Infinite Questions, One Answer
Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at Marbella, Spain, on Thursday, 26th April, 1979.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji So dear premies, welcome to this Holi festival. We have all come here just … (over roars from crowd) I said welcome to the Holi festival. The reason why we have all come here is so very obvious and so very beautiful.

In this world a lot happens every day, every moment. Every second of this day, something has been happening in this world. And what do we do? Right now every second that is passing by, something is happening in this world, in this globe. And in this world, there's a lot of craziness that is manifesting every day, every second, every inch, every mile.

And yet it is so beautiful to be able to come here, it is so beautiful to be able to just be here. It's just so beautiful to be alive and to be able to have that

Grace to be alive. To be able to have that Grace to be breathing. And then it's so beautiful again, on top of that, to have that Grace to even have satsang. And on top of that, to even have the Grace to be here to listen to satsang.

And really, in this world there are only a few people who can really grab the gist of satsang, who can really take satsang to their heart, who can really understand what satsang is, what is the meaning of satsang.

In India they have something like a strainer, and every time that they want to clean some wheat off, or something like that, or get rid of little rocks and stuff, they use this strainer. They put the stuff in there and they shake it. What does the strainer do? Sometimes when they have to clean the flour, they'll use this strainer. What does this strainer do? It takes all that's really good, all that's really nice, all that's really edible and lets it pass, lets it go. And all that's just rocks, dirt, shells, that's really no good, that you really couldn't eat, it retains it, keeps it.

And then there is this other thing which is just like a tray with covered-up corners, and you put this stuff in it. You bounce it up and down, and what it does is, what's edible, it keeps it. It keeps what's nice and throws away those rocks, those things that aren't edible.

And same way in our lives. In this world, the situation of this mind, the situation of this illusion, the situation of this maya, and the situation of this world is that the people are like those strainers that let go what's really good.

I mean it's repeated history, isn't it? Let go what's good and retain what you can't do anything with anyway. Hang onto what you don't need anyway. And then there are a few people in this world who really take advantage, who really understand the significance, and those are the people who let go of all that that's just mud, that's just dirt, that's just no good, and keep in what is real, what is really needed for us.

Of course in this world, food is a very important thing to people. Okay, yes, food is a very important thing. We all need food. I mean look at the life cycle that we have to live in. This is what I was saying in Miami; some of the necessities and some of the nice things to be considered if you were planning to build a house. What would you design?

You would design a kitchen. Why do you need a kitchen? You need a kitchen so you can prepare food. Then you would design a dining room, because that's where you can eat the food. But very close to where you sleep, or at least one in the living room and one right next to the bedroom , you would design a toilet, a bathroom. Why? So you have a kitchen: You can make food there, make a sandwich, make whatever you eat. Then you take it to the dining room and you gobble it down. And then you take it to the toilet and flush it out, flush it down.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji And isn't this what we do every day? Except maybe for some people who are very constipated. And to them it's a real problem, because they can go into the kitchen and prepare food, and go into the dining room and eat food, but can't go into the bathroom and flush it. And that's a real problem for them.

I mean this is our cycle. Every day we sort of live for this thing. This is what we do. And that's it. You know, in one way that's it. Okay, of course that's not it, then you go to the office, and then you do this, and then you do that, and so many things that you do.

Ina part of our life we need a most important thing; we call it shelter. We need a house. You look at it. First of all they say man used to live in trees, he used to just hang around in trees. And he thought that's not such a hot idea, to be in trees. He figured he needed shelter from rain, and he needed shelter from everything that he is subjected to on the tree. And so he said, "Why not take over the caves?" So he went and took over the caves. And now you see all the houses and big buildings and manifestations - different kinds, of course - but just manifestations of that cave.

And Guru Maharaj Ji, a Perfect Master, always comes in this world and says, "Look. It is fine to have a kitchen. And it's fine to have a dining room. And it's fine to have a toilet that flushes. But is that all that you need in this life? Is that the complete cycle of your life? Is that why you live?" Because that, maybe not in that particular way, but that's exactly what a cow does. That's what a horse does. That's what a pig does. That's what even the animal life does. And where do you fit in?

