The Golden Age

The Subject Is Love

Guru Maharaj Ji speaking in Denver, Colorado on 20 February 1977.

Dear premies, The reason, and the only reason, why we have all come together here tonight is because of love, because we have understood a little bit more about love than what we really experience from day to day basis. It's almost like - this is a pretty big program and there's so much that can be said, there's so much that I can experience and there is so much that I can talk about - but I think that I'll stick to the subject. And tonight it just happens to be love.

You see, everything in this world comes and goes: I've experienced a lot of it. One thing that stabilises in our lives is true love, is sincere love, and by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, and by the grace of this Knowledge bringing us together, we can really in our lives experience that love. The love that I talk about is not the love that we experience physically, but the love that we experience as who we are despite what our name is.

Like in Frankfurt, after that conference that satsang that I was giving about Hans - we call him Hansia - and it was like he came into this world and he wasn't named. Did he not then in fact exist? Was his existence in this world gone? No. He was there; he was kicking - he was smiling and crying and everything else - he was there, but he did not have any name. We today have gotten around so much that we associate ourselves by calling ourselves individual names. Just like the difference between Hindi and English, or Italian and Hindi, or Greek and English: it's code. We express ourselves a certain way and two people can understand that code. It's just like a Morse Code almost. Well, there is a language that we particularly speak, and then there is a Morse Code.

And here we are, and we all have indulged into this one experience of our life. We come into this world first as nothing; before you know, we're playing on streets - going around kicking footballs and so on and so forth, and it starts happening to our lives, and slowly we are called from a baby - a little boy or a little girl - into a particular name that is given to us, that is appointed to us, and before long that's what we become. Association is not with what is Prem Pal Singh Rawat, association is with who is Prem Pal Singh Rawat. That is a good question, because I ask myself that question quite a lot of times, well, what is Prem Pal Singh Rawat? Who is Prem Pal Singh Rawat? All right - there is a body in this world, and there is a name that has been appointed to this body in this world, but is that it? Is that the goal of my life? Is that it - to make Prem Pal Singh Rawat the most successful thing that ever existed - or is it something beyond it? And just trying to notice the experience of Hans, of Hansia - it was incredible, because there he was - what was his, in fact, what was his association?

And premies, we have all come here. We have different attitudes, we have different understandings, but the one most important thing that is in our lives, is what we have to understand. Our life is not a joke. Why we are here is not a joke. Otherwise that Creator would have demolished this world a long time ago. There is a particular purpose. Like I was saying in satsang last night, this world was not made for problems - that's why there are no solutions. We go on and on and on and on - period. Today, okay, we are in 1977 February. What was 1976 like? Was not President Ford speaking about problems? And when the election time came near were not both the candidates - Jimmy Carter and President Ford - speaking about problems, talking about problems? Yes. This problem and that problem. All right. So we happen to be there, and we look at these problems. And go back a little bit: haven't these problems persisted for even a long period of time with our ancestors? Hasn't that same problem that we experience now- hasn't that problem existed with our ancestors? Yes, of course it has.

Now, what makes us so special? What makes us premies? You know what the meaning of premies is: the lovers. What makes us the lovers? In this world there can be a physical association, and that's what we call love these days: a physical association. Physical association is not a love, because that association that we have physically has a beginning and an ending. True love does not have a beginning and does not have an end. If our love - in any way - has a beginning and an ending, then it is not true love. It is a love in that we have named it love, an association. It's like naming somebody almighty, all powerful G-O-D. And reverse it - what happens? We just name something at random. Somebody stands by this beautiful valley and says "All right, I'm gonna name it Himalayas" - and so it is, and the association begins.

