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If you realize how precarious is the situation, how short-lived are going to be the pleasures you are enjoying, you will have no taste for the diversions of this world, and you will automatically search for that inner Truth of life which will make you immune from this worldly cycle of pleasure and pain, of life and death.

--Guru Maharaj Ji November 1971

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Step in the Right Direction

Dear brothers and sisters,

When I start to write a letter to the premie community, I begin to understand why Maharaj Ji starts so many of his satsangs to premies with "Really there is nothing to say…" What he means is actually that there is nothing new to say to premies--just the same old thing: to find peace, to realize Knowledge, our attention and our understanding has to come to one point. And no matter what service we are doing and how we are living, we have to have that one point in our lives. We always hear Guru Maharaj Ji say this, but sometimes it's hard to apply it to our own life, and sometimes we are not aware that Maharaj Ji is providing the means for us to find and keep that proper focus in our lives. Most people know by now that Divine Light Mission is undergoing some changes, and one of these, is a slight shift of emphasis from bringing new people to Knowledge, toward helping premies become strong in the Knowledge. We have to realize the importance of the Knowledge in our own lives before we can go and tell people that Knowledge is good for them. So there is a real importance now on developing our communities, not only to support the work of Divine Light Mission, but to aid us in coming together to realize this Knowledge in our lives--which actually is part of the work of Divine Light Mission. How do we do this? Maharaj Ji tells us in every satsang: Meditation, Satsang, and Service.

Meditation. The most important thing for us to do is meditation. If we don't meditate then we can't understand anything else that's going on. Our premie satsangs have changed into group meditations, with a half hour of satsang followed by an hour of meditation. We are also regularly scheduling Knowledge reviews now for anyone who has any confusions about the Knowledge or the meditation techniques. (call the DUO office for details)

Satsang. Satsang for the public takes place every night except Wednesday at the Fessenden Street ashram. On Wednesday is our large weekly program at American University. We are going to begin arranging satsang so that, on a rotating basis, premies will give satsang about the Knowledge as it relates to specific topics (such as, health, physiology, science, religion, etc.). On Friday nights there is also a special premie meeting to discuss what is going on in the community and how a premie can get involved.

Service. There is still confusion about service in some premies minds. As devotees our whole life is service. The premie who gets a job, supports himself on 90% of his salary and gives the first 10% to Guru Maharaj Ji's work, is doing just as important a service as the premie who moves into an ashram, has Divine Light Mission support him, and gives all of his salary. Both actions are forms of regular dedication, and we can all at last do that basic service of regular financial support. Beyond that, Divine Light Mission is propagating Knowledge through social service programs and there is plenty of service to do in that type of activity. The point is that there is service for any premie to do; to get it, just call the DUO office.

Really, until now, very few premies have understood what is happening in the community, because things are changing so fast and our communication has left something to be desired in the past. We are doing our best to change that. Maharaj Ji really is bringing about the new world order, and it's all starting in the premie communities throughout the world. I don't want anyone to be left out because he hasn't had a chance to really understand what this means. If you have any questions at all or any problems or confusions about what's going on in Divine Light Mission or the Washington premie community, (or any suggestions or observations), please call or write to me here at DUO. Also, if you have any proposals of projects for the community, let's talk about them. We should all help each other to become part of that brotherhood of love that is manifesting on our planet.

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How well do you know what's going on in the Washington premie community? Try the COMMUNITY QUIZ. Answers on page 13.

I. What is The Rainbow Corporation?

2. What is the name of the premie TV and Sterio repair shop?

3. How many ashrams are in D.C.?

4. How many premie houses?

5. Name the two renown premie doctors who operate a general practice in the Washington area.

6. How many premies are employed directly by the D.C. premie community?

7. Where is satsang nightly? Premie satsang/meditation?

8. When are the community meetings?

9. What is the first basic step in becoming involved in service as an active member of Divine Light Mission?

10. Where is the DUO Office? What is the phone number?

II. What is the DCP?

12. What is the best way to get high fast and propogate Knowledge at the same time?

13. Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?


MAHATMA ADHARANAND - will be in Richmond, Virginia,August 2, 3, and 4th. Each of those nights will be a program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the Auditorium Business Building. The Divine Information Center in Richmond is located at 418 Libbie Avenue; phone: 804-285-9312. From there Mahatma Adharanand will be going to Blacksburg, VA.

COMMUNITY PICNIC - will be happening in Rock Creek Park on Sunday, August 18 in the afternoon. Exact location will be posted later in the next weekly bulletin available at Wednesday night programs (at American University). Music, food, frisbee, and high times with holy company.

