Prem Rawat (Maharaji): The Perfect Master at Holi 79, Excerpt 28th April

Why is a devotee happy? Why is that person who really does satsang, service and meditation always happy? I mean, happy in which sense? As far as the bills are concerned, that's there. And as far as any other problem is concerned, that's there. But the true happiness -- where it counts -- this whole world doesn't have.

I have seen people. They don't want to smile. They have no reason to smile. Why do people want to smile? Only when somebody is taking their photograph. That's when they want to smile. It's so ridiculous.

I was in Hong Kong trying to get a visa for Japan and I had to get some pictures. So we went down about a couple of stories from the Japanese embassy to this place. And they have these booths. You insert a coin in it and sit down on the stool and it'll take your picture. And if you sit there for a little while outside the booth and get yourself at a correct angle where you can see through the crack of the curtain and watch these people … I mean they are in there in this booth looking at this dumb machine and smiling. This super-stupid machine once in a while goes "click" and takes picture, and they are sitting, smiling at it, like they are happy about it. And it's a really funny experience.

Because they are not smiling because they are happy. They just want to get those stupid pictures right. And that's smile? Who needs that kind of a smile?

I mean you see people walking down Beverly Hills Boulevard. They don't want to smile. They don't. Everybody is doing his mean little thing, thinking their mean little thoughts, and that's it.

And especially in Beverly Hills. Oh boy. Everybody's there, grinding their teeth. They see a Rolls Royce and they go, "Man, if I could just get hold of this guy. Why does he have to bring his Rolls Royce here?" And everybody is grinding their teeth and everybody is doing their thinking, their own really mean little thoughts. And nobody wants to smile. You would think everybody would smile in Beverly Hills. That's supposed to be the ultimate. That's where you see all the actors. And that's where you see all the cars. And that's where you see all those things that people sit and dream about.

Even in that it's so clear. It is such a clear, in one way, glimpse of that hell. I watched this one movie. This guy dies and all of a sudden he wakes up and finds


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79 Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79

himself at a place and he thinks he is still alive. He's in a really big, beautiful place. He can have anything he wants to have.

And this man wanted all this all of his life. Finally he gets it. He got all that he wanted. But it's like all he had to do was desire and it would be there. And he just started getting sick and tired of it. And he just started getting more and more sick and tired of it. I mean he had been at this place and he had everything he could imagine. He would imagine food and there would be food. And he would imagine clothes and there would be clothes. And he would imagine whatever he could imagine and there it would be. But then he wanted out.

And you see, he had a manager, sort of. And when he wanted out, this guy just starts laughing. "That's it, man. You can't get out. This is it. This is hell. You thought this is heaven but it is hell."

And that fire -- that feeling haunts him and haunts him and haunts him and haunts him. And so distinctly Guru Maharaj Ji offers us two options. Guru Maharaj Ji has never taken anybody's neck and said, "Listen kid, this is what you're going to do." No. Guru Maharaj Ji will never do that. And yet look at it. Isn't that exactly what's needed? For Guru Maharaj Ji to come in this world, grab us by our collar, our neck, our hairs or our ears, and give a nice, tight kick in the back, throw us through the door and slam the door shut behind us. Isn't that what's really needed?

Wouldn't it have been wonderful if Jesus came into this world, six feet tall, went right over to the kingdom of these people, grabbed them by the collars, and threw them out of orbit. Like Superman. He is asked to take that crucifix so they can crucify him, but all of a sudden he turns around, like the Incredible Hulk, and he gets those soldiers and crucifies them.

But it didn't happen like that. I mean that's the whole thing. He could have saved the whole world. Every time problem occurred, just fly over there and smack people and just straighten them out, straighten them out in a line, throw them here, throw them there, tie them up. Do this; do that -- all the things that we fantasize the Six Million Dollar Man does, all the things we fantasize a Superman does. I mean that would just really get people going, "Yeah! Yeah!" But never ever does that happen.

The choice is always given to us. Because it is our


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79

choice. And yet we can't accept it as our choice. "Okay Guru Maharaj Ji, I know you are there. I see you. I know your Knowledge is true. But how about tomorrow, huh? Ciao for today." Don't we all do that?

Here we are. There's a premie sitting over there. When I said, "Take us, throw us into the room and slam the door behind us," he shook his head. There are other premies here that said,"Yeah." All of you clapped.

Okay, what does that mean? That means you would really love if that really happened. So if you would really like that, you would stay there where Guru Maharaj Ji wants you to be, experience that reality, experience that love, stay away from the mind. That choice is yours. Guru Maharaj Ji has given you both options. Why can't you make that manifest in your life right now? Why and for how long is Knowledge going to have to drag behind you? It's a very sad story.

It's like that king who is cruel, who is mean, who is unjust. And then there is the one person who can be the king, who is just, who is fair, who is good. (I mean good isn't even the word.) But the people keep choosing that king who is unjust, who is unfair, who is cruel. How sad. And that king who is unjust, who is unfair, forces people into choosing him. Isn't that a sad story?

And yet that's exactly what the mind does. Mind kicks you in the butt every three-quarters of an inch. "Come on, kiddo, tag along."

What does Knowledge do? That Knowledge experience, that experience that is so incredible, always waits. Always sits there, for you to turn, for you to open your heart, for you to experience. Guru Maharaj Ji is always there for you to look at, for you to see, for you to hold his hand, for you to just follow him. He is always there. He knows. He sees that mind.

And how many reasons do you think every one

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79

of us have that Guru Maharaj Ji should leave us? Just leave us. Instead of kicking us into the right door, kick us out. Every one of us has thousands of faults, thousands of reasons buried inside for Guru Maharaj Ji to just say, "No. That's it!"

And every day we take advantage of Guru Maharaj Ji's mercy. We let Guru Maharaj Ji tag along. We let Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge tag along. We let that experience that Guru Maharaj Ji wants to manifest within our heart just tag along while we ride the surf board of this maya, while we can ride the horse's back of this mind. Every day. Every single day.

And so premies, though it is up to us, is it really? No. Though it is up to us, though we have two choices, though we have two options, which can we truly accept? Either the hand of maya or the hand of Guru Maharaj Ji. There is no doubt in my mind, there's no doubt in my brain, there is no doubt -- I don't have any doubt whatsoever. Really, to me, there are no two choices. To me there never are, never were, never will be. It just appears to be two choices. The mind seems to create an illusion that there are two choices. To me, there never were, never will be.

And so when we just accept Guru Maharaj Ji in our heart, when we just let that Guru Maharaj Ji come in our heart who is everything to us, our guide, our leader, our master, our teacher…

And so, I mean there is so much to say. There's so much to say. I have been saying it since I was thirteen. Even before that. I haven't yet stopped and I don't think I will. There's so much to say. But the only problem, you know, the only sad part of that story is that there are so few who can really hear what I have to say. And for those who can, they're fortunate. And for those who can't, they have to start listening, start hearing what I am trying to say, what I have to say. Really take it to heart.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) The Perfect Master at Holi '79