Be With Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang

Hans Jayanti Festival in Rome Italy on Friday, November 11 1977.

Dear premies, yesterday was really beautiful. As usual, in all darshan lines, it's a very incredible experience for me, and I hope it was for all of the premies who went by. Because, really, you're sitting there, and all the premies are coming and going. And every premie who comes has a different expression on their face. Every premie who comes has to say something else, something different, express something different.

And yet, though they might have to express different things -because what they want to express is according to their own realisation - more they have realised, more they want to express. Less they have realised, less there is to express. And then, of course, there were those people who didn't realise anything. Didn't have to express anything. Very few people - one or two. They just walked right past.

And really, this was the longest, longest darshan line in my life. Yet. It was ten hours give or take five minutes, because some people say it was five minutes over, some people say it was nine hours and fifty-five minutes. But the most important thing, premies, is that we all come to a point of that realisation, that we all come to the point of that understanding, where Guru Maharaj Ji really wants us to be, where Guru Maharaj Ji really recommends us to be, and where we really should be.

Because that example that I was giving you - there's a boat. And in this boat there's so many comfortable places to go and sit down. There's so many confortable places to just relax, and not have to bother about those waves, those ocean swells.

Now, what are those ocean swells? Those ocean swells are creation, or generation of something. And then that something that helps to create those swells, the storm, the vivid interaction of one wave to another wave , to one current to another current, mulitplying from one current to another current to another current, getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, is that bumblebee, is that bee that I was talking about, that constantly hovers behind us. And in that, there we are. And either we can sit down it. one place which we really think might be appropriate for us …

Because, really, one thing we have to understand, and one thing which is very, very basic, that we have to understand, is who we are in relation to this whole thing that we want to accomplish in our life. In relation to liberation, in relation to Peace, in relation to God, in relation to Guru Maharaj Ji, in relation to this world, in relation to mind, in relation to our problems: "us," "we," "am," "I," whatever you are, "Henry," "Joe Smith," or whatever you are - where do you lie? Where are you, sandwiched somewhere in between this whole maglolas? And then you have to really understand that, "Wait a minute. I'm just a passenger." It's not like …

I remember, once when we were coming back from Hong Kong and we - that was right after we came back from India-we stayed in Hong Kong for a couple of days and then we were taking the jet back to Los Angeles. As soon as we got airborne there was a really loud whistle on the first door. And it was just really whistling really loud. And I said, "Maybe this thing is going to depressurise." But it didn't. It just whistled all the way through from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

And then there was this one person on that airplane who was trying to open up the door, open us this door, and he was really, I guess - well, all I saw was that this guy was there and he was trying to pry open the door, he was going there and fiddling with the handle. And then the next thing I saw he was sitting in the first class. So maybe that's all he wanted to do. Maybe he learned some trick that you go fiddle with the first class passenger door, the exit door, and you get to sit there! Because there were two guys, you know, one guy was watching him, they had him cornered sort of.

And then Marolyn - we were upstairs in the lounge because the steward said, "You want to go sit up there, because it's very noisy for the children" - and so the captain walked out. And Marolyn just asked, out of curiosity, "Can that guy really open that door up?" And the captain said, "No way. This airplane inside has so much pressure that it was just taking him a lot to pull that door in, to try to open it."

And so it was like this guy, for whatever reasons - he wanted to commit suicide because he was sick and tired of this world, orhe was just trying to show off - whatever his problems were, he wanted to open this door. And yet the captain was the least worried about it. They were just sitting, flying their airplane, and walking up and down the aisles and saying, "Hi. hello, how are you? Is your flight comfortable?" Why? Because the captain knew, "This guy is just a dum-dum. He's trying to do this and he won't be successful in doing this." And then what he is just doing is he is aggravating himself, and he's causing a lot of inconvenience to other passengers because obviously everybody was bothered about that.

Same way. This is exactly what I was talking about. There you are. Never been on a ship before, never seen a ship before, maybe - not as authentic, and not as real as this ship is, anyway. And there you are. You hop on this ship, and out of all the comfortable places to sit down, you choose the aft deck on the side, where you're just sort of leaning over the balcony, watching all the waves go up and down, up and down. Now the captain knows better, that you're going to gel sick. Of course you're going to get sick. You're trying to put yourself up to it - but you're forcing yourself to it, to try to get sick. Maybe you're ignorant, or maybe you're purposely

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji dressed as the God Krishna in Kansas City, January 1978

doing it, or maybe you're so forced by your desires or concepts or whatever you have, that you really think you should do this: get sick.

So the captain knows better than to say anything else but say, "Listen, why don't you just move out of here?" And exactly the same thing I was saying: What is that person going to do who throws up? Cause a lot of inconvenience for the other people. Because then all that permeating scent is going to go all over the boat and start to make other people sick. And so that's the only concern. So just, don't get sick.