Why we are all connected - what connects us all together here is because in our lives we have to understand a little bit more than just any other association. We have to understand, recognise and experience that association with that infinite being, that infinite thing which exists in all of our hearts - and maybe people call it hearts - I will say: within us. All right? That is the association that we want, because that association is never ending. You come to me - I come to you: what is the reason? Well, there's a reason; simply what is the reason? And anybody, any premie, would get up and say, "Well, because you are Guru Maharaj Ji and we are the premies, and Guru Maharaj Ji needs premies and premies need Guru Maharaj Ji." All right, dandy, great - but what makes you premies and what makes me Guru Maharaj Ji? That Knowledge, that experience makes you premies and makes me Guru Maharaj Ji,

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

because I impart that Knowledge to you and you experience that Knowledge. And today, my role in this world is to do, to impart that experience which I have imparted to you to everybody else who exists in this world. This is why I feel I am here - and there's no other purpose. Yes, of course, I go to sleep and I get up in the morning, but there's a little bit more than that. Why I go to sleep and why I get up has to do with the experience of Knowledge, imparting it to every individual in this world.

So premies, this is an opportunity for us, this is really a chance for us, that we can experience that real truth, that real love, and that real beauty within inside of us. You know, to a lot of people - it's like that example that I gave in Millennium about that Superman comic and that little kid. Here is this guy who goes around looking for Superman comics, and he goes through this whole town, through every book shop - even shops that are maybe not related to it, trying to find a Superman comic. And he doesn't find it. And therefore, he gets frustrated, and says, "Well where is that? What's happening? How come these people just don't have Superman comics?" And after a little while here is this knock, knock, knock on his door, and he opens the door up, and there's this little, bitty kid with this bundle, and he says, "Do you want Superman comics?" And that's like the biggest blow to that guy, it's like the biggest blow to his ego, like - "Wait a minute." All of a sudden it just like it all happens to him, like "Wait a minute, I've been trying to go to every street, every shop, every place to find a Superman comic, and here comes this little bitty kid, says, 'Do you want Superman comics?' " And the guy says, "Forget it; I know you don't have any Superman comics" - and slams the door shut. And he knocks again and again and again, the guy opens the door - and he says, "Well, if you want 'em, I have 'em." What happens at first? There's a disbelief, there's a dis-faith, there's a distrust that happens initially in that person, within that person. He doesn't understand, he doesn't believe, he cannot believe. Why can he not believe? What is the reason why he says, "You don't have any Superman comics: it's impossible"?

When we get a present - you know, this big, huge box - and this is the thing we have been looking for, right? Like maybe it's a stroller or it's a camera or it's a suit - and we've been looking for it and we've been wanting it and so on and so forth, and somebody all of a sudden jumps out and gives it to us, and first - what is the reaction of people? It's like "Oh no." Just "Oh no, I can't believe it - oh no." What for? It's right there. What's no about it? But that is the association that we have.

What is the purpose of Guru Maharaj Ji? We have gotten so indulged in day-to-day basis. What I am trying to say to you - it's like, don't hate your husband, that's not the point. And don't hate your kids - that's not the point. Who you are, there is something deeper within inside of you that's got nothing to do with your husband and it's got nothing to do with your kids, because you are as individual, as individual as the flowers grown from the same stem, as individual as the thorn in the rose stem. Lot of them, yes - but every one of them is particularly different. And premies, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, by the grace of this Knowledge we can really come forth and really try to understand this Knowledge.

You know, it reminds me of that little story of the little angel. There is this angel, you know, and he's like sort of almost naughty, he goes around and he's dirty in his appearance and all these things. He just like tumbles over the clouds, can't really fly, his halo is dirty - and so on and so forth - but really, what are his intentions? Where is he at? Well, what's the whole story about? The story is not about an angel, the story is about the intention, the dedication of that angel. What he brought forth was not greater or not as beautiful as the presents that had been given by all of the other angels. His present was this little box that he always loved - just this little, ugly little old box that he always loved, and when it came time for everybody to present his gift, he presented this little box, and it was his offering, it was his gift to the Lord. And so, is that the reason why Lord accepted it, because it was a dirty old little box, or was the reason that the angel didn't have clean halos on top of him, or because he tumbled over the cloud every time? No, the story clearly states itself: it was his intention, he put his everything into giving that box.

