The Golden Age


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and his wife Marolyn formerly known as Durga Ji in Indianapolis 3 July, 1976 MAHARAJ JI

Guru Maharaj Ji has returned to his home in Malibu, California. The conferences begun in Denver with the directors of the Mission are continuing at Malibu.


Australian Community Directors will spend the last week in August in Sydney, meeting with the National staff and each other. Although there are some obvious points for discussion - such as the South Pacific Convention and community development - the week has not been planned out in a structured way. The main aim of the conference is simply to bring everyone together so that they can share their understanding and perspectives.


Diane Black and Graham Davies Golden Age layout artist Tony Lunn recently received this letter from Graham Davies and Diane (Dizzy) Black, two Sydney premies travelling overseas.

Well Kids, we've made it to the UK AOK! Received your lovely letter some time ago in Denver and were completely stoked!!

Travelling is tough. Or so we've found. More and more Dizzy and I are learning, we have really become so aware of this world and the craziness that seems to motivate it. More and more it forces us inside to connect with the only thing that is real, that is always there completely dependable, a connection that will never break, a solid base to build your life upon. It's totally amazing how lost this world is. We've been completely shocked at many things, and often said, "Lets pack it in and get on home." Our minds saying, "Oh it'll be okay when we get to Denver," or when we get to Jamaica, London, Europe, (Australia?) We learn every time that no place is gonna be okay unless you're coming from that place.

Premies are "spaced out" all over this globe. I mean everywhere we've been.

So we'd say, "Oh it'll be great when we get to Jamaica, the premies will be cool and …" But man, everywhere people are asleep!! When the golden opportunity arises and I get a chance to give satsang I pray to Maharaj Ji to give me the words to shake them, to wake them just enough. It's like they're just into a trip, like Guru Maharaj Ji said in Denver, going to satsang, doing service and sitting not meditating. It's just become a ritual. But I spoke to David Lovejoy on the phone last week and the vibe is out that it's up to us all individually, not as a club or a "get it together" trip. Each person who wants to save this dying planet has got to get off his bum, stop saying, "Oh Maharaj Ji will work it out," and do it. As David put it, "The salvation army aren't bringing peace to the world, the Seventh Day Adventists aren't doing it, Jehovah's Witnessess aren't doing it and Divine Light Mission isn't doing it either, so who the hell is?" And we know that only we can.

London is very expensive and our money is running out fast so we'll be home before you can say, "Oh they're home." But really home is where the heart is and the heart is inside and that's the only place that doesn't disappoint you. It may sound as if we haven't been enjoying ourselves but we have - Maharaj Ji is really looking after us so much and everything is okay. We are in good health and love you all. So book us into the festival because we'll be home by then. Give our love to all and don't forget to remember!

(David Lovejoy is National Director of the Mission in England.)