And really, it's so true that if we look at ourselves today, and look at all these animal worlds, what is the difference, what is that one thing that would really qualify us to be the crown of creation? What is that thing that would really allow us to say, "Okay, because you do this one thing, you are crown of creation"? What is it? Sleep? They sleep. Eat? They eat. Work? Of course they have to work.

Can you imagine if human beings had to run forty miles an hour hunting their food like a leopard does? Or can you imagine if man had to fly like a hawk to hunt his food? No, we do it differently.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji We go to the office to do that. And we drive forty miles an hour to do that. There are people who in their lives go to school, learn how to fly, so they can fly, so that they can get some money, so that they can go home and buy some food.

And in one way, yes, we are running forty miles an hour too, as they do. And yes, we are flying. And yes, we are doing all these things, but really is that the purpose of this life? Is this the whole thing? Is this the reason why we are all here?

And this is the thing that Guru Maharaj Ji says. "No. There is something deeper in your heart. There is something more real. There is something more

significant. There is that glimpse of reality that you have to realize. And that only you, and you alone in this human form, can realize it. And

therefore that's what makes you the crown of this creation. That's what makes you superior to those animals, because those animals cannot realize that."

I mean can you imagine giving Knowledge to a gorilla? The initiator says something wrong to him in the Knowledge session and … pow! You know? Or he comes for a Knowledge selection and the initiator is sitting there, and talks to him and tells him he should wait. And he doesn't like that very much. What would happen? Poor initiator.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Or in the same way, trying to give Knowledge to a chimpanzee or to a monkey or to a snake or to anything? But that can't happen. But with us it can. Look how easy it is for those initiators to tell us, "Wait."

We come in this world, and yet we get so lost. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world to save us. Because there is a necessity, there is a reason why we need to be saved. Because we always get lost, we always lose track, we always lose that path. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and says, "Look. Here is the path that you should walk. Here is a path for you. This is your path. In this path you will find that tranquillity that you are looking for everywhere else. This is the path and if you walk this, it'll bring you that Peace."

And today we have Peace and we have God and we have liberation and we have manifestation, and so many things. I was asked this question from a press reporter: "Peace. You say Peace. You will establish Peace in this world. Do you mean 'absence of war' as the dictionary defines it?" And really I have seen the dictionary too. And it said that: "Absence of war." But then I opened up the dictionary again and I looked, and it said, "Peace: absence of war." But then it also said, "Inner contentment".

That's what peace is. That's what I'm talking about. Inner contentment. This one American dictionary defines peace as not only being absence of war, but inner contentment. It's a big, thick dictionary. I figure if it's that thick, it's probably right, so far English language is concerned, or American language is concerned. In reality, it's that inner contentment, contentment inside.

And when that inner contentment comes to us, do we really experience that Peace? Then do we really experience that Love? Then only do we really experience that bliss? Because outside, physically to achieve contentment is literally impossible. Can't. Can't do it. It can't happen. Because this world is ever-changing. It changes and it changes and it changes and it changes and it changes. What is there in this world that is so steady, that has come out once and has always been like that?

I remember that in Malibu, I was sitting at the kitchen table and all of a sudden some premies brought me this Atra razor. I said, "What is this?" And premies at Raja Ji's house were watching TV, namely Bruno, and he saw the ad for Atra. I mean there he was and he was using a razor. And probably he was happy with it or he wasn't happy with it; it's irrelevant, insignificant. But he sees this one commercial and he goes running to the Point Dume Pharmacy and buys himself a razor. I guess he bought me one, too.

After they had made that razor, then they came out with an adjustable Atra II. And now everybody ran out and got an adjustable Atra II. Now they have just come out with an Atra II self-cleaning blade. And everybody's going to go out and buy that.

This world is constantly changing. It's not a reality. It's like a river: Which drop is it that you can call a drop? It's a mass of water constantly moving. It's a mass of changes. This world is just like a mass of changes constantly happening. And not from now, but from such a long time. A long, long, long time ago. Everything in this world just changes and changes and changes. And people who attach themselves to that boat of this world, their satisfaction will never come.

It's not a matter of having a prophecy. It's not a matter of making a prophecy. "Oh yeah, if you attach yourself to this world, you will never have inner

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji contentment. It's not a matter of that. It's so simple. You can see it right on the face, that, if you believe this world will bring you inner contentment … it can never happen. It's so simple. You know, it's so simple. If somebody tells you to paint a flower on a tyre that is rotating at one thousand revolutions, can you do it? How are you going to do it? How can you do it?