World Welfare Association

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This is our first opportunity to communicate with you since Guru Puja '74. If you were fortunate enough to attend the festival you probably learned a few things about the development of the Mission. There were numerous workshops open to all who wanted to learn about the projects in which we are currently engaged, like on-going propagation, Divine Community Projects, III World Prachar, Shri Hans Educational & Humanitarian Services and the newly formed World Welfare Association.

This page was titled "World Peace Corps" and now it's changed because Guru Maharaj Ji wants social service projects to develop as a separate and new agency of Divine Light Mission, headed by Rennie Davis and called the World Welfare Association (WWA).

The WWA will continue to coordinate the existing Social Service activities here in D.C. and to promote new ones along with direction on a national DLM level. Ultimately, WWA will be training and sending premies to serve on Indian reservations and with traveling migrant workers, working with other DUO agencies like SHHS and SHE to improve their lifestyles and guide these people towards receiving the knowledge of peace.

There is a lot of work to do if world peace is going to happen in our lifetime. Maharaj Ji says it's possible; it must be. Perhaps you are experiencing the Guru Puja Snooze - that period of adjustment which seems to follow every festival. Really, this is not the time for sleeping. We've got to keep moving and trying to reach our family the best ways we can, understanding that it's our Master within each human heart that we are serving. Nothing can be done unless you get involved and when you get involved that victory over mind seems more possible every day.

Call up, come over, write a letter, do anything but get into it. It's the first step that the hardest, after that, He carries you all the way.

your sister, Jackie Murphy


And when life's heavy load is pressing hard, it is far better to go out and seek a quiet place to pray and meditate. The Silence is the kingdom of the soul which is not seen by human eyes.

If you would find this Silence of the soul you must yourself prepare the way. None but the pure in heart may enter here. And you must lay aside all tenseness of the mind, all business cares, all fears, all doubts and troubled thoughts.

Your human will must be absorbed by the divine; then you will come into a consciousness of holiness.


special community feature
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By Guru Maharaj Ji's grace we have been given the opportunity to relate to the general community through service in a way that cannot help but reveal the love that we are experiencing inside. As you have already heard, we have acquired the practice of a local physician who felt the need to retire. Now in the beautiful and remarkably well-equipped doctor's office at 4709 Montgomery Lane six premies are providing tender loving care of all patients seeking attention for their various dis-eases.

The most remarkable aspect of this gift is the ease with which people can be brought to feel Maharaj Ji's love in this setting. Because people in this country are accustomed to take all kinds of problems to their doctors, and because today it is so difficult to find truly humanitarian service in most doctors' offices, the contrast provided by service rendered by premies centered in the vibration of the Word cannot be missed. People remark regularly about the extremely relaxed and comfortable, light and cheerful mood they feel when coming to this office. And, as a result are telling all their friends about how good it feels to have medical care here.

A second beautiful aspect of our experience here is the level of awareness of people coming to receive care. It is the exceptional person walking through the door that does not recognize the relationship between the experience of stress and the incidence of disease of the body and mind. Because of this awareness we have found people extremely open to find out about possible ways to bring a simple, direct experience of peace into their lives. I have found that satsang comes beautifully to these people emphasizing how meditation upon the essence of life, the energy of life, can immediately bring one out of the consciousness of stress and into the consciousness of peace. People have actually made appointments to see the doctor explicitly to find out more about meditation and to understand how it might apply to their particular life.

So as it has been stated over and over again, we are now seeing how propagation of this Knowledge is occurring through its manifestation in loving service. And by His grace we are experiencing the joy of being vessels for His mercy.

Jai Satchitanand,
Dr. Bob Hallowitz

Comprehensive health care which treats the body and mind while recognizing the soul, is the goal of the general practice at 4709 Montgomery Lane. When Guru Maharaj Ji told us to do service in the vehicle of a private practice of medicine in Bethesda, He spoke of this as being the seed for the development of far-reaching humanitarian health services. Probably nowhere in this society is fragmentation and depersonalization more evident than in the health care most people get. While 80-90% of illness is psychosomatic, people are generally treated as symptom complexes to be changed with pills. The healing power of love and understanding is recognized but rarely utilized in a system beset by bureaucracy, over-specialization, intellectual ego, monetary greed, etc.

