The Logic Of All Logics

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Unitarian Church, Denver, Colorado on February 19, 1977.

Well, I just came out of one program and here's another one. Well, welcome to Denver. And as I said in the last program, what do we call this festival? It is a festival; what do we call it? At random, all we can say it, "Love." "Love Festival." The reason why we have all come here is because we love Knowledge, and we love Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's the only reason why we have come here, because we want to grow in Knowledge. We really want to understand what it is.

And like I was saying, this world goes on and on and on and on. We name our days, we name our years: twenty-first century, twenty-second century. Somebody came along and invented one, two, and three, and from there on it went on and on and on. But here we are, where we can really see that everything that mankind has really done for its upliftment just about made it. Which means it didn't quite make it. Which means that the world at this point has to realize that everything isn't really all that dandy as they think they are. And it's all approaching, like, an end; where it's all happening.

We invent this, we invent that. We go into this, we go into that. But here we go again; we have to really realize that true answer. What is the reason -is what we have to realize - we are all here for. Why are we all here?

We are all here to really experience the meaning of this human life. It is not a joke anymore. We just cannot say, "Okay. I'm going to do satsang, service, and meditation tomorrow, because today I'm too tired." Well, today and tomorrow just might make quite a bit of difference to you.

Because all the resources this world has to provide - like I said in Portland, maybe God miscalculated this twenty-first century, and under-produced the dinosaurs, so today we don't have any gas left. But really, that's not the solution and this never has been a solution. Never has been a solution.

And today, by the Grace, by that understanding, by that Love, we have been offered, we have been given that answer that we are looking for. And it is with us. And it is Knowledge. And that is the reason why we all come here is to understand that: What is the reason? And it's satsang, service, and meditation, that's why we have come here. To attend to satsang program, to really try to understand, to have darshan, to see Guru Maharaj Ji, to have some satsang. And it's beautiful. It's really great. And we can make this experience of all of us coming together here a very dark one, a very intense one, a very -almost a stupid one, or we can make this the most beautiful experience we have ever had. Who decides that? You do. It's up to you. So really, open up. Really try to understand.

Because you know, there are people - maybe one day you went to this one person and said, "Try to realize the true meaning of" And he said, "Forget it. I have it." Well now he just might be in different shoes altogether, because what he thinks is the meaning to this whole world. the solution to this whole world: Alright, drive to a gas station, "Clean my windshield and fill 'er up." Now, very soon, you will be able to drive to a gas station and say, "Clean my windshield," but you might not quite know about filling 'er up.

And this is the way this world is coming to. And more and more. It's just like a whole - Earth is slowing down. Weathers are weird, and they have been getting really weird. In California it's just outrageous. It's warm, it's 86 degrees, and - it's fantastic. In Buffalo, you can't even drive your car! So premies. the answer is here. The answer is Knowledge. The answer is Guru Maharaj Ji.

Alright, maybe your mind tells you, "Maybe that's not it." Okay! Well, mind just ran out of the last excuse it had. Look around. Feel it. It's not all that hot. It's just going down, down and down and down. But to me, you know it's just like, I was talking to Marolyn and I said, "Well of course, there might be a time where we might be able to see Premlata's children and Hansi's children, but I really don't know after that. That's getting pretty far away. I don't know if they will be able to ever in their lifetime see their granchildren, if they will be able to become great, great, great grandfathers. I might witness it now. I don't know about them."

Why? Because what has a beginning has to have an end. But the reason I am here is to make that end never happen. To make that beginning constantly go. To realize the purpose of this human life, and to just go and go and go. And to just constantly keep on going in that perfect and beautiful energy that exists all around us, that is everywhere.

And so we can be attached whichever way we want to be attached. Into this worldly heaviness, into this worldly trip. or we can really experience satsang, service, and meditation and Guru Maharaj Ji, and flow in that river.

Well, this is just a little-bitty satsang. I don't know, maybe it will program you for the next - tomorrow's satsang. But the point is, really try to open up and really try to understand. Because this is the logic of all logics. If you fail to understand this logic of satsang, service and meditation and Guru Maharaj Ji, no other logic, to me, really exists.

I have been in school and I have seen a lot of things in my and I have talked to a lot of people, and maybe that's only nineteen years old worth, and maybe you are thirty, you're thirty-five, forty years old. But you can ask me and it's a true


experience: Knowledge is the only solution.

People have come to me from all ages, all sides, all countries, all directions, and one thing that really answered them, and one thing really that convinced them, and one thing that really truly showed them the solution in their life was Knowledge. And you have it. Now. And the process of satsang, service, and meditation is completely in your hands to really practice that (snaps fingers), or just let it go. So premies, welcome to the Love Festival, and we'll have another program. There'll be darshan, there'll be a satsang program. Open up. Don't get confused. You can always get confused, but it's only rare that you get unconfused. Make this an opportunity to get unconfused. Open up. Try to understand what this is all about. Try to understand what brought you into that first Knowledge session you ever had. Try to understand what did you realize in your first satsang. Open up. It's beautiful.

Thank you.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1977