Okay, here we are all sitting in a bullring. What is this game in this bullring? Look. What happens in this bullring? I have never seen a bullfight, a real bullfight. Only once, in Miami, I turned on the television and on this eight-ball channel they had a bullfight going on.

And it literally made me sick. They have this bull come out, probably from back here or one of these sides.

Do you think it would be a show if they had the guy, the matador, tied to a tree? Do you think if he was tied to his shoes and his shoes were, you know, tied to a one foot concrete block buried into the ground, do you think that would be any competition? No. Because then it would be all too simple.

The bull would come, take one look at the guy, you know, and think whatever he wants to think: "This is it buddy," and … bam! That would be it. And do you think it would be any competition for the matador, if he came in this bullring and the bull was tied? I mean who would go "Yeah!" and "Hooray!" and all the things they do? I mean what would happen? There'd be nothing.

Would you really want to go and watch something like that? That's like a doctor giving a needle shot to a dog lying on an operating table. Nothing.

But it's the fact that they are constantly changing. The bull is loose and the matador is loose: And that's what makes it so spicy.

This world is constantly going around and around and around. And we follow

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

it. We chase it. And we are constantly changing as the world is changing. Everybody is constantly changing as the world is changing.

Obviously the people who speak Italian now don't speak it the same exact way they spoke it two hundred years ago. Same thing with Hindi. Same thing with English. You know? These things are changing. Do you really think that when the pilgrims landed in America they went to an Indian living in Texas and said, "Howdy. How you all doing today?" You know, that didn't happen. Today, that world is different. Today, maybe a Texan will come to Plymouth Rock and say so: But not then. And you look at the constant change that happens in this world, and when we attach ourselves to it that can never bring us the inner contentment.

After all, what is contentment? What are we looking for? To be content. To be completely contented. What is that? What does it mean?

You know, what is thirst? Thirst is a lust for water: A physical reaction. Your mouth gets dry and you want water. Water. Maybe there are different things happening, to the point where you even reach the place that you want water. Maybe you are dehydrated, maybe all the water has been depleted out of your body, but here you find yourself: That you need water. And then something happens when you drink that water. That's a contentment. You get contented from that one cold, beautiful glass of water.

Like to a lot of Englishmen, it's tea. In the afternoon they come back from their walk, sit down and have a cup of tea. And when they drink that cup of tea, it's "Ahhhh!" In the same way, to a hungry person … it's the same thing. There is something that maybe brings that person to the point where he feels he is hungry, he needs food, he needs that energy. This afternoon I was very, very hungry. How can I explain what that hunger was; It was a feeling. I was feeling that I was very, very hungry. And I went to the cooks and I said, "Listen. Hurry up." I even timed them. I said, "How long is it going to be?" They said, "Five minutes." I said, "The time is up."

And it's just that feeling of hunger.

I can't possibly describe you what that feeling really is. And yet when I had the food, something happened, that feeling went away, and you might say, you might say that I felt content.

But of course, that's the kind of contentment that is going to go away and come back in about four or five hours. "I feel hungry again." You can drink a glass of water now. In three or four hours you'll feel thirsty again.

That's this world. For the contentment may come: Faster it comes, faster it goes. And so after all, that Knowledge is really what brings us that true contentment.

And how fortunate we are, I mean how fortunate we are to be here. Here now. To be able to listen to satsang. To be able to experience satsang. Okay, the word 'fortunate' maybe to some people is … they revolt. "Fortunate. Of course I am fortunate." "I don't think I am fortunate." Maybe a lot of people feel, "What is so fortunate about being here?"

It's getting cold, sun just went down (it's going to come back up again in a few seconds - I mean at least come down enough so that it can shine through those arcs, and then I'll get warm again - then it'll go down) and then I'll get cold again. Here I can see some people are trying to put their sweaters on, and some people are trying to put their blankets on, and doing whatever they are doing. What is this "fortunate", "fortunate-ism" that we talk about?

Initiators get up and they say, "Oh what an opportunity. How fortunate we really are." And look, okay, maybe you are not fortunate, maybe you think you are not fortunate. But you are fortunate.

