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February 1975

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In this world, the question has already been asked. The world has already started to face the problems, the problems which are vital for the human race. There is no need to discuss the problems, but I would like to present my opinion. In the midst of all this, I still sincerely think that this Knowledge, the Knowledge of God, the Knowledge of our Creator, is our solution. Many people might not think so, and carry a completely different opinion, but my opinion is that since man came on this planet Earth, he has always been taking from it. Remember, this planet Earth is not infinite, it is finite, and though it has slot to give, it is limited. Maybe now we can somehow manage to stagger along, cutting our standards of living, cutting gas, reducing the speed limit more, but the next very terrifying question is, "What about the future?"

I think this Knowledge which I have to offer this world, free of charge, is the answer. For if everybody can understand that everybody is a brother and sister, and this world is a gift, not a human-owned planet, and have the true understanding of such, we'll definitely bring peace, tranquillity, love, and Grace, which we need so badly. I urge this world to try. I do not claim to be God, but do claim I can establish peace on this Earth by our Lord's Grace, and everyone's joint effort.

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Hidden Light magazineThe Philosopher's Stone
This Satsang Was Given In Denver On April 28, 1974

Dear Premies,

Will you please listen to me.

The thing is that now it seems like everything's approaching to a point where this Knowledge has to really explode, where this Knowledge has to be really showered everywhere. But premies, this is all I can request. It's not like I can take your ears - well, if it becomes important, I might - but, right now I want every premie to unite!, to get together. We have to show this world that there is something much, much more united, much, much more vast, much, much more mellow than whatever we nave experienced in this world.

Because this world is trying to experience something, and it'll never stop. Everybody knows the way they are trying to experience things is a wrong way; it's a wrong method. Yet they'll just keep going on and on and on and on, because they are proceeding in a wrong direction. Really we should be the one who should be blamed for it.

Once Narad went to Lord Vishnu, and he said, "I am very confused." Vishnu says, "What's up?" So Narad explains his whole story: "Well, I was going in this desert, and I see these two blind people. They are walking. I also see two people standing and they are watching these blind people. Then these blind guys go and-they fall into a well. So what I am confused about is whose mistake is it? Is it the mistake of those blind people who walked into it? Is it the mistake of the person who built the well? Is it the mistake of the people who were watching? Whose mistake is it?"

So Lord Vishnu replies, "Narad, neither is it the fault of the guy who built the well, because he built it. Neither is it the fault of those blind people, because they already are blind. It's the fault of those people who were watching them and did not stop them from falling into that ditch."

This question, that situation, is right now in front of all of us. There is a big, big ditch of illusion, of Maya, of darkness. We are standing one side, and we are watching all this mob that's completely blind, that doesn't know what they are doing, what they are, where they are going, nothing. And they fall into this ditch.

This is what is happening right now. We have to go out and tell this world about something we have received. This is what I mean by shape up or ship out. If you have any faith in this Knowledge, if you have realized this Knowledge, if you think it's going to get you somewhere, if you think it's going to bring you peace, then shape up and tell people about it. And if you don't think it is, forget it - ship out. Because there is nothing more.

If a man has been given this stone by which if it touches any iron, it turns it into gold, and he does not use it all his lifetime, what good is that iron, or what good is that stone, if there is no utility for it, if nobody ever utilized it?

Day by day, I can really see how this world is becoming a big game. For people it's becoming a big game. Everything people want to do should be because of pleasure, otherwise not. If it doesn't have any pleasure in it, they just don't want to do it. And really, who else is going to tell people, except premies who realize this Knowledge? Really I don't want to say much at all, because I shouldn't even have cone to this program. It's up to you premies to realize it. If you are not going to realize it now, well, I'm gonna go ahead and try to give this Knowledge to as many people as I can.


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I must say that it came as quite a surprise to me when I was transferred from Houston to Washington to be your new DUO Director. I really didn't know what to expect when I first heard about the move but I felt like I was ready for anything.