And how not to get sick? To get sick you have to do all this: You have to take yourself and force yourself to sort of keel over the balcony and watch all these waves go up and down and up and down. But in fact, if you really want to have a comfortable ride, all you have to do is just let go! Just completely let go! Let it happen! Let that ship take you! Because definitely this boat is big enough, this ship is big enough, where it's not going to get bothered by those swells. Doesn't matter how big they are. This ship is made for one purpose. Its manifestation in this world is very, very specific.

And why this ship has manifested in this world by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, is so that it can sail you across the almost endless ocean of mind. Sail you across the never-stopping, ever-constant storm of mind. It's made for one specific purpose. And when you ride in this boat, only thing Guru Maharaj Ji asks: "Go. Relax. Be comfortable. Don't stand where you can purposely become the victim of those waves." And this boat will just carry you through. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, this is really possible.

But our mind constantly bugs us, bugs us again, bugs us again, bugs us again, to go out and do this, to go out and do that, to go out and search for this. It's even how the whole procedure starts. And I mean, I really don't want to say it, because I don't know. Maybe that's the way everybody went through; maybe that's not the way everybody went through. But in general, this is kind of the way everybody goes through it: There you are in this world. And all of a sudden - you are pursuing whatever you are pursuing - and then all of a sudden you realise that those things that you are pursuing are really not worth pursuing. And then when you realise that they are not worth pursuing, then you start to look around and say, "Well, after all, where am I? What am I doing? What is my purpose?"

There is this movie called "Star Wars," and I watched it. You see this movie; it's so elaborate. These people have really tried to make a movie where there is the evil, and the good is hidden. And to try to reach the good, this guy gets encouraged by all the happenings that happen. He sees that evil has destroyed what he so dearly loved, what he so dearly was dependent on. And then this whole thing evolves in him: "Look, I just really must fight," by the help of this one person! And you see these elaborate extensions of life, like R2D2, and all these other robots, just very elaborate extensions of life. They help you in this; they help you in that.

And then they go to this bar. Because when they're finally travelling - and you see all these weird things. And to me it was just like the absurdities that exist in this world, in different forms and different shapes, doing different things. And finally, they had to take this ship, which was like a doo-dah ship. It was sort of going to make it, and it was sort of not going to make it. But anyway, they made it to their destination. And it was like a whole procedure of life.

And this guy was telling him to fight one object. And how to fight it was to let go. He said, "So far you keep trying to fight it yourself, you won't hit it." And then the guy all of a sudden just relaxed and let himself from inside let - he lets go. and he strikes it.

And then it's just like you can really see that Knowledge. That sword was like Knowledge. It was just beaming and gleaming.

And not only the good guy had that sword, but the bad guy had that sword, too! That's the extension of mind, where it can reflect, it can try to reflect happiness. It can try to reflect happiness. It can try to reflect calmness. It can try to reflect Peace. Imitate it. How successful it is, that's questionable. But it definitely tries to imitate it.

Finally the whole thing begins. And this airplane is equipped -I mean, obviously a lot of premies have seen this movie, because I got a lot of requests from a lot of premies to see this movie. And there was this airplane, and this spaceship was set up with everything. And it even had special monitors so you didn't have to just about do anything. You just looked in a special monitor and you could fly it through all these tunnel and everything. And it was so incredible, because it was like this huge planet, and it was like the mind, the mind. And it was like the indestructible mind. And there was only one way to destroy it. And the way to destroy it was to enter through sort of like the exhaust system of this planet.

So premies, I mean, they probably never thought of this. They went ahead and they made this movie, and yet they were so close. And I mean, just like, so fantastically done, but they were like so close to really explaining - because anybody can feel this. Anybody can understand it. So many scriptures have been written about it. So many, so many Perfect Masters have talked about this.

And so they enter it, to destroy it, and the power of mind is just completely incredible! Because they show how it can just destroy a planet just like that, just completely devastate it. And that's like the power of mind. And this mind has to be really, really destroyed. But even beyond the fact that there is a mind as a planet, there is something way inside of that, which was this guy, the bad guy, the guy with this black suit, this black armour. And he was the nucleus of the whole mind. of that whole planet that was so bad. And he was the one that had to be destroyed. And then there would have been no problems for the whole planet to be destroyed.

And so, you see this whole spaceship going in and out of these tunnels and so on and so forth. And he pulls this automatic guidance system in his sight, and then all of a sudden he remembers, like what his Perfect Master had told him: "Let go. Just relax. Let your inner self flow through." And he just pulls that monitor off, and then it just takes him one shot, and he just blows the whole mind off - just one shot. And before. he tried again and again and again, missed it, missed it, missed it. But then when he lets go, when he surrenders, only one shot ruins that whole mind.

