I Am Always With You

Dear Premie,

I am happy to receive your loving letter. Sorry for this belated reply as I was busy in satsang programmes.

I have given you the seed. Plant it in the field of your life; grow and harvest the crop. Peace and harmony will prevail on you. Listen to me, for you will hear God. Understand me for you will understand God. I am always with you, it is you who should be with me to harmonize this world. The Almighty above us needs no wealth or power, but only wants our love. He who has given us so many things, which we claim to own, for example eyes, nose, our family, etc. We should at least thank Him and serve Him for what He has done for us. We would have been incompleted if we never had eyes or any of the other organs. He is the scientist because He has perfectly made us. He has made us perfect, to be perfect and to know the Perfect. And this is all.

Every person has to be a son in order to be a father. This is the natural law. Similarly, in order to be with the Lord, one has to become a humble servant in the beginning. You, in the western world, are crippled with materialism. Come to me, for I shall heal you from your disease. You are blind with your eyes, for you cannot look to the spiritual world. Come to me, for I shall enlighten you. If you are lame, I am there to help you.

Dear aspirant, day by day, man is exploring materialism. But the saints had explored in the spiritual world. Scientists write books and theories while the saints write scriptures and sing the glory of God. Love God for He is Love. See divine light for He is DIVINE LIGHT. And Sing His glory in words, for He is the WORD. Quench your thirst for He is TRANQUILITY. Listen to the heavenly harmony for He is HEAVENLY HARMONY: from which the universal frame began.

You have not seen me, nor have I seen you face to face. But the distance never blocks love, for I have received your loving letters and when I read them my heart is filled with your love, it spills with joy and I have only tears to shed. Don't be so eager to see me, for I shall come to see you. I believe that a man should be so close to God that no gap remains between him and He. He feels God and God feels him. Just as the state of saturation described in science, and the state of tranquility described in the scriptures, the stage of perfectness as the ultimate goal of civilization has to be reached by man. Practise and meditate the word which is the essence of the universe. Because as you all know, practise makes a man perfect. Don't worry, if you are a sinner or if you err, because it is said 'To err is human and to forgive is Divine'. If God has His Divinity, then He will forgive His sinners. But one must not wantonly indulge in them and must avoid them.

I send you my blessings and hope that you will meditate and convey my message to your brothers and sisters, to all the citizens of your country. Lead a perfect life, and may victory and success be with you.

Yours, Sant ji Maharaj Dehradun, the 20th January, 1970.

40 The Golden Age