When I arrived I was delighted at the warmth that came from all the premies whom I had a chance to meet. When I stepped into the ashram I immediately felt at home. I could really feel something stir within me as I encountered each new shining face.

I don't know what else to tell you as an introduction to myself except that I'm anxious to meet and get to know you all, and that the experiences I've had so far in Washington have made me very glad to be here. I sincerely hope that we can all join together to help each other grow along this path of Knowledge.



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Rives' Farewell

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Satchitanand. Maharaj Ji has given us so much in our lives. In the time I have been here, He has given me so much, and so many opportunities to grow in His Love. By following Maharaj Ji's instructions in our life every day, and bringing the realizations we have into practice in our day to day life, our life can really become in harmony with that love. He has given us a precious gift with this Knowledge, as it is the means to step into perfection, full of love, and knowing who is directing our life. The more we give of this love, the more we share our love with each other, and the more we give of our life to Guru Maharaj Ji, the closer we are able to come to that source of love and inspiration in our life.

Over these last few months, Maharaj Ji has cemented that relationship between us and Guru Maharaj Ji. He has taken us to a whole new level of love with Him. By giving our love back to Maharaj Ji in His service, we cement that relationship even more. He has given us each opportunities to serve Him, through dedicating to Him some of our time, resources and life. The more we take these opportunities to serve Him, the more that this love grows in our life. Maharaj Ji is this love itself, and when we serve Him, this love grows in our life.

As we grow along this path, we should all help each other as much as we can. We really need each other, and can't grow in the Knowledge without each other. All of us are doing the same thing, and that is realizing this Knowledge in our life each day. Each of us has the capacity to help our brothers and sisters along this path, and by doing this, we help ourselves also.

Thank you all for the love and support you have given me, through Maharaj Ji's Grace. It has helped me so much in my service to Maharaj Ji. Randy Stein, the former DUO director of Houston, is taking my place here, as I am being transferred to Los Angeles. Help him as much as you can with the community, and our community will grow more every day. If you haven't had the chance to meet him, he's at satsang every night, and you'll see him at all the programs. The community here is so full of love do everything you can to help that love grow more and more in your own life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters. Randy and all the brothers and sisters here at the DUO office really love you guys, and want to help you in whatever way they can. Thank you again for all the love you have Oven me; for me, you guys are Maharaj Ji, as through you I can serve Maharaj Ji.

Hidden Light magazineYour Brother in His Love, Rives-

… on active participation:

"Guru Maharaj Ji has the power to change history. Knowledge is His tool. This is no spectator's sport and yet it is the greatest spectator's sport going because it allows us to be passively involved in the midst of total active participation. Krishna taught Arjuna the secret to be able to play this game of life like a master. He could loose or win, it didn't matter. Maharaj Ji is here to accomplish what no man in history has ever accomplished, and it is through the same means that Krishna used, only on a global scale. A whole other dimension. The master of Perfection is here."

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Maharaj Ji's Satsang of Oct. 26, 1974

I think it's very fortunate that I could take out some time for this tour.

Because, see, premies all over the world have received Knowledge, but they still need satsang. A lot of satsang. The reason is, that when a car is manufactured and the engine is put in it, it's supposed to be pretty self-sufficient. But still one thing is required to keep it running -- gasoline. And no way, not till yet has there been one single manufacturer that has produced a car with an oil well in it.

In the same way, a human being receives this Knowledge, but still he needs satsang to keep him inspired. The reason is this mind, this crazy, crazy mind. You see, it's like a tire with a lot of air pressure on it, a lot o', lot o', lot o' air pressure on it, and one very, very small hole. I mean so small, as big as a pin, yet it can make the whole tire just go flat.

This mind is like a small box, a really, really, really small box with a lot o', lot o', lot o' impurities in it. This is what we have collected over the years we have lived in this world. Not really finding the right path in this world, this is what happens is that we completely collect all these impurities. But then Guru Maharaj Ji comes and Knowledge is revealed to us, and what that does is it takes away those impurities. So premies, what we have to really do is try to do as much meditation as possible. And try to listen to as much satsang as possible.