And so premies, really, in fact, maybe some people who have seen this movie can see what I'm really trying to say. And then


there are some premies who maybe cannot understand what I'm trying to say because they haven't seen the movie. But nevertheless, if you have seen the movie of if you haven't seen the movie, the gist of the whole thing is: If you surrender, it's easy to destroy the mind. If you don't surrender, then mind destroys you.

So I mean, between the whole option, where are you left? Between the whole - what do you call it? (I mean, there's like, "sandwiched") - what are you? What option, really, do you have? And this is what you have to really become clear about. Yes, there's so many premies who get into so many kind of trips, get into so many kind of trips. Some of the trips that premies get into are hilarious. You can write a joke book about the things and it would be the best-selling joke book. Of course, you have to understand what the joke book is talking about. You might not be able to understand half the vocabulary of that book, but it's hilarious.

And why? Because you can see, in all those situations where all these things happen, it's like you see a rubber-band man, and he's getting pulled by his own true experience of Knowledge, and then getting pulled by mind, getting swept away by mind. So what is his option? But the thing is, because it's him, he exists as a certain thing, he has - now, see, there is a difference - and this is really something else, because there is a difference. And I know a lot of times premies can mistake this difference.

There is a difference between holding onto an identity, really believing in an identity, really sitting on an identity, and just renting an identity. It's the difference between renting a car and owning a car. And what are the differences? Well, the difference is that you can go to Hertz or into any of those people, and for $2.50 more you can buy the insurance on that car. They just put it down and that's it. And you can total the car, and that's okay. And all you have to do is take that car back to the rental company and they'll give you a new one!

But if your car gets totalled, it's totalled, period. And there will be a long investigation of your insurance and so on and so forth: "Who did you hit? Why did you hit?" And then, so on and so forth, and you're lucky if you might get your money back. But besides that, there it is. Your car is gone! Your car is totalled!

And this is the satsang that I think all of you have heard, but I'll go ahead and let you hear that example again. Hansi was born, and I said, you know, for a few hours or a few moments he didn't have a - for a long time he didn't have a name. He just didn't have a name! We just called him a baby, a baby boy. And that was it! Now, what happened? I and Marolyn were sitting down trying to figure out what would be a nice name to give him.

And it's just so beautiful to actually be able to give you this example. Because when I walked in the hall I heard the information that one girl was having a baby. And it was like: Wow! Baby is being born! That's really nice; that's really fantastic. It's not a peaceful place, because there's all this music going on and all these monitors jingling, but I figured, well, if that's the way that baby has to be born, then. the way that baby is going to be born!

And then it was just so beautiful, because I know Joe Anctil got up and he said, "A baby is being born." Then, that was it!

And everybody, I heard, clapped. But what was the identity? How were you associating this baby? And how are you right now associating this baby with is a very good question. Because I just named her. It was a baby girl, and her name is Satganga, which means the River of the Truth. So now you figure this one out for yourself, that before I gave this name, before I gave this name to her - because, I mean, this is an ideal name because she was born when the satsang was going on. Raja Ji was giving satsang, and she was born, so she has been born in the river of Truth.

But the thing is, before I told you what her name was, what did you think it was? Or before I told you it was a girl or boy, what did you think it was? (Someone yells, "A baby!") It was just "a baby," somebody said from over there. But then, within this baby that was being born, there was no identity. "Baby" is the vaguest way of putting it, because it is a baby, and a general name for it is a baby. When you see something that is small, and you don't know the name, you don't know the sex, you just call it, "Baby." "Oh, what a cute baby you got." And then the conversation starts, "Is it a boy or is it a girl? What's its name?"

But all these are such a computer program in our lives that it's completely - what should I say - stupid? That, all of a sudden, everything just goes like a big mushroom atom bomb, and you just see this whole thing explode. Before, there's nothing happening. It's all … and it's still there - and it's still there. I mean, that baby is in good health. Because Marolyn and Claudia went to see that baby, and everything was okay. Now, that life was there, meant to be for that baby. That same life, that same energy that you and me breathe. As long as we are breathing it, as long as that is within inside of us, we are alive. As soon as it goes, we're six feet under the ground, burnt, buried or sailed.

So, within this, all these things, the same energy, same life, same everything is right there. But then all of a sudden here we go: Barn, a name. Barn, a sex. "Oh, she is really beautiful." Before, it's an "it", - and maybe, really, I am overemphasizing this whole thing is terms of identity, but the thing is, is it oversimplified? No. To me, this is overcomplicated. And that is why half the world is confused, because they don't know who they are, why they are here, what their identity is, what is their assocciation. Because if simply they knew that, believe me, there wouldn't be half the problems in this world.