For some good reasons many people have become disillusioned with orthodox medicine and have looked to "natural" medical practitioners. However this is Kaliyuga and many times these practitioners are just as corrupt or ignorant as the other doctors. Unfortunately many young people put a great deal of blind trust in any healer or doctor who uses such key words as "organic", "natural", "unorthodox", etc. We have seen much suffering due to extreme diets, unusual treatments, corrupt practitioners and neglect of illness that could easily be treated by conventional medicine. This isn't to condemn unorthodox medicine but merely to put it in perspective. For we are going to fully utilize trained practitioners in every aspect of health care.

One time about two years ago Guru Maharaj Ji was sitting with a group of premies and He asked Bihari Singh to buy some pills. Many of the premies looked at me and said in a very negative way, "Why are you giving Maharaj Ji chemicals?' (Actually Maharaj Ji had asked for the pills.) Maharaj Ji turned innocently to the people and said, "Chemicals, what do you mean? Is not everything made but of atoms and chemicals?" We have to be careful not to throw away the benefit of our collective scientific knowledge because of its spiritual bankrupcy.

Because we must pay rent, salaries, and have monies to expand into the field of preventive health care and education we will not be giving free care. Of course for premies and others who have no money or health insurance our fees will be adjusted to your means to pay. Before too long we hope to work out some sort of community health program on a pre-paid basis. If we all work together, premies can have such glowing health that people will wonder about the source.

Probably over the next years trained premies from other parts of the country will be coming to settle in Washington to be part of the growing health care system. Also sincere and dedicated premies will be coming for training in orthodox and unorthodox medicine. Maharaj Ji has said repeatedly that humanitarian health care services will be an important means of propagation to people who would not come to programs. So by His Grace everyone finds a divine service as this age of darkness gives way inevitably to His Word and Light.

Jai Satchitanand,
Dr. John Horton

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Hidden Light magazine

Satsang exerpt of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji at the Ram Lila Grounds, Delhi, 1966.

Dear Premies,

Today I will speak about love. What is love? How can one get it and why should one get it? There are two kinds of love. One is worldly love, the other is attained through Knowledge. My mother and myself are living in the world, so our love for eachother can be understood. But how can you understand my relationship with God if you do not know God? My relationship with God through the Holy Name is beyond comprehension. This body is composed of five elements and the three attributes of nature, namely Satva, Rajas and Tamas. But in this body also exists the Divine Love which we have to discover. To discover it is the first step to taking Knowledge, because it paves the way by removing doubts.

I am talking of love today because my name is Prem Pal. You should love one another. Worldly love can be seen, but love for God cannot be seen, because God is hidden. God wants to test us, so He keeps Himself hidden. Although He is there all the time, He keeps Himself hidden.' But we can see Him. If we try to see Him through Knowledge, then we can see Him, but if we try to see Him through worldly connections then we cannot, because God is Light. So when we meditate on Light, then we can see Him, but when we open our eyes, then we can't see Him. It is said the Light of thousands of suns cannot be compared to His Light. Only the Holy Name can reveal Light. It is Name which makes you eat, it is love which makes you eat, it is love which makes you dance. Life is love, everything is love, because Holy Name is love.

Some people think that you have to live proudly in this world, but how can we live like that in the Kingdom of Guru Maharaj Ji? Here we have to live in the relationship of Knowledge. As long as you are in this Kingdom, you should treat everybody as your brother, whether he be an officer or a peasant. All are brother devotees here, including mahatmas. When we see love in an aspirant, then we decide whether to give him Knowledge or not. One in whom we see sufficient love, we allow him to take the Knowledge immediately. It is not out of emnity that we tell someone to wait to listen to more satsang. No, it is not so. Guru Maharaj Ji's Kingdom is open day and night, it is rising and falling day and night. But remember, in the Kingdom of Guru Maharaj Ji the only language is love. So speak the divine language. It is expected of you. Love is the medium to test you, to see whether you are ready to receive Knowledge or not. If love is found in you, then Knowledge is given to you. I wish to tell all devotees that you should love one another and behave lovingly, because when love comes, everything comes. How do you attain love? You should abstain from theft, bribery, and falsehood. Truth cannot be hidden by invented stories, just as perfume cannot come from paper flowers. Some may reply that perfume is put on them. But I ask you, how long does such a perfume last? Hardly a few days. No more than that. People want to enjoy the Knowledge as well as stealing, bribing and lying, but this can never happen.

So you should appreciate the value of this human life. You should love one another and speak to one another with love and humility. Love is the essense.

