Let It Roll

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Indian Centre, Denver, Colorado on February 19, 1977

Well, this is my fourth program for tonight. And it's really been beautiful just to see all the premies. Because when we are all at that program tomorrow it's just going to be a massive trip. There's a lot of premies out there who will fill the auditorium.

And one thing I'll tell you is that this festival was just pulled together. There was really no name given to it. So at the first program, at random, I just named this festival "Love Festival."

And I think this is really Love Festival because we all have come here because of one reason: because of Love. There's no other reason. It's not because there's gasoline and there's this theatre and gasoline in Denver and that's why we have come here. It's because there is true Love that really exists between all of us that Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us through Knowledge. And that is the Love that brings us all together.

You know there are a lot of different logics, there are a lot of different explanations in this world. But to me, there is only one explanation. And it consists of satsang, service, meditation, and Guru Maharaj Ji.

And besides that reason, I don't see any other reason why this world was even made. We've got a lot of fringe benefits and I think we have quite a bit used them up, too. And I think it's about time that we really start understanding - get out of our fringe benefits that we get, and really start understanding what is the practical purpose of this human life.

You know, there are millions and billions of people in this world, and there are millions and billions of problems in this world, and I know one thing: Out of those billions of people with billions of problems, millions have received Knowledge and gotten rid of it. And out of those millions I for sure know those thousands that have practiced, have really understood. I want to get organized with all those millions, and then with all those billions and billions and billions of people in this world, and to tell them the solution to this world.

We can put it different ways, but let's put it this way for a second: This world was not made for problems. Because this world was not made for problems, there were no solutions made. We only came here for a reason. And there was only one reason made. And there was only one reason why we all came here. Just one reason. Not hundreds and ten thousands and forty thousand reasons. No. Only one reason. So let us forget about other reasonings and other reasons that our mind gets into, and for one second in our lifetime complete successfully the purpose of this human life.

To me, if everybody can do that, there'd be no problems. Everybody talks about problems. All these leaders of the world get up and say, "Problems, problems, problems. And these are the solutions, solutions, and solutions." To me -let's go beyond that a little bit. Let's go beyond or before 1977. Let's go into nineteen zero zero - nineteen hundred. Let's go beyond 1900, let's go into seventeens. Let's go even beyond that and for time immemorial. So far this human race has existed there have been problems. Tell me, how many solutions have come up?

The first man could not understand, so he invented a wheel. And from that wheel we have taken forth, we have taken it over and now everything runs on a wheel. And now people are trying to get out of the wheels and go into something else. But to me, it's like - look. Truly, we're just about approaching the end of this century, okay? Doesn't matter what you think, doesn't matter what you believe, I know one thing - there's only so many dinosaurs that lived. And there's only so many dinosaurs that produced oil. And there's a lot more cars than those dinosaurs were. And I think we are just about at the verge of it all.

There have been predictions that by 1985 - which, I think might be an overcalculation or might be an undercalculation, but around that time, let's figure it - five or six years is a drop in the bucket - this world is supposed to get out of gasoline. Well, I know one thing - that we can go from this gasoline that comes out of dinosaurs into synthetic gas. And from the synthetic gas - because I know that there's a lot of engines in this world and if there were to be a synthetic gas, if there was to be an end to the gasoline and a synthetic gas made, it would have to be adaptable to the engines that are present now, because it's going to be an enormous cost to convert all the engines to something else completely different. So I don't think that's quite going to happen. But they might make a synthetic gas which is going to keep your car running. After that, maybe they'll start producing the next set of cars which will run on something else. Maybe after that they'll go into something else, and something else and something else and something else.

Well, look at yourself. You are in a generation where you call yourself civilised. And right after one generation, one generation called the first generation barbaric. "Oh, those were the barbaric days." Why? Tell me why. Because they don't have any food? Because when they put their sails up on their boats their boats wouldn't float? Wouldn't go? No! There was all those things there. Okay? And that's what made those the barbaric days.

Well, look at you now. Are you truly satisfied? Are you, are you really certified not to be barbaric? You know? And when that question comes up to you, your Adam's apple goes up and


down. Take a nice gulp. 'Cause you quite don't know about it. No. As I said before, this world was not made for problems. Therefore there are no solutions. This world was made for one reason. And there is only one reason. And the reason is for every individual to come together, to come into one, to become one, to really understand this Knowledge.