Why are they here? It's this tourist, who just walks into this city. Doesn't know the rules, doesn't know the regulations, just walks wherever he wants to go. Doesn't care about street lights. He drives the wrong way, speeds on the streets, and does everything. And then when the police comes and says, "Look, you were trespassing in such a place," or, "You were speeding at such a place," or, "You were jaywalking at such a place," the guy says, "Oh, I didn't know that."

And that's easy. And even that becomes very difficult when the cop says, "You didn't know that, eh? Well, let me tell ya!" And he takes these two handcuffs out, slaps it on his hands, says, "Out you go, kid. You'll find out very soon what I mean." And that's the thing. This is what really happens. Something of that sort happened right out here (outside the hall). It was amazing. I mean, I just heard it in the residence, what happened.


But anyway - the identity, what is it? Is that it? I mean, is that it? Are we just a bunch of tourists in this world, so when we go back to God, or God says, "Well, what were you doing in the world, in My world, in My creation - doing nothing?" You say, "What was I supposed to do? I didn't know!" Is that the answer you're just going to say? "Well, you should have put the sign up there!"

At that point, there's going to be some premie sitting there. He's going to go, "No, no, no, that's not the truth. You knew what to do in this world. You had every opportunity to learn in this lifetime what you are really here for."

And so, of course, this is a joke. Everybody laughed at it. To me, this is not a joke.

Let's consider this theory. And obviously, it's a theory. Okay I do have a few different kind of feelings about things than most of the people do. I think that the scriptures are very nice to read: period. I think that there are so many things that have been said in the past, and there are so many things that are going to be said in the future. And even if I say them, I don't expect you to believe me. I really don't. I want you to experience those things yourself. It's not a theory; it's my experience, that only believing can come when you can experience something. If you can't experience that thing, and somebody tells you - it's like this thing: Why are two and two four? "Because," you say, "One and one: two. Two and two: four! Two and two: four! See? Two and two: four!"

This has happened before. This is not a good explanation. Why isn't this two? One? Eight? Fourteen? Why didn't the series start from a hundred - one; instead of zero? Because it's only words. Why didn't it start with one hundred, then go to twenty, then go to one, then to sixty, then to five, and just jump around? Why did it have to go zero, one, two, three? Nobody knows.

And I do admit that I didn't go to Senior Cambridge, which is the eleventh grade, or I didn't go up to the college. But besides that, since I started to learn two and two is four, I could never make sense out of it, why two and two is four. The only sense I could make out of it is, "You better learn that, otherwise you're going to get punished tomorrow." That's the only sense! "Two and two is four." "Definitely two and two is four. What else can it be?" And tomorrow, when you have to recite it, it better be four. If it's anything else, you've had it!

So premies, this is the kind of world we are in. This is the kind of situation we are in. This is the kind of craziness we are in. This is the kind of darkness that we live in. And why?

And let me explain you one other thing: I'm not opposed to two and two being four, because I know that - (laughter) no, I'm not! I'm really not opposed to that. I think it's very nice, because can you imagine trying to sit here, not knowing any kind of a language and trying to communicate with all you premies out there. Not even having a sign language, but trying to convey all that that I have already said to you somehow. I mean, it would be phenomenal. It would be outrageous. To try to explain you that the world is round I might take a flip in the air and go around and around.

It's very nice to have a language, to have a code, to be able to relate with it. And I can perfectly understand, because I can speak Hindi and I can speak English. So to me, I can really understand that of course, in Hindi the same thing means the same thing, it's just a different vocubulary; it's a different thing in English and it's a different thing in Hindi. Meanings are the same. In Hindi you say "ek". In English, you say "one." They're exactly the same thing.

But yet, we are so lost with all this - that's okay, it's okay to have a sign language. It's okay to express your words by some kind of a language. It's okay to have two and two: four. But what about our one and one? What about our wholeness? Because the equation for man is: A question mark, then subtract one, equals: okay? And the bracket sort of closes. And then it goes, Perfect Master - "P" - plus that one: That answer that comes out of it equals to whatever, where we want to go!

It's just like, whatever this world is - and this is the question mark - we subtract one from it. That's us. And then whatever the answer is remained, whatever the answer comes out, we take that, and we add that with that Perfect Master, with that perfectness. And whatever the solution, whatever the answer comes out on the other side of the equal sign, is our liberation. is our satisfaction, is our Peace, is our quest that we have been looking for. The answer to all our questions.

So it is not merely - and I know, I know, I know, I know, I know one thing for sure: Criticizing world doesn't do any good. Okay? And it doesn't do it any bad. It doesn't do it any good, because world is world; societies are societies. There are so many societies in this world that where should I start from to name them? I mean, there are people who adore dogs. And "adore" is not the word. It goes beyond that. And I mean, we have dogs in Malibu, and we have a cat, we have birds; we have a whole zoo as a matter of fact! Goats, rabbits, everything -turtles - turtle, not turtles - fish, everything. And it's just like, okay, that's one story.