…if you will spend but one-tenth of the time and energy you have wasted in seeking without among the husks of human knowledge and human teachings, in earnest, determined efforts directed within to find Me;

If you will devote but one hour each day thus to Me alone, imagining and practicing the Presence of Me within you;

I here promise you that you will not only soon, very soon find Me, but I will be to you an exhaustless fount of such Wisdom and Strength and Help, as your human mind now cannot possibly conceive.

--The Impersonal Life


phone info

Cathy ????? 202-244-9146
Matt ????? & Carl ?????? 202-362-0546
Lyle ????? 301-654-5224
Tom ?????? 202-462-9740
Lyle ?????? 202-654-5224
Ken ??????? 202-362-0546
Stuart???????? 301-654-5224
Tuck ??????? 201-656-7479
Sally ???????? 202-244-5183
Mike and Jim ??????? 201-652-8211
Jackie ???????? 301-654-5224


First & third Tuesdays each month at 4528 Fessenden Street, NW, Washington, DC, at 7:30 p.m.
Every Wednesday night at the Kay Spiritual Life Center, American University, 7:30 p.m.
Anne ???, 820 Monroe Street, #T-3, Annapolis. Phone 301-263-6475.
Tues: ???????? Family, 4808 Greenville Square, (Off Wilkins Ave. Exit of Balt. Beltway)
Thur: ????? Family, 1009 Halstead Rd, 301-821-7375. Sat: ???????? Family, 501 Kenilworth Ave., Apt. T4, 301-828-0067.
Thursday nights at 12802 Jericho Park Rd, Laurel MD, at 7:30 p.m.
Newcomers: 4528 Fessenden Street, NW, 7:30 p.m.
Inner-City: 216 Elm Street, NW, 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Saturday, & Sunday nights at the Clinic House, 5721 Utah Avenue, NW, at 7:30 p.m.
Mon: Jim & Cathy ???????, 12 W. Glendale, Alexandria, 7:30 p.m.
Tue: Nancy ?????????, 3504 Duff Drive, Falls Church, 7:30 p.m. Call 703-820-7533.
Thu: Jim ??????, 3539 Gordon St., Falls Church, at 7:30 p.m. Call 703-820-1614.
And: Divine Light Center, Chuck ??????? & 400 W. High Street, Charlottesville, VA 22901; Phone: (804) 977-4987.
And: Divine Information Center, 418 Libbie Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 Phone: 804-285-9312;
James ???????, Box 301 Rt 1, Harper's Ferry, WV. Call 301-834-8055.


ART MATERIALS NEEDED - for classes at Rock Creek Terrace. Need containers, (glass or plastic); pots that are too old for cooking; any art supplies like crayons, paints, brushes; scrap wood; yarn, needles, embroidery thread; scrap materials for patchwork dresses

CLINIC - is open to the premies on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 9:30 pm, and by appointment on Saturdays from 2 - 5 pm, at 5721 Utah Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, phone: 244-51$3.

FARMING - on weekends at the Kepler's Rising Sun Farm, phone: 464-2463, and also at Great Falls Farm, call Ken MacPhee at 362-7857.

NEED TWO COUPLES - to sublet a 3-bedroom house for $375.00 a month until January. Call Rob Haskell at 588-8053.

PREMIE PRICES - for your repairs at the Unity Electronics TV and Stereo Repair Shop, 5108 MacArthur Blvd, NW, 686-9111. Free estimates, low home-service charges, and low labor charges.

PREMIE SATSANG - has been rearranged so that we have satsang until 8 p.m., directly followed by Arti, and an hour of meditation.

ROOM VACANT - for one couple in a house in Chevy Chase, Maryland on Colston Drive. Call Rob Haskell at 588-8053.

SEWING INSTRUCTORS -needed on Saturday mornings starting August 3rd; willing to teach children, and skilled in sewing. Call Cathy at 244-9146.

SWIMMING INSTRUCTORS - needed for one or two evenings a week to instruct children at Rock Creek Terrace. Licensed. Call Cathy at 244-9146.

UNITY CONTRACTORS new office - needs a working electric typewriter, (standard or portable); a desk lamp; a wall-clock; a typing table; a nice couch and chairs. If you can donate any of these items, please call Dennis Conrad at 652-8211.

WANTS PREMIE VISITORS- Micheal Blake in Rm. 6349 6N, GW Hospital. This brother is in the psychiatric ward, is very devoted, and really needs satsang. Also can call at 331-5101.