Now, of course it's a fiction story, it's not real, but then what's the difference between watching that movie and just opening your eyes out of the window? Here are - you see all these people driving around. Here are all these people who get into a wreck. You turn on your television - this is happening, that is happening and everything is happening in the world except people trying to realise the real motion, trying to really understand what is the purpose of their lives. And that story has an aim to it, has a goal to it, has a moral to it, has a definite reason when it all fits together. But nevertheless, does our life - the same thing - really, have we found our focus? Have we really found our goal, have we really found the purpose why we have to be in this world? We call that one story fiction because it is an imaginary story, because there happens to be somebody who gets into it and he writes this story about a little angel, and we say "Well forget about it," - you know - "that's just so…" we don't care about it. How many people really think of that story at random? Not very many, but what about our lives? What about ourselves? You know?

It's like to me, every one of us is an angel. Why? Because this body that we have been provided and this heaven that we have been provided on this earth has to be a gift, and it is a gift. And the capabilities we have, and we have gotten just like this little naughty little angel. We just don't hit it right. Every time it happens we tumble over or something happens in our life and we just tumble and tumble and tumble - day to day problems. How many people are there really in this world - and you can experience it for yourself - that get up every morning and face problems after problems after problems - and that's all they're concerned about? Well what is the reason why we have got this life for? And this is what we have to understand, and by grace, by that love - there has to be a love. Why does an apple grow? Besides the fact an apple fell on the head, and all of a sudden the guy goes, "All right, there's gotta be something to do with a force field that exists in the earth, a gravity." Besides at that point, that an apple fell on his head - why was the apple created? Why were we created, why were we brought into this life, why was this existence given to us? That's the important question.

And premies, this Knowledge, satsang, service and meditation can really bring us to that point where we can understand. The question that is in front of us now, that we individually have to face - all right, here is this Guru Maharaj Ji who comes and all right, Knowledge session is fantastic, Knowledge seminars


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji are fantastic, darshan program is fantastic - but when it comes down to satsang, service and meditation, where'd all that fantastic-ness go? Where does it all disappear? Where is our effort? Where is that chance that we provide ourself to really do satsang, service and meditation in our lives? How do we value? All right here we are, plugged into our life - there's my car, there's my kid, there's my wife, there's my house - so on and so forth. All right, great, that's fine. What about yourself? What about you as individuals? You are individuals; every one of you is individual, you know. A lot of people say, "Well, maybe two of us can come together and experience Knowledge more." All I can tell you is I don't buy that rap, because you're both - two people can come together: that's great, but they're still individuals. They're two batteries: you can put them together, you have to hook them in line to get juice out of both batteries, but they're still as individual as anything else. Premies, what about satsang, service and meditation? What about that dedication to Guru Maharaj Ji, where does that begin and where does that end in our lives? You know, it sounds kind of odd, it sounds kind of strange to say that we are all missionaries, because missionaries are these people who go out and get into all this stuff and end up building a church by their own hands and so on and so forth. And we have an example here, Arthur - initiator Arthur. One time he went to this country, Morocco, and two of the kids of the religious representative for the whole country had received Knowledge, so they went out and sincerely gave their father some satsang. "Oh yeah," you know, "There is this Knowledge and you can realise it and get liberation in this life," - and he freaked out. And so Arthur barely got out of the country nice and safe. Does that make him a missionary, does he qualify for one? How about some place where he wasn't understood? How about some place where people didn't really recognise what he was doing and arrested him, just like that? Then does he qualify for missionary? And we might be thinking about, "Oh well, yeah, of course he would, because he went through all this hassle and still tried to go on and on." But turn that story around a little bit. Aren't we all missionaries? Don't we have a mission in this earth to accomplish? Do we not have to go on and on and on and on in our lifetime to accomplish that mission? Does that not make us missionaries into this world? Yes, of course it does. Why? Because there is a mission that we have to accomplish. Like I said in the satsang: this world was not made for problems, that's why there is no solution, but this world was made for a reason and that is why there is a reason for all of us to be here, to be experiencing something, and this is what we have to understand. What is that reason, why are we all here? And premies, through satsang, service and meditation we can really understand that, we really can recognise that.