Because first of all, you have one Grace with you. One Grace that brought you into this world, put you in existence. One Grace that is right now keeping you alive. You are breathing, feeling that cold. That's being fortunate. If you didn't feel that cold, the cold that's coming, would you call yourself very fortunate? You wouldn't be able to call anything: You wouldn't be able to say anything. You'd be probably depending upon your religion, be on top of a fire, in a casket, anywhere. But that's one Grace: That we are alive.

Okay, maybe it's not all that fortunate that it's cold. But we can feel it. And

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji then, to top it all off, to be able to have the opportunity to fulfil the purpose of this life. To be able to fulfil the purpose of this life, because that's what this life is made for.

When you, in your head imagine, "Look, everything is fine, everything is great. I've got my car, I've got my house, I've got my, you know, two-time food, or three-time food" (it doesn't matter how much you eat) you're saying, "Okay, I've got this and I've got that, and that's my life." Then you might say, well what is so fortunate about this? But when you really look at it, that's not your life.

You weren't put in this world, you weren't created just so that you could run forty miles an hour, or fifty miles an hour, or sixty miles an hour: Or to even accomplish how to fly, how to get up there. Or, to just simply be constantly fulfilling the lust of your stomach. That's not the purpose why you were put here! That was not the purpose why God, the Creator, created this Earth.

I mean it's absurd to think that to content yourself with these physical necessities is why the Creator created you - to hear you get hungry. "I need food. I need a house. I need a car. I need a wife. I need a this and I need a that." To think that that's the reason to be here is absurd.

But then to know. Just for even a little while, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, to catch a glimpse that that's not the reason. But the reason really is, so that you can merge: So that you can have that inner contentment. So that you can have that Peace. So that you can become one with what you really are. And then, when you know that,"Yes, that is my purpose," then you see how, that by that Grace, that purpose is being fulfilled. That you have it, now that you have Knowledge. That you are here listening to satsang.

Of course, there are some here who don't have Knowledge. But just to be able to have that opportunity to be able to listen to satsang. And then most of all, to have Guru Maharaj Ji to give you that Knowledge. And to top it all off, to top it completely all off, to have Guru Maharaj Ji who can lead you, who can take you on that path, who can hold your hand and guide you through. And that's Grace. And that's real.

And when we realize that, even for a moment, or catch a glimpse of that … And this is what Brahmanand says. At the end of his song he says, "What can I give to Guru Maharaj Ji? Even if I collect everything from this world it would mean nothing. It would never compare to what He has given me. Because He has given me this life. He has given me the Knowledge. He has made me a human being." I mean that's my interpretation … "Made me a human being."

Because without the Knowledge, without that connection, without the true understanding, what is the difference between us and the animal world that we so proudly "toodle" over, proudly look down upon? You look at a porpoise. A porpoise is a lot smarter than a human being. Look at a whale. A whale is a lot bigger than a human being. Look at an elephant. Look at a shark.

But to make that purpose come alive, to make that reality really manifest for us, for me, for you, as individuals, as you are … now that is Grace. And who can be more fortunate than a devotee in this world? Who can be more fortunate?

There is that one example, where there were these two people. And one of

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them was just completely into his world, into his thing. He would go, do whatever he wanted to do in this world, and just space out. And there was one who would just constantly be tuned to that satsang. He would go to ashram and he would do the service, and he would sit down and listen to satsang and just concentrate and listen to his Guru Maharaj Ji; everything. So one day, he prompted his friend, who was completely into this world, to go and listen to some satsang.

So the friend said, "Oh what? Okay, I'll go." And so he comes with him. There is Guru Maharaj Ji there, and there are all the premies and he sits down and listens to satsang. After a little while, he gets up and leaves. After that, he never comes back. A few days later his friend sees him. He said, "Well, how did you enjoy the satsang?" He said, "Well, I didn't particularly care for it."

Next day they were both walking together. One was going to go his own way, one was going to go to the ashram. And he came across this pot that was filled with gold, except a lot had been just turned into black ashes, black coal. There was just a little bit of gold left in it. And this premie starts walking toward the ashram. He doesn't go very far, and he gets a really big thorn in his foot. So he goes back, and that confuses him.

