The Golden Age


Durga Ji's (Marolyn Rawat)  Speech 14 January 1976 Durga Ji's satsang to the premies in Lima, Peru on 14 January, 1976.

When I walked in here, it was so beautiful. Yet today we took a little drive in Lima, and it was very depressing. I saw so many people in this city, and I thought, "What is the aim of their life?" So many people are running and running and running, just doing things, and there's so much poverty. I don't even really know how to describe it. It just was very depressing. I looked all around me and wondered, "What do they think life is all about?" And yet I walk in here and know that we really have something to smile about, we really have something to be happy about. We've been shown something that's really so beautiful, that makes this life really meaningful.

Everyone has an idea that this life is precious. Even though they may be very poor or they don't understand why they're here, they still have a feeling that this life is precious. People don't just go out and kill themselves. If they have any kind of sanity, they don't destroy their life, they want to keep surviving. Man struggles and struggles and struggles to keep surviving. When I was in the city today, I saw this human race, I saw man struggling to keep going, but he doesn't really understand why he's even here. Premies are so fortunate. Fortunate isn't even the word, and lucky isn't the word. We're really graced. We have that secret. We've been shown that secret of all secrets -- why we're even in this world.

It's so beautiful because today I realised so much that Guru Maharaj Ji saved me, the day I received Knowledge. But, it's not like it stops at that. Guru Maharaj Ji saves us every day, every hour, every minute. He's always saving us, and he always will save us. There's just no words to express it when we understand that Maharaj Ji is saving us all the time. And we always have to understand that, because we need that understanding: we need to really understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is doing for us in this world.

The most depressing thing for me to imagine is life without this Knowledge. I looked at those people and thought, "Maybe they don't know what they're missing." If you don't know what you're missing, maybe it's not so bad. I don't know. But all I know is that I can't even imagine my life now without Knowledge. It's just everything. The same way, even though we have Knowledge, we still have to keep being strong. We can't ever leave this path. It's just as bad to have this Knowledge and not practise it. That's even worse than not to have it at all, because then we know that there's something beautiful. So if we throw it away, that's the very worst thing we could do.

So while we have this Knowledge, the most important thing to do is to realise how beautiful it is, to realise it, and just keep realising it and realising it. It's so beautiful, premies, because that's the perfection of this Knowledge. The more we realise it, the more beautiful it becomes, and it doesn't stop getting more beautiful. I feel like, "Oh it just couldn't get any better. It's just so perfect." And yet every day Maharaj Ji showers us with so much more grace., and so much love, and takes this heart of ours and lets it really experience that love. That's what this heart really needs to experience, because that's why we're here in these bodies. Now that we've received this Knowledge we know that. It's just so simple and so clear what our purpose is, especially when we see the contrast.

Maharaj Ji's grace never ends; it is the ocean of mercy. But we say, "Oh Maharaj Ji, I love you so much, I love you so much. Please let me do anything for you. Please just let me serve you," and then we turn around and we do something so, so dumb, so silly. Then we say, "Wow. Here I thought I really loved Maharaj Ji and I just did something so, so stupid." But Maharaj Ji always lets us come back to him if we just turn around and walk to him.

So we always have to keep our concentration in that direction. It's a circular thing. If you're in the centre, you're kept in the centre. The force keeps you right there. But if you start veering out, you go further and further and further. So what we have to do, premies, is really, really make that effort, really try very hard to keep centred. Because now that we've experienced it, we know that there is nowhere else to go. This perfection doesn't stop. It keeps on getting more beautiful, and that's why it's perfect. If you just try to imagine why Knowledge is so perfect, you realise that you can't put it in a box and say, "These are the reasons why Knowledge is perfect." It just is perfect, in every single way. The meditation is perfect, and satsang is so perfect because we can share this with each other. We tie ourselves to each other and we tie ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji when we have satsang. And when we meditate, we're really tying ourselves so close to Guru Maharaj Ji. Then when we do service with each other, when we do service for each other, we're tying ourselves again to Maharaj Ji's feet. It's just so perfect. The four techniques of Knowledge are completely perfect, too. We have to keep practising and practising them. Then it becomes more flowing, more beautiful all the time. It becomes so natural. This is really the most natural and beautiful thing for a human being to be doing.

So now, premies, I know you've waited a long time for this moment, for Maharaj Ji to give you his satsang. I hope all of you listen very, very carefully. I listen to Maharaj Ji's satsang at the programs and then maybe a month later I'll read it in And It Is Divine or I'll read it in a transcript, and say, "Oh my gosh! Is that what Maharaj Ji was saying?" Then, three months later, I'll read the same satsang and say, "Wow. I didn't get that." Then I'll read it again a year later, and it's always relevant. That's the beauty of satsang. It's always perfect for us. So we should really try to understand as much as we can of what Maharaj Ji is saying. It takes our undivided attention.

I just wanted to say it's really wonderful being here. It's wonderful to be gathered with a group of Maharaj Ji's premies. The vibration, by his grace, is so light, and there is so much love. It's such a difference from being in a heavy, dark city with people into their minds, and into so many crazy, crazy things. So thank you very much.