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji You know, back in Malibu I have been making initiators, and what I call them is loony tunes. All these guys come out and we all sit down and we start having satsang, and I say, "Have you got any questions?" - and this has happened repeatedly with every group that has come there, and you can of course ask them if you want to - but first thing, I come there and say, "Do you have any questions?" and they all just sit there, like frozen. And then I start giving them satsang and all of a sudden they have got so many questions you can't even handle them at one time. But like, just being there and really going through Knowledge reviews, you know, really trying to explain everything that is there, everything that exists, just trying to explain to them what is the reason for this life, what is the meaning of this life, why is this life for, why does this life begin, why does this life - how come it's all such a drama.

You know, we can look at it that way. We come into this world, we are born, right? And if we are lucky we might be born at home where we don't have to sit through a week's period of sitting in some crib where all these other kids are crying and they don't know who their parents are, nobody knows who their parents are - they don't know where they are, they're just screaming and yelling and so on and so forth. And then here comes our mama along and picks us up and okay, that's where the whole story begins, and it goes on and on and on and on, right? All of a sudden all that disappears, and we move into the next phase where we try to realise thing: on our own. All right, and what people call us is teenagers. Now he's a teenager, he's exploring everything, so on and so - we're going to get into that, we try to explore things. All right - what is this all about, what is that all about? Then we go from there on, we get into our twenties, and then we become men. All psychological effects; it's all psychological effect.

To me, Hansia is more harmonious, has more harmony than all of these intellectual people do in this whole world. I know what happens: they come together and they cannot agree on one point; they have to vote, they have to argue, they have to question, because nobody knows where they're going. So you can say, "Well, turn right, make a left," - and that's it. To them, there is no difference between making a left and making a right - it's all the same, because they really don't know where their destination is, and this is what we have to understand: where is our destination. And then, slowly coming down from that point, we have been provided a method to know our destination, and why? Well, you look around, that's the only reason.

You know, when I was in school I was really, I was really into my studies. I would get first grade, you know, every time, every subject. It was really dandy, it was really fantastic. And even at fourth grade, when Shri Maharaj Ji left his body, I had jaundice


No. 37, April 1977

and everything, and all I attended of the fourth grade was six months and I got second in the class, and it was such an outrageous thing. But it started to deteriorate from there on, and there was a very logical reason - to me there was a logical reason. To a lot of other people, they say, "Well, confused kid" - or something like that. But to me it was like - all right, here I am, for 45 minutes in my class I began with moral studies, they teach me ABC - we had a book, it was called "ABC of Morals" - and you had to study this book. Then it went on to maybe the English lesson, and then we went on and on and on and on - and during one period in the week we went on and we did woodwork. We'd go into this place and chop wood and take a planer and so on and so forth. One day I forgot my whole compass kit and everything to mark off all the wood and stuff and the teacher said, "Well, how come you didn't bring all this stuff?" and so on and so forth, and I said "Listen, I study in this school, and it's one of the most expensive schools in Dehra Dun. You really think I come here, you really think my parents send me here so when I grow up I'll be chopping some wood or something?" And it was like, you know, wow - this kid's got his trip straightened up or something. I told him straight to his face, like I don't come here to study woodwork. And then it's just like, that wasn't exactly the point that triggered it all off, but to me, everything was like all right, it's a big game, it's a big play. We all get into this and we all get into that and then what is it really going to do? Imagine this: we have so many periods in our classes. We learn Hindi, we learn Sanskrit, we learn English, we learn geography, we learn history and so on and so forth. If you really get good into geography, either you can be a geologist or you can be a historian or you can become professor in English.

