it's what flows outside. And just before the satsang program I had so much to talk about; I wanted to say so much. It's incredible. But then there is a time when lam actually on the stage, and there is hardly anything to say. We all know that what you have experienced is what I have experienced; that experience within inside all of us. So when we are talking about something infinite, there is only one thing to do: sit back and experience it, really realise it and really understand it. There are no words that can really explain what that thing is that we have realised which we call "Knowledge."

There is so much to say, but then there is nothing to say. Because, what can you say? We have just come out of a point where we have crossed all limitations, and sound and speech is a limit that we have in communication. Communication itself is a limit. And we have reached a point where none of any of those things is necessary. Because it is an inner experience, not an outer experience. Though it's really far-out. But, it's an inner experience that we all realise and that we all understand.

So premies, now you are going to have a song, and then Marolyn is going to give you satsang. And, don't bother. We've still got two nights going for us.

(Someone in the audience says, "We love you Guru Maharaj Ji!") I love you too. Just understand what we are trying to say. Thank you very much.

Here we are, and we
are feeling something -
something so bright,
something so beautiful;
something so flowing,
within inside of us all.