Shining Like Pearls

Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

The following satsang was given by Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the father of Guru Maharaj Ji (undated, reprinted from And It Is Divine).

Dear Gentlemen,

In reality the glories of Guru Maharaj Ji cannot be described. By simply remembering Guru Maharaj Ji, all difficulties go away and for this reason all saints and mahatmas salute Guru Maharaj Ji first.

When in the heart of a disciple the nails of Guru Maharaj Ji's feet start shining like pearls, then he has divine vision by which the darkness of ignorance is removed. But the inner vision of Guru Maharaj Ji's feet happens only by great fortune. In whose heart attention is fixed on Guru Maharaj Ji alone, he starts seeing the secret and open pictures of God. I mean to say that by meditating on Guru Maharaj Ji, the divine eyes are opened. In this there are all advantages; there is no harm.

The cloth which is less dirty gets cleaned easily, but the cloth of the kitchen which is not washed from a few days takes much labor to clean. Similarly, one who devotes himself early in service, satsang and meditation, he is washed early. Otherwise he takes much time and even then it is not known whether he will be so clean. It is said that as the washerman uses soap in his cloth, and rubs and cleans it on stone, similarly Guru Maharaj Ji also uses the soap of the Name in the cloth of his disciple. The washerman washes clothes on stones but Guru Maharaj washes on the stone of meditation. The washerman's cloth comes out clean, and from Guru Maharaj Ji's cloth comes great light.

I was formerly of the ideas of the Arya Samaj, (a reformist group). When I went to my Guru Maharaj Ji to take the Knowledge, I thought I knew what he would tell me. He will tell me some tantra or mantra, I thought, but I went anyway to see what would happen.

The Golden Age 3

Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji MaharajWhen I went there, he asked, "Will you give your body, mind and wealth?" I thought that if he will show me Truth, there is nothing to fear. After all, this body will go one day. I told him, "Yes, I will give."

When Guru Maharaj told me that true Knowledge cannot be spoken, then I thought, "He is somewhat different. There is no tantra or mantra in this." When I read the bhajans of Brahmanand, then everything started coming back to my mind. I remembered that he also did not tell any tantra or mantra. But what is this, that what I could not understand before, now I understand it? In reality without this true Knowledge the being is blind. He is spoiling his life. Guru Maharaj Ji is omnipresent in the form of the Word, but he has to take human body to enlighten human beings, for their own good. It is said for this reason that Guru Maharaj is beyond imagination, meaning that if someone wants to measure him by the heart and mind it is quite impossible.

In this Age of Darkness, Guru Maharaj is distributing that true Knowledge without taking anything. He gives it freely but there is no one to purchase it. It has no respect. Yet Hanuman meditated upon that true Name and kept Lord Rama in his control. Shiva himself meditated upon that Name and popularized it in Kashi for the salvation of the people. Ganesh knew the glories of the Name very well, and this is the reason that even now he is worshipped. Saint Tulsidass asks how can he sing the glories of the Name when Lord Rama himself could not sing them?

Shiva knew the Name due to which poison, the agent of death, could do no harm to him. When Dropadi was being made naked and when she thought that she could not be saved from this insult, then she remembered that true Name and there was no end to her saree. Prahlad was thrown from hills, crushed by an elephant, and put to fire, but all these could not take him away from the right path. But do people today have faith on that Name? If it were so then there would be no different religions.

You might have seen the picture of Lord Shiva in the temples. Lord Shiva is sitting in samadhi with his eyes and mouth closed. He neither prays aloud, nor is he shown going to any temple. See Guru Nanak. He is also sitting in samadhi, having shut his eyes. Think about what they are doing.

Kabir says, "Put your meditation in the true Name of God. Shut the outside doors, that is, ears, eyes, mouth, etc. Leave the help of all these by which you think that you are performing devotion. Do not meditate outside, but keep yourself inwards. Realize God within."

See, there are many rooms in this building. A man who is clever, at night he will shut all the outside doors of the building and then do within what he likes; the outsiders cannot disturb him. Similarly, when we shut our organs from outside, then lust, anger, wishes, etc. will not worry us. When we will know to keep our attention in the light of God, to keep our attention within, then you can think for yourself whether there will be any need to go to religious places, or bathe in the Ganges or keep fasts. When it will be that we can fix our attention in the true Name of God, all twenty four hours, only then can we remember it at our last moment and realize the real Father.

No one can say where this body will end, in what condition it will go, at what time it will go, what is its fate in the end. Suppose lightning falls on me or I meet a lion in the forest and it eats me up. Suppose I slip on the floor and my head is fractured. Maybe I'll fall from a roof or sink in water, or maybe there will be an earthquake at night. At

The Golden Age 4

When in the heart of a disciple the nails of Guru Maharaj Ji's feet start shining like pearls, then he has divine vision by which the darkness of ignorance is removed.

that time how can one perform his prayers, go to religious places, fast, do yoga, etc? For this reason Kabir has said that if there is any way to realize the Father it is only that His true Name is remembered in every breath.

Hans Rawat aka Shri Hans Ji MaharajLord Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita, "O Arjuna! Remember Me all the time, without any break, and fight. In this way, having offered your heart and mind, you will meet Me, there is no doubt of it." All this can be done by practice and satsang. Lord Rama says to Bhilani, "Listen to the sayings of Guru Maharaj with all respect and with full attention. Then one should think it over and meditate upon it. By listening to something one has the opportunity to know it."

When Kabir was summoned to heaven, he was sitting in satsang at the time. He said that he does not take as much interest in heaven as in satsang. If one gets the pleasures of heaven and even more, even then it cannot compare to the pleasure of satsang for one minute. Hence one should go to satsang daily. Guru Maharaj should be served by body, mind, and wealth, and the Name should be meditated upon constantly. Only then will there be good fruits. It has been also told that like three legs of a table, if even one leg is broken, the table is of no use. So practice satsang, service and meditation. By meditating upon Guru Maharaj, affection increases for his feet.

Blessings are given to good persons, not to bad ones. Hence the orders of Guru Maharaj should be obeyed. What he asks should be done, what he does not ask should not be done. Only in this is there the good of yours and mine and all.

So practice satsang, service and meditation. By meditating upon Guru Maharaj, affection increases for his feet.