I mean, it sounds very grotesque, and it is gross, kind of, but not to those people. I mean, in America, or in western civilisation, to a lot of people, prettier the dog, more affection he gets. Well, in this one particular part of the country, better the dog, prettier the dog, more money the restaurant owner gets for cooking him! And this is really true.

I mean, here we are. Okay? And to us, "This is the problem: that's the problem. This is happening; that's happening." And you know, you go, "Wow, look at this." A little thing happen somewhere: "Oh, my God, the airport went on strike. The world is over; it's finished. Airport went on strike. What am I going to do?"

While in this one part of Africa, all they eat is crocodiles, and therefore they don't have any babies. And after a long, long. long, long, long, long, long time, finally a little boy was born-And so it's like, to them it was so joyous. They were so happy that they caught him one fish, and gave him a fish to eat. And this fish was all for this one boy and nobody else was going to eat it; everybody was going to eat the crocodile.

To us, it's the airport going on strike. To them, their whole civilisation is going to die, and they really look forward to this one kid, because if this kid wouldn't have been born, that would have been it for them.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji dressed as the God Krishna in Kansas City, January 1978

Now you tell me, if that same problem was existent with this civilisation, with this western world - wouldn't that be something? Wouldn't that be outrageous, simply outrageous? But that's the problem that exists for that little community in Africa. It's not a community; it's a whole tribe. That exists.

So premies, it's our own problems, the way we look at them, the way we conceive them, the way we think they are. But what I'm trying to relate to you is that these little hunky-dory problems don't create anything, don't, in the overall situation, change anything whatsoever.

All the airports can go on strike; that's it. I mean, do you really understand that the World War broke up - One, that is - and then after World War 1, when it finally settled down and everybody was back at peace and everything like that, everybody got a free ticket to liberation? And I mean, even liberation is people's own achievement: "Oh, yeah, what do you want? You want to get liberated? Oh, yeah, that's really nice. Get liberated." From what? Get liberated from what?

Some people say, "From this world." Well, when you're going to die you're going to get liberated from this world. You have no other option but to get liberated from this world. Even if you come in your next lifetime as a pig. Not that I'm saying that I believe staunchly in reincarnation. But if you come as a pig, or you come as a cat, or you come as a dog, you really think your son is going to go up to you and say, "Oh daddy, how nice that you come back."? Or your pundit or your astrologer or somebody like that's going to come running up to you and say, "I'm sorry, you didn't get liberated."? I mean, is that what's going to happen?

Or is it really, in fact, an open-and-shut case? You stay here, your eyes stay here, your brain stays here, your body stays here. And you don't move; that's a fact. Not unless the embalming procedure is going on, they're pumping some fluid into you, and it all of sudden activates your muscle. You might sit up all of a sudden. But believe me, you won't think about sitting up or lying back down again. You wouldn't even know it.

So premies, after all, I mean it's like, yes, what I'm telling you maybe is very funny. But it's not funny; it's really true! This is what happens in this world, in this crazy world.

People say, "Listen, you do this and then this is going to come. And you do this, and this is going to come." To me there is only one thing: If we can be liberated from this world while living in this world, now, then, doesn't matter - we got a free ticket all the way through. If it's liberation, then that's what we're going to get. If it's not liberation, we go up in some poof, something or something. I mean, let your imagination run wild for two minutes. Maybe this is what heaven looks like: a hall like this!

It's like this: You get arrested. You go into a prison - you go into a jail, not in a prison, you go to a jail - and this one guy comes and says, "Listen, I can bail you out. What I am is I am an insurance salesman and I sell insurance against you getting arrested. And what it really means, that any time you get arrested, I'll bail you out. But the thing is, this is a future insurance."

So the guy says, "Okay, well, what does it take, and what is - this, and what is that?" And he finds out all the details about it. Maybe the guy is so stupid that he doesn't ask him, "Why don't you bail me out right now? Maybe in future I will straighten out. Or maybe they will never let me out of this jail! Bail me out now! Then I can really see, then I can really understand that you can really bail me out the next time I go to jail!"

It's the same way, premies. It's exactly the same way. People say, "Oh yeah, if you do this for the rest of your life, you'll definitely get liberated." My question is, this is the terrible misery. And why is it? It's not supposed to be a terrible misery. It's supposed to be a very beautiful experience. It's supposed to be a fantastic experience. And that is why that Creator has put so much and so much and so much and so much into this world, to make it a beautiful experience. But the problem is that there's …

Even Lord Krishna himself says, "I come when the good, when the righteousness declines in this world, demolishes in this world." So therefore it definitely does happen. And when it gets so bad in this world that a Perfect Master has to come -so, put your sense together and figure out how bad really would it have to be before a Perfect Master would really come in this world. He would completely refrain otherwise. It doesn't say so, but you can come to that conclusion very safely.