"Wait a minute. This guy is completely involved in this world, is completely into this maya, into this illusion. I sit at the ashram and listen about how terrible that is, how ridiculous that is, how bad that is; that that is not the purpose of this life, that's not the reason why we were made, and this guy is into all that. This guy is

completely merged with all that. And he gets gold! And me? I spend almost all my time at the ashram doing service, listening to Guru Maharaj Ji, listening to satsang and what do I get? A thorn in my foot." And so he stopped going.

A few days later, the connection was just there, some voltage went through it, he lit up and said, "I should go back to the ashram. I want to see Guru Maharaj Ji. I want to see premies. I want to listen to satsang." So he just toddles back to the ashram and checks in, and there's all these premies. "What happened? What happened?"

And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and takes one look at him and says, "What happened to you? You haven't come around. You used to come every day, right punctual."

He said, "Well Guru Maharaj Ji, I really had a terrible experience. I come to ashram every day. Even coaxed my friend who was into this worldly thing, that I believed so much that by listening to satsang it would really straighten him out. I brought him here and I encouraged him that he should come and he should listen to satsang. And here I come every day and look what happened to me; I got a thorn in my foot. It's infected, it hurts … all that. And here is this guy who is completely having a nice time in this world. He gets gold! This is ridiculous. Explain to me, what is it?"

And Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Look, it's very, very simple. He had done a lot of good in his life, in his past life, and he was going to sow that whole pot of gold. That's what he was going to get,

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji that was coming to him. It was his. Every day that he wasted his life in this world, trying to look for satisfaction in this world, trying to look for that peace in this world, trying to look in this world for what he thought was the truth: All his gold was turned into coal, except for one time that he heard that satsang; that he came, that he heard, when you encouraged him and he listened. Even though he was not interested. But everything had turned into coal except for a little bit of gold.

And you, you were supposed to be hung: Executed. Your life was supposed to be over. Finished. But it was converted merely into a thorn in your foot. Who won out, you or him?"

And he realized that, "Yes. I have won out. Where my life was supposed to end, Guru Maharaj Ji turned it into merely a thorn." And the power of that satsang, the beauty of that satsang, the power of that knowing, to listen, to understand, is so incredible.

Because there is nothing else. Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to come to you and whisper in your ear, because we are not relatively talking about this world. Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to come and write a note to you and send it to you. But the way Guru Maharaj Ji is going to talk to you, is through satsang. And satsang is that devotee's life. Meditation is that devotee's life. Service is a devotee's life. Because in that, in satsang, service and meditation, in the manifestation of Knowledge, in the manifestation of Guru Maharaj Ji, can a person who is devoted find that inner contentment which is Peace.

To me, if we call peace the absence of war, then that'll never happen. Because man is always going to try to get in war with himself. Because getting in war with yourself sows the seed. Not being satisfied in your heart sows the seed for a bigger war, and a bigger war and a bigger war and a bigger war.

Tell me something. If you go to see a movie and it's called 'part one', what does that mean to you? It means that the movie is not yet finished; there is a 'part two'. And then there is a 'part three'. And then there is a 'part four'. Just like the war. World War 1, World War 11, World War 111. Who knows? But by just saying 'World War 1'… why not "the war"? "The end"? No. But it was World War 1. And what happened after World War 1? World War 11 proceeded. And if that logical follow-up keeps happening (I hope not, I pray not) but if that logical thing keeps on happening, it's gonna lead to three and four and five and six and seven, till somebody finally goes, "The End." Then there will be no more parts left.

And yet, how many of us really want that, "The End"? Because that, "The

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji End" means as soon as the screen goes, "The End", the whole ceiling falls on your head. That's it. Finished.

And so, just to be able to even look at this world, just to be even able to see that, and then look at how much Grace every one of us has really been blessed with. To have that opportunity to be able to have satsang. To be able to have the opportunity to be able to listen to satsang. To have that opportunity to be able to do meditation, to be able to do service. To find that contentment.

Because is that what this world really offers us? The world that we love so much, the world that we would do anything for? Is that really what this world offers us, the inner contentment? It never has, never will, never can! It's a matter of physical impossibility.

But Guru Maharaj Ji can offer us that. And that is why Krishna says that, "If you want that Knowledge, then go to the Perfect Master of your time, and with a heart like a child, pray. Ask." Not a heart filled with confusion, filled with doubts. Because how many of us sitting here are really stuffed with it, with the confusion, with those doubts? And why are they there? Why are they there?