WANTS PREMIE VISITORS - Mike Maude, c/o Rob Clingan, 331 E. College Avenue, Apt. Cl, Salisbury, Maryland 21801. Phone 301-749-5809.

SATSANG ON YOUR RADIO - listen every Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. to our "Alive and Well" show on WHFS, 102.3 on the dial.

Definitely if you want to realize this Knowledge in the quickest possible way, you will have to concentrate all of your attention and put it at one point. …still your minds are wandering about. But we have to put our total effort at one point. Only then is it possible.

--Shri Guru Maharaj Ji

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Exerpts from GURU MAHARAJ JI'S SATSANG at the Denver Hilton in Denver, on July 17, 1974.

"You see this is one of the important things--that premies are not happy. And why they are not happy is because they're always thinking about something. And they say well, it isn't bad to think because I'm thinking about the right type of thing. But the thing is, is that you're thinking too much and yet the whole of your time is spent on just thinking. And you never can figure it out. You're going on the highway and someone tells you you gotta get out on exit 33, and you say, "Oh, exit 33, I gotta get exit 33." You forget about turning because you are so busy just thinking. This is what mind does to a person. And really it's just so strange because there have been so many people, so many people who renounced everything, went into the jungles to do meditation, went into the caves, and into the Himalayas and all those places to do what? To try to do meditation. The thing is they still had their mind--it went there with them.

And really if we want that really beautiful thing--it's like you're driving a car and suddenly a big eagle hits the windshield and gets all splattered all over the windshield and you can't hardly see. The car is running fine…nothing happened to the car; the windshield didn't chip or crack and you are there, you are fine. But the only problem is you've got this big eagle splattered all over your windshield, and if you're gonna clear it away, you're gonna have to pull over. Because those things they put in the car, those windshield washers, they don't work too good. You're driving at night and you get all these bugs, and ybu switch it on, and it makes it worse. And this is what most of the premies think they can do. "Oh yeah, no problem, we can just push that little button,"--start washing--but it makes it worse! And they keep on doing that until they run out of water. The big deal in that is you've got to pull over, open that trunk up, get that rag, get the windshield cleaned right up, and that's all it takes. And you can start rolling again. And this is what premies think,"oh, it's a big job"…

And I was having all these meetings in Copenhagen at Guru Puja time and there were all these premies coming you know saying, "Guru Maharaj Ji do you think it's okay if we laugh in the ashram?" I mean if you want to laugh, you laugh! There is no problem, but the main thing is people's minds have gone so far: "oh, we can't laugh--it's an ashram, man, we can't laugh." And I mean you started off from the same point and you moved all the way through, you spent hours listening to satsang, you spent probably four hours in the knowledge session, and two or more hours in the Knowledge review, and finally you spent maybe two years in the premie house and after all that you moved into an ashram, and you're in exactly the same place you started from. And this is completely crazy.

For premies this becomes a very very big problem. They think,"Wow, how are we ever gonna get out of it?" But really it is no problem. You know, it's like you are driving a car, and you're looking behind you and the car gets smashed. And you say,"How in the world did this car get smashed?…I had my eyes open." The thing is you had them open the wrong way, and that's why you got smashed. And you know this is the whole thing about premies; the most important trouble is when this Knowledge goes in, and all this mind is there. Okay, say, it's sand and there's water, and you know how sand settles down completely after some time, and that's how your mind is. It's all settled down, nice and cold. Still it's working, completely freaky, and then Knowledge comes in, and Knowledge is like this fish, that you know is supposed to take care of sand, to get the sand right out, and all the fungus right out. And the fish comes in, starts wagging its tail and all the sand starts going all over the place. Before it was only one inch of sand right on the bottom; now the whole thing is completely just blurred with sand. And then it becomes very strong that mind, which was just sitting there, working its freaky ways. It sounded very very nice and cool to you before you received Knowledge, and then you received Knowledge and it completely goes bananas, it completely freaks out. Because the Knowledge is now there, and its trying to whip it (mind) out, to just completely take it out. And you never know, you never know what you are supposed to do, what you want to do, and you're sitting there, "What am I supposed to do? God, would somebody just help me?"

They go to mahatmas, maybe mahatmas understand them, maybe they don't. Mahatmas give them a big satsang about it. They go back and what mahatmas tell them, really its beautiful, it's really true, and they go back and… "I don't understand, I think I'm freaking out." Then they send a big letter to Guru Maharaj Ji, personal confidential letter, urgent; you open it up and it's seven or eight pages and all it has is "What am I supposed to do? What's going on?"