He says, "I come when the good goes down." That means, he comes when the good goes down. And what that means is that he is not there when the good is up and up.

But then you take another conclusion. Another conclusion is this: There's always a time when there is Perfect Master in this world. This has also been said by Saints. Because without a Perfect Master in this world, this world would be completely gone just like that, in a flash. So what it concludes, and what the conclusion overall comes as is this: This world is pretty miserable because of what man has done today to it.

Not that it is by itself. It's very beautiful. What God has created in this world is excellent. It's terrific; it's beautiful! I mean, okay, so somebody can go, "Yes. It is us rotating at twenty-four thousand miles an hour, and you see, the sun stays right there, and we're going like this, and so, see, the sun is coming up at another place while it's setting at this place, and it's going to be night here and daytime over there. Because, you see, sun is right there, and we are moving like this."

No. Look, I don't care about that. I could care less, if we are moving or we stopped. Of course, the way they put is is if we stop, we've had it. But the thing is, the way I look at it is that it's very beautiful when this beautiful, beautiful sunset happens. It's very beautiful when a sunrise happens. It's very beautiful when it's nighttime to see all the stars, to see all these …

Every time we go back from satsang, we open up the sunroof and we look up. And Marolyn was saying that she had heard that there are more stars in this universe than there are grains of sand on the whole Earth. So I mean, I don't know. I don't think anybody has dared count it yet, or weighed it, or imagined. But let's say that there's just lots of them there. And it's so beautiful!


And you know, it's kind of ridiculous, but four or five people go to a place where it's supposed to be the most fantastic kind of a sunset happening, and there is this one guy going, "And yes, and now you can practically see, this Earth is rotating to this point where the sun is going to go down, the stars are coming up," and so on and so forth. While these other people are just not even listening to him, they're just enjoying the sunset. Well, what are they enjoying in the sunset, that the Earth is rotating? People go to see a sunset to make sure, "Oh, yeah, this is great. Earth is still rotating. This is nice. This is good. I can see it, clearly." And then when the sun rises they go up the hill: "Oh yeah, God! That's really nice. I couldn't sleep all night long. I thought this Earth had stopped!"

So premies, in one extreme there are even those concepts. But concepts and all those things - to us, we have to really understand the purpose of our lives in this world. We have to really surrender to realise the purpose of this life. We have to sort of get away from the ridiculousness of what we are placed with. And we have to come in that Truth. We have to come in that perfection. We have to come in that point.

And only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace - and why do I say that? Because this is what my experience is! This is what I have experienced. That only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is it possible to realise this Knowledge … period. That's it.

Some people might say, "But anybody can tell this Knowledge to anybody." Oh yeah, sure. In the German newspaper a long time ago, in the German magazine, they had disclosed everything. And I am pretty sure that people sat down and tried it out. What else have they got to do? They see something, they see the name, name is like the guarantee, and the name is like the good thing behind the product. And there they are, and they go, "Oh man, great. This is Mission. This is what they say. This is what they do."

And on the other hand, I am a hundred percent positive they didn't get one bean-worth out of it. Because that's not the way it works. It's just not the way it works. It's only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. And that's the fact. That is my own realisation. That is what I think really happens.

Because, why? Look at it this way - and anyway you slice it, it comes out the same to me. People say, and even in Indian scriptures - and I'm not trying to cut anybody down, and whatever they have said must be really true because they believe in it, of course - they say that there is a grace of mother, and then the grace of teacher. Then there's the grace of this, and then there is the grace of that. Okay, that's all fine.

But how is that mother's life going to get accomplished if she doesn't have Knowledge by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji? I mean, after all, a mother is not here just to give kids. She also has a purpose in her life, as any human being. Okay? Even that kid is born, and people say that then it's the Grace of God. I agree with this. This definitely is true. I agree with this. But what I am trying to say is that overall, whose Grace is it that ties it together in any possible sense?

What they are trying to say is by the Grace of God you have life. Now, I agree. He runs His Grace out from you and - pfft - you've had it! And that's true. But then, what is the purpose of having this life if you can't realise the aim of this life? If you can't fulfill the aim of this life? Which can only happen by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji.