I think it was Jagdeo giving satsang, and he said, "And just look at the people of this world, how many doubts they have, how many questions they have." it's true. They have literally infinite questions. And they have so many questions that there are no answers to. "What is beyond this universe?" I have been asked that question, you know. "What is beyond this universe?" Go to NASA. Ask them that question. Very simple answer: "We don't know."

What is beyond this universe? The same thing that's in this universe, that holds the universe up, that keeps it as a universe, is the same thing that's beyond that, and beyond that. And if there is a zillion universes, then in all those zillions of universes, there is that one thing, and that's Knowledge.

And you come to Guru Maharaj Ji; and you ask Guru Maharaj Ji a question. You don't have to ask Guru Maharaj Ji your infinite questions, because Guru Maharaj Ji has one answer. And when Guru Maharaj Ji gives you this one answer all your questions … There is a song that goes, "All my questions

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and doubts were ended." All those questions. What is beyond the universe? Knowledge is beyond the universe. You know? What is a black hole in this universe? My mind is a black hole in this universe.

Guru Maharaj Ji makes it so obvious and apparent, through this Knowledge, which is the answer of all the answers. And just by having that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, just by having that love for Guru Maharaj Ji, just by having that understanding in Guru Maharaj Ji.

When I was flying here (I mean I wasn't flying here, but I was in the airplane) I looked out the window. I saw Bermuda. And then all of a sudden the whole myth about the Bermuda Triangle - "brrrr", like a microprocessor, you know, like a little microfilm thing - just started flashing by: Bermuda Triangle. And in some places the water was so, so, so clear that you could actually see right through the water, and see the white sand.

Maybe there are all these questions, and maybe we look out for all these questions. And yet when Guru Maharaj Ji gives us one answer; one answer, you know …

Okay, there is this Bermuda Triangle. And they say there is still a city underneath there. There was a city and then there's these people who live in it. And they grab those airplanes and they take it down. Maybe to this world it is like, "Oh no, what if that happens, what am I gonna do?" And yet to a premie it's so obvious. "We're gonna have satsang, what else?" Maybe, you can give 'em some satsang, they'll get interested and call an initiator, grab an initiator, from the airplane.

Because knowing life, knowing that you're alive, and knowing why you're alive, and then knowing everything: why you're alive, what is life, what is the purpose of this life, it's the complete satisfaction. A hungry man can think of thousands of foods, thousands, but one non-hungry man who is content can't even think of food. A person who is in darkness, who does not know; what else can that person do except think of question after question after question after question?

Yet the one who has understood, the one who has realized that one answer, knows. Know-ledge. Knowledge.

Knowledge of what? Maybe some initiators say, Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji. But Knowledge of all Knowledges … knowing everything. Not having a necessity to know. The peak of contentment. The manifestation of complete harmony. The realization of life. The realization of the purpose of life.

And just a few of these things are simply very, very hard for some of the people in this world to understand. Look at God. God is one. God is one, and yet God is omnipresent, and God is omnipotent, and God is omniscient. This is believed by literally every religion. What are you guys doing then? Why are you so divided? What's up? You know. Look inside your heart.

Look at the people in this world. Just look at it. Look at every religion that exists. Every religion is different. Every religion is varied. Why? Why? Every Perfect Master who came in this world came for one single purpose: Establishment of Peace. To give that Knowledge. To give that realization to his devotees.

If God is omniscient, I mean what are we doing on this Earth anyway, having so many factions? But that is like, "Wait a minute. That doesn't jell in our menu. Keep that one out." And that is really the attitude of the people.

You look at Muslim religion, you look at Hindu religion: opposite. Opposite! Hindus take a metal plate formed in a concave shape to cook their bread on.

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji Muslims take the same thing, turn it upside down, make it a convex shape to cook their bread on. After all, it's one bread, one stomach, and who knows, perhaps even one toilet. Well, at least one sewerage system.

Look at Miami: Just look at Miami. In Miami there are Jews and there are Catholics. The Jews have Sabbath, and the kitchens have to be kosher. And there are so many things, and there's so many people! There are probably Buddhists, there are probably Sikhs, there are probably so many people of so many religions. There are people who do not eat meat. There are people who eat meat. You know, there are people who don't eat food for one week. There are people who eat food for one week solid or something like that. And all these differences come into one pipe, go ten miles out, and it dumps it there.

