Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Cartagena, Columbia, 1980

The beauty of truth

Excerpt from Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Cartagena, Colombia
27th March 1980

As I was saying, this evolution is it. To be completely dedicated and surrendered to Guru Maharaj Ji is the biggest evolution. For this evolution, so many evolutions had to happen. For this evolution, this Earth had to be created. And for this evolution, a human being was created. And so many, so many evolutions took place to create this Earth. And so many evolutions have taken place to create this human being.

And yet, when Guru Maharaj Ji comes, when that Perfect Master comes and the devotee, the human being, recognizes and devotes himself, surrenders himself, then it's complete. Then there is no more to be achieved, there is no more … That's it. It's not the end because there is no end. And yet it's beyond the point of beginning, because it's not the beginning either. It's everything. It's complete. It's neither the beginning nor the end. It's whole, because it's Truth. It's an experience which we realize right here within inside of us, not in theory.

This is the difference between satsang and a theory. There is a vast difference between satsang and a philosophy. Because a philosophy is somebody's idea, somebody's concept. A theory is somebody's concept,


Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Cartagena, Columbia, 1980

an idea perhaps. Maybe. But satsang is a fact because it's based upon a fact. Because the experience is real, so is the satsang real. It's not based upon any probability. It's not based upon a philosophy.

You may not have read a single scripture in your life and yet you still can receive Knowledge and have the experience. Because it's beyond all that. You may not have believed in one single god or goddess in your whole life and yet you still can have an experience of Knowledge because it's beyond that. Because believing - even in the circle of believing, it's so particular. People believe in different gods and goddesses for different reasons.

There is the god of rain. There is the god of war. There is the god of peace. Even in ancient Roman days they had so many gods. You went to individual gods for individual things that you wanted. Same thing in India. There is even a goddess for all the thieves and the people who steal and rob. And they go and they dedicate themselves to Kali - that's what the name of the goddess is: Kali. And this Kali has many heads and they go and they take a sacrifice, "Oh, make my mission complete." Or whatever. There are so many goddesses.

And yet, you don't have to believe in anything to have an experience of Knowledge. Because it's the fountain that flows constantly. You don't have to have anything.

All you have to be is a human being. You don't have to have eyes. It isn't like it's a must that you have to have eyes to receive Knowledge. No. The people who don't have eyes can have Knowledge.

None of these things. Because all these are just nothing but limitations in this world, just a lot of theories that have been passed down from hand to hand to hand.

And Guru Maharaj Ji scratches all those theories and says, "Here is something that's practical." Here is an experience that's manifest within inside of me by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji. Through this Knowledge, there is an experience that I experience. And when I experience the experience, something inspires me to describe that experience. Something inside of me inspires me to mention that experience, to describe the beauty of Knowledge, to describe the beauty of Grace, to describe the beauty of Truth.

You know, the thing is, not one single disciple yet been able to hold himself back. Because when this Knowledge really does manifest inside .. It doesn't matter how shy you are. I've seen premies.- of course, even initiators - they're stage-shy. They see everybody standing in front of them or sitting in front of them and they get cold feet. And yet, maybe in a comfortable environment where there is only one person and that Knowledge experience is really manifesting, or even in


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front of thousands of people, when that experience just becomes overpowering and the concepts arid different variable factors are no longer of any importance, then it really flows out.

And those who listen can truly see, if they take it to their heart. They can truly see that, "Yes. This is that Knowledge. My effort to listen to satsang, my effort to practise Knowledge in this life, my effort to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji in this life, is so important."

Because that's where the evolution is going to be completed. Not by you simply receiving Knowledge will the evolution be completed.

It is a simple basic law of nature, literally. You shall not be satisfied by just looking at the food. You have to eat to be satisfied. By just looking at the water, you are not going to have your thirst quenched. You have to drink that water, you have to accept that water. Same thing with the Knowledge. This Knowledge has to be practised. This Knowledge has to be taken into heart. This Knowledge has to be understood. That surrender has to be made. Only then does this Knowledge really start to come out.

What is happening in that whole process of surrender, of listening to satsang, of doing service? What is happening? It's just like a guitar. And for tuning of the guitar there is a tuning fork. And you take the tuning fork and thenyou hit it and then you listen ??? ??? ??? a resonance being created by that tuning fork. Well, that's like satsang. That tuning fork is resonating, saying, "This is the sound. Tune to it. This is the sound." And by listening, we understand what we have to accomplish.

And then there is our effort. We tune. We tune the guitar. We make it go higher or lower. And then when we get lost - because in the whole process of making it go higher-lower, higher-lower, if you miss the tune, then you take the tuning fork and hit it again and listen to it, because it brings you back into tune.

And for every one of us, satsang becomes that tuning fork. Arid we tune ourselves. And then when we tune ourselves, we stay in harmony. And when we are in harmony, that's when the whole thing becomes complete. That's when the whole thing starts to give an experience. That's when the sound created is the most beautiful.

You can see again and again and again that every Perfect Master who comes into this world tries to take this gigantic tuning fork, hit it, and let everybody hear it. Arid if we really listen to it, we really know how much off the wall we are, how much off tune we are, how we have been completely taken away from that experience, how we have been completely taken away from what's real reality.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Cartagena, Columbia, 1980
Prem Rawat (Maharaji), Holi Festival, Cartagena, Columbia, 1980