So from beginning to end, it's the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji that brings us together, that brings us to the point where we can realise the Knowledge, fulfill our aim. And then, only he, only Guru Maharaj Ji, can then turn around and give us enough Grace again, to be able to surrender to him, to be able to become one with him. Because this is what they have said about Guru Maharaj Ji: that the difference is that Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to where he is, to that point. Other people might not be able to. Other people might be able to give you this information or that information, bring you to a certain point. But this is the difference. Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to the same point that he is at. And then, when we surrender to him …

It's that example that I used to give. Can you imagine a teacher trying to teach when all the kids in his class are just going completely bongo haywire? And it's just like that. The teacher gets up and says, "Two and two is four." And you get up and you say, "What for?" And then he says, "Listen, you know, please bear with me, please do this - just memorise, just pass my class, get out of my class, anything." And you don't get out of his class. You don't bear with him. And you just keep on telling him, "What for? What for? What for?"

I mean, do you really expect that you're going to get some kind of an education? Do you really think that you're going to become a graduate? Do you really think that that teacher is going to tell you anything that's worth learning, when you treat him like that? Not if he is intelligent. Not if he is smart. He should just tell you all these things: If you can't bear with him, he should tell you, "Yeah, five and five is one." And then you go out, get all graduated, and the guy goes, "What's five and five?" And you go, "one," and everybody laughs at you, like you made fun of that teacher.

But anyway, how can you learn? How can he teach you and how can you learn when you haven't surrendered yourself? How is it possible?

So premies, what it really boils down to is that we have to really try to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Try to let ourselves go to Guru Maharaj Ji. Try to let ourselves be with Guru Maharaj Ji. Try to let ourselves be with Guru Maharaj Ji. And what am I talking about? I'm not talking about: Go to a movie theatre. I'm not talking about: Go sit in a taxi cab. I'm not talking about: Go to Siberia. I'm talking about: Be with Guru Maharaj Ji. Surrender yourself to Guru Maharaj Ji. Be in Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

What is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? What does Guru Maharaj Ji's world consist of? It's within inside of us. It's within inside each of us. Each one has that Guru Maharaj Ji's world inside of him. And what this Guru Maharaj Ji's world is, it's a - ourselves. It's really ourselves. But we can only get there by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. And that is why it's Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Because all there is is Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace again and again and again and again and again. But we have to let go.

And when I say "let go," I don't mean just let go, like "relax." I'm not talking about trying to make you limp. I'm talking about: to let go, to let go of that mind, to let go of that attachment, to let go of that links.


To let go of that boredom in which you find such excitement.

To let go of that stupidity in which you find so much intelligence. That's what I'm talking about.

To let go of that mind. Because as long as the mind is going to stay with us, we will not be able to proceed in this world.

They have this cartoon in America called "George Jetson." And all this cartoon is about is space-age, where this guy gets up in the morning, and he has to exercise. He hits one button; a big screen falls in front of him, and there is a movie of him where he is running, and so he starts to sweat, and that's how he loses pounds. He's just lying on his bed, doing nothing. And then all of a sudden he hits the button, and he says to his wife, "Oh boy, I really jogged today. I really got a lot of exercise today." And of course it's an outrageous kind of a cartoon series because he's flying in this car, and gets on his office building, and presses a button in the car and the car just folds into a briefcase and he just walks with it. But, maybe some day that's exactly what's going to happen: flying briefcase automobiles.

But in any case, is that what we are going to do? Is that what we are going to surrender to? Is that what we are going to end up at? As our effort, nothing is going on; we just look at the screen and say, "Oh boy, I really got a lot of exercise today." I mean, this thing that we think is really doing exercise, it's doing an exercise, it's a movie! But when we want to exercise, we have to exercise. Not by just watching a mere movie can we accomplish what we can get from exercise.

So if we want to accomplish what we want to accomplish and, premies, this is a very famous saying: "You can drag a horse to the water, but you just can't make him drink it." So, it doesn't matter. It can be a fifty-day festival.

And as Raja Ji was talking about, it would be really nice to have our own place, it would be really nice to have our own facilities. And I have talked about it, and I have talked about it, and I have talked about it. And we have started to look for some land. (We see land, but then there's this problem with it or that problem with it, and it'll take a lot of time, and it'll take a lot of effort.) Just imagine this: If we had our own facility, you would have no bus problems (applause). Well, I see that a lot of people don't like those buses. And, secondly, you won't have a problem of staying in some hotel and coming to satsang in this place. We won't have a problem of trying to make a stage as this stage is set up. We can build our own stage. We can build our own hall just the way we want it so it's the best for the premies.

There's just so many factors that are involved. We can have our own places where we can hold Knowledge review. We can have TV all over the place where constantly satsang can be playing. We can have monitors all over the place, so it doesn't matter even if you don't feel so great that day you can lie down in your little cottage and listen to satsang. I mean, everything. And it would save, overall, so much expense. And I mean, it would be so wonderful. And yet, all our effort put together can bring it.

