Hidden Light: October 1974

Hidden Light magazine

Hidden Light magazine

Salutations at the Lotus Feet of Satgurudev

22 July 1974
Dear Premies.

The project Blue Aquarius Band was formerly founded for one and only one reason, and that was to do prachar. In years that have past, this project has completely failed itself and has only brought a lot of confusion, not only to the premies who work or worked in it, but also to a lot of premies outside of it. I personally feel that such projects are not worthwhile to be continued.

I have no intention of forming another group like Blue Aquarius for such groups only bring confusion. If any premies are contacted to join or support a group with Bhole Ji, it is my agya that they do not become involved. It is in the best interest of prachar that Bhole Ji return to India for that will help a lot of premies not get confused.

I am sure you will understand the importance of this message. All premies should always be doing service, satsang, and meditation, as these are my instructions. Any premies wishing to do music should clear this through me through the National PLA Office.

Blessings to all the premies.

Sant Ji Maharaj


Hidden Light magazine

Guru Maharaj Ji's Message - 29th April, 1972

Every satsang is just a discussion on one subject and that is True Knowledge which brings peace of mind. Many great saints got fantastic experiences from this wonderful Knowledge and just wanted to spread it to all people. In every age a great saint like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, and Christ has taken birth on earth for this purpose, to give this Knowledge to other people because, in their time, the Truth had declined, spiritual understanding had been lost. As far as spiritual matters go, they were ages of darkness.

Now in the same way, an age of darkness is again here and the Perfect One had come on earth again to plant the seed of Truth. His presence is most necessary because of the strength of the opposite forces which are working in the world, attracting man with his weak and fickle mind. Against Truth there is always un-truth. Against love there is hatred. Against peace there is war, and so on. There are also so many subtle forces working in a man's mind to make him search for satisfaction in places where it has never existed.

People today are so sophisticated they have become foolish because they cannot believe that the Perfect One is here. Even if they have some religious feeling, some inner understanding of the Truth, they cannot conceive of the Living Master. In other subjects they will not be satisfied with something that is dead, with something that is past. If in India we abandon the government of Indira Gandhi and start trying to follow Mahatma Gandhi's ideas the result will be failure. If you only read scriptures properly you will see that they all talk about a Living Master. No scripture exists which does not talk about True Knowledge, or divine experience, being imparted to a disciple by a Living Master.


We read the scriptures without understanding what they are saying. Indian people read the Bhagavad Gita and in this Lord Krishna, the Living Master of His time, said clearly, "Don't recognize me by my external appearance for this is perishable. My true form has no beginning and no end. And you, Arjuna, cannot meditate with these.:7'xternal eyes. For how can you see the imperishable with that which must die? Enw can you behold the infinite through the finite? But I can open up your Divine Eye with which you can see my Divine Form."

So how are we going to recognize God if He comes on earth? Are you going to ask to see His identity card or passport? See if it says, "Name…God. Occupation…Generator, Operator, Destroyer." That is foolish! Or are you going to recognize Him only if He fits in with your mental picture of Him, what you have picked up from the scriptures and other impressions, what you imagine Jesus or Krishna to look like? But even two Christians will have different impressions of what Jesus will look like. So what will be recognized by one will not be recognized by the other. But the test of the Perfect Master will be that which is undeniable to everybody and this is the experience of Himself which He can give, and that is the True Knowledge.

All over the world people follow the same daily routine. They go to work in the morning and come home in the evening. That's O.K. You have to work to support yourself. But many people use their daily routine as an excuse for not realizing anything about spiritual truth. We don't work twenty-four hours every day. We can always spare a few hours for devotion but people spend their spare time on worldly pleasures and when troubled they complain to God.

Believe it or not the fact is that God is supreme and pure; the people are lying on a bed of ignorance and dreams and doubts. They expect God Himself to come, they pray for it, they ask for it, they announce about it, but when He comes they fail to recognize Him. And not recognizing Him in His physical form, they cannot recognize Him within themselves. People have forgotten their Creator. What is the Name of your Father? Does anybody here know what He looks like? There's going to come a time when you are going to be asked, "Who is your Father?" What reply are you going to give? Nil. Born without a Father.

Every Master has said that people should know the Holy Name. They advise everybody to become wise and to recognize how precious is their life. And that's what I am trying to make this world understand. Know how precious life is, and then know how precious is that which gives us life. Know that Divine language which men did not create but which the soul always speaks. Every soul speaks the same language. Know that language of love which swells within the human temple.

It is said in the Vedas, the Indian scriptures, that when the Dark Age comes, the only thing that can save a man is constant meditation on the Holy Name. So we are so lucky to know that Holy Word and to have got it at a discount. I am prepared to reveal this Knowledge at any time so it is up to you to take this golden opportunity. If you don't seem to make progress with this Knowledge do not blame Guru Maharaj Ji. You have it in your power to conquer the egos and doubts in the mind. These are the thorns, but the Knowledge is the rose.

I don't mind the difficulties that are being put against me. Whenever He comes to the world the Perfect Master has to tolerate many difficulties. I have come to spread this Knowledge and that is what I am going to do. Understand this and believe it. Are you hesitating to receive this Knowledge? Why? It is very simple Knowledge. It will give you complete peace of mind. It will give you infinite bliss. Do not complain later on that you were never told about this Knowledge. Again and again, I do nothing but to tell you all to take this Knowledge.

Thank you very much.


"If you want to stay in this world, be like a lotus flower who stays in the dirty water, who was born in the dirty water, but never gets adapted to dirty water. You can live in the world of concepts, but live in such a way so that they don't affect you:' "…if you are really meditating, as soon as the bomb explodes, the Knowledge goes in and goes "Wwwhhck!" And all that space that was there for mind, it grabs it. The mind is out of business."

"Now, if there is one personal agya from me all premies would like to have, there is one: that they should do meditation. This is what I would really like you to do; this is kind of a personal agya, because that will make you understand.This is the reason that this knowledge has been given to you - to meditate and to realise who you are and to be in satisfaction and to be in peace. "