There are all your differences, there is everything. That's the sewerage pipe they have. The whole sewerage of Miami is dumped about ten miles out into the ocean, and that's where it ends.

And that Creator hasn't created us for different reasons, for different purposes. One. One thing. And yet how ignorant we are in this world, to pursue what we think is right, where we think in this world that true solution can be really found. How ignorant.

And that is why we need somebody to show us the light. That is why we need somebody to bring us that light. That is why we need somebody to give us the answers to our questions.

There is obviously a reason why I stopped having questions and answers. That was a routine for me, questions and answers. When I was in Boulder, there it was a definite routine. Every day I used to come out of my bedroom, walk down this hallway, out into this teepee tent, sit down, and 'bombs away'. You know, fire one, fire two, fire three, fire four. And it would just go on, every day, and then sometimes have two sessions. When I used to live in Los Angeles (when I first came to America) that was the same thing. I came to England. Some of you premies who remember that time, who are from England, what did we used to do at the Golden Manor place, where the train used to come every so often and

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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji just shake up the whole house and get really noisy? Sit down, fire away.

And did that ever end? No. Never. Till one day, ciao, that was it. Finished. Why? Because I can have question and answers now, and yet it'll take us centuries. And yet I find that just to have that answer, just to have that one answer, the realization of one answer within us can answer all our questions. And that's a fact. That is a reality.

I don't know if I can answer ail your questions if you ask them one by one by one. I can probably answer how a camera works. I can probably answer how an airplane works. Maybe I can't answer what the composition of the

soil chemically on the moon is. I don't know the name of the bacteria that's in Mars. But I can tell you one thing, I can give you one answer.

It is not an answer to your question; just the only thing that is an answer.

But you can never ask that question that can lead you to this answer. And I guess that is why it's not called an answer, it's called the Knowledge. But Knowledge is the answer.

The answer to every single question you have. Because after having that, no more questions exist. No more questions are made. And that's it.

And so premies, it's wonderful to be here. It's wonderful that we all are here for this Holi festival. And tomorrow is going to be darshan … hopefully. Then there is going to be Holi. And then there is going to be satsang. Then I guess all you guys are going to just split, go back wherever you're from.

You can leave this day out. If you do, we've got three more days to go to enjoy this festival, to just really experience an experience. And to experience this experience, you don't have to do anything. And that's exactly what you should do: Nothing. And if you can just do that, do nothing, then you can really experience something that's outrageous.

Not get into your mind. Yes, you should go back to your hotels, and you should put on warm clothes if you do want to get wet on Holi, if you do want to; I mean something like that. But don't get into your mind. Don't. Don't get into your ego. Don't. Some of those things that you are really good at, don't do 'em. Then maybe you will experience something. Let go.

The Golden Age 19

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji so unique, and every program is so unique, that I cannot describe it. Maybe it is a zillion programs you came to, and understood nothing. But this might be the one. Who knows?

That's the way I look at it. It was so many, so many satsangs I have listened to of Shri Maharaj Ji. Sometimes he would talk to me. One time he took me to Delhi with him. You know, nobody else, just him and me and the driver, and we went to Delhi. And I have listened to a lot of satsang, and I have got tapes. And yet I know it was one satsang in my life, one satsang, that opened up the door. No routine. Can you call that routine? I can't, I can't call that routine. It is not routine. It is so incredible. Every satsang we hear is so precious. Because that might contain the kick that we need. That might hold the key that we really need.

And I know this has happened to a lot of premies here. They have come, they have listened to satsang, this satsang, that satsang, and they sit down and they listen to one satsang, and 'pow'! It does the trick.

So I am not guaranteeing you anything, I am not saying this is the satsang that's going to do something to you. All I'm saying is, it might. This is what my experience is, this is the way I see it.

That every satsang is another opportunity. It is not like this path is just loaded with diamonds and every diamond is the same. No. Every moment is more precious, every opportunity has to be even hugged more deeply. Every Grace has to be appreciated even more. And every moment has to be understood.

So premies, just don't do anything that you're really good at, and let go. Just flow with the satsang. And who knows? Maybe this will open your heart.

So thank you very much, and I hope I'll see you tomorrow.

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