You can never say, "I had enough of this satsang," or "I had enough of this meditation." You never can. You have to understand that you are proceeding on an infinite path, and you have to just keep on going, going, going, going, going, going. That confuses many premies and they say, "We thought that we would be at the ultimate thing. How come you are saying that we have to keep on going, going, going, going, going?"

Well listen: the thing is, that if we compare ourselves -- as a matter of fact, we can't -- but if we do compare ourselves to something that is completely infinite, then we have to in all our lifetime, keep going, going, going, going, going. Because infinity really has no end and has no beginning. That emptiness, that nothingness between that no beginning and no end is where we are limited. So for us, that is going, going, going, going, going, going.

But ultimately we do reach a point of experience where we realize. We really open ourselves up to this Knowledge. Because that is what I consider a point of realization, where we can open ourselves up to this Knowledge. This is what I consider realization. Because see, in this world we have to open up to everything to be able to really receive it. To be able to really, really understand it, we have to open ourselves up. And for this Knowledge also,we have to open ourselves up; we have to open our hearts, we have to make our hearts clear so that this Knowledge can even enter us. You see?


Hidden Light magazine This has always been the problem, that many people have tried to receive Knowledge, or tried to hear satsang, and never could clear themselves up. Not that I am blaming these people who could not do it, because they were incapable of it. It's like, back at where their truck was loaded, they had every machine, and they just took these tons and tons of weight and loaded it in the truck, then they put the fellow in the truck and said, "Okay, take this and unload it."

The poor fellow can't unload it. Because it's so much weight. He can't even push it out. And this is what it is, that when we are very, very small, everybody is trying to put all these things into us -- all these concepts. Somebody says "Well, God is like this," and, "This is this'," and, "This is that." There are so many concepts that load us up, there are so many people, so many scriptures. I mean, forget it, how many there are.

Then we are supposed to unload it. Because this is what the Perfect Master tells us, "Clear your heart out." You cannot take a full bucket to the water tap and expect to fill it up. It is already full. It's like, you have a bucket of water and it's really good for nothing. You need milk. Don't come to the guy with a full bucket of water and say, "Gimme some milk in this." The maximum milk he can give you, the only space that's left in the bucket to fill up, is about one spoon. If he is kind enough, and if he takes that one spoon of milk and puts it in your bucket, it's good for nothing; it's just completely mixed with that water.

So premies, this is the situation, that here you are with all these concepts. Just imagine, if a person would have had no concepts whatsoever, just no concepts, then how beautiful it would have been. There is no doubt that a man would have easily realized a Power, because that didn't take any concepts. He can see the Power; he can feel the Power; he can realize the Power.

But what man has done for himself is he has created all these concepts, and then he has felt the Power, but it's too late. It's like, you have entered the highway, and it's a divided highway, and both lanes are just shooting sixty miles an hour. You go there and you say, "Uh-oh, this is the wrong highway." You cannot make a U-turn. If you do and there is a cop, forget it.

Now the only alternative you have is to take an exit. And that exit is far away. I mean, way far away. Yet to reach this exit, and then take a U-turn, and then come back, is your only chance.

This is what we have to realize, that we have come in this world, and we have to solve our purpose. And the Perfect Master only comes, you see, to reveal to us the aim of this life. Once He does, it's our duty, our job, to do it.

So many questions come up. Why has God given us hands? Why has God given us noses? Why has God given us ears and eyes and all these features He has given us? It's so perfect. Man has been working, and millions and trillions and trillions of dollars he has wasted. So many people were born and died, just making the design on papers for computers. Yet up till now man still has not been able to develop a computer which is like a human being. Because a human being has th capacity to produce those computers. And it's so beautiful. It's really, really amazing you know. Like how your hand, if this was really, really hot, how your hand would react to it. Just in a second, it would draw back from it.