There's just one thing, but we are taught everything, we're programmed. When we go into school - this is a simple question, and I have this question myself - when we go into schools, teacher gets up and says "Two plus two equals four." What do we do? Eat it! All right, two plus two - from then on in - becomes four. Doesn't matter what happens, this world can alter, everything can happen, God can manifest himself, but two plus two is equal to four. Right? Why? Because somebody was sitting there and said this is one and this is two, this is three and this is four. My little finger is one, other one is two, other one is three and other one is four. That's it. Do you know why two and two is four? Good question. Why? Because it's added. Another question goes: why is one, why is two - why does two exist? Why does the value of zero - which means nothing - added to anything after a letter, after a numeral - mean so much more? Four, add a zero, forty; another one, four hundred; and another one, four thousand; add another one, forty thousand. What does zero mean in fact? Nothing. Well, the point is, this is the way we go. In our lifetimes, here we are - and it's not like I'm trying to create a revolution against mathematics, I'm not. As a matter of fact, if I was going 55 and a cop pulled me over, said "You were going 55," I'd say "All right, I'm going 55." I'm not going to turn around to him and say "What do you think five five is? Are you adding it, subtracting it, multiplying it, or dividing it?" No, plain ol' five five - fifty-five.

So premies, this is the way we go on in our lives. This is an example I just gave you. Yeah, of course it's funny, it's funny for me, but does that prove you one thing: how aimless we are? How aimlessly we pursue our lives in this world? All right, somebody tells us in 2099 this happened. God got a headache and then he went out and sat down on some apple tree and apple fell on his head and boom, it all happened. All right, it happened. And that's, that's it. So the question is, is that the reason why we are born for? Where one blind person tries to guide another blind person in this world? Tell me something: when Jesus came into this earth, when Jesus was born, what was the logic, what was all that experience? He was a carpenter - did he teach people, did he actually preach people, did he actually get one day John in his shop, after giving him all this stuff, like "All right God is truth, and there's God, and in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God" - and then get him one day into his shop and say "All right, this is how you do it"? Is that it? No. He showed him something else that was above and beyond all human longings. And that is why still, people are not quite satisfied with all the translations they have of Bible. So they go along, a few years later they create another set of Bibles, saying this is the eighth edition, the ninth edition, this King's edition, that King's edition.

To me, Jesus came here to show one thing, and that was the purpose of our human life. Have we in fact understood that purpose of the human life? Have we? No. Because again, through satsang, service and meditation we can understand the purpose of this human life, and this is why Guru Maharaj Ji is here. This is why Knowledge is here. What is Knowledge? People say "What is Knowledge?" You know, when I had the conference with press reporters back in Houston at the time of Millennium, they said "Well, Guru, you want us to cooperate with you, but you don't cooperate with us, you don't tell us what the Knowledge is, so how can we cooperate with you?" And it was just like wait a minute, I just can't tell you what Knowledge is, but it's simple. What is Knowledge? Knowledge is a telescope. Through this telescope you can tap into the inner being of who really we are. We can motivate ourselves inside, we can really go deep inside and really experience what we really consist of, who we really are.

So premies, what it all boils down to is okay, you have got your lives to live on and on and on. Is that the reason why you should live? Ask yourself that. Or is there a purpose behind it? Is it just because apples grow on trees is why you should live? Because grapes grow on vines, that's why you should live? Because butterflies fly in the air, that's why you should live? Or is there in fact a greater, more deeper, more true purpose in your life, is why you should live? And this is what we have to all ask ourselves. And now is the time where we really have to make that true determination to understand that Knowledge is the purpose why we exist, to experience it, to believe it, to recognise it. That is the reason why we exist in this world, and this is what we have to understand.