The thing is that you have already been told. …that if you follow agya--no big deal. No big problem. Because its like you don't have to worry then. You're told to do, and you do it. Because a person knows, you are like that ball, and it just is completely jiggling around and you don't even know where you are going; but a person who is above you, who can see very clearly--he knows you are walking some place where it's a dead end.

If you are put into a puzzle, an actual puzzle, and a guy stands up whose a hundred feet high or something like that--you cannot see your way out, but that person who is standing a hundred feet above you, he can see clearly that which will be the best way, the shortest way for you to get out of there. …Guru Maharaj Ji is standing a hundred feet above you, and saying, "Listen, you want to get out of that place?" And you say "Of course." Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Okay, you make a left. And you say, "Hey, wait a minute maybe its not that way." Then you go like this, "Ah, I can find my own way out."

Okay. Guru Maharaj Ji has come to reveal Knowledge. That's his job, to reveal Knowledge to people, and after revealing this Knowledge and really making you understand about everything, …Guru Maharaj Ji turns around, there he sees you and the problem and He says "Okay, make a left and you'll be out." And you say, "Uh, I don't need that advice."

It's so strange. Because at the same time you have to understand that you are a little kid, you're a little child, a very very little child. …If a person can be that humble and really understand that "Yes, I am a little child and I need direction," everything will be so beautiful.

But the thing is premies, we have to really understand. Happiness, love, that experience that we want; they're all three, truth, consciousness and bliss. They're all three in one row, and they have only one key. And if you have that key, then its like no problem. You can get in and out, in anytime in anything. It's like truth, conciousness or bliss, whatever you like. But you need this key. And this key is that understand that yes, I have to realize this Knowledge, this is what the purpose is, and yes, this is Guru Maharaj Ji and I should try to understand what he's trying to say. And its like not even understanding, its like, knowing. But once we know that, once we really take it in our hearts then it makes it a lot easier for us to be completely taken away.

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1. The community business organization formed to employ premies in good paying jobs with Holy Company.
2. Unity Electronics.
3. Five.
4. Ten.
5. Dr. Bob Hallowitz and Dr. John Horton.
6. 74
7. nightly: 4528 Fessenden St. NW; premie: 5721 Utah Ave.NW (Tues, Sat., Sun.)
8. Friday nights.
9. Tithing (giving 10 percent, or what you can afford)
10. 6935 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland. 654-5224.
II. Divine Community Project: the fund for community projects--supports community houses
12. Social service projects.
13. Look inside.

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At Guru Puja, Guru Maharaj Ji made it very clear once again that the only way to have peace and happiness in this life is to do meditation. If we don't do meditation then all our efforts to help establish peace in the world will be wasted, because we'll be confused and crippled by our own selfish motivations and the increasing social confusion around us. Only meditation can cut through these things and allow us to see exactly when we are coming from a pure place and doing something correctly, and when we are not. Without meditation we are really lost.

If however, we do meditate as much (or more!) than we can, then everything becomes clearer and clearer and we finally reach to the point where we want to tell others that, yes, there is such a thing as peace, and we have experienced it, and we know beyond all doubt where it can be found. We then direct that person to Guru Maharaj Ji and Guru Maharaj Ji in turn directs that brother or sister within.

This is how meditation leads to peace, and peace leads to Satsang.

But Guru Maharaj Ji has also said that we need to do service, and this is where many of us run into a problem. Although everyone says to do service, there doesn't appear to be that much to do.

Of course there are social service projects that need volunteers, and programs that need sound people, and vehicles that need to be borrowed. But all of those things are "sometime" things, things that premies can do once in a while. As far as a consistent service that helps us -to feel we are actually a working part of Maharaj Ji's mission, there seems to be a very limited supply. That's why I want to express haw important this service of giving a portion of your weekly income in support of the Mission is. The Mission is to spread the Knowledge of the Divine Light. That's the "Mission" we're talking about. And in order to function, the Mission needs mostly Grace. But in order for the Grace to move the mission along its course we need to make effort. And the effort that's needed most consistently is a financial effort.

It's the one service that can be done by everybody, no matter what their life style. If you make $80.00/ week, send $8 to the Mission; if you make $50, send $5; if you make $175.00, send $17.50, and so on.

You'll be surprised after a few weeks or months how you'll actually feel the effects of doing service on a consistent routine schedule. It will became an integral part of your path to realizing the truth. And it'll help Guru Maharaj Ji's mission internationalize faster than you might believe possible.

Jai Satchitanand,

Tom ?????

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