Holi 1979     Holi 79, Excerpt from Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang, 5th April, Miami Beach    

Welcome to this Holi festival. We all have been looking forward -- at least I have been looking forward very much -- to this festival. Again, any festival is to be able to come together, just to be able to share an experience, just to be able to talk about that Knowledge. To be able to talk about that experience is incredible, is beautiful. And we have come from, I guess pretty distant places just to be able to experience love, just to be able to experience that Grace that is there. And all we have to do is just let go. Let go.

Because what do we hang on to in this world? Let it happen. Let it really manifest for you, individually. Because that's what we are in this world for. We're all individuals. I can't eat for you and you can't eat for me. I can't sleep for you and you can't sleep for me. We are, absolutely, all individuals. We come for a purpose. When our destiny, when our purpose, is fulfilled, it feels beautiful. That is, to me, the feeling of fulfillment, of reality, of clarity -- not completely muzzled into that ego.

I know there's a lot of people who just do anything for their egos. Ego. What a word. "Ego:" Just put an "r" at the end of it and that's what it really is. "Egor" Just that thing that lurks and twitches, looks at you. "It's you. It's you."

And just to be humble doesn't hurt. Doesn't hurt at all. Just to have that experience …

We've come here to let go, to enjoy that incredible satsang. Here's our opportunity. Here is our chance to do satsang, service and meditation. This is the first day and some of the premies haven't arrived yet

Let that experience manifest. I know that everything tries to stop that experience from manifesting. Mind says, "Oh, come on, what are you talking about?"

Let it become a reality for you. For all of you.


Hans Rawat Father of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Plays Holi Standing On Box