Everything else in this world - you know, people might say "Well, no, maybe this isn't so bad, this is good to have or this is good to have." I have a lot of things that have been given by premies to me. I know - they're very expensive things, and when people see them, it's like wow! What is that? But to me, it's like that's not even a question, that's curiosity, that's ignorance of people - getting lost into other things. Those things just are not worth it. You know, maybe there are people who really in their lives work to get a Rolls Royce. All right, so I got a Cadillac, so I got a Rolls Royce, so I got this, I got that - and that's the satisfaction of my life. It's just like how they categorised all these cars. You know, it's like if you have a vinyl top then you're supposed to be married, if you have a Cadillac then - it's not like they did it the other way round.


The Golden Age

it's just like most of the people who have that kind of car, they found out that all right, people bought Cadillacs because they had hit the top of the line - that was it; they had made it where they wanted to. And Lincoln Continental was a mark of success - yes, you have already achieved that point a long time ago. Cadillac was you just made it there - and it just goes on, and to me, it's like wait a minute, what are these guys talking about? Is this why we are here? We get involved in our day-to-day lives, into day-to-day businesses - is this why we have come? Is this it? No. These are illusions of our mind and we get involved in it all.

All right - here's Michael Wood, and he takes pictures. That's the reason why he's come into this world - to take pictures? Well, we're no different than him, how come we all don't take pictures? How come we all don't have Eclairs and Lycroflexes to take pictures with? So obviously, that's not the reason. There are people who go selling cars. How come we all don't sell cars? That is just minor things along in our way, along in our path that we do to support this little tummy. But we don't even know why we support this little tummy for, and before we know, this tummy just grows big and big and big and we get involved in it so much that we don't even know where are are. And this is what we have to understand. Tell me - aren't we all involved in some kind of a physicai thing? All right, somebody's into this and somebody's into that. You really think that when Michael Wood splits this world - when he leaves his body - he's going to take an Eclair with him?

It was just like that one conference I was having, and this one director was asking me about all these different things - about his girlfriend and so on and so forth, and the only answer I could give was: today we are having special packages. We give you a nice coffin, a certified initiator for the services, flowers - and girlfriend comes standard. That's stupid; that's not the purpose of our life. Once we have understood the purpose of our fife, then anything can happen, but if we have not understood the purpose of our life, then nothing will happen to us. We are young, we are old - whatever there is in this world, what is our mission? We are all missionaries.

And so premies, this is not the last program; there's going to be a lot more programs, and maybe instant recalls, as this one was: just like that - all right let's go have a program. Well, there's a program. And one thing that can really make us share this program is if we open up. Open up to what? To the air outside? No. We have to open up to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because by opening up ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji, what follows Guru Maharaj Ji? Knowledge. But Guru Maharaj Ji's a physical focal point where we can really concentrate, where we can really focus, and through that - through Guru Maharaj Ji everything can manifest for us. And that is the only reason why even Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world. Knowledge is always there, but Guru Maharaj Ji comes for us, because he provides that focal point in our lives. That is something we can communicate with, that is something we can see, something we can perceive, something we can experience - and through that, Guru Maharaj Ji then weaves us into the experience of Knowledge - gently and slowly and beautifully - and then helps us. As by our ignorance we untie ourselves from that weaving, Guru Maharaj Ji sews us back again - if you surrender to him, if we really let ourselves go at his feet. This is not a a thing that has been from time immemorial there. There's been ignorance in people - just forget about it. All that is the ignorance of people, and people have always suffered that ignorance.

And here, all I want to tell you is, let us not be ignorant now, let us really get into it, because we're not getting into something horrible. We're not getting into something that's stupid. We are getting into something that's practical, that's now, and that's love. And let's really experience love. Let us really understand what that love is.

Look, twelve hours of the day - what do we pursue in our lives? Fake love, fake understanding. To people, having no problem is satisfaction, so they pursue that. Twelve hours of the day they sit down. It's so simple, you know. Premies say, "Well, I don't really experience Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji." All right - twenty-two hours of the day you let your horses run wild, all over the place, everywhere they can go - and for two last hours of your day you want to push some button and they'll all pull together, just like that, and boom! go like a firecracker. No. You know why no? Because our purpose is not to let our horses run wild all over the place. Our purpose is to really keep ourselves together into that process of Knowledge. All I can tell you, you know - yes, of course, I've told you a lot of times: do satsang, service and meditation.

And here we are - and there's so many premies sitting in this auditorium and they're all experiencing this thing differently. Some people are tired - to them, all right, Guru Maharaj Ji's giving satsang. Period. That's it. To some people, Guru Maharaj Ji's giving satsang and we are listening to it, period. What I talk about tonight is about your life, is why you're here. I'm not talking about a joke. Listen to me. Understand what I'm trying to tell you. These chances are never repeated. Don't think that your insurance company is also not only going to pay you your premium due, they're also going to bring you a next lifetime together. No, insurance companies just don't do that these days - and I don't think they ever have. They do not insure your next lifetime. This is your lifetime; you are present now. Believe it. Behold the experience of all the experiences. Behold the love of all the loves. Behold the true Knowledge which is within inside of you and experience it and let it flow.

Everything else can repeat itself except that experience of Knowledge, because it's a flowing river. We - remember this: Knowledge does not seek us, we seek Knowledge. Knowledge will not shut our doors to ourselves, we shut the doors to Knowledge. And ever in our lives, if we have ever experienced a second of Knowledge - let that seed grow; don't demolish it. That is the seed that is going to bring us - if you call it liberation then it's liberation, satisfaction of mind then it's satisfaction of mind, peace, peace - all right. You name it, and it's going to bring it to you. What I talk about, that light I talk about is not the light you see because you happen to be most fortunate to have two eyes. I'm talking about that light that even that blind person sees and experiences. I'm not talking about the music that your two ears experience, I'm talking about the music that even that person who does not hear, he listens to that music. I'm talking about something that's a little more beautiful, something a little more within inside of us, a little more subtle and a little more gracious than everything else that we do in our lifetime.

So premies, this is the time now. You can get confused - it's the simplest thing to do. To get confused is no problem, it doesn't take anything to get confused. So, you want to get confused, you're lazy. Remember, every question that exists in this world, the answer to that question tails it; the answer is right there. So, if you want to get confused, if you want to


No. 37, April 1977

get spaced out - that's nothing. If you want to crash, just let the wheel go, press your gas pedal as hard as you can and close your eyes, brace yourself. Takes nothing, but it's to keep the car on the road that takes a lot more.

So premies, it's an opportunity now. Open up to it, really understand what I am talking about. You know what I'm talking about? Is my experience of Knowledge. And because I love you, I want you to have that experience of Knowledge too. And that is the only thing why I am screaming for. Really. Because I love you and because you have come to me, I want you to have that experience of Knowledge - as great, as wonderful, as splendid as I have.

So, here we go. Satsang, service and meditation - open up yourselves, premies. Everything can happen in this whole world - everything. Everything goes on and on and on: confusion, the problems. You know, we're going to run out of fuel pretty soon - and that's that. And like I said before, maybe God miscalculated all the 21st century. He didn't exactly produce enough dinosaurs to give us oil out of - and all these things are just expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding, expanding - all these problems of this human race are going on and on and on. Diseases that we never heard of are common. Disasters that we didn't think of, our ancestors didn't even think of, are so frequent that we don't even know what happens with them. All the science, all the technology just gets spaced out at that time. All that just doesn't manifest for us. After all, what are we counting on? Do we really think that all this technology that we have in this world today can change the fate of mankind? Is this why we put a trust into it so much? Ask yourself: do we not subconsciously really believe in these human achievements? Oh yes, we do. Every day they come oW and we eat it. Like oh great! wonderful! oh, that's - geez, that's great! And premies, is that the reason? Is that the reason why we are come here?