But then why has all this been given to us? A man gets up early in the morning, and goes to the office…if I start describing it, the whole cycle of a man, at least I have studied in America how it is, and if I start explaining it, it sounds funny. It's not supposed to, but it does.

He gets up, turns on his television, and that's the time when they have the news on. It's really, really strange, but that's the time they have the news on in


America. Early in the morning. I mean, way down early in the morning. They come up, they go in the bathroom, brush their teeth, take a shower, come out, start reading the newspaper, watching television, have their coffee, slip on the suit, take their cars, and just start shootin'.

It's like one old cycle. If you are living right near a very, very busy street, you will see the same old cars stuck in the same old place, all jammed up on the same highway. They come, they jam up, they leave. They go to their offices; they work, work, work, work; then it's a lunch hour; they take their lunch break; come back, work, work, work, work.

Then they go back home, turn on the television, loosen their shoes up, loosen their ties, take off their jacket, start reading newspapers, start drinking their tea. When it's nighttime, they just want to go to clubs; they want to go here, they want to go there, and that's about it! Same old cycle, back again.

Except on Saturday and Sunday. It changes, you know, on a weekend. Then you'll see all these cars driving down the highway and out of the city.

Come to think of it, even that person, he thinks, "Well, I am doing this so I will be able to change at last." But listen, many people don't make it to there. They think they can work all their life long, save some money, and then be able to just sit back and relax, and be able to do this and be able to do that.

I tell you, there are not very many people at all who make it till there. If this is whatever you have wanted to do, it's your business. But what I am trying to say is, this is not the reason why all these beautiful features were given to us, just to work like a horse and be like one. NO!

We were given this for s definite purpose. And until we understand that, how can we even consider ourselves human beings? We are not even functioning like a human being.

So premies, this cycle of this life has to be where it's supposed to be. Unless it is, it doesn't fit together; the whole story does not fit together. But when it is taken to the right place, to the perfect place, it fits so well that it's amazing. At least in our terms, this is what we call getting blissed out. Because the story fits together. You know?

Hidden Light magazinepeople need to keep centered. it's no use taking the expressway from geneva to amsterdam, going a little off center, correcting by bearing right across two lanes of north bound traffic, down an embankment, through a hedge, and just narrowly missing a sturdy cow, to swing around, take another hedge, up the embankment, across three north bound lanes and the center barrier, across three south bound lanes, and down the other embankment, through a field with a small river running through it, through a farm gate, back up onto the road and right across it, and so to amsterdam. this is called reckless driving. we have to take the middle way, and stay centered.


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Guru Maharaj Ji's speech at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver Colorado, 28th April 1974 (continued from page 3)

But I want your help. Because you are the people who are going to be blamed for it, not the people who have created the ditch. But you. Because you are not telling them about it.

Some premies are shy, very, very shy to tell the people that they have received something so fantastic. That means that this Knowledge is not greater than the darkness. If it is, then why be shy? If the sun comes out, and people don't realize it, I should actually go and yell, "The sun is out! Get up! Now is the time," and do something about it.

It's only one time that we receive this gift, this body, and we have to do something now. Otherwise, forget it. You never know! There are people who come to me saying, "Maharaj Ji, what do you think about reincarnation?" I'll tell you, nobody has seen it till now. Nobody saw a soul fly from one body, go up in the heaven, then go up in the hell, and drop back to the earth. It's all concept.

Now you have this body. You are alive! There is some purpose to it. God is not a fool! Who gave you this body just like that? There is definitely some purpose. And now that we have realized this Knowledge, the purpose is to go and tell people about it, to make them understand, to make them realize.

So premies, I really don't have anything more to say, because the time is now. We can leave everything behind, we don't have to catch up with it, except one thing: time. This time is just driving everybody bananas, everybody nuts. But really, don't think that world peace is impossible. I'll tell you one thing, you might be surprised about it, but it's one of the most easiest things.

When I came to America there were three people. From those three people there are 50,000 now. And that's just in America. Now that it is 50,000, I don't know what they can do. Maybe nothing - maybe everything.