And if, of course, we have a facility like that, you don't have to bother about anything. Either you can hold a ten-day festival, we can hold a two-day festival and have ten satsangs, and we can hold a ten-day program and have one satsang. I mean, anyway you want it. Anything can work out. But the problem is: Is that the answer? Is that what's going to finally manifest everything? No! We can have a ten-day program; we can have a program every day. We can just make a huge premie community, and everybody can just live in this one place. But (premies applauding) I mean, let me say this; let me say this. And this is what I'm trying to drive at, is that even that is not going to do it.

It's just not going to do it, because you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it. That's the reason. Yes' You can have satsang every day of your life, but you as each individual - now, the wife cannot make that decision for the husband. The husband cannot make that decision for the wife. For each of you as individuals, you have to make that decision that you really, really want to surrender, to be able to become one with Guru Maharaj Ji, to be able to experience the purpose of this life, to be able to accomplish the aim of this life, to have God-realisation - you name it - to accomplish that -except materialistic and worldy things. They just don't get accomplished.

You know, you will be surprised at how many people went ahead and received Knowledge because they thought - it was like, the mahatma would get up and he would say, "And by receiving this Knowledge, you can accomplish whatever you want." Some people wanted kids. Some people wanted a good job. Some people wanted this; some people wanted that. So they went ahead and they received Knowledge, and after two days or three days they said, or figured, "So look, I haven't got no kid yet, and I haven't got a good job. Those guys are just a bunch of rip-off."

But Knowledge? That experience of God realisation? That experience of being detached? Being like a lotus, because a lotus can be born in dirty water, but never touches dirty water. Being that, in that difference.

The car, for instance, when you drive a car at nighttime especially here, just gets full of bugs in front. But even a car, which has driven miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, all these bugs might associate with the car, get splattered all over the car. But the car never becomes a bug. And I mean, I'm not talking in terms of Volkswagen or anything like that. But these little mosquitoes or gnats and stuff get little metal flakes in them. But the car never turns into a bug itself.

So premies, the most important thing that you have to understand is that whatever you want to accomplish in that realisation, in that path, can be done. It is just that all of us have to come together and accomplish that purpose. It is all of us that have to come together. I mean, why am I screaming? Why am I yelling? It's a good question. But I know the answer to it. And it's very simple to me. Because I love you, I want you to have that experience. If I didn't love you, then I couldn't care less! I mean, it would be a different story. But because I love you.

And this love is not the kind of love where it's a fly-by-night love. No, it's not. It's not that Rolls Royce type of love, where, "Oh yeah, great, man." The first day you see the premies - I mean, I still can't believe that this is the fourth day of the program. I mean it's just like, it hasn't happened.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji on a rather strange stage set in Kansas City, January 1978

you know, it can't be happening so fast! And yet, it's just like we've had two days of satsang. We've had darshan. And we have satsang again. And we still have tomorrow left!

Now usually today would be the day that you would be finally getting back home and opening up the doors, and making sure that you have been - you've gotten about fifty bills, and you go, "Awww, what's gonna happen?" Or something of that sort. Or if not that, then you'd be blissed out and reading the magazines or playing the cassettes, and just closing your eyes and trying to come back into this place to experience this festival. Or whatever. It's possible. It's possible to really accomplish that. And it's just so beautiful that it's happening.

Because I know there is a lot of Love that premies have for me. And it's just really beautiful to know that. And it's just like almost the thing I need to thrive on. Of course, food. But that's only physical. And then, that would be the thing that I couldn't care less about. But it's the thing of where I really care. And I don't care from my stomach. I don't care from my knees or my brain. I care from way deep inside, which maybe I can never put a finger on it. But way, way deep inside of me, where the Love really is for you. Only because you love me.

And I mean, of course, when I drive down the road, I love those people. There's maybe a little bit of sympathetic feeling:

These guys really don't know. They're just going around the circles, going around the circles. And they still don't know what they're here for. You see these old, old, old, old, old, old, old people; you see these young, young, young, young kids, and you see everything. And yet, it's so fortunate. And you have to feel fortunate, and you have to really understand how fortunate you really are to be able to have that Knowledge.

And, for people who haven't had that Knowledge, feel, just imagine - I know that there's a lot of aspirants here. But for the people who haven't realised this Knowledge, just think how fortunate you are to be able to live in an era where you can realise this Knowledge.

So, I mean, it's just really a beautiful opportunity either way you slice it. And here it is now, premies, in front of us.

So, I don't know if it's good to talk about it, or if it's bad to talk about it. But tomorrow is going to be our final night. And then, I know all the premies are going to go back and it's going to - I mean, it's just like this was the fastest so far I'm concerned. It's a five-day - longest. And yet, it's the fastest. And just let go. And I mean, of course, you can never hear a lot of satsang. That doesn't exist to me. There's never a lot.

So just let go, premies. And let go, let surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, let it manifest in your life. Let him do it. And it's possible. So thank you very much.