What made that person who used to carry around a club and live on the tree tops - what made him happy? What made him feel peaceful is the same exact thing that is going to make you peaceful. Because here we go - all right, so there's different kinds of models of cars. Man went to moon - all our problems were solved? Here we are, are we all happy? Everybody protested no Vietnam - and this is just an American case, I mean this has happened internationally all around. People have protested wars - no war, no war, no war. All right, bring the boys home. The boys did come back home, draft system was abolished, the war was ended - and - do we have satisfaction of mind? Do we have that peace of mind? I don't want you to answer that question, you answer it to yourself. Let this mankind, let this human race answer it for themselves.

And I know one thing: maybe it is scary to say this, but they don't have it. They just don't have it. Because if moon provided them the peace and satisfaction of mind, what was the necessity to go to mars? And we can go on and on and on - and I'm not saying that maybe these human achievements shouldn't be there. Well, of course, if somebody wouldn't have made this little microphone here I would have to scream about eight times as loud as I'm screaming right now for all of you to hear me. Oh yes, I still give credit to this, but I don't give this the ultimate credit at all. I don't say because they have made electric stop watches man has satisfaction. I'm not saying that because man has found a substitute to silk, a substitute to cotton - polyester, man has got satisfaction of mind. No. Because they just don't. Look at them.

And what I'm trying to insinuate here is that - by grace - we have that method, we have that path, we have that key, and let us all come together and experience it. Let us for once in our lifetime really take in our lives that experience of history. To me, it's like that, you know? I really take that 45 minutes of history that I studied six days a week - and that's the way it was, we didn't have Sundays off, I mean, Saturdays off - and that six days with 45 minutes each day of history, let's take it. Let's learn something from it. What can we learn from it? That everything that man has done so far has not brought him satisfaction. Man has always brought forth his personal differences, his craziness, his mind in front.

And premies, today is the time. Today, in our lives, right at this moment we have an opportunity to put that difference, to put that mind aside and really, really experience Knowledge. This is why Jesus came, this is why Ram came, this is why Krishna came, this is why Mohammed came, this is why Buddha came. I have a practical experience of Knowledge, and I will never deny that. And nobody can come up to me and shatter that experience of Knowledge that I have. And I know it is beautiful. This is not a hypocritic thing; this is not a fake thing, this is a true experience of Knowledge that I talk about - and I want you to have that, period. Why? Because you're humans and you're alive. Isn't that a good reason? That is the only reason: because you're here, you have been born here. And to me, the only reason that we get born here is to plug back into that infinite source, into that infinite energy.

So premies, let's just, for this one second, let's put aside this mind of ours. And we all have hope, and we can all really do it, too - really put this mind aside. Well, the point is, the mind is an absence; mind is not a physical presence of anything, mind is just an absent thing - it's darkness. There's the moon and you're walking like this, and the shadow is in front of you. So you can't chase the shadow. Just turn around and start walking the other way and the shadow will chase you. And that's how simple it is. Here you've your mind, it's just wild, and just goes on and on and on, and on, and on and on and on. It's like a volcano. Just the difference is, this volcano just doesn't seem to stop. It takes us from one thing to the other thing, to the other thing, to the other thing. And this Knowledge we know does stablise us in our lives. Well, let's get at it. What proof, what hammer-hitting do we need in our lives where we really expect a Perfect Master to come with some kind of thing and just go poof! and here we have all this peace inside. No, we have to do it. That peace and satisfaction of mind is going to come to us and can come to us. And this is all I want to tell you.

I just hope that we can celebrate Holi this year, because of course, it's an Indian festival, but this is a festival. What happened here? We all came together and we shared some satsang. Well, maybe in Holi we can do the same thing, besides the point you might get coloured water all over you - but there might be a surprise. But anyway, point is, maybe we can just come together and share some more satsang, because we really can never have enough satsang in our lives. We really cannot have, ever have enough darshan in our lives, and we really cannot have enough experience of this Knowledge in our lives. So let's just leave all those trips of our mind behind for one second and get into this Knowledge. Thank you very much.