But, if you have any confusion, if you have any doubt, come to the satsang. That's why it's there, to remove our doubts. When we listen to it, most of the things are cleared.

So it's for you to realize. Do meditation, you'll find out. You'll find out what I am talking about. Because I've realized something; I've found out something. Maybe for people it's a fake; it's a joke. Maybe in the history coming, that's what many people will write about me, that, oh, maybe I was just joking, I was just faking. But that's a real pity. Because there will be very, very few people who will be able to actually realize that what I said was not a joke, it was the truth.

You can be one of the people who can say it, that no, it's not a fake; it's the truth. It's very easy. Realize what I have realized. It's very, very easy.

Thank you very much, and blessings to all the premies.


Community Bulletins

Please call Tuck at 652-0542, if you want to start a premie house, move into one, or for general info. Also, premie houses should periodically inform Tuck of their status so he can do this service efficiently. Thanks.
I would like to give a class on Homeopathic first-aid for children. The Homeopathic remedies work very well for teething, fevers, emotional upsets, etc… with children. Call Lucy at 966-7328 in the morning, or 676-6580 in the afternoon, or see me at satsang. Homeopathic first-aid kits will be available.
Anyone interested in better physical health through yoga, simple exercises, proper nutritional habits, and elelmentary massage, there will be an afternoon course at Fessenden St. ashram on Sunday, Feb 23. Eat very lightly before attending. Sprout growing will aslo be explained.
The premie community in Hawaii is just getting started with regular programs and needs several premies willing to spend at least a year in service, propagation and meditation in Hawaii. For details, call Bonnie at 657-2549.
If any premies have land which could be used for the community garden, or need advice or materials for their own garden, please call Ken M??? at 530-6920.
Can you contribute recipies for an organic gardening cookbook? If so, please send good, original recipies to: Barbara Badgley, 9643 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA, 22066.
Cathy M???? will be collecting checks and money at every Wednesday night program to place in a special account to send money to the Divine School. Make your checks payable to Cathy M????, as she will take care of the account. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about it, give her a call at 652-4888.
Tom T???? will make herbal medicines for anyone who wants them…call him at 652-4888.

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Neither sun, moon, stars, fire nor lightning
light Him. When He shines,
everything begins to shine. Everything
in the world reflects His light.
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DR.'S PRACTICE, Drs. Bob Hallowitz & John Horton

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Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Dr.'s Practice, 4709 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD, 7:30 PM
Mondays at M???? House, 12 West Glendale, 7:30 PM
Wednesdays at the Kay Spiritual Life Center, 7:30 PM
Saturdays at 2018 Bayridge Ave., call (301) 267-0693
Mondays -- S????? Family, 1129 Courtney Road, Phone (301)242-6739 Off Wilkins Ave., Exit 12 of the Baltimore Beltway
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Except Wednesdays -- 4528 Fessenden St. NW, 244-9146 7:30 PM

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WEDNESDAY - Kay Spiritual Life Center, American University, 7:30 p.m.

FRIDAY - St. Columba's Episcopal Church, 42nd & Albemarle, N.W., 7:30 p.m. SATURDAY - We will have a program - PLACE WILL BE ANNOUNCED.

Announcements will be made Wednesday night about the time and place for Knowledge selection.

By His Grace, along with Mahatma Ji, He has sent us all an opportunity to serve Him. Guru Maharaj Ji has declared 1975 a year for prachar --- a year when we'll be able to help in spreading Knowledge to our brothers and sisters. While Maharaj Ji was in Denver recently, He outlined some approaches to be taken this year…including new posters and leaflets, more audio-visuals, etc.

But all these things take money, lots of money --- several hundred thousand dollars in the next few months.,.and the only place we have to raise this money is from ourselves. The Heart Fund has a slogan "Give, so more will live…" We have no slogans --- only love. In the next six weeks that has to help us raise $100,000.00. So if you're asked and you will be --- please try to give whatever you can, be it money, ideas, energy and most important love. That's what will really help spread this Knowledge

Love ya