Tell me one thing. People might say, "Well, why would God create such a fantastic earth? Why would a Creator create such a fantastic environment just for people to come together?"

Prem Rawat's eldest son, Hans Rawat II Tell me, what did Jesus do when he came? Tell me, what did Krishna do when he came? Tell me, what did Ram do when he came? Bring people together through Knowledge. Through this experience that he gave, he brought people together.

Believe me, doesn't matter if we have sharp scissors now to trim our beard with, or have Gillete Track Two razors to shave our beards with - our problems still are the same. And we look to the solution of our problems. And the solution doesn't exist!

We have the same problem: Hungry people, give them food. Any different now? No. People are still hungry and we want to give them food. III people, give them miracle. So of course now we have doctors and they give them these little shots and this medication and so that's the miracle. This problem has always been there. People are ill, people are sick, people are hungry. People need this, people need that, look for this solution. People are fighting, people are doing this. Just look at it.

Where are we? Where are we? You know when the Viet Nam war was going on, it was getting a little bit ridiculous -everybody really stood up and said, "No. There should be no war and this and that, and you should do this and you should do that and get the war off our hands, and so on and so forth, and we want everybody to come back." Well, people who could come back, did come back. The war was ended. And are we in peace? Everything is dandy? Everybody is in perfect peace and harmony? Our problems are solved? No. It's like a little dog trying to chase its own tail. He might catch it - as soon as he's going to bite it, he's going to start crying again. And that's the way it is with the human race.

We go around finding a problem. Then we find a solution. Once we find a solution, we put it in motion, it works, and then we say, "Oh alright, everything is fine, everything is dandy." To me, I've talked to a lot of people and I have a little bit of experience, and I have a lot of experience of Knowledge. This is the only solution. This is the only answer. Not that maybe materialism is the only answer. No. Materialism isn't the only answer.

To me - it's like, when everybody was getting together for the Aston Martin, the birthday present, they finally got one Aston Martin together and this guy was driving it and it blew up. Engine seized and just blew up. And so they had to get another car really quick. And they presented it to me and it was a really beautiful birthday present. And like, shortly after I was driving it I saw the other Aston Martin that had blown up - I guess they fixed it up. Identical - identical colour, identical everything. And I saw it on the street and like it was the same car, and there were people sitting in it, but there was a vast difference. This one car consisted of people who had really tried to understand Knowledge, who had really tried to look inside of them. While this other car was just like so empty, so barren. It almost looked ugly; it almost looked weird. Why? It is because of our love, because of our understanding, because of our experience of Knowledge, that everything is going to come together.

And premies, this is why I'm here. This is why we are holding this program. This is not a showpiece. This is a practical program that's been yanked together just like that (snaps fingers). I was only going to come to Denver for just a short meeting. And then all of a sudden the whole thing just turned into: "Alright, we're going to have a program." It was just like Portland. I was just going to drive there for a vacation. And all of a sudden it turned into a program. It was so beautiful, so fantastic.

So let us just not get into our minds. Let us just not get into our heads. Or in other words, let us not be hypocritical. Really, really try to experience this Knowledge. Because there is an experience of Knowledge which you can realize. And this is why I'm here. This is why there are twenty-five initiators who have dedicated their lives, and I hope they keep on. And this is why you have all come here for this Festival of Love -to understand the meaning of why we are all here. To understand Love. What kind of Love? The Love that is brought to us by the experience of satsang, service, meditation and Guru Maharaj Ji. That's the Love we need. That's the Love we want. And that's the Love we're going to get.

So open your hearts up to it. If your bucket is full, any more water put into it is just going to overflow. Empty your bucket. Empty your hearts. And really try to take this experience in and really try to understand why this is all happening. There are so many premies that have come here. There is one reason for them to come here. And it's that Love. Let it happen. Let it roll. And like I said in the last program, pull the right strings and the kite will fly.

So premies, I'll see you tomorrow. There's going to be a darshan program and there's going to be a satsang program. And I'll see you then. Till then, enjoy yourself. It's a little less than 24 hours you've got to go. So, get into it.

(Premies: "Thank you Guru Maharaj Ji." "We love you, Guru Maharaj Ji.")

